ROH Fate Of An Angel II 11/13/2010

ROH 271 – Fate Of An Angel 2 – 13th November 2010

Although Eddie Edwards’ injury last night strips this show of a TV Title defence, the card for tonight’s final Canadian show of ROH’s 2010 still looks good. Roderick Strong defends his World Title (for the first time) against Christopher Daniels. The Tag Titles will be defended too as the Kings Of Wrestling face the evil duo of Kevin Steen and Steve Corino – and there’s lots more tag action in addition to that with Tag Title #1 contendership on the line, as well as Cole and O’Reilly facing the Bravados in a HDNet rematch. We’re in Mississauga, ONT with Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak.

SIDENOTE – Watch the ’10 Questions with Steve Corino’ bonus feature on the DVD. Highlights include him wanting to rape Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch, he and Steen mocking the amount of wrestlers who just got cut from the roster and wanting to wrestle a bear on HDNet.

Michael Elgin/Zach Gowen vs Grizzly Redwood/Bobby Dempsey
Both Zach and Elgin debuted as part of the House Of Truth yesterday. However, unlike in most stables, if new recruits don’t cut the mustard in ROH, Truth Martini has already said he has no problem in getting rid of them just as quickly. So after suffering defeat yesterday there’s a lot on the line for his two newest recruits. They need a win here to maintain their spots…

Gowen starts with Grizzly, and even he seems physically dominant compared to little Grizz. Redwood is outwitted by Elgin, who batters him from behind. Tag to Dempsey (who has gained a lot of weight) so we get the big man showdown. Elgin shows his power by absorbing shoulder tackles from Bobby, and neither man goes down from those. Gowen wants a piece of Dempsey and amusingly uses his one-legged speed to land some athletic kicks on the bigger man. Grizz tries the ‘chop them down’ routine on Elgin but is manhandled into the corner. EXPLODER IN THE TURNBUCKLES! House Of Truth look to isolate the Lumberjack, with him looking hopelessly out-matched every time Michael Elgin is in there with him. He attempts a flying headscissors…then a sunset flip only to be POWERED into a chokeslam for 2. Zach then enters to work the chinlock spot whilst Martini reads from the Book Of Truth to the downed opponent. Hot tag to Dempsey at last, only for Elgin to kill his momentum with a series of kicks. Bobby tackles him out of the ring then steamrolls over Gowen. Fatty avalanche on Elgin, before Bobby nearly wins it with a bridging fallaway slam on Zach for 2. Elgin to the top for a HUGE flying shoulder tackle. He then hoists Dempsey up for a Samoan drop only for the ROH graduate to get a shoulder up. Gowen misses his moonsault and makes things worse by accidentally socking his own partner with missile dropkick. World’s Fattest Slam/Elbow drop combo by the students ensure they can pin Gowen at 11:36

Rating – ** – A little longer than needed, but some of the Dempsey/Elgin stuff was really good so it’s not like I wasn’t entertained for most of it. How ROH book and handle Michael Elgin is going to be key to his ROH career. Honestly I don’t think his re-debut weekend has been anywhere near as impressive as when Erick Stevens debuted back in 2007. The difference was Gabe made the mistake of pushing Stevens way too hard, too fast and the fans started to resent him. Elgin has ability – to the extent that some of what he does really reminds me of Vader, but needs to be kept on the undercards until the crowd start to buy into him and warrant moving him up. A low key enforcer role in House Of Truth is ideal for him.

It’s time for Truth Martini to deliver a verdict on his new recruits. It doesn’t look good for Gowen as Elgin bashes him into the corner and hits a Rikishi-style running ass to the face. Truth and Elgin leave, so it looks like he’s 1 for 2 on new guys after this weekend.

Andy Ridge vs Mark Briscoe – Trial Series Match #4
The Trial Series isn’t going well for Andy. After a promising start against Colt Cabana, he’s suffered comprehensive defeats to ex-Rottweilers Ricky Reyes and Homicide since then. Now he faces another ROH veteran in Mark Briscoe with a lot to prove.

