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IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational 2002 Night One 11/1/2002

Written by: Arnold Furious

In honour of the fallen Ted Petty the IWA change the name of their yearly scientific tournament. What follows is 9 hours of wrestling featuring Mr Kennedy, Daniels v AJ, M-Dogg 20 blowing spots like it’s going out of fashion, Necro Butcher vomiting in a trashcan, two hardcore matches and a 16 man tournament featuring 4 IWA-MS title defences

When Ted “Rocco Rock” Petty died in September 2002 Ian Rotten decided to re-name his annual Sweet Science tournament to honour his fallen friend. 2002 was also a big year for Indy wrestling. The fans were crying out for an alternative to the dominant WWE and several Indies had sprung up in order to fill the void. In particular TNA and ROH. Ring of Honor in particular had strived to bring back a strong in-ring product. They made a reputation based on quality wrestling. Realising this was an inevitable way forward Rotten’s selections for his 2002 TPI tournament reflected that. The inclusion of Christopher Daniels v AJ Styles in the first round in particular. The rest of the line up is very strong featuring CM Punk, Chris Hero, Super Dragon, Nick Mondo, Colt Cabana and the man who would become Mr Kennedy. To name but a few.

November 1st 2002. We’re in Clarksville, Indiana. Hosts are Dave Prazak & Ian Rotten.

Initial thoughts are that once again the crowd turn out is really disappointing. Even if it is only the first night. Ian Rotten comes out for a promo and tells us there are no ‘no shows’. All 16 wrestlers are here. AJ Styles is making his Mid South debut. CM Punk will be defending the title in the first round of the tournament. Rotten also bigs up the debut of Jimmy Rave. Ace Steel is back after a 4 month absence to defend his title. Ian looks ill. In other good news the hardcore match features Necro Butcher…in a drunken deathmatch. The concept behind this match being that they do 3 shots before the match and then stop every 2 minutes to do another shot. Ian talks about changing the Sweet Science to Ted Petty Invitational and puts over Petty as one of the greatest wrestlers he’d ever seen. Ian continues to ramble on and once again they should edit this off. Do we really need him plugging the prize draw on the DVD? Just cut it off. No wonder this show is over five DVD’s. He actually talks for 2 ½ minutes after saying he’s finished as well.

Colt Cabana v Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson is now better known as Mr Kennedy in the WWE. Colt should be in the WWE soon-ish as well. The ring is a fucking mess. Colt gets the mic so he can swear a great deal. He’s heel this evening. He claims half the locker room don’t deserve to even be here. Colt is also hailing from “straight outta Compton” this evening. Angry comedy heel Cabana is a bizarre performer. They trade slaps before starting out with a WWE-style opening. They trade on armdrags and the pace quickens into an Anderson roll up for 2. Colt with a flying headscissors and you can tell both guys are a little green on striking. Ken does an awesome flip over the top to dodge Colt and the crowd are eating this shit up. They dodge around some more and Ken lands a second time lucky Enzuigiri for 2. That was quite nice. He should still do that. Ken continues the airborne offence with a spinning heel kick for 2. That was a bit sloppy. Ken takes a page from HBK’s playbook with the repeated mounted corner punches before Colt punts him in the nut sack. Colt’s punches look horrible. I’m glad he fixed that. Ken’s punches suffer from the foot stomping disease popular in the 80’s. Ken goes for a Boston crab but gets caught in a cravat from the bottom. They work in some bizarre buttock slapping during a BORE-HUG. That’s just uncalled for. Colt fakes a dive and tells everyone to “fuck off”. Ken dumps him on the apron and hits a pescado showing his babyface alignment. Ken’s really letting it hang out here. It’s an indication of what ‘main event’ Mr Kennedy would be like. Colt catches him in a Downward Spiral although Ken looks like he didn’t want to take it and flip bumps it. Colt goes up top for the MEROSAULT but that misses. Ken with the Samoan Roller and he goes up top. KENTON BOMB…gets knees. Ouch! Colt uses the ropes for a near fall. They counter around standing until the COLT 45 finishes. Nice pinfall as well with Colt making sure he swept the legs away from the ropes. **3/4. Strong opener and interesting to see Indy Mr Kennedy. Although here he was MISTAAAAAAAHHHH JOBBAAAAAAAHHH.

