ECW on TNN 5/19/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Minneapolis, MN

1.)Kid Kash defeated Johnny Swinger
2.)Mikey Whipwreck defeated Little Guido
3.)Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Nova/Chris Chetti and The Baldies
4.)ECW World Champion Justin Credible defeated Raven to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. Sinister Minister opens the show to give us a rundown as to what had been going on in ECW recently and he also takes a couple of shots at Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. Mikey Whipwreck was involved in the segment and they were laughing like madmen.

2. The Kash/Swinger match is joined in progress. Kash won the match with the Money Maker after about thirty seconds of action that was shown. After the match, Little Guido and Big Sal attack Kash. Mikey Whipwreck comes out and makes the save by tossing a fireball into Sal’s face. That probably wasn’t needed, but okay. That leads us to the next match.

3. Whipwreck plants Guido with a jumping DDT for a near fall early on in the contest. Guido stops Mikey by reversing a head scissors by slamming Mikey down to the mat. Mikey misses a slingshot legdrop from the apron but Guido hits his attempt for a near fall. Guido nails Whipwreck with a seated dropkick for a near fall. Whipwreck gets the win with the Whippersnapper. (*1/2. It was a quick little match. Nothing to really see here.)

4. We hear from Rob Van Dam who lost to Jerry Lynn at the pay per view. RVD didn’t want to lose to Lynn the way he lost and is hoping Lynn wasn’t in on Scotty Anton turning on him.

5. Doring and Roadkill attack the Baldies before they make it to the ring. Chetti dives off the top rope to take Roadkill and Angel out. Nova splashes DeVito off the top but only gets a near fall. Steve Corino is cutting a promo with the announcers during the match. Clearly, this match is not getting any respect. Chetti leaps off of Angel to spin kick DeVito. Angel eliminates Nova after Vic Grimes hits an elbow drop off the top rope. Nova and Chetti get revenge for the loss by putting Grimes through a table with the Tidel Wave! Doring plants DeVito with a DDT and wins the match. (*1/2. The match was clearly not even the main point of the segment. Instead, it was as if the feud between Corino and Tajiri was more important.) After the match, the Baldies attack Doring and Roadkill with a chair. New Jack comes out after Roadkill is driven onto two chairs. You know what happens here, so moving onward.

6. Jerry Lynn cuts a promo about wrestling RVD at the pay per view Hardcore Heaven the past two years. This year Lynn didn’t need twenty minutes to put RVD away after Anton turned on him. Lynn thinks that makes him better than RVD.

7. Raven hits Credible with a kendo stick early on and tosses the champ to the floor. Back from a commercial, they have fought towards the back of the arena. Raven hits Credible with a traffic cone. Back in the ring, Raven is just hammering away on Credible with a microphone. Credible has been busted open. Credible low blows Raven and tosses him through a table set up in the corner. Credible hits a middle rope forearm drop for a near fall on Raven. Credible drives his knee into Raven’s gut to maintain control. Raven gets out of a sleeper hold by sending Credible through the middle rope to the floor and the champ goes crashing through a table. Credible drop toe holds Raven face first into a steel chair. Credible is trash talking Raven but misses a chair shot and gets the chair kicked back into his face. Raven hits a clothesline and a knee lift. Raven uses the snot rag as well. Raven nearly wins following a drop toe hold onto a chair. Francine hits Raven with the cane from the floor and Credible hits a superkick for a near fall. Raven kicks out at two after the That’s Incredible! Credible knocks Francine off the apron and Raven nearly gets a win with a roll-up! The referee is knocked down as Raven hits the Evenflow DDT! Francine tries to get involved but that lasts about a second. Credible plants Raven with a DDT but the challenger gets his foot on the bottom rope. Credible blocks a sunset flip and uses the ropes for leverage to pin Raven. (**1/2. A decent main event to close the show this week. It seemed to start off slow but it picked up once Credible wasn’t the guy in control. The finish was rather weak to me, but oh well.)

8. Cyrus closes the show with a promo. He is sick and tired of ECW and notes that he may work for Vince McMahon if this merger goes through. Cyrus will pay McMahon 100 million dollars to come to ECW. Rhino chimes in and says he doesn’t give a damn who it is, if they want the ECW Television Championship they will have to come and get it through him.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster edition of the program this week. Aside from the main event, the other three matches weren’t given a lot of time or weren’t presented as being important segments. So, I’m going to give this one a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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