TNA Impact 8/18/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
August 18, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact Wrestling opens up with a recap of last week followed by the Intro video.

We cut to the arena where Sting’s music hits. Stinger comes out to the ring holding a bat in one hand and a chair in the other. He hits the chair with his bat and then starts screaming and he hits the floor. He’s mocking himself getting beat up last week damn near move for move (actually kind of funny). Sting then grabs the microphone and says that’s prove he definitely has lost his mind, he says that was a reenactment of what happened to him last week. Sting says the only reason he even remembers it is because he had to watch it back on tape. Sting says he remembers the force he was being hit with was so hard that he couldn’t talk. Sting says he also remembers the fire in Hogan’s eyes and he remembers how great it was to get his rear end handed to him by the greatest of all time. Sting says the Hulkster still has the eye of the tiger and the 21-inch pythons kicked in. Sting says he wants to see the Hulkster back in the ring like the rest of the people and he says he’s dying to see it. He says he wants it so bad that he wants to start a “Hogan” chant because he wants him in the ring tonight, but Ric Flair’s music interrupts him!

THE NATURE BOY IS BACK! Naitch walks down to the ring strutting like only he can. Sting looks shocked that Flair is in the ring. Flair asks if he just heard Sting call Hogan the greatest of all time, but he stops Sting from answering and says they’ll revisit that later on. Flair asks Sting if he realizes when they put the tag on Sting as an “icon” that makes him a special cat. He then says that people always bug him asking him when he’ll wrestle Sting one more time and he always says he has nothing more to prove because he’s wrestled him 1,500 times. A “one more match” chant starts and then Flair starts getting riled up and says he already knows what Sting will say “LETS DO IT!” but Flair doesn’t want him to say it yet because he’s not finished. Flair wants to finish his thought and he calls Sting an iconic figure in his eyes and he says he’s just as much of a man as he was 20 years ago, and for Flair to get where he wants to go again he has to wrestle Sting one more time. Flair says he wants to wrestle Sting right there in the middle of that ring, but as much as he loves Sting he’s tired of hearing his name wherever he goes. Flair says if he beats Sting, he goes home and retires for the rest of his life. He says “not a phony retirement” (kind of like Flair’s?) and if Sting beats Flair which is “next to impossible” he will serve Hogan to Sting on a silver platter!

Sting takes off his jacket but Flair tells him not to “be kicking my ass now.” Sting says he needs to ask the fans what they think and of course they cheer for it. Sting accepts it! Ric Flair vs. Sting on more time!

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Back from commercials Hogan is freaking out in his office when Flair walks in. Flair walks back out of the office and knocks again and comes back in (hilarious). Hogan asks Flair if he’s on “goof ball pills” and Hogan asks him if he understands what he just did. Flair says he owns Sting and asks what the chances are he’s going to get beat by Sting. Flair hugs Hogan and asks where the love is. Hogan says Sting should be dead right now after he beat the hell out of Sting with everything he had last week. Flair says he has 9 lives and he’ll take his 10th. Flair says he owns Sting again and he says he has Sting’s number. Hogan tells him to shutup and he says that he’s done with Sting so Flair CANNOT lose to Sting. Flair says he will kick Sting’s ass and Hogan says Flair needs to round up all the troops and make sure Sting doesn’t win. Hogan says he will never wrestle Sting again so he better get this done. Flair hugs him again and then leaves with another “WOOOOOOO!”

We get our weekly BFG Series Matches Round Up. Last weekend Brother Ray earned more points with 3 more weeks of competition to go until No Surrender. Crimson remains atop of the leader board with 50 points while Bully Ray is in 2nd with 42 points. Roode is at #3 with 35 points and Storm at #4 with 33. Devon has 30 points to make it in at #5. Gunner is at 6 with 28 points. RVD is at 7 with 25 points and AJ Styles is at 8 with 21 points. Pope is 9 with 17 points and Steiner is at 11 with 14 points. Joe remains at the bottom with -10 points.

Tonight Steiner faces Steiner one-on-one along with AJ Styles vs. RVD!