Dave Prazak has major reservations about how much Andy will learn from wrestling ‘crazy’ Mark. They work the mat and, although it’s mostly Mark making the moves, Ridge does a good job hanging with him. He drops Mark with a signature kick, but gets so excited that he turns his back on Briscoe, who gets up to GERMAN SUPLEX HIM ON HIS FACE! The brutality continues as Mark takes Ridge out of the ring and starts assaulting him with assorted chops and drops over the railings. The crowd are into this, and pop loudly when Mark drags Andy BACK to the outside for more vicious chops that leave his chest sickeningly red. Back inside and Briscoe punts him in the spine, revealing that the guardrail beating has also left Ridge with some nasty marks on his back too. Despite taking a real beating, Ridge tries a superkick. Mark ducks and teaches him another lesson with REDNECK KUNG FU! Ridge evades a kick though, and hits back with his own kick flurry for 2. Superkick ducked though, allowing Mark to hit a sidewalk slam then the Frog Elbow. Cut-Throat Driver wins it at 07:38

Rating – ** – Second best match in the Trial Series thus far, although again, it was only entertaining to watch a veteran beat the sh*t out of the kid, rather than watching Ridge get over in the slightest. Mark was totally merciless on the rookie here, stiffing him at every opportunity and throwing him around for fun – which isn’t a side we normally see out of him in a tag team environment. Ridge does get some kudos for hanging in there despite taking a wicked beating, but none of these matches are come even close to establishing him as a credible member of the singles roster.

Sara Del Rey vs Jamilla Craft
ROH school students in the first three matches of the show? It’s almost like the Head Trainer of the school is also the lead booker here? Craft has a huge amount of potential so needs all the ring time she can get to ensure she continues to improve. She’s already lost to Sara on HDNet, but Daizee Haze’s prize student wants a rematch and gets it in Canada.

Del Rey easily takes Craft down with a wristlock and doesn’t look too impressed with her competition for the evening. She then puts a boot through Jamilla’s chest and starts pitching her around the ring. Jamilla surprises a few people by getting right back up and going for a couple of flash pins on the Queen Of Wrestling. Sara isn’t impressed and beats her down with more kicks. But Craft comes back again, landing a jawbreaker and a flurry of right hands. Swinging neckbreaker scores…but Death Rey gives it the disrespectful 1-count treatment. Capo Kick in the corner, into a violent piledriver. That’s enough to give Sara the win in 04:22

Rating – * – Probably the worst Jamilla Craft match I’ve seen. She’s only a kid and has a lot of ability but this wasn’t her best night, with a few visible mis-steps and timing issues. Sara Del Rey wasn’t as dominant or physically dynaamic in her performance as we’ve seen her on HDNet, so the whole thing felt a little flat unfortunately.

All Night Express vs Colt Cabana/El Generico
The winning team here will receive a future ROH Tag Title shot – something that on both HDNet and live shows ANX have been clamouring for. As a team, and individually, King and Titus have shown that they genuinely are as good as they’ve ever been. Already primed for big things in 2011, can they ensure they start the year with a guaranteed title shot in the bag? This is a rematch from the Tag Wars 2010 semi-finals, which saw ANX pick up the win after a competitive match in Richmond.

Cabana starts for his team, although in truth he isn’t given much of a choice as Dark Generico slumps in their corner looking entirely distracted. He enjoys a good start by flooring Kenny, but has to actually tap his masked partner to make sure he’s paying attention to the match at all. King blocks the Billy Goat’s Curse and leaves the ring to talk tactics with Rhett. Not that it has much impact as King re-enters and continues to be frustrated by the skills of Cabana. Tag to Titus…and Cabana soon finds a way to fight off both ANX-members as Generico continues to stand entirely motionless in the corner. Generico tagged, and he BEATS THE SH*T out of Titus in the corner. Nothing fancy, he just muscles him back in the corner and hammers him with rapid-fire punches. Cabana has to tag himself back in before El Generico gets their team disqualified with his aggression, and the numbers disadvantage soon rears its head as Titus slams his neck into the top ropes after a distraction from King. ANX isolate Colt, seemingly putting their focus on wearing down the back. King tries to work an abdominal stretch only for an irate Generico to walk casually into the ring and punch him in the mouth. Titus tries to jump the luchador and again Generico storms into the ring and looks to beat the piss out of Rhettski. Despite that intervention from his partner, ANX continue to beat down Cabana and as we cross the 10 minute mark they are in complete control. Eventually, of course, we do get the hot tag to Generico, who starts no selling ANX’s offence to continue beating them up. WILD rope-run tornado DDT on Titus gets 2, and I think that’s his first wrestling move of the match. King prevents him from hitting the Yakuza Kick and Rhett quickly counters with a leapfrog bulldog. Springboard Blockbuster over the knees for 2. Generico tries the Yakuza again, but this time King COUNTERS TO A CRADLE SUPLEX! Cabana hits him with a Flying Asshole then takes the fight to Rhett. Super Sex Factor countered to a turnbuckle gutbuster for 2, as Kenny is blasted off the apron by Generico’s Yakuza Kick. Kevin Steen tries to get involved, which immediately distracts Generico. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA ONTO STEEN AND A PILE OF JOBBERS! Titus capitalises to roll Colt up for 3 in 15:24

