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ROH TV 1/28/2012

Ring of Honor TV
From: Baltimore, MD

Tonight, ROH World Champion Davey Richards teams up with Kyle O’Reilly to take on Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in the main event. Plus, Tommaso Ciampa puts his undefeated streak on the line against TJ Perkins.

The program starts off with a video from Final Battle where Kevin Steen hit everyone with the Package Piledriver and as a result is back in ROH!

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome everyone to the show and they talk about the issues between Kyle O’Reilly and Eddie Edwards. O’Reilly will be teaming with Davey Richards to take on Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

Backstage, RD Evans, Prince Nana and Tommaso Ciampa talk about TJ Perkins bragging about being undefeated on television while having three matches. Ciampa has been undefeated for over a year and he will not stop until he is the champion.

Opening Contest: TJ Perkins vs. Tommaso Ciampa
Ciampa actually shake hands with Perkins but is kicked and hammered away on by Perkins who hit a cross body as well. Perkins kicks Ciampa in the corner and Ciampa bails to the floor. Perkins takes him out with a springboard dropkick on the apron! Perkins puts Ciampa in the tree of woe but Ciampa gets free and clotheslines Perkins for a two count after Nana distracted Perkins from the floor. Ciampa knee lifts Perkins to the floor as Perkins tied himself up in the ropes. On the floor, Ciampa slams Perkins head into the guard railing. Ciampa locks in a Crossface but Perkins gets to his feet and breaks free. Perkins stops Ciampa with a dragon screw leg whip and soon hits a superkick. Perkins connects with a springboard missile dropkick!

Perkins power bombs Ciampa but can’t put him away! Ciampa avoids a neck breaker attempt in the corner and delivers two running knee strikes. Ciampa hits the Project Ciampa and wins the match.

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via pin fall
Match Rating: ***

We get a special video looking at Grizzly Redwood. He talks about not suppose to live after the age of four. He wasn’t supposed to talk or walk because he was born three months premature. Redwood considers himself a winner everyday.

Second Contest: Grizzly Redwood vs. Devon Storm
For those who don’t know, Storm competed at Crowbar in WCW. Before the match even starts, Truth Martini, Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin come out. He is going to give Devon Storm two choices. He offers Storm five hundred dollars to allow Elgin to take his spot, or he can piss Elgin off. Storm just takes the money and we have a new match, I guess. “You are going to wish you died as a child.” Ouch.

Second Contest: Grizzly Redwood vs. Michael Elgin
Elgin stops Redwood with a shoulder block in the opening seconds of the match. Elgin slams Redwood and gets a two count after an elbow drop. Redwood gets a sleeper hold on Elgin but Elgin slams him down to the mat. Elgin falls to the floor but catches Redwood on a suicide attempt. Elgin tosses Redwood into the guard railing back first. Elgin misses a twisting senton splash off the top. Redwood head scissors Elgin into the corner and hits a rolling splash and counters a power bomb with a face buster! Redwood plants Elgin with a tornado DDT but only gets a two count! Elgin hits a buckle bomb and a spinning power bomb to win the match

Your Winner: Michael Elgin via pin fall
Match Rating: **1/2

We see more footage from Final Battle where Kevin Steen beat Steve Corino to win his job back at ROH and ended up destroying everyone in the ring. We hear comments from Kevin Steen who is standing behind a fence. Steen says that in one week he is unleashed on television. He thinks that something is missing from the show. It is lacking chaos and fear. Those are here now because he is back in ROH. “I will never go soft, I will never conform.” He is going to beat Davey Richards and win the ROH World Championship. “Seven days until everything changes.” Jim Cornette chimes in and talks about how three careers are in jeopardy because of Steen. Cornette is a business man and says that Steen is going to be on the show next week, as will he. He doesn’t think Steen will like what he has to say.

Inside ROH is up next. Eddie Edwards says he and Kyle O’Reilly have never been friends and thinks O’Reilly was mad that he won the championship before Richards. O’Reilly says that he didn’t like how Edwards handled it. O’Reilly didn’t like it how Edwards demanded a shot at Richards. Edwards felt like he needed to get out of the shadow of Richards. O’Reilly doesn’t think Edwards was grateful. Apparently, Edwards went to Dan Severn behind Richards and O’Reilly’s back. Edwards wants to know where O’Reilly’s loyalty is to Adam Cole, his real tag team partner. O’Reilly doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, except for Richards. We hear from Davey Richards who says that he would take Kyle O’Reilly to war with him. That must not sit well with Edwards.

Backstage, Mike Bennett cuts a promo about his match with Jay Lethal next week. Maria from the WWE is with him and Bennett talks about all the excuses about how Lethal beat him. Bennett believes there is nothing that will prevent him from winning the championship.

Backstage, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team cuts a promo saying they think they deserve a rematch against the Briscoe Brothers. Haas says that management wanted their $5,000 dollar fine. They don’t like having to start from the bottom up as they will wrestle the Bravado Brothers next week.

Main Event: ROH World Champion Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman
Alexander and Richards open the match with Alexander dropkicking Richards but misses a standing moonsault so they have a standoff. O’Reilly tags into the contest as does Coleman. O’Reilly dropkicks Coleman as he went for a leapfrog. Richards kicks Coleman in the chest for a two count. Coleman hits a dropkick on both O’Reilly and Richards after ducking a clothesline. Coleman spin kicks Richards in the corner and hits O’Reilly with a moonsault over the top on the floor! Richards kicks Alexander off the apron but is tripped by Coleman on the apron. Alexander gets up and takes both Richards and O’Reilly out with a flip dive on the floor.

Back in the ring, O’Reilly is hit with a senton splash by Coleman from the apron after Alexander hit a suplex. They trade a few forearm shots until O’Reilly knee lifts Coleman and Richards enters to kick Coleman in the face. O’Reilly gets a two count as we go to commercial. Richards trades chops with Coleman but Coleman dropkicks O’Reilly, who ends up hitting Richards with a DDT on accident. O’Reilly kicks Alexander off the apron to prevent the tag. Coleman kicks O’Reilly over the back and tags in Alexander. Alexander hits a double missile dropkick and hammers away on O’Reilly. O’Reilly and Alexander trade kicks.

Alexander hits a running dropkick in the corner and hits a face buster on O’Reilly for a near fall! Richards has Alexander on his shoulders but Alexander hits a reverse hurricanrana! Coleman takes O’Reilly off the top with a hurricanrana and Alexander hits a top rope frog splash for a two count! Coleman drives O’Reilly onto Alexander’s knees with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall only. Richards kicks Alexander, but O’Reilly superkicks Coleman! Coleman saves his partner after a suplex by O’Reilly. Alexander kicks out of a leg sweep/clothesline combo! Richards kicks Coleman from the apron on the floor. O’Reilly has a choke on Alexander and Richards hits a double stomp! O’Reilly forces Alexander to give up to a choke! What a match!

Your Winners: Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly
Match Rating: ****

Eddie Edwards comes out and is clapping for the winners. Edwards is happy for them.

Next week, ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal defends against Mike Bennett and Kevin Steen makes his ROH television debut!

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a really good show for ROH. The opener between Ciampa and Perkins was a fine bout with both men looking rather good. The little match between Elgin/Redwood was one of the more enjoyable squash matches I’ve watched. Ir probably wasn’t even really a squash match. They did a good job of getting me to think that Redwood was going to steal a victory over Elgin. That was a really productive match. Now, the main event was a fantastic tag team match which you will not see on WWE or TNA television. It was just an incredible match. Those four men really put on a good show and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Coleman and Alexander. Overall, this show gets a big thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.

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