WCW Saturday Night 7/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Randy Savage defeated Tom Burton
2.)Vader defeated Tom Torres
3.)WCW Television Champion The Renegade defeated Jack Steel
4.)WCW United States Champion Sting defeated Scott Stevens
5.)Ric Flair defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The program starts with Mean Gene introducing a sit down interview with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he thinks about Andre the Giant and misses him a lot. Hogan talks about fighting back tears at Andre’s funeral. He felt it was unfair that the fans in Michigan at Mania III weren’t chanting for Andre because he was the best. Hogan had a feeling of fear that made him question himself. He felt that a part of him was buried along with Andre. Uh, Hogan says he can smell and feel Andre. Hogan knows that he can’t run away from the Giant that gave him the Andre shirt. Hogan knew about the rumor that Andre’s son was coming after him or a relative. This promo seems insincere and the idea of Andre’s son coming after Hogan is just awful. Hogan wants a piece of the Dungeon of the Doom and knows at the end of the road he will get his hands on the Giant. Hogan will be wrestling on the Main Event, apparently.

2.Mean Gene conducted an interview with Randy Savage after his squash match. Gene talks to Savage about the man who choked Hogan in the dungeon. Savage says he would be in a state of shock if Hogan were to not show up to the Clash. Savage, Sting and Renegade will be there to watch Hogan’s back.

3.Vader is interviewed by Mean Gene after his easy victory. Vader tells Gene that he hasn’t lost his marbles because he is attempting something that has never been done before, win a handicap match. That’s funny, because Vader has won a crap load of handicap matches in the past two years. He tells Flair and Anderson there is nowhere to run or hide. Vader is begging Flair to not weasel his way out of the match at the Clash.

4.Paul Orndorff cut a promo during Renegade’s match telling us that the WCW Television Championship will be his at the Clash.

5.A video of Col. Robert Parker and Meng meeting Kurasawa is aired. Parker gives Kurasawa a golden spike of sorts.

6.Speaking of Parker he has a confrontation with Sherri Martel back at the arena. Parker insults Sherri and Sherri tells Parker that she will do whatever she can to get a return title match. Sherri tells Parker that she can beat him with one arm tied behind her back. Parker suggests a six man tag match at the Clash. If Sherri can beat Parker then they will get a rematch for the tag titles.

7.The main event this week saw Marcus Alexander Bagwell look to earn the biggest victory of his career against Ric Flair. It’s a rather slow start between the two with Bagwell shoulder blocking Flair after some mat wrestling. Flair cheap shots Bagwell in the corner when the referee stopped Bagwell from using a closed right hand. Bagwell fights back with a series of clotheslines and works on Flair with right hands. Flair stops Bagwell with a big boot in the corner. Flair tosses Bagwell over the top but the referee didn’t see him do it. Arn Anderson attacks Bagwell on the floor while Flair distracted the referee. They both crash to the floor when Flair hits a running cross body. Bagwell counters a pile driver attempt on the floor by hitting a backdrop. Bagwell brings Flair back into the ring with a suplex but only got a two count. Flair flips into the corner and is knocked down on the apron by Bagwell with a clothesline. Bagwell follows up with a superplex but doesn’t go for the cover. Bagwell goes up top but misses a missile dropkick! Flair locks in the figure four and gets the pin as he was getting held by Anderson on the floor. This was a solid television match, actually. After the match, Vader comes down to the ring and Flair drops down to his knee to beg Vader for mercy. Anderson slides into the ring and chop blocks Vader’s leg before hiting the DDT! Vader is beaten down by Flair and Anderson. That’s it for this week.

Final Thoughts:
The whole Hulk Hogan promo was really just funny and was something I couldn’t take seriously. It was just way too phony for my liking. The main event was good this week but there wasn’t anything on here that was all that special or worth viewing. So, I’ll give the show a thumbs in the middle.

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