WCW Saturday Night 7/15/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)WCW World Tag Team Champion Harlem Heat defeated Los Especialists
2.)Dave Sullivan defeated Dino DeMeglo
3.)Meng defeated Chris Sawyer
4.)Kamala defeated Chris Nelson
5.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Lt. James Earl Wright
6.)Jim Duggan defeated Sonny Trout
7.)Diamond Dallas Page defeated Tim Horner
8.)WCW Television Champion The Renegade defeated Butch Long
9.)Blue Bloods defeated Chris Kanyon & Scott Armstrong
10.)Ric Flair defeated Barry Houston

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Mean Gene conducted an interview with Harlem Heat after their squash match. Booker says that tonight the odds are against them just like they have been their entire life. He tells the Nasty Boys and Blue Bloods to come get some. Stevie Ray believes that history will be made tomorrow night. Sister Sherri chimes in and tells the challengers to step back and look at what they have done. She says neither one of those teams are going to win the tag titles. Mean Gene mentions that Col. Robert Parker called her baby and Sherri freaks out over it.

2.Dave Sullivan is interviewed by Mean Gene as well. Sullivan is going to show DDP that what he did was wrong at the pay per view tomorrow night.

3.Col. Robert Parker talked to Gene after Meng took care of business in the ring. Gene asks what is going in between Parker and Sherri. Parker says he is going to have his way with Sherri. Eventually Parker hypes up the match between Sting and Meng tomorrow night. Parker predicts that Meng will be taking the WCW United States Championship away from Sting.

4.We go to the Dungeon of Doom to see who is the next gift for Kevin Sullivan. This man is a warrior and will be the biggest key of them all. The man is called the Zodiac. This is just the Butcher under a new gimmick. Sullivan wants to know who will be his warrior. Sullivan is told to be patient as the warrior he has picked will be coming soon!

5.Randy Savage comes out to be interviewed by Mean Gene. Savage says he has Ric Flair exactly where he wants to have him. He will be meeting Flair in a lifeguard match tomorrow night. His father told him to do whatever he needs to do to beat Flair. Savage tells Flair he is going to get him at the pay per view!

6.The Blue Bloods were interviewed by Mean Gene after their squash match. Regal says that they are going to have to perform violence which they aren’t use to doing. They are scientific wrestlers. Regal says that they are like Great Britain and they will never lose at war. Regal assures us that they will be prepared for a fight tomorrow night.

7.Ric Flair comes out to end the show with several ladies by his side as he is interviewed by Mean Gene. Flair tells Gene that he is going to have a party when he destroys Randy Savage tomorrow night. Flair is sure he is going to take Savage out! The tells the ladies to go to the ringside area. Flair goes to the ring and beats up a jobber in his street clothes. Randy Savage comes out into the ring and attacks Flair from behind! Flair bails to the floor but Savage gets a hold of him when the ladies grab Flair and roll him back into the ring! Several jobbers run into the ring and hold Savage back as Flair hammers away on Savage and hits him with his shoe! Flair leaves the ring and runs to the backstage area.

8.Mean Gene talks to Randy Savage one more time. Savage tells Gene that he can wait to chase after Flair until tomorrow night. Savage says nothing is going to stop him from ending Flair tomorrow night.

Final Thoughts:
As per usual the go home show before the pay per view was really just a last minute hype job for the top matches. I liked the ending between Flair and Savage as that has probably been the best feud going for WCW at this time. Those two just work so well with each other. The guys involved with the Dungeon of Doom are just not that interesting and whomever the “warrior” is going to be for them better be a surprise or something. I’m sure some people took it as if the Ultimate Warrior was going to be coming in, but that’s not going to happen. Overall, I’ll give the show a thumbs in the middle. It was a nice way to promote the big show the next night.

Thanks for reading.

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