BFG Series Match
Devon vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Matt Morgan is on commentary for this one. Steiner tries to attack Devon as he comes into the ring but Devon avoids him and hits Steiner with a series of right hands. Devon attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes, but Steiner reverses it only to catch a Shoulder Block from Devon off the ropes. Devon ducks a clothesline and then hits a Neckbreaker followed by a Diving Headbutt for a nearfall. Devon whips Steiner into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Steiner kicks him. Steiner attempts to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon counters into a Sidewalk Slam for another nearfall. Devon charges at Steiner but Steiner hits him with a back elbow and then takes him down with a double leg take down and then uses his feet on the ropes to get the pin.

Winner: Steiner via pinfall

After the match Samoa Joe shows up behind Devon and picks him up and hits a crazy Over the Shoulder Kneebreaker! Joe then continues to beat the dog crap out of Devon’s leg and locks in a Knee Lock. Devon’s sons jump the guardrail and Joe lets go. Joe smiles as he sees them at starts screaming at them. Joe corners them but then Pope runs out and gets between them. Joe backs down and smiles and laughs and then leaves. Joe looks into the camera and says “I warned you.”

Pope & Devon’s sons check on Devon who is rolling around in pain on the mat.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

In the back Samoa Joe tells everyone to not act surprised because he told EVERYBODY what he would do. He says he told us that he would hurt people and that’s what he did. He says he’s done playing the game and he’s doing things his way and he RUNS SH!T. Joe says he’s sorry but Devon was the first of many. Joe says he takes everybody down, he will collect knees, scalps, arms, body parts and he will NOT stop until the BFG Series is no more. Joe says he is a problem that YOU cannot solve and he says they shouldn’t have poked the tiger in it’s cage. Joe says he will continue to do this because no one has the balls to fire him. Joe says there is a storm in Pro Wrestling and you don’t want to add the thunder to it.

X-Division #1 Contender Gauntlet Match
Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese vs. Kid Kash vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Mark Haskins

This one is going to be hard to keep up with. Not only will the winner of this match be the #1 Contender but this is also a RANKING Match so the wrestlers will be ranked by their order of elimination (last man eliminated is the #2 ranked contender, first man eliminated is #8). This is a REAL Gauntlet Match, where we will start off with 2 wrestlers, when one gets a pin another man enters until there is only one man left standing. The first two contenders are Alex Shelley & Mark Haskins. Haskins jumps Shelley with a dropkick and then lights him up with right hands. Haskins grabs Shelley but Shelley kicks him away and hits a series of chops and kicks. Shelley then nails Haskins with a nasty Spinning Forearm! Shelley then goes for Sliced Bread but Haskins shoves him into the corner. Haskins then charges at him but Shelley lifts himself up and over Haskins. Shelley then charges but Haskins sidesteps him through the ropes and then hits a nice Slingshot Armdrag. Haskins then drops down in a kind of a Matrix move as Shelley turns around and attempts a Forearm, Haskins nips up to his feet and hits a Diamond Cutter! 1…2…NO Shelley kicks out! Haskins covers again and gets another two count and covers a third time and gets another two count. Haskins lifts Shelley up onto the top rope and goes for a Superrana but Shelley counters into a Super Atomic Drop! Shelley then hits a huge Knee Lift followed by the Sliced Bread attempt again, but Haskins counters into a Backslide! 1…2…NO Shelley kicks out and immediately gets to his feet and goes for a Roundhouse Kick, but Haskins avoids it by dropping down to his back. He then attempts to roll Shelley up but Shelley sits down on top of Haskins and gets a nearfall. Shelley then charges at Haskins with a Clothesline attempt but Haskins catches Shelley’s arm and hits the Painkiller (Half Nelson into a Knee)! 1…2…3! Shelley is eliminated!

Next up is Robbie E, a former X-Division Champion! Robbie tells Cookie to go away and Haskins rolls him up for another 3!

Zema Ion is up next! Zema climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! Ion follows up with an Atomic Drop and then he lays down on his back while holding onto Haskin’s arms. Zema then puts his feet on Haskin’s chest and shoots him up into the air and when Haskins comes down he kicks him in the face with both feet! Zema covers Haskins and gets a nearfall! Zema charges at Haskins in the corner but Haskins sidesteps him and then rolls Zema up with a rollup for a nearfall. Haskins goes for that Painkiller again but Zema blocks it with an elbow. Zema charges at Haskins but Haskins backdrops him over the top rope. Zema lands on the apron and hits Haskins with a back elbow. Zema then dives THROUGH the ropes with a Diving Tornado DDT! Zema climbs up top and hits the 450 Splash! 1…2…3!