Rating – *** – I really liked this match. The evolution of the El Generico character over the course of this year has been brilliant, and he was superb in this one. But I also liked that, whilst Generico was obviously the centrepiece from a storyline perspective, we still had Cabana in there busting his ass to make ANX look good. Their growth as performers this year has been terrific too, and rightly stand in line to get another Tag Title shot at the start of 2011. Kings/ANX, if and when it happens, won’t be the formality many might predict, and could genuinely steal the show it’s on if given enough time.

On the floor Steen and Generico have to be pulled apart, leading to Generico having another Homcide-esque temper tantrum where he tears up ringside. For him Final Battle can’t come soon enough…

Bravado Brothers vs Adam Cole/Kyle O’Reilly
The team who will come to be known as Future Shock made their (chronological) tag team debut at the last DVD tapings with impressive, but losing efforts on both nights. They then rebounded in a major way with a victory over the Bravados on HDNet. Now Lance and Harlem want some revenge for that. These two showed real chemistry in the TV match – can they recreate it?

O’Reilly, a Canadian native, comes out draped in a Canadian flag which makes him an instant favourite. He continues to make an impression by comprehensively out-wrestling Harlem, trapping him in several different arm submissions in the first minute. The Bravados have to team up to get the better of him, then give Cole the same treatment to give their team the advantage for the first time. But Future Shock soon give Lance the same treatment, hitting a nice double kick combo for 2. Kyle again shows his submission skills by rolling him into a leg grapevine with great intensity. He then batters him with kicks that leave Lance flat on the mat blowing hard. The Bravados manage to lure both opponents out of the ring, allowing them to hit a back body drop somersault plancha to wipe out the pair of them. Back in the ring Harlem gets 2 with a split-legged moonsault. Adam saves his partner and takes Lance out with a pescado as O’Reilly again peppers Harlem with kicks. MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE APRON BY KYLE! That renders Lance totally helpless as Future Shock get 2 with a tree of woe double dropkick combo. Then Lance does return to drop Cole with a Ligerbomb. Frog Splash from Harlem (is this guy an RVD tribute act?) for 2. STEREO KICKS on Harlem, then a superkick/discus lariat combo for 2. ROLLING LUNGBLOWER COMBO! Cole and O’Reilly win at 08:46

Rating – *** – Total spotfest, not all of it clean, but the action was fast and frantic, never let up for the entire 9 minutes and got the loudest reactions out of a subdued Mississauga crowd thus far tonight. For guys so young, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are already exceptionally good. I know Adam has been pushed prominently in CZW for some time, whilst Kyle has the advantage of running with Davey Richards, but even considering that, their skills far exceed their years and experience in the business. ROH definitely did the right thing signing them up to contracts.

SIDENOTE – Five matches into the show and there has been an ROH school student in every match. I’m one of those guys who has taken every opportunity possible to bash the ROH graduates, and question the calibre of worker coming out of that school. But I’ll willingly eat humble pie here and say that in Rhett Titus and Grizzly Redwood, the school has produced two very solid workers who now contribute to the product every time they appear. Acts like the Bravados and Jamilla Craft also show that there’s plenty more to come too.

Jay Briscoe vs Homicide
These two go back a long way, with heat between them dating as far back as 2004. Despite that, at Allied Forces Jay tried to do Homicide a favour when he saved him from a beating at the hands of the All Night Express. Homicide, who has returned to ROH paranoid about the influence of Jim Cornette and bitter at not being handed an immediate title shot, was in no mood to extend the hand of friendship and they ended up fighting amongst themselves. Officials were quick to sanction an official match between these two men who’s ROH careers stretch back to the first show.

