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TNA Final Resolution 2011 Predictions!

This Sunday Total Non-Stop Action presents Final Resolution live on pay per view. Let’s just jump right into the predictions, okay? Good.

For the TNA Television Championship:
(champion) Robbie E defends against Eric Young

I didn’t think Robbie had a chance to win the championship the last time since EY has been entertaining with his internet videos and whatnot. I guess they wanted him to chase after the champion instead of being the champ. In any event, I really don’t know who pulls this one out. I’ll take a guess and say that Robbie retains here.

For the TNA X-Division Championship:
(champion) Austin Aries defends against Kid Kash

I refuse to believe that this is the best they can do with Austin Aries. Yeah, he is the champion but is this even really an angle? I feel like Aries is just being put into matches with little to zero story or reason behind doing so. Aries deserves to win and should hold onto the championship until the writers can develop an interesting feud to put him in.

For the TNA World Tag Team Championships:
(champions) Matt Morgan & Crimson defend against The Pope & Devon

I hate these type of angles where people who hate each other win the tag titles and hold them for a few moments. In this case, neither team gets along. Morgan and Crimson win this one but I’m sure there will be a Morgan heel turn in the future leading to a split.

For the TNA Knockouts Championship:
(champion) Gail Kim defends against Mickie James

It’s kind of surprising that they are rushing this one. I was figuring that Gail would dominate the division before meeting Mickie in early 2012 but instead it’s already a pay per view match. I suppose TNA is weak when it comes to female baby faces. I refuse to think Gail loses so soon after winning the championship unless Traci gets involved. I’m sticking with Gail to win this one.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels
Quite honestly I haven’t been all that interested in this feud and don’t know what is going on. I’m figuring that RVD is next to challenge Roode at some point and it wouldn’t make sense to have him lose here against Daniels. RVD for the win.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm
As much as I like James Storm, there are just better baby faces to challenge for the championship moving forward. Even though I think a Storm/Roode feud would be good and make sense considering the split, TNA loves Kurt Angle and he is always going to be in the title picture. Angle wins here by submission.

Steel Cage Match:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy beat Jarrett three times on pay per view the last time, right? Well, just make that four straight wins for Hardy over Jarrett on pay per view.

For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: 30 Minute Ironman Match
(champion) Bobby Roode defends against AJ Styles

This could be a good match as long as they don’t stall for ten minutes. Roode is a good champion and needs time to run with the belt to have a successful run with it. It amazes me that people give up on the guy after a month. Roode finds a way to retain the championship and heads into 2012 as the champion.

That’s it for this TNA pay per view. If you watch it, I hope you enjoy it. The next pay per view prediction will be of TLC presented by WWE next week.

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