Next up is Jesse Sorensen! Jesse dives in with a Springboard Leg Lariat! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Jesse kicks Zema and goes for a Brainbuster but Zema counters out with a knee to the head. Zema then Hot Shots Jesse onto the top rope and then hits a Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Jesse kicks out! Zema climbs back up top and goes for the 450 again but Jesse gets his knees up! Jesse then hits a Roll of the Dice! 1…2…3!

Tony Nese is up next, but Kid Kash gets up on the apron and talks trash to Sorensen from some reason. Jesse then turns around and etas a clothesline from Nese for a nearfall. Nese picks Jesse up but Jesse shoves him away and whips Nese into the corner. Jesse charges but Nese side steps him and then hits a Running Back Elbow. Nese follows up with a NASTY running knee in the corner for another nearfall. Nese lifts Jesse up onto his shoulders and sets up for something but Jesse fights it off with elbows. Jesse then tries to kick Nese but Nese catches his foot. Jesse goes for an Enziguri with the free leg but Nese ducks. Nese then deadlifts Jesse off the mat with a German Suplex! 1…2…NO Jesse kicks out! Nese picks Jesse up and hits a Scoop Slam and then goes for a Springboard Asai Moonsault, but Jesse rolls out of the way and hits that Reverse Roll of the Dice again for another pin!

Next in is former TNA X-Division Champ Kid Kash! Kash ducks a clothesline and belts Jesse with a right hand and chops.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Back from commercials Kash hits a big Backbreaker on Jesse for a nearfall. Kash then picks Jesse up and hits a Scoop Slam. Kash climbs up top and hits the Double-Jump Moonsault! 1…2…NO Jesse still kicks out! Kash argues with the referee and then calls for the Money Maker but Jesse blocks it and Kash sits down on a pin, but Jesse counters into a rollup for the pin!

Next in is Austin Aries! Before Aries comes in, Kash comes back in and DESTROYS Jesse with the Money Maker (Butterfly Piledriver)! Aries mockingly comes in and covers Jesse with one foot but he kicks out! Aries covers Jesse again and again Jesse kicks out! Aries picks Jesse up and goes for the Brainbuster, but Jesse rolls him up! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out and then kicks Jesse in the face! Aries then hits the IED (Running Dropkick) in the corner. Aries follows up with the Brainbuster for the pin!

Winner & NEW X-Division #1 Contender: Aries via pinfall


CHAMP: Brian Kendrick
1) Austin Aries
2) Jesse Sorenson
3) Kid Kash
4) Tony Nese
5) Zema Ion
6) Mark Haskins
7) Robbie E
8) Alex Shelley

The Direct Impact of the Night is Kash’s Money Maker on Sorensen and Aries’ Brainbuster.

Christy Hemme interviews Aries at ringside and Aries says he has to catch his breath because he just “ran the gauntlet” and took out 7 X-Division stars. Aries says he’s coming for the “Wizard of Odd”, Brian Kendrick and he’s taking the X-Division Title because there is nothing Kendrick can do about it. As Aries celebrates Kendrick walks down the ramp and gets in Aries face!

Kendrick offers a handshake to Aries and Aries laughs at him and then acts like he’s going to shake his hand and fakes him out and walks away. Kendrick attacks him from behind! Kendrick beats the crap out of Aries on the ramp and tosses him down it! Security runs out and separates them.

In the back Flair is taping up his fists so he can beat up Sting tonight.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Sting is pacing around backstage.

Taz & Tenay discuss Immortal kicking Anderson out of Immortal last week. Taz says that both of Anderson’s eardrums were ruptured in the beating and he is out ‘indefinitely.’

In the back ODB & Jackie talk about ODB’s match tonight and ODB points out that this is the first time she’s faced Mickie James. ODB and Jackie talk about having to play fair and they say they’re going to get multiyear deals because they’ll show how great they are IN the ring.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Back from commercials Traci is in Bischoff’s office and she asks for a second of his time. Traci says she has an idea on how to help out with the Knockouts. She talks about how she was the “Knockout Law” a few years ago and she pretty much handled the Knockouts. She wants to re-apply for that job and he says he’s hard of hearing so she should repeat it and then he leans up and she leans in and says it again, and of course Bischoff looks down her shirt at those mountains. Bischoff says he thinks that could be a very interesting idea and they should talk some more about it.