Nick Mondo v Nate Webb

Webb joins the colour commentary “hope to have a great match tonight Dave Prazak” before realising he’s supposed to be in the ring. “Welcome back” chant for Mondo. Mondo takes it to the mat and starts to show his skills in tying up an opponent. He’s generally better known for hardcore wrestling but that doesn’t mean he can’t go. Webb takes over and works a surfboard with Mondo face down on the mat. They kind of ruin all that early good work where Mondo runs into two sloppy armdrags. Webb dances into a legdrop to make amends. Webb with a sloppy Tumbleweed. When people talk about guys that “don’t look like wrestlers” Webb is one of those. But for me his personality makes up for that somewhat. Mondo busts out a kick combo, which is very tasty. Mondo starts rolling with German suplexes before releasing and dumping Webb on his neck. Mondo starts flipping around so Webb bails and Mondo hits a suicide dive. Webb hurts himself on the landing. Head meets concrete. Guess which wins? Webb comes back with a knee strike into a TKO for 2. Mondo comes back with the superb super spinning heel kick for 2. More kick combos and Webb looks out of his depth here. Mondo with a double stomp off the top…for 2. Webb should be staying down for that IMO. Mondo goes up top but Webb blocks him with a wheelbarrow bomb. Webb sets up the tree of woe for the moonsault Van Terminator but Mondo moves. Mondo busts out the Assault Driver for the pin. **1/4. Lots of effort and spots but that was messy at times. The psychology made sense however because Webb took an awful lot of consecutive head shots.

Super Dragon v Ace Steel

Ace has turned face somewhere in the last year. Dragon is behaving himself for a change and he applauds Steel when he enters the ring. Steel is cut compared to last year. He’s really worked on that physique. He throws Dragon around a great deal during the opening shine as well. They do some nice stuff on the mat but nothing complex. Steel really up’s the speed and shows just how good he was back in 2002. He was ahead of a lot of guys on the curve. His speed and wrestling skill is very impressive. He makes Super Dragon look very sluggish and highly ordinary. Another fine example of this being a really loose headscissors from Dragon and Steel easily escapes and hooks a side headlock. Dragon tries to work from on top in the guard but Ace just wails away at him from on the bottom. Really, Dragon looks like he can’t get going. Perhaps it’s a travel issue as he’d not travelled much up to this point. Dragon gets sent outside via a rope crotching and Ace hits a tope at high speed wiping out the front three rows. Steel has the feeling of a star in his approach. Although he is easily frustrated when he can’t get a pin. Dragon goes low, perhaps on purpose, and then takes over. Dragon finally gets some stink into his striking only for Ace to start clotheslining him at will. Dragon ducks into a great roll up cross armbreaker. It would finish if Ace wasn’t so well conditioned and able to counter back. Dragon now has his bullseye and goes to work on the arm. Again, this isn’t the same aggression I’m used to seeing from Super Dragon. His flying looks pretty weak and his ground work lacks enthusiasm. I’m thinking he’s carrying an injury, which would account for the lacklustre performance. But his suplexes seem fine and his bridgework is strong. Ace ends up finishing with a messy Gorybomb. *3/4. I like both competitors but this wasn’t a good match. The arm work will hopefully lead somewhere as the tournament progresses.

POST MATCH Ace Steel calls out the now retired Suicide Kid. He’s been out with a separated shoulder since last year’s tournament. Kid comes out and we get a hug. But that’s it and the moment seems strange.

