WCW Power Hour 1/30/1993

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WCW Power Hour
January 30, 1993
Atlanta, GA
Center Stage Theatre

The current WCW & NWA Champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Big Van Vader (12/30/1992)
NWA World Champion: The Great Muta (1/4/1993)
WCW U.S. Champion: Dustin Rhodes (1/11/1993)
WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champions: Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (11/18/1992)
WCW World Television Champion: vacant (11/1/1992)

Last week, Big Van Vader and Paul Orndorff defeated Cactus Jack and the Barbarian. This week, Cactus Jack meets Paul Orndorff.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko.

  • Brian Pillman & Steve Austin vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Brad Armstrong

Pillman and Austin are yet to be named the Hollywood Blondes, but are still ruling the tag scene as of late. Apparently with Armstrong and Bagwell, WCW just said, “Hey, they’re both from Marietta Georgia. Let’s make them a tag team!” You know Armstrong and Pillman used to really have a feud going on, but there’s no mention of it here. The Blondes attack first, but Bagwell and Armstrong clean house. Pillman and Armstrong start the match once things cool down. Pillman teases a crossbody out of the corner, but turns around and comes off only to get nailed on the way down. Bagwell controls Austin for a bit until he gets caught off a crossbody. To make matters worse, Pillman leaps off the top and drops an elbow on Bagwell’s neck! Ouch! The Blondes cut the ring off, but then Pillman comes off the middle rope and eats a boot. Hot tag to Armstrong. He has Austin covered, but Bagwell’s in the ring. Armstrong goes after Pillman, but then runs into a STUNGUN from Austin for the 1-2-3. (4:00) That was just non-stop action from bell-to-bell. **

Teddy Long is here to tell us what’s up. Chris Benoit is in the hizzouse and he’s here to do more than just rap. We catch a clip of Benoit beating Brad Armstrong at the Clash with a Dragon Suplex. He’s also beaten Marcus Bagwell! Teddy says you should probably keep your eye on that Benoit fellow.

  • The Barbarian (w/Cactus Jack) vs. Tim Dixon

Yeah, it’s clubberin’ time. Barbarian gives poor Timmy Dixon a pair of Bossman Straddles on the top rope and then finishes him off with a KICK OF FEAR. (1:31) Yeah, definitely clubberin’ time.

Missy Does The Mail: I’m only guessing they’re implying that Missy is a big huge slut by saying that while Debbie only did Dallas, Missy did the entire US postal service! Her first letter comes from Sonny Oono from Iowa? Sonny Oono, you say. Sonny *cue stereotypical Japanese accent* wants to know what it like to party with American girl. Sonny asks about her wildest party experiences, but she ducks the question and uses this opportunity to sell us on the SMW tag champs, the Rock n Roll Express. The Express will meet the Wrecking Crew at Superbrawl 3! Could that segment be anymore fake?

  • Barry Windham vs. Dave Hart

No relation whatsoever. This Hart is from Indiana. Tony announces that on Saturday Night, Windham would team up with Vader to take on Sting and Dustin Rhodes! That will be a dandy of a match, says Tony. Windham punches and throws Hart around before finishing him off with an Implant DDT. (1:43) He never should of grown that goatee. For some reason, that thing really changes people.

Superbrawl 3 Control Center with Jim Ross: The “White Castle of Fear” video airs. This is just all kinds of bad. Vader has all these whores who are there to apparently tempt Sting while Vader screams at mirrors and such. Cheatum the evil midget makes an appearance. Vader puts on the leather strap and tosses Sting the other end. Apparently, Vader wants to play tug of war over a small fire. Just as Sting looks to be pulled into the fire, we get a “to be continued…” graphic.

As if that wasn’t enough, now we have to watch the 2 Cold Scorpio video that aired at the Clash. I fast forward.

  • Cactus Jack vs. Paul Orndorff

This is a rematch from last week where Jack was pinned by Orndorff, so now he wants his win back. Huge brawl to start, with Cactus in total control. Orndorff gets his foot up to block a corner charge and hits a knee lift. He face slams Cactus, but then runs into an elbow in the corner and takes an elbow drop for two. Bossman straddle from Cactus sets up the legdrop on the apron. Then Orndorff escapes a chinlock and slams Jack’s head on the mat. Cactus mule kicks Orndorff to take back control and dumps Orndorff. He charges right into a backdrop on the floor. Cactus gets back up, so Orndorff gives him a suplex on the floor! But he’s still getting back up! Orndorff buries a knee to the gut once they’re back in the ring. This time, Orndorff grabs a chinlock. Cactus flashes the “BANG BANG!” sign to show he ain’t givin’ up! Orndorff stomps him down in the corner, but then Cactus ducks a clothesline and nails Orndorff with a back elbow. Now Cactus slams Orndorff near the corner and delivers a legdrop off the second rope. Well, that’s certainly different. That gets two. They go to the floor and brawl for the double-countout. (9:52) Kind of a slow paced match, but it did have its moments where it shined. I don’t really even mind the finish because the pull-apart brawl leads to the “falls count anywhere” match at Superbrawl. **½

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