Mickie James vs. ODB w/Jackie

Tenay says Mickie’s rematch with Winter for the Knockouts Title will be on September 1st on Impact Wrestling. Mickie and ODB lockup and ODB slams her to the mat and then goes for a clothesline, but Mickie ducks and goes for a rollup. ODB blocks it and grabs Mickie’s arm and locks in a wristlock. ODB slams Mickie into her shoulders repeatedly and then Mickie cartwheels through the hold and breaks it with forearms. Mickie this the rope and slides underneath ODB’s legs and hits a Snapmare Takeover. Mickie hits a Sliding Dropkick and gets a nearfall. Mickie then eats a knee from ODB and ODB whips her into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Mickie stops and kicks her. Mickie then goes for the Thesz Press but ODB catches her in midair and hits her Fall Away Slam. ODB grabs Mickie and tosses her into the corner and stops before punching her with a closed fist, and then she slams Mickie into the turnbuckles and follows up with a Shoulder Block for a nearfall. ODB picks Mickie up and slams her into the corner again, and then she hits a Shoulder Block in the corner. ODB then picks Mickie up again into a Bear Hug. Mickie fights it off with back elbows and then she climbs over ODB’s back and tries to Sunset Flip her, but ODB blocks it. ODB grabs Mickie by the head and pulls her up into the air but Mickie hits a dropkick in midair! Mickie then ducks a clothesline and hits a Hangmans Neckbreaker! Both girls are down now. Both girls nip up to their feet at the same time! They exchange right hands in the center of the ring and then Mickie hits ODB with a series of forearms and then a clothesline. Mickie hits another clothesline and then a Running Forearm. Mickie attempts to whip ODB into an opposite corner but ODB holds onto the top rope and then kicks Mickie in the gut. ODB tosses Mickie into the corner and charges but Mickie gets a boot up and then a back elbow. Mickie then goes for the Mickiecanrana but ODB blocks it and tosses Mickie over the top rope to the apron. Mickie takes a swing at ODB but she ducks and then both girls forearm each other at the same time. Mickie falls off the apron to the floor and Jackie almost beats on Mickie but things better of it and leaves Mickie be. Mickie tries to climb back in the ring but ODB grabs her on the apron. ODB tries to slam her into the ring post but Mickie blocks it with her foot and then slams ODB into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Mickie climbs up top and dives off with the Diving Thesz Press! Mickie then goes for the Mickie-DT, but ODB blocks it! ODB hits a Corner Splash on Mickie and then goes for the Bronco Muncher, but Mickie rolls out of the way. Mickie then hits the Mickie-DT this time! 1…2…3!

Winner: Mickie via pinfall (Mickie-DT)

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

In the back Angelina Love and Winter talk about the excitement of holding the Knockouts Title. Winter says Angelina felt that way many times before and Winter hopes her one time will last forever. She says Mickie can try and prove herself all she wants but there is nothing Hardcore about her. Winter says she’s thrilled that Angelina will be there in her corner when she beats Mickie one more time. Winter says this isn’t Pop-Country, it’s Winter’s World and in Winter’s World blood reigns true. Winter then drinks a red substance. Yeah, that was just creepy.