Matt Murphy v BJ Whitmer

Murphy is trained by Harley Race and was supposed to be his big star trainee and the star of WLW. He was forced into retirement thanks to a car crash about a month after this. Murphy asks that the fans “refrain from smoking” while he’s out here. BJ actually looks like modern BJ after two years of him trying to find a look. He still has a goofy bandana but aside from that. Murphy has a smooth armdrag and happily demonstrates it. Whitmer offers a clean break and Murphy does too. “Honor among thieves” according to Fannen. To the mat and they run some nice counters down there. Headlock to hammerlock is always an easy one to get right but they nailed it. Arm ringer with armdrag where it doesn’t break the ringer is another nice spot. BJ pulls the hair. “Did you pull his hair?” – ref. “Yeah” – Whitmer. HAHAHA. Murphy decides to break out the chopping and WOW. Enormous chop. BJ sells it by falling clean out of the ring. Murphy is pretty old school. He pokes the eyes and tries for a piledriver but gets backdropped out. Most of his shtick is timeless. I imagine he’d have gone far in wrestling had he improved his upper body toning. They do some nice headlock countering where BJ hooks one up and Matt counters around the ring but can’t get out of the hold. They trade on eye rakes, which is funny because after a while they can’t see each other. Murphy knees Whitmer right in the head and more knees follow. The commentators stop off to call Rob Feinstein a motherfucker. It’s not the mother he’s interested in. Murphy continues his old school antics before we get a trade off with forearms. Murphy claims a knee injury in the International. The fans help him to stand up to prevent a count out, which is a nice unintentional spot. Back inside Murphy reveals the fake with a roll up. BJ is NOT impressed so Murphy slaps him and goes for an armbar. They run some nice stuff on the mat again before going back to the strikes standing. They block each other before BJ sweeps the leg and applies a choke. Murphy slugs his way out. Murphy gets caught swinging and the WRIST CLUTCH EXPLOIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA gets 2. Murphy is dead though so BJ hauls him back – WRIST CLUTCH EXPLOIDAAAAAAAAAAA. That, you’d better believe, finishes. ***1/4. I could have lived without the kickout from the first Exploder and perhaps the fake injury but otherwise that was butter.

Jimmy Rave v Tarek the Great

Tarek has wisely shaped his skullet into a pony tail. Straight to the mat and Rave is the kind of guy who can let Tarek play to his strengths, which is mat chaining. Rave breaks out a hammerlock armdrag, which is an interesting way to take someone down because it goes right into a pin. Rave mainly works at the arm and tries for that cross armbreaker. Rave seems like he has a speed and technical advantage over the more experienced Tarek. Rave busts out the whirl into the Crossface, which gets some love from the crowd. Tarek can’t get out of it but eventually backs up into the ropes. Rave tries for another flashy move with a rana but Tarek catches him into a powerbomb and continues into a Pendulum of Pain. Springboard legdrop from Tarek. I’m not a big fan of Tarek as a flier. He’s much better as a technician. Rave keeps going back to the arm, which is a smart game plan. He gets the cross armbreaker again and Tarek is pretty much finished but Rave breaks the hold. Why would you do that? They counter standing and Rave pulls out an inverted DDT for 2. Rave seems to be getting the better of the standing counters and the better of the matwork too and he’s weakened the arm. Tarek comes back with kicks because that’s all he’s got that’s effective and Rave isn’t expecting it and gets caught a lot. Of course Jimmy has a size advantage so he can overpower and does so with a powerslam. They trade on strikes and Rave is playing into Tarek’s game because his strikes suck. He realises this and throws the ref in the way of a spin kick. Tarek hits a brainbuster but the ref is down. I hate ref bumps. Tarek uses a Michinoku Driver where Rave lands on the very top of his neck. Still no referee. Tarek decides to use a top rope move to finish this for good. He wants the Tarekbuster. That’s a Musclebuster, basically. MUSCLEBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. Ref is STILL down. So basically Tarek has won this three times now. Danny Daniels runs in and SPIRALBOMBS Tarek. New ref comes out and Rave throws an arm over for the pin. **1/2. Great match, fucking horrible booking. Rave looks superior throughout and yet needs a ref bump and another guy to beat an aging midcard guy who he was easily outwrestling.

POST MATCH Tarek gets a chair shot and he’s bleeding. Daniels whines about not being in the tournament thus guaranteeing himself a spot in next year’s show. He wants Tarek in a match tomorrow night.

PROMO TIME – Rain. She’s now in TNA as Peyton Banks. She says this tournament is bullshit. She wants a women’s tournament. She figures she’d win, which brings out Lacey who most people know from ROH. She figures she’d win this non-existent tournament. That leads to a catfight. BJ Whitmer strolls out here to tell them to shut the fuck up. He says there are three places a woman belongs; the kitchen, face down/ass up and on your knees. He basically offers to advance their careers in exchange for oral, which is met with a pair of low blows. Not sure I’d treat one of my male stars in such a fashion. Hailey Hatred comes out to make her debut with an assortment of brainbusters and powerbombs. Fannen books a 3-way dance between the ladies tomorrow.

