TNA Destination X 2012 Predictions!

Tomorrow night TNA returns to pay per view with Destination X. Here is the card and my predictions for the event!

Last Chance Four Way:
Dakota Darsow vs. Rubix vs. Lars Only vs. Mason Andrews

I’m actually glad to see that these four guys are getting a pay per view match. TNA has done a good job with the tournament and picked some good independent talent. I’m thinking this match comes down to either Rubix (Jigsaw) or Mason Andrews (Scorpio Sky). From what I have read it appears TNA is looking into a partnership with Chikara, which should be considered a good thing. So, I’m going to go with Rubix to win here.

TNA X-Division Tournament:
Featuring, Douglas Williams, Kid Kash, Zema Ion, Flip Cassanova, Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Sonjay Dutt and winner of the last chance four way.

TNA hasn’t released the pairings of the tournament, so I’m just going to guess which four guys I think are going to advance to the Ultimate X match. I’m guessing it will be four guys, at least. Kenny King should be considered a lock to make the finals. He was the most impressive of the group when it came to wrestling and delivering a promo. Sonjay Dutt is a TNA name and did a good job in his match as well. I have to think that at least one currently employed TNA talent will be in the Ultimate X match. I’m trying to think who could offer more to the match, and I’m leaning towards Zema Ion. My last pick will be Rubix from the last chance match. It would be a nice little story to have him get so far on his second chance. As for who wins it… Kenny King. I don’t see how you can’t snatch this kid up.

Bound For Glory Series Match:
Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

It’s the feud that dominated TNA television from 2006 to 2008. Now, we get it in 2012. Samoa Joe has seemed to have a resurgence in TNA as he is back to his kick-ass style. It seemed to me that he was sluggish a year or so ago, but his run with Magnus may have got him going. I’m expecting these two to deliver a good match and I think Joe will actually win here.

Last Man Standing Match:
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

They have done this match 3,000 times so why not one more time. At least there is a stipulation that they haven’t used before. In my opinion, it has been a fine angle between both men. Hopefully this is a brutal match and they go all out because the feud needs that huge ending. I’m expecting blood and lots of it, mainly from Daniels. Styles goes over here and starts a feud with Kazarian, I would assume.

For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
[champion] Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

I have a lot of interest in this match. Personally, I feel that Aries has been built up to this match perfectly. They had him go a few months beating guys bigger than him and he was a dominate X-Division Champion. It’s one of the best things they have done in recent time. Bobby Roode has just been great and his title run has been very good. I’m considering this to be a must-see main event. Some people may be surprised to hear me say that for a TNA show, but they have been doing some good things here in 2012. Anyway, Aries comes up short and Roode retains the championship. But, this is going to make Aries a main event guy for TNA, as it should.

I hope everyone enjoys the show if you decide to purchase it. Feel free to leave your predictions!

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “TNA Destination X 2012 Predictions!

  1. This is the first TNA PPV that I have looked forward to in quite some time. It is the first time where I don’t feel like I have seen all of the matchups many times before (and probably for free).

    It has been cool to see the build up toward this Ultimate X match with all of the indy talent that has gotten exposure. I expect it to be an exciting new start to the X-Division.

    And I really hope that they use this chance to bring Austin Aries to the main event spot that he so justly deserves. I agree that Roode will probably keep his title here though.

    I actually agree with all of your predictions.

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