BFG Series Match
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

I just noticed the big Fortune logo on AJ’s ring jacket (first time I’ve noticed but probably not the first time he’s wore it), it looked pretty cool nonetheless. Jerry Lynn is sitting ringside. RVD and AJ lockup and RVD gets AJ in a Waistlock, but AJ reverses it and then locks in a side headlock. RVD shoves him into the ropes but eats a shoulder block. AJ hits the ropes and then RVD drops down into a split and AJ leaps over him. RVD rolls backwards and goes for a Monkey Flip, but AJ stops and grabs RVD by the legs and rolls him up to his feet and locks in a side headlock again. RVD counters out into a wristlock but AJ counters right back and locks the headlock in again. RVD shoves him into the ropes and eats another shoulder block. AJ then hits a Side Headlock Takeover, but then RVD gets him in a Head Scissors. Both men get to their feet and RVD botches on the Body Scissors Rollup. They lockup again and RVD gets a side headlock this time. AJ shoves him into the ropes and leapfrogs RVD and then connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick. Taz says AJ & RVD don’t like each other as AJ lifts RVD up into a Backbreaker for a nearfall. AJ hits a Scoop Slam followed by a High Knee Drop for a nearfall. AJ hits a elbow on RVD and then he attempts to whip RVD into the corner, but RVD reverses it and hits a HUGE Monkey Flip! AJ sold that like crazy. AJ fights RVD off and hits a forearm and then he tries to toss RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his foot. RVD then hits Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Jerry Lynn jumps ringside and gets on the apron but the referee stops him. Lynn argues that it was a 3-count. RVD sees Lynn and tells him to leave. RVD picks AJ up and AJ tries to kick him but RVD catches his foot and hits a Stepover Heel Kick. RVD then climbs up top but AJ crotches him! AJ then climbs up with RVD and goes for a Superplex but RVD fights him off and shoves AJ off. RVD goes for the 5-Star Frog Splash but AJ got his knees up! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! AJ and RVD exchange right hands and forearms. AJ then kicks RVD and goes for Styles Clash, but RVD backdrops him! AJ goes to kick RVD but RVD catches his foot and spins AJ around. As AJ spins RVD goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but AJ ducks it and hits the Pele out of nowhere! RVD sold it like he got shot, 1…2…NO Lynn pulls the referee out! The referee DQs RVD!

Winner: Styles via DQ
AJ: 24 points
RVD: 15 points

AJ is pissed because he didn’t get the 10 points and RVD is pissed because he just got penalized 10 points. AJ shoves Lynn and leaves and then RVD gets in Lynn’s face. Lynn says he was just trying to help.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

In the back Lynn talks to RVD and he says he was just trying to help because the referee was robbing him, but RVD asks how he just cost him 10 points is helping him. They continue to argue and then RVD walks away and says he doesn’t need any help. Lynn shoves something over.

Flair is looking for Sting in the back and Flair hears some noises and Flair says “you think I’m going to fall for this, you’re not the Joker you’re Sting.” Something falls from the roof and Flair says he never liked that rafter gimmick. Flair screams for Sting to get his ass out and fight him. Flair says this is “bullsh!t” and Sting is making the mistake of pissing him off. Finally Sting comes out of the shadows and Flair jokingly says he’s afraid of Sting and Gunner jumps Sting. Sting fights back and slams Gunner into some boxes and Flair bails as Sting is beating Gunner all around the backstage area. Sting picks up a broom and breaks it over Gunner’s back. Sting slams Gunner into a series of lockers knocking them over like dominos. Sting slaps Gunner repeatedly and mockingly asks him if he’s okay and then says he’ll go somewhere someday.

More stupid Eric Young hunting Scott Biao stuff is shown. Young bugs some TMZ Paparazzi guy which is actually funny since those guys are annoying as hell.

Crimson arrives in the Impact Zone limping with a big brace on his knee.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Crimson’s music hits and he limps down to the ring while footage of Angle beating the hell out of him last week is shown. Crimson says that after a week of pain and thinking there is a guy in the back that he used to have a great deal of respect for, but now it seems like they have some personal issues they need to discuss. Crimson calls Angle out. Angle doesn’t make him wait long either.

Crimson says after Angle said he was going to take out all of the young guys one by one, he chose Crimson to go after first but mission failed. Crimson says he’s still standing and he’s pissed off. Angle says he appreciates the respect that Crimson has showed him and he wishes he could return the respect, but he can’t because Crimson is nobody going nowhere. Angle says Crimson is exactly what he was talking about last week, the young talent on the roster that has been built around Angle. Angle says he’s in TNA to MAKE Crimson because without Angle Crimson is nothing but an “uncoordinated, green ass little bitch!” Angle says it takes a star like Angle to make him and he’s been making wrestlers all of his career, but where has it gotten him? He says he’s been spit on, kicked in the balls, and disrespected. Crimson says not one of the young guys in the back has disrespected Angle and now he listens to Hogan’s BS and he’s got it all wrong. Crimson says the boys put Angle on a pedestal and it’s an honor to compete with Angle. Angle says he’s damn right it’s his honor because guys like Crimson can’t even shine his gold medal. Angle says when he looks at Crimson he sees nothing and he isn’t going anywhere in this business.

Angle starts to leave but Crimson stops him and says he begs to differ with Angle. He says not only will he be somebody but he already is, and if he wants to find out who Crimson is then he should meet him in the ring next week and he’ll show Angle why he’s still undefeated and why he’s not just the future of TNA but the here and the now. Crimson says, “oh…and by the way Mr. Angle…I’m REAL…I’M DAMN REAL!”