Matt Stryker v Chris Hero

Matt is the HWA/ROH one as opposed to the North-East Indy guy who joined the WWE. Dave Prazak is managing Matt so Colt Cabana takes over on PBP immediately mentioning the power of the unibrow. Hero is back babyface. He’s the biggest man in this tournament and a previous winner in 2000. These guys are also sound on the mat and that leads to some nice countering. They run some interesting stuff like dodging armdrags and then dodging follow up elbow drops. Lots of armdrags both ways follow. This has been the most technically sound of the first round matches I believe. Hero tries to clean break but Matt slaps him across the chops. He draws Hero out for a chase and then lays the boots in. Matt starts getting a bit sloppy and Hero lands on him in the corner. “First blown spot of the tournament” – Ian Rotten. Yeah, thanks for that Ian. Just don’t let him commentate. He lays into Feinstein again. Colt refuses to take shots at him (bookings yanno). Hero takes over on the arm with a flipover Stunner on it. Prazak interjects tripping Hero up and Matt takes over on the knee looking to set up the Strykerlock. Hero chops him in the back. I love that song. Hero does a good job of selling the knee while striking with the other. He misses with the bad one, which was dumb anyway, and Matt takes his knee out. Matt is totally focused on that knee making himself look like even more of a professional than Jimmy Rave earlier. Hero’s knee gives out on an Irish whip. You get the feeling it’s now just a matter of time before that knee fails him. There’s a feeling even if Hero wins here he now has no hope of winning the tournament carrying that bad knee. Matt continues his systematic approach. There are some who find this technical approach slow and difficult to watch but I like me some technical mat wars. Matt kicks the knee out to show that he’s a real jerk as well as a technician. ANKLELOCK is on. Hero counters out. He needed to. That was curtains. He just grabs Matt for a CRAVATPLEX…for 2. Matt kicks him in the knee and ANKLELOCK is on again but Hero kicks him off. Hero pulls out a surprise roll up and gets the pinfall dead on the announcement for the 15 minute mark. ***1/2. Very sound technical match and it establishes a story for Hero for the rest of the night.

POST MATCH Matt clips the knee again and hits a DVD. Hero may not have lost but his tournament is effectively over.

AJ Styles v Christopher Daniels

This is happening 3 years before TNA really picked up on what a great match this was. Outside of the ring these guys are really close and it shows in their chemistry. The Indies have been showcasing their feud for a long time. Even by 2002 they had history. Daniels won’t budge on a shoulderblock early so AJ boots him in the thigh then knocks him over. They continue to counter standing and avoid some clotheslines and legsweeps. Crowd immediately pops for the Indy Standoff although they’ve done far better since this. More polish as it were. But they’re still miles above everything on this show for chemistry. They go to the mat and start countering down there. Ian starts REALLY getting on my nerves by laying into Smarks after his “botched spot” comment earlier. AJ & Daniels start inventing new armdrags before colliding on a crossbody and the fans are really digging this right away. Daniels flips over in the corner and dropkicks AJ on the way down. AJ backrolls over the top but Daniels then backdrops him WITH STINK. Ian compares it to the Benoit-Sabu one. Daniels pulls out the Downward Spiral into the Octopus and the crowd pop that. That’s the thing with Daniels. He has so much stuff that looks BIG that he pops the crowd all the time. AJ tries to springboard but Daniels jumps on the ropes with him and Russian legsweeps him off. Neato! AJ bails so Daniels hits the Arabian press to the floor, which draws not only a pop but the “Holy shit” chant. Crowd is LOVING this match. Daniels with a HIIIIIGH crossbody for 2. AJ retorts with his suplex into a neckbreaker. AJ kicks at Daniels’ legs and pulls out the nip up rana for 2. Daniels is still alive so AJ kicks him in the head twice for 2. No messing around there. Dropsault! AJ is showing off now as he tended to in 2002. It was before he really rounded out his game. AJ with a Mutalock and he turns that over to kill that neck. Daniels gets touch close and counters around AJ’s position into the STO. That was neat because AJ never really saw it coming. It kept the realism going. That’s the quickest 10 minutes in wrestling by the way. They run some ducking counters that I’m less fond off but AJ finishes it quickly with a superkick for 2. Daniels bails and AJ dives out clipping the rope and nearly killing himself in the process. Daniels sees it coming though and covers for it so well it doesn’t even look bad. AJ calls for the Styles Clash and the fans don’t recognise it till he tries to hook the arms with his feet. He can’t get it so he opts for the sit out powerbomb instead. Nifty. AJ with a textbook brainbuster. AJ goes to the well again with another rana but Daniels blocks into his own powerbomb. These guys already have their familiarity selling down. Shame the fans don’t know either guy that well or it’d go over as well as the other shit they’re doing. Daniels heads up for the BEST…MOONSAULT…EVER…for 2. AJ lands that quebrada into an inverted DDT but that’s countered into the Last Rites but AJ counters back into the inverted DDT for 2. Nice! AJ with his over the shoulder DDT for 2. Kickouts are getting desperate. Daniels had his foot on the ropes btw. Ref missed it so Daniels decided to kick out as to not fuck with the booking. Daniels counters again and the Blue Thunder connects. Double down. Daniels with the STEP KICK. AJ is unconscious but standing…ANGELS WINGS…FOR 2! Crowd LOVES this match. They counter around some more standing and AJ goes to his series planting Daniels on his face and the crowd think it’s a botch because it’s such a sick bump. But they’re still in this. AJ wants the Styles Clash but Daniels blocks it again and they counter back over and he goes for it again but Daniels gets out with an ANKLELOCK! AJ sunset flips and they roll with a few cradles. This is so cool. AJ tries to counter one too many times though and counters himself RIGHT INTO THE LAST RITES! FUCK YEAH! You know it’s over. Crowd goes NUTS. Loudest reaction I’ve ever heard in the IWA. ****1/4. That’s only that low because they’ve had better and more fluid matches since but it was still brilliant with awesome innovation and countering. Literally this blew everything else on the show away.