Intense lock-up to begin, and it doesn’t end with a clean break – instead with Homicide biting at Jay’s chest. Kevin Kelly’s lack of research into Homicide’s history in ROH really pisses me off. From calling Jay and Homicide’s issue a ‘recent’ thing, to implying that his matches with Cabana prove his skill as a ‘wrestler’ – he clearly hasn’t done ANY homework on him and is talking complete crap which is just so lazy for a guy who was brought in to provide a more professional commentary style. In the ring the punches soon start flying, with Jay getting the best of things by lifting a trademark Homicide spot and delivering an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tope Con Hilo avoided, and as he gets up Jay is waiting to boot Homicide in the face. They continue brawling around ringside, much to the annoyance of Todd Sinclair. Briscoe puts Cide’s head through a fan-held chair, so the former ROH Champion drags his opponent all the way up the aisle to drop him on the metal ramp. Surprisingly, it’s Homicide that benefits from the match returning to the ring as he scores with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Kimura locked in briefly, forcing Jay to embark on a painful battle towards the ropes. STF next, another hold he’s won matches with in the past, again forcing Briscoe to battle into the ropes. Jay misses a double stomp and is hoisted into the Three Amigos. He teases a Frog Splash too, but takes so much time hyping it that, when it comes, he dives into Jay’s knees. Briscoe tries a frog splash, but again it connects with nothing but knees. Homicide lands the Ace Crusher, which he’s been winning matches with since returning, but Briscoe kicks out on this occasion. Jay Driller blocked…Ace Crusher blocked…and Jay ends up getting 2 with a spinebuster. Turnbuckle flatliner scores too, then a falcon arrow but Homicide kicks out again. Jay Driller blocked for a second time, and Cide starts messing with his boot. Cop Killa countered with a superkick, but when Jay accidentally pulls off Homicide’s now-loosened boot, his confusion allows Cide to hit a second Ace Crusher. This time it’s over at 16:58

Rating – *** – This did just enough to sneak into 3* territory. Up to around 12 minutes I was really enjoying it, so it’s just a shame it went five minutes too long. Homicide’s whacky tweener antics are quite entertaining, and made an obvious contrast to Jay’s rugged, no-nonsense redneck sensibilities. They worked a compelling little brawl that should have ended around the time Homicide hit the first Ace Crusher. The last five minutes, after that, were really messy though. They really started meandering aimlessly from one spot to the next, and that whole unlaced boot thing was just stupid. I know Homicide does the Eddie Guerrero tribute stuff now. But the brilliance of Eddie’s ‘cheat to win’ gimmick was how cleverly he worked it into matches without having a detrimental impact on them. Homicide ground the match to a juddering halt at around 15 minutes just to set up for that spot, which made no sense and really hurt it.

Kings Of Wrestling vs Kevin Steen/Steve Corino – ROH Tag Title Match
Are Steen and Corino being rewarded with this title match as a result of winning the recent Steel Cage Match on HDNet? It makes sense to book it as they’re one of the few teams the Kings haven’t beaten, and since both are from Canada, what better place than on a Canadian show? As with Generico earlier, the key issue is whether Corino can get his partner focused on this match rather than Final Battle. We saw last night that even Steve is struggling to control Steen at this point – with Mr Wrestling coming close to losing the plot, such ishis desire to murder his former tag partner. Corino’s illustrious career is missing an ROH championship of some description around his waist – here’s his chance.

Before the match Steen brings out a team of jobbers to guard the entrance, under the promise that if they keep Generico away for long enough for him to win the Tag Titles, he’ll help them out in the future. A wild four man brawl starts us off, and since these are all big, tough guys it’s a bruising affair. Steen pisses Castagnoli off by hitting European uppercuts on Hero as a tag team structure to the match is enforced for the first time. The challengers isolate Hero, taking the time to piss Claudio off multiple times throughout the heat segment too. Eventually Castagnoli comes in to break up the Thumb In The Bum and belts Corino with a European uppercut. Hero angrily puts Corino in an abdominal stretch, then teases a revenge Thumb In The Bum, before instead opting to receive some illegal added torque on the stretch from his partner. The tide has completely turned now, with the Kings giving Corino a real working over and not allowing him to tag in Kevin Steen. That is until Claudio makes the mistake of going for the UFO on him, which Steve easily evades and makes the tag. Steen drops Castagnoli’s leg over the top rope then SLINGHOTS into the Sharpshooter. Claudio escapes to hit the springboard European…and in comes Hero with a Roaring Elbow for 2. He goes for a second only for Mr Wrestling to counter with a Codebreaker. Corino puts both Kings down with a DDT/flatliner combo as the momentum turns in favour of the challengers again. CRAVAT SUPLEX from Hero to Corino! Claudio then brutalises him with an uppercut and a Bicycle Kick. UFO ON CORINO! Steen makes the save after that incredible feat of strength. BIG STRIKE EXCHANGE! All four men are left laying after that. The Kings regain their bearings first to get 2 with the Hart Attack elbow smash, then again with the Big Swing Flash Kick. Death Blow COUNTERED to the Colby Shock…then the Steen-ton Bomb for 2. Hero blocks the Sharpshooter but sits up into the ETERNAL DREAM! Still just 2 put the titles are in jeopardy now. Corino puts Hero in the Sharpshooter…STEEN PUTS HIM IN A CROSSFACE AT THE SAME TIME! Not that it was legal but Claudio has to make the save. Pumphandle cradlebreaker from Steen to Hero…and Corino adds the exclamation point with a northern lights bomb. El Generico comes out through the crowd but the team of jobbers stop him before he can get to Steen. But it distracts him for long enough for the Kings to hit the UPPERCUT/ELBOW COMBO on Corino! They retain the belts at 19:03