In the back Mexican America are getting hyped up for their Tag Titles shot and Anarquia says they are making history tonight. Hernandez I believe says “Chinga su Madre” (which is a VERY explicit Spanish term that I won’t repeat and is also, Hernandez tells me, the name of one of his new finishers). Sarita and Rosita say something in Spanish and then Anarquia says they’re motto “Noda es Imposible en la Mexicana America.”

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————-

Main Event
TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money Inc. (c) vs. Mexican America w/Rosita & Sarita

Jeff & Karen Jarrett are at the announce table with Tenay & Taz and a shot of Hector Guerrero is shown again. Karen says you couldn’t pay her enough to stand next to Hector. This match is a rematch from Hardcore Justice. My boy Hernandez & his partner Anarquia get their rematch against Beer Money for the tag straps. Clips of their match at Hardcore Justice is shown as Mexican America comes down to the ring. Tenay calls Beer Money “Cerveza el Dinero.” Tenay says Jarrett “Immortalized” the AAA Heavyweight Championship but AAA was bleeped and I am confused as hell about that. They not only mentioned the name but showed clips from TripleMania last week. Boxing style intros per Main Event here. Anarquia and Roode kick the match off. Roode gets Anarquia in a Waistlock and then takes Anarquia down and locks in a Front Chancery. Anarquia counters into a side headlock of his own. Roode shoves him into the ropes but Anarquia bounces off with a shoulder block. Anarquia hits the ropes but eats a back elbow from Roode. Roode slams Anarquia into the corner and puts the boots to him. Roode stomps a mud hole in Anarquia and then tags Storm in. Storm and Roode slam Anarquia into the corner and then Storm whips Roode into a Shoulder Block on Anarquia. Storm follows up with a Snapmare Takeover and then Roode hits his Rolling Neck Snap. Storm then hits a Knee Drop, 1…2…NO Anarquia kicks out. Storm attempts to backdrop Anarquia but he lands on his feet and then locks in a Waistlock, but Storm gets to the ropes and bucks Anarquia off. Storm then hits a Gutbuster into a Rock Bottom! 1…2…NO Anarquia kicks out! Storm slams Anarquia into the corner and then he attempts to whip Anarquia into the opposite corner but Anarquia reverses it. He charges but Storm gets a boot up. Hernandez then grabs Storm by the hair and slams him to the mat. Anarquia jumps on Storm and starts hitting him with right hands. He then tags in Hernandez and then Anarquia hangs Storm up in the ropes and holds him as Hernandez leap frogs over Anarquia into a Cannonball! Hernandez taunts Roode and then covers Storm for a nearfall. Hernandez picks Storm up and hits him with a forearm and then comes off the ropes with a big shoulder block. 1…2…NO Storm kicks out. Anarquia tags back in and MA whip Storm into the ropes and hit a Double Shoulder Block. Hernandez knocks Roode off the apron and Anarquia gets a nearfall. Anarquia locks in a chinlock on Storm, but Storm fights to his feet and breaks the hold with a big uppercut. Anarquia tags Hernandez in and Hernandez stops Storm from tagging out. Hernandez goes for Border Toss but Storm blocks it and hits the Code Breaker! Storm tags out! Roode with a big clothesline on Hernandez and then knocks Anarquia off the apron! Roode with another clothesline on Hernandez and then he attempts to whip Hernandez into the ropes, but Roode reverses it hits a Forearm Smash. Anarquia comes in but eats a right hand. Roode chops Hernandez and then attempts to whip him into the corner but Hernandez reverse sit. Hernandez charges at Roode but Roode gets his boot up and then hits the Blockbuster off the top! 1…2…NO Anarquia breaks it up! Anarquia slams Roode into the corner and then attempts to whip him into the Beer Money corner, but Roode reverses it and Storm hits him with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron! Anarquia then stumbles into a Double Leg Takedown from Roode. Roode Catapults Anarquia into a Spike DDT from Storm! Beer Money hits the Beer Money Double Suplex on Hernandez! Both members of Mexican America roll out to the floor as Beer Money does their taunt. Rosita rolls into the ring and spits Storm’s beer at him. Roode grabs her arm and Karen says that’s her “Mexican sister” and she’s going to take care of that. Jarrett runs down to stop her and Beer Money laugh at Karen. Roode tells Jeff to get her out. Anarquia comes in and tosses Storm to the outside but turns around into the Double-R Spinebuster from Roode! Sarita distracts the referee and Hernandez grabs Jarrett’s AAA Title and hits Roode with it! Referee turns around, 1…2…3! NEW CHAMPS!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: Mexican America via pinfall