POST MATCH AJ shows respect with a handshake and a hug. Ian Rotten goes off to scoop the heat, as per usual, to tell them how they’re fucking awesome.

IWA title – CM Punk (c) v M-Dogg 20

I’ll be referring to M-Dogg as Matt Cross during this because both of those names are a damn sight easier to type. Cross looks cut here. Way more so than Punk. They knucklelock from the off with Punk getting marginally the better of it. Everyone keeps landing on their feet so we’re tying. They run some armdrags and blocks. I think it’s clear they’re aiming to steal the show after that great match prior to this. Cross starts throwing chops and Punk has to start blocking them because they’re hard. Cross nearly fucks up the tilt-a-whirl but eventually manages to get Punk over and out of the ring. They start running into trouble and Cross has a bad habit of stopping if something goes slightly wrong. Just keep moving dude. Any time you just plain stop you make it look fake and in particular you tend to make your opponent look dumb. It doesn’t help that Punk had sloppy matches back in 2002. For some reason he thought he could do 619’s and shit like that. So he does it and it looks stupid. Cross can hit high spots like the springboard rana. They make a hash of a full nelson into an armdrag. This looks worse following the last match, which was so much better. If this had opened the show it might have stood a chance. Cross nearly fucks up heading up onto Punk’s shoulders. That looked really awkward. Cross follows up with a really sloppy tornado DDT. Ace Steel has been on commentary instead of Dave Prazak for a few matches and he’s doing a good job of covering for what a fucking butt ugly match this is. They go outside and Cross tries to use the pole to swing around but he ends up falling over some chairs and into Punk. The aim of outdoing the guys in the last match is long gone. Cross still breaks out the sickness with a corkscrew plancha. They head back inside and Punk counters the second attempt at a tornado DDT. Punk follows up with an ugly Shining Wizard for 2. Why did he persist with that move for so long? I don’t think he ever made it look good. Punk is better when he sticks at what he’s best at. Namely here a suplex with a floatover, which looks nice albeit not Barry Windham great but solid. Cross does some flipping for no reason so Punk just backbreakers him. I like that. Flipping needs to have a purpose. Cross demonstrates this with a multiple time rotating whirl headscissors. Both guys bail and then come back in with DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD LARIATS! I like that idea. Worked for me. They both had the same idea. Punk tries for a reverse rana off the top and that’s blown HORRIBLY. Both guys manage to land on their heads and Cross bumped it after Punk had already fallen off. Then Cross spends forever setting up an Osaka Street Cutter. The impact is fine but the setup looked fake, which pretty much sums him up as a wrestler. They do something else that vaguely resembles the Shellshock finisher of Alex Shelley. Only fucked up. Cross misses with a Shooting Star Press and Punk decides to take it to the finish. They blow that BADLY the first time with both guys falling off as Punk tries to set for the Plunge. Cross starts off in the wrong place for it the second time and they blow it again. Punk gets pissed off with it and decides to get the crowd back with some chops before he sets it up again and THEY BLOW IT AGAIN! They finally get up there and Cross can’t even bump the fucking thing right. You’d think he’d at least do that after failing to get up there the first three times. *1/4. Some fine yet ambitious ideas. Really, really terrible execution. Punk looks pissed off post match as he knows he’s had a terrible match and he’s the veteran so it’s technically his fault.