Rating – *** – I wasn’t expecting much from this, but actually had a lot of fun watching it. Hero, Steen and Corino have all been such strong heels through their time in ROH, with such a strong physical charisma to get their acts over, that they were able to retain the crowd’s interest without actually working that hard. That meant when the pace did pick up, and the big spots and strikes started to rain down it felt really exciting. For a filler title defence this was far better than it had any right to be.

Even Cary Silkin has to get involved in calming Kevin Steen down after the loss, whilst Generico is still pacing at the back of the building looking pissed off as well. THEY FIGHT IN THE CROWD! They’re soon separated, but the ugly scenes prompt Cary Silkin to make some rulings – firstly Steen and Generico are to have no physical altercations and must remain 50 feet away from each other at all times until Final Battle. Secondly, their match at Final Battle is now a Fight Without Honor.

In the locker room Roderick Strong sulks about Daniels coming back to ROH to fight the ‘best in the world’ but only really focusing on Davey Richards and not him.

Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels – ROH World Title Match
When Daniels returned to ROH in April he had two goals – to fight the best wrestlers in the world, and to finally fulfil his destiny and become ROH Champion – something he’s wanted since the very first show. Here is his opportunity – one he earned by defeating Strong in a non-title affair on HDNet. After taking six years to become Ring Of Honor champion, surely Roddy won’t go out and lose the belt in his first defence…will he?

Strong almost himself babyface by telling a loud, annoying woman who ruins most ROH Canada shows with her loud screaming to shut up. Kevin Kelly then calls her a ‘troll’ – couldn’t he technically be sued for that? They spend the first few minutes working the mat and testing each other for weaknesses, and a tentative start makes sense considering how many times they’ve wrestled each other in the last few months. Eventually Roddy snaps and gives Daniels a slap in the face…then leaves the ring to avoid retribution. About a minute later Daniels returns the favour with his own slap, before the match returns to the canvas for another exchange of holds. The challenger starts to get the better of the champion as we approach 10 minutes, managing to hit a few higher impact moves then going so far as to stomp his face into the mat. Strong realises he’s struggling, so goes back to what he knows – getting up to hit Daniels with a series of chops then a basic backbreaker. With that the match noticeably shifts in favour of the champion as he starts to zone in on Daniels’ back. He repeatedly uses the ropes to his advantage, until an angry Daniels retaliates with a bulldog then headscissors stretch – both in the ropes.

Now favouring his back, it’s now clear that Fallen Angel is going to target Roderick’s neck, opening up an injury on his opponent for the first time. He charges at Strong only to be back dropped TO THE FLOOR! The first 15 minutes of the match had been so low key the sudden brutality of that spill over the ropes came as a real shock to me. Strong pursues him to hit a BODY SLAM ON AN OPEN CHAIR! Of course that does massive damage to the already injured back, meaning Daniels really struggles to even stand. Not a problem shared by Strong – he takes Daniels back in the ring, gives him another backbreaker then unsympathetically starts standing on the ribcage. Camel clutch applied, but only after another verbal bashing for the ‘troll’ woman. Stronghold next and, with the clock at 20 minutes Fallen Angel is on the canvas desperately fighting towards the bottom rope. Having escaped that, Daniels then has to escape a top rope Gibson Driver, and does so with a ROPE RUN SUPER HIPTOSS! Fall From Grace nailed for 2. The comeback is short-lived though, with Strong KNEEING HIM IN THE FACE, then going to the falcon arrow. Death By Roderick scores for 2, but it’s now apparent that Strong is starting to get frustrated at his continued inability to put the challenger away. Death By Roderick COUNTERED to the Stronghold ON the champion! Such is the damage done to his back that Daniels can’t actually hold that submission for as long as Roddy was able to. ARABIAN PRESS TO THE FLOOR INSTEAD!