After the match Mexican America celebrate with the belts as a big Mexican flag drops down from the ceiling. Jeff Jarrett and Karen climb into the ring and celebrate with them. Jarrett & MA hold their belts up together. Beer Money are stunned on the outside as Mexican America continue to celebrate in the ring.


I really enjoyed tonight’s show. It’s biggest problem is always the biggest problem, there was just way too much thrown at us way too quick, and that problem will remain until they can have a 2nd show where they can spread things out.

The opening segment with Sting and Flair was fun, Flair is always great on the mic and I do not have a problem with Flair-Sting one more time. I would definitely prefer that match than Sting-Hogan but I’m assuming we will get that one as well.

Joe killing Devon was awesome and I wanted to talk about this. Adam Martin pointed out Monday during RAW on Twitter how the Observer claiming that Vince McMahon didn’t want Johnny Ace to talk on TV anymore was just another thing they got wrong as he continues to have a speaking role on TV. Well, throw Samoa Joe into that same “you got it wrong” corner. After the TV Tapings last week they reported that Samoa Joe was “strongly considering” jumping to WWE after his contract with TNA expires (which by the way he signed an extension at the end of 2010) and that TNA has no plans with his losing streak and that they’re pretty much just burying him. Yeah, except they obviously do having something planned with him and you’re blind if you don’t see it.

Moving on, Joe’s promo was again very intense and very good.

The X-Division was a big spot fest but it was also really great, not a single dive in there though but with a gauntlet match not much of a chance. Really great stuff, Jesse Sorensen came out looking like a million bucks but so did Aries (who cut another great promo). I hate Shelley being at the bottom there, but it looks like there going towards a secondary X-Division feud with Kash and Sorenson. I think Sorenson and Nese need to switch their gear up because they both look too generic and too much alike but both guys can damn sure go in the ring.

Mickie-ODB was a REALLY good back and forth knockouts match. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that down the road.

The Angelina-Winter stuff continues to just simply suck (no Vampire).

AJ-RVD was a good, solid TV match. I love seeing Lynn back on TV and it’s obvious we’re heading toward a Lynn-RVD feud but I wish he would solidify himself as heel rather than looking like the dumbass friend who keeps screwing his friend over by accident. AJ was awesome as always.

Take everything that was good in the opening segment and take it all away with that horrible ‘fight’ they had in the back. That was just bad.

Crimson FINALLY talked for more than a few sentences and he definitely did not embarrass himself. He was solid and feeding off of Angle. I just think they’re jumping the gun with Angle-Crimson especially having it on Impact. I’m not sure where this is leading, with the BFG Series still going on.

Great Main Event with MA-Beer Money, not as good as their PPV match but still solid. We’re obviously coming to the end of Beer Money’s run soon and they had to drop the belts. Overbooked finish but the match was fun. It’s just where does Mexican America go from here (after Beer Money surely get their rematch). The only solidified team right now is British Invasion, Ink Inc. is still kind of on the sideline with Neal injured. They have to start to rebuild that Tag Division much like they did with the X-Division, but it was nice to see something different Main Event. I would love to see the X-Division Title and Knockouts Title Main Event Impact every now and then as well.

Promo/Segment of the Week: Crimson/Angle
Match of the Night: X-Division Gauntlet (***)
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Kurt Angle vs. Crimson

No Surrender Lineup
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. TBA
– BFG Series Finals Match #1: TBA vs. TBA
– BFG Series Finals Match #2: TBA vs. TBA
– TNA X-Division Title: Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries

BFG Series Standings
1) Crimson: 50 points
2) Bully Ray: 42 points
3) Bobby Roode: 35 points
4) James Storm: 33 points
5) Devon: 30 points
6) Gunner: 28 points
7) AJ Styles: 24 points
8) Scott Steiner: 21 points
9) The Pope: 17 points
10) RVD: 15 points
11) Samoa Joe: -10 points

*Matt Morgan has been eliminated due to injury.

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