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WCW Saturday Night 3/7/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA


1.)Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated Thomas Rich & Tracy Smothers
2.)Richard Morton defeated Brad Armstrong
3.)Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated John Peterson & Chris Sullivan
4.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Sonny Trout
5.)Cactus Jack defeated Kerry Bronson
6.)WCW United States Tag Team Champion Terrance Taylor & Greg Valentine defeated Danny Postern & Ian Weston
7.)Larry Zbyszko, WCW World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton defeated WCW Lightweight Champion Brian Pillman, Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell
8.)WCW United States Champion Rick Rude defeated Norman Roland
9.)WCW Television Champion Steve Austin defeated Van Hammer

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Footage from a Superbrawl press conference is shown. WCW United States Champion Rick Rude tossed a drink into Sting’s face. That could mean those two will be squaring off soon, and as always, they deliver.

2. During the Freebirds entrance they are acting like they are singing but they are so clearly just mouthing it words it rather comical. After some stalling by Hayes, he is worked on by Rich and Smothers. Smothers comes off the top to drop Hayes with a double axe handle. Hayes knocks them both down with a face buster and Garvin tags in. Hayes plants Rich with a DDT and Garvin gets the win. These two teams just don’t click and the match was just hard to watch.

3. WCW Lightweight Champion Brian Pillman runs down to the ring after Morton was able to pin Armstrong while using the ropes for leverage. Pillman confronts Morton for using the ropes. Morton attacks Pillman and Armstrong is sent to the floor. Pillman gets up and knocks Morton to the floor.

4. Eric Bischoff recently interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. Page wants to talk about Steve Williams and Terry Gordy coming into the company. Page knows for a fact that they are coming to WCW.

5. After their victory, Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes are interviewed by Bischoff. Windham will be wrestling Larry Zbyszko at the Omni and says he is going to hit him with the cowbell. Dustin Rhodes will be meeting Cactus Jack and tells him they are going to settle it at the Omni.

6. We finally get to see what happened during the press conference between Sting and Rick Rude. Sting was just answering basic questions to promote his reign. He doesn’t know who his next opponent will be, and that’s when the Dangerous Alliance walks into the room. Rude says that Sting has good reason to celebrate, he is the champion. Rude is happy because that makes him the number one contender since he is the WCW United States Champion. Sting refuses the drink. Rude tosses the drink at Sting. Sting brawls with Rude! Rude takes Sting down a few times. The Dangerous Alliance gets a few shots in. It looks like Koloff comes into the scene to help Sting. That was a good segment!

7. WCW World Champion Sting comes down to ringside to be interviewed by Eric Bischoff. Sting hypes up a match that involves himself teaming with Ricky Steamboat to take on Rude and Austin at the Omni.

8. After Badd wins his squash match he is interviewed by Eric Bischoff. He will be wrestling WCW Lightweight Champion Brian Pillman. Pillman comes out and says there is some unfinished business tonight with Richard Morton. Pillman wants a piece of Morton right now! Pillman knocks Badd down to get to Morton. Badd proceeds to nail Pillman with a left hook. All four men are standing at ringside to end the segment.

9. Bischoff interviews the WCW United States Champion Terrance Taylor and Greg Valentine. Tom Zenk and Marcus Alexander Bagwell are apparently a team looking for the gold. Valentine makes it clear they have an open challenge and they aren’t going to be stopped when they get to the WCW World Tag Team Championships. Taylor believes everyone is afraid of them. Bagwell and Zenk run out and attack the champions. They enter the ring and the champions begin to get the better of them. Zenk super kicks Taylor to the floor. Taylor rams Zenk int the ring post but Bagwell hits a fisherman suplex on Valentine! Taylor returns to the ring and kicks Bagwell. Taylor hits a top rope knee drop on Bagwell. Bagwell is holding his neck in agony to end the segment.

10. WCW officials sure are quick because Bagwell already has a neck brace and is going to compete in the six man tag match. Actually, it’s not a neck brace but rather a towel wrapped around his neck. Pillman gets a quick near fall on Anderson and dropkicks Anderson to the floor to kick off the contest. Zbyszko enters and controls Pillman with a vertical suplex, but his offense doesn’t last long. Zenk and Eaton enter the match with Zenk hitting a top rope cross body, twice for a near fall. Eaton walks right into a super kick as well. Bagwell punches Eaton from the apron but grabs his neck in pain. Pillman head scissors and dropkicks Eaton before Zbyszko tags back into the bout. Anderson works on Pillman with a few left hands and rams Pillman into Eaton’s head on the apron! Pillman is beaten down for several moments until he hits a head scissors on Anderson. Bagwell gets the hot tag and he cleans house. All six men are going at it with the faces getting the better. That is until Eaton drops Bagwell throat first across the top rope to win the match.

11. WCW United States Champion Rick Rude is interviewed by Eric Bischoff. Paul E. Dangerously talks first and hypes up the tag match tomorrow night. Dangerously says there isn’t anything WCW can do to save Sting and Steamboat tomorrow night. Steve Austin was there the whole time and I didn’t even see him. Austin wants them to expect an all out war. Rude chimes in and says they don’t invitation to show up. Rude says they are going to face the reality of the Dangerous Alliance not being able to be stopped.

12. Austin drop toe holds Hammer and works on his left should with a few knee drops. Hammer hip tosses Austin and follow up with a drop toe hold of his own. They head to the floor where Hammer slams Austin’s arm across the guard railing. Austin gets control in the ring and dumps Hammer to the floor where he comes off the apron with a double axe handle shot. Austin wraps Hammer’s arm around the ring post as well. Austin brings Hammer in with a suplex but can’t put him away. Moments later, Hammer drives Austin down with a back suplex and a backdrop. Austin is suffering quite a bit of offense until Hammer knocks Dangerously off the apron. Austin delivers the Stun Gun and wins the match. After the match, Rick Rude enters the ring and attacks Hammer for putting his hands on Dangerously. The show ends as Sting and Steamboat slide into the ring.

Final Thoughts:
The action this week was sub par but I liked the segment involving Rude and Sting. That is a feud that I am very interested in. The six man tag match was okay, but the fans seemed to be mad with Bagwell for tagging in while injured. Aside from those two segments, it just was a good episode.

Thanks for reading.

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