Taking the fight out there doesn’t seem such a good idea though, as Strong recovers to hit a TORTURE RACK BACKBREAKER ONTO THE APRON! That was nearly enough for a count-out win right there. Daniels fights to his feet…BACK SUPLEX ON THE APRON AS WELL! Again he avoids a count-out, and as Strong looks to give him the Gibson Driver to the floor he counters with an APRON FLATLINER! SUPERKICK BY STRONG FOR 2! The speed with which he rebounded from that apron bump demonstrates Roddy’s dominance of the match in the last 15 minutes or so. Chops attempted, but Daniels ducks one and turns him into the Koji Clutch. No win there, and the two weary competitors start an ill-advised climb up the turnbuckles which ends with Strong hitting a superplex with such ferocity that they both stay down feeling the impact. Truth Martini grabs Daniels’ leg – something that’s actually cost him matches on HDNet. But this time the distraction actually damages his own man…AS DANIELS HITS THE ANGEL’S WINGS FOR 2! Daniels goes for multiple pins only for Strong to counter to the Gibson Driver. That’s still just a nearfall though. Urinage slam from Daniels…BME INTO STRONG’S BOOTS! SICK KICK! SUPLEX FLIP BACKBREAKER! Strong finally retains at 35:20.

Rating – **** – That felt long. It was a good match, but I really don’t know what they achieved in this one that couldn’t have been done in 20 minutes. I know they’ve had a couple of decent matches on HDNet and were looking to top that with more time on a house show, but in front of a lifeless, bored and annoying crowd, they really shouldn’t have tried to go the best part of 40 minutes. It didn’t help that there was no belief that Daniels was going to win here. By this point everyone thought Davey was winning at Final Battle. I love both guys and I think everyone wanted to see a good match, but spending this long on a match where the ending was a mere formality certainly didn’t help draw the fans into it. I realise I’m being negative, and I want to convey that I did enjoy this. It was a good match, particularly once the first 10 minutes (where very little actually happened) had past. I’ve seen criticism that there was way too much Roddy offence through this, but in my opinion that makes total sense. ROH are trying to get over that he’s a totally different wrestler now Truth Martini is involved with him. After losing so many World Title matches, this was all about establishing Strong as a credible champion, capable of dominating title matches. For all that I’ve questioned booking them to go this long, the fact that Roddy absolutely bossed a veteran like Daniels for 35+ minutes is certainly a feather in his cap.

Tape Rating – *** – A better show than yesterday with lots of solid wrestling and five back to back solid matches at the top of the card which I thought were very enjoyable. Both events this weekend have been total b-shows in the grand scheme of things and I can’t see what value the DVD’s has to anyone other than completists. Admittedly the developments in the Steen/Generico feud have been fantastic, Eddie Edwards’ SOTF win yesterday was memorable, and the Daniels/Strong match tonight became a great match through sheer effort rather than outstanding quality. You don’t need to own either, but if you’re picking one – I think tonight edges it in terms of wrestling quality. Personally I thought that SOTF yesterday, although receiving lower ratings, was a better booked and easier show to sit through

Top 3 Matches
3) All Night Express vs Colt Cabana/El Generico (***)
2) Kings Of Wrestling vs Kevin Steen/Steve Corino (***)
1) Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels (****)

Top 5 Survival Of The Fittest 2010/Fate Of An Angel 2 Weekend Matches
5) Christopher Daniels/Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Roderick Strong/Michael Elgin/Zach Gowen (*** – Survival Of The Fittest 2010)
4) Kevin Steen vs Kyle O’Reilly (*** – Survival Of The Fittest 2010)
3) Kings Of Wrestling vs Kevin Steen/Steve Corino (*** – Fate Of An Angel 2)
2) Eddie Edwards vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Kenny King vs Rhett Titus vs Adam Cole vs Kevin Steen (*** – Survival Of The Fittest 2010)
1) Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels (**** – Fate Of An Angel 2)

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