ROH TV 1/14/2012

Ring of Honor TV
From: Greensboro, NC

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette welcome us to the program. They talk about history being made in Greensboro. Tonight, we will see the longest match to happen modern wrestling history. The eight man tag team match went one hour and twenty minutes.

I’m not sure why this is necessary but they talked to the general manager of the television station that is airing Ring of Honor. I suppose they are just kissing butt.

We hear from Eddie Edwards, El Generico and ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestlng’s Greatest Tag Team regarding their match tonight. They all pretty much say they are going to take care of the guys they have been feuding with. WGTT will beat up the Briscoe Brothers, Edwards will continue to have Strong’s number and Generico is going to break Michael Elgin.

It’s time to hear from the heel side. Truth Martini take the microphone and he says the night is going to exciting. The winning team will win $10,000. They begin to argue and there appears to be tension already between those two teams.

Main Event: Eight Man Elimination Match
ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Eddie Edwards & El Generico vs. Briscoe Brothers, Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin
Haas wants Jay to get in the ring but he bails to the floor. So, instead we have Edwards and Strong kick off the contest. This is going to be clipped, so I’m just going with what I see. Edwards gets a two count with a roll up and dropkicks Strong to the floor. Benjamin is tagged in but the Briscoe Brothers bail to the floor again. This clipping is already bugging me. Elgin has control of Benjamin and tags out to Strong. Jay shoulder blocks Generico but is met with several arm drags.

Now Jay is working on Eddie in the corner with several elbow strikes. Eddie hits a hurricanrana but Jay hits one as well. They trade arm drags and both go for dropkicks but miss. They proceed to have a stand off. Haas is working on Strong’s arm with an arm lock. This clipping is REALLY annoying. Strong stops Generico with a back breaker. Elgin sets Generico up for a delayed vertical suplex and waits for several seconds before driving him down to the canvas for a two count.

The Briscoe Brothers toss Generico out of the corner for a two count. Generico trades right hands with Strong but runs into a dropkick. Generico fights off the Briscoe Brothers and tries to tag in Benjamin but Jay knocked Benjamin off. Generico tags in both Haas and Benjamin. They brawl with the Briscoe Brothers on the floor sending them into the guard railing. Actually, all eight men are fighting around ringside. Benjamin hits a snap suplex on Jay on the ramp way. Mark leaps off the apron to hit Haas with a Swanton Bomb. Jay plants Benjamin on the apron with a DDT! Oh man, Haas hits the Briscoe Brothers with a water bottle.

Benjamin super kicks Mark Briscoe. Generico hits Strong with a sign. The ring announcer announces that if Benjamin and Jay Briscoe could be eliminated if they don’t enter the ring. They obviously enter and begin to trade a series of right hands. Benjamin backdrops Jay but is soon met with a low blow. Elgin power slams Benjamin as he runs out of the corner for a near fall. Benjamin splashes Mark in the corner. Haas gets tagged in and they hammer away on the Briscoe Brothers. Well, now they are all brawling on the floor again.

Elgin power slams Generico onto the ramp way. You would think these guys would be disqualified for all of this, but they aren’t. Jay Briscoe and Charlie Haas are warned to enter the ring in ten seconds or be disqualified from the match. Naturally, they have returned to the ring. Well, now everyone is in the ring to brawl yet again. There are two referees. Benjamin super kicks Jay Briscoe. The baby faces hammer away on the heels in all four corners. It has been over forty minutes and zero eliminations. WGTT hit the Leap of Fair on Jay for a near fall. Jay whacks Benjamin over the back with a steel chair. Mark hits a top rope elbow drop and he gets the three count!

First Elimination: Shelton Benjamin via pin fall

Haas is nailed by Jay with a running yakuza kick. The Briscoe Brothers look to work on Haas, but he backdrops ay and hits Mark with the Olympic Slam to get the three count.

Second Elimination: Mark Briscoe via pin fall

Haas is distracted by Jay on the floor and is kicked by Strong. Strong rolls Haas up and gets the three count.

Third Elimination: Charlie Haas via pin fall

Haas hits Jay with a chair and Generico puts Jay away with a brain buster.

Fourth Elimination: Jay Briscoe via pin fall

Strong hits a back breaker on Generico but isn’t able to get a three count. Elgin is now working on Generico with overhand strikes in the corner. Elgin misses a splash in the corner. Elgin counters a tornado DDT and hits a running power slam for a near fall. Generico dropkicks Elgin and sends Elgin over the top to the floor. Generico and Edwards hit stereo dives onto the floor to take out both Strong and Elgin! Generico hits a spinning sit out slam on Elgin but can’t get a three count. Strong tosses Edwards back first onto the apron. Generico tries for a top rope cross body but is caught by Elgin who hits a TKO for a two count only. Elgin blocks a top rope brain buster by Generico and hits a top rope shoulder block followed by a sit out power bomb for the three count.

Fifth Elimination: El Generico via pin fall

Elgin clotheslines Edwards inside out but Edwards kicks out at two. Edwards and Strong begin to trade forearm strikes with Edwards getting the better of the exchange. Strong stops Edwards with a back breaker. Elgin plants Edwards with a sit out slam but isn’t able to keep him down for a three count. Edwards knocks Strong off the middle rope after several head butts. Edwards leaps off the top to hit a missile drop kick. Elgin is tossed over the top to the floor and Edwards hits a face buster on Strong for a near fall. Edwards hits Strong with a backpack stunner for a two count. Edwards has a STF on Strong but Strong reaches the bottom rope.

Edwards nails Strong with a super kick but Strong avoids the Die Hard. Edwards gets his hands on Truth Martini, but Strong hits him with a running knee for a two count. Elgin accidentally splashes Strong in the corner and Edwards rolls Elgin up for the win.

Sixth Elimination: Michael Elgin via pin fall

Strong and Edwards start off trading several right hands. Edwards drives Strong down to the mat with a sit out slam for a two count. Strong kicks Edwards on the middle rope and goes for a Gibson Driver but Edwards is able to block it. Strong manages to slam Edwards off the top rope through a table at ringside. Edwards is just able to return to the ring before being counted out. Strong locks in a Boston Crab but isn’t able to make Edwards tap. Edwards nearly rolls Strong up for the win. Edwards hits a German suplex and answers a knee lift with a clothesline for a two count. Edwards locks in a dragon sleeper and forces Strong to tap out.

Your Winners: Eddie Edwards, El Generico & ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team via submission

Final Thoughts:
I can’t give the match a star rating or anything because it was clipped quite a bit. But, I will say it was a very enjoyable match. I’m not a fan of ridiculously long matches, but these guys kept my interest for the majority of it. I’d say the last ten or so minutes is when I became to get annoyed with how long this was going. Anyway, it was a good match and since it was the only match shown it makes the show a watchable one.

Thanks for reading.

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