Drunken Deathmatch – Corporal Robinson v Necro Butcher

We have a bottle of Cuervo out here in order to attain drunkenness. Just the one? Nate Webb is out here as Necro’s beer boy. Necro shows off the Cuervo in order that the viewing audience can see the bottle hasn’t been tampered with. Nate has limes. This was a “fans bring the weapons match” but many of them have none so Necro gets considerate to pass around light tubes to everyone. “Light tube ma’am? Sir? Light tube sir?” Necro owns hardcore. Necro falls up the steps because he’s been drinking beer already. Nate suggests elbow dropping the steps. I can see I’m going to enjoy this one. They offer a shot to the fans and Necro ID’s the fan. And then can’t figure out if his date of birth makes him old enough. HAHAHA. Shot of tequila for the fan! That’s interactive. It’s like people getting to touch a barbwire bat. Nate takes a shot and shouts “fuck the lime” before chucking it into the crowd. Robinson entertains himself by calling the fans gay. “That guys had so much cock in Milwaukee he had to move to Kentucky because everyone knew he was a fag up there”. Robinson struggles with his opening 3 shots. Nate meanwhile is swigging from bottle nonchalantly. And we have the opening bell! That took about 15 minutes. One of the fans doing his best Vince McMahon impression makes me chuckle. “He’s gonna, he’s gonna PUUUUKKKKEEE”. I love that shit. They bail for some light tubes and Necro is even less in shape here than he is now. He takes light tubes across the back and chest WITHOUT THE SHIRT. Awww, fuck that man. That looked painful. We’re already drenched in blood inside of 2 minutes and out comes the Cuervo. Robinson starts really selling the booze. Necro meanwhile is selling the LIGHT TUBE IN THE FACE. He has hair full of broken glass. That can’t be safe. Necro has a gusher across his forehead now. Is Robinson working the nipples? YOU SICK FUCK! With broken glass I might add. Another 2 minutes is up so we get the booze out. Robinson has taken to drinking Mountain Dew to get rid of the tequila taste. Necro wants a BAR FIGHT. He sits right in front of Robinson and they start punching each other. “I’m right here you silly son of a bitch”. Necro is working somewhat stiff. He calls for a BEER TIME OUT. HAHAHA. Robinson gets opened up hardway from those punches but we have to stop for some more shots. This thing is going to go all fucking night. Robinson orders everyone to stand still. Robinson nearly falls over some chairs so Necro pushes him over them. Robinson retorts with a low blow. “Goddamnit” – Necro. Necro brings the funny by blaming a fan for his drunkenness before falling over another fan. It’s like one of my nights out! Another booze break kicks in. “Is it intermission?” – Robinson. Necro still seems in good spirits. Probably because he’s drunk. Necro starts headbutting Robinson, which he thinks is funny. Once again because he’s drunk and it’s like one of my nights out. Robinson has trouble getting over the middle rope into the ring. He uses a lime on Necro’s face. Ouch. Nate is back in the ring with more shots. “LIME GIRL”. Necro once again asks how many shots this is. Robinson is shaky. Oh come on! 8 shots in 20 minutes? I used to do 8 shots in 20 seconds when I was hardcore drinker. Robinson falls over because he’s so drunk and Necro pins him. Awww. I like he keeps hooking the leg for ages after the pin too. I can’t rate that but I thought it was fun. Just too fucking long.

POST MATCH Necro keeps on drinking until he pukes. It’s not a party until someone pukes! It is now a party. To finish on a comedy note we get a picture of the Cheers cast with Necro’s face super-imposed over Ted Danson’s.

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