UWF-TNA Buckle Up Tour Night 2 1/14/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation/Total Non-Stop Action presents Buckle Up Tour Night 2
From: South Hill, VA

Opening Contest: Sonny Siaki vs. Sonjay Dutt: Siaki mocks Dutt but going down to his knees and is met with a kick as a result. Dutt sends Siaki to the floor following a flurry of offense. Dutt takes Siaki out with a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Siaki lifts Dutt into the air and hit a nice snap powerslam for a two count. Siaki hit a spinning heel kick as well for a two count. Dutt tries to come back but Siaki surprises him with a snap scoop slam for a near fall. Dutt drops Siaki with a springboard missile dropkick from the apron. Dutt follows up with a standing shooting star press but Siaki kicks out before three. Dutt gets the win following a 450 splash off the top rope. (**1/2. A solid quick little match to kick off the second show in UWF history. Siaki looked solid in the ring here and Dutt hit all of his top moves. Plus, the crowd is hot for the show. A good start, I thought.)

Second Contest: Al Snow vs. Sabu in a Hardcore Match: Interesting that they start off with mat wrestling and there is a rope break despite the fact that it is a hardcore match. Sabu hits a dropkick early on but there isn’t much going on in the opening moments of the match. Snow connects with a clothesline and Sabu tries to get a chair involved but he is punched on the floor by Al. Snow dropkicks a chair into Sabu’s face! Sabu tosses a chair into Snow’s face on the floor and takes Snow out with a double springboard dive onto the floor. Snow goes backstage to hit Sabu with a bag of ice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Sabu drop toe holds Al face first into a chair. There are four chairs in the ring now. Sabu hits an Arabian face buster for a near fall. Al avoids a chair shot and hits Sabu with Head! Sabu is laid over four chairs by the corner and Snow goes to the top rope. Snow misses a top rope leg drop! Oh crap, Sabu hits an Arabian face buster off the top while Snow’s face was already on a chair. Sabu covers and wins the match. (**1/2. A decent hardcore match here. It was a pleasant surprise to see Snow actually doing some high risk moves and take a good finish from Sabu.)

Third Contest: The James Gang vs. Diamonds In The Rough: BG and Skipper open up the bout. Skipper knocks BG off his feet with a shoulder block and proceeds to stall on the floor. BG soon battles back with right hands to knock Skipper off his feet and hits a knee drop for a two count. Kip and Young tag into the match and they aren’t providing anything all that entertaining. Young and Skipper have a miscommunication and are sent into each other on the floor. BG is nailed by Skipper with a clothesline on the floor. BG is worked over the the Diamonds In The Rough for a few moments. Kip is tagged in soon enough and he cleans house until he misses a splash and hits the corner. Skipper nearly wins following a somersault clothesline from the apron. Kip counters the Play of the Day to hit the Fame-Asser and wins the match. (*. That was just a boring match, but the fans just love them for what they have done over the past decade.)

Fourth Contest: D’Lo Brown vs. Abyss: Brown hits a swinging neckbreaker in the opening moments of the match to get the early advantage on Abyss. Brown leaps off the middle rope to hit a clothesline and sends Abyss to the floor with a running clothesline. Brown sends Abyss into the guard railing as they brawl on the floor. Abyss sends Brown face first into the ring post to get the upperhand. Abyss splashes Brown in the corner and D’Lo looks out of it. D’Lo avoids a second splash in the corner moments later and tries to get a second wind. Brown scoop slams Abyss and follows up with a leg drop for a near fall. Brown gets a two count after a shining wizard! Abyss drives Brown down with the Black Hole Slam to win the match. (*1/4. A slow, uninteresting match between these two. It was just really basic and they didn’t do anything to hold my interest throughout.

Fifth Contest: Shannon Moore vs. Ron Killings in a Street Fight: Moore attacks Killings before the bell. Killings comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick and hammers away on Moore. Killings gets a two count following a running powerslam. Moore is knocked off the apron and crashes to the floor. They are brawling into the stands. Moore is able to hit Killings in the midsection with a chair and slams Ron face first into the bleachers. Shannon uses a fans walker to choke Killings! Ron drop toe holds Moore face first into a steel chair for a near fall. They continue to brawl in the crowd before they make their way back to the ringside area. Moore low blows Killings in the corner to regain the advantage. Moore misses a top rope moonsault due to taking his time climbing the ropes. Killings fights back with a spinning forearm smash and a leaping sidekick for a two count. Moore has grabbed a chair on the floor. Hermie Sadler prevents Moore from using the chair in a street fight, so he is not doing his job. Moore hits Killings any way as Killings saved Sadler. Sadler makes the count and Moore win the match. (**1/4. It was an okay match, but it just failed to hold my interest, like most of the matches on this show. I’ll never like a street fight that isn’t a brutal one. Considering these shows are geared towards children, this was simple and not many weapons were used.) After the match, Shannon Moore demands Hermie Sadler come back to the ring and raise his hand in victory. Sadler does it but Moore decides to attack Hermie anyway. Sadler blocks a hurricanrana and hits a powerbomb! Killings comes back to the ring and hits a scissors kick on Moore and has his hand raised!

Main Event: Team 3-D vs. NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted in a Tables Match: Storm and Devon kick off the match with Storm working over Devon with several right hands. Devon comes off the ropes to hit a spinning back elbow and a scoop slam. Ray tags in and keeps control on Storm with a spanking and Storm crawls to his corner where Harris bails off the apron and Ray teases that AMW are homosexuals. It’s a rather comedic start to a tables match. Seriously, it’s been about five minutes and it has been centered around comedy. This is disappointing me a lot, actually. Devon hits a clothesline on both Harris and Storm and Team 3-D continue to beat down the champs with right hands. Ray splashes the champs in the corner and Harris ends up landing face first onto Storm’s groin. AMW are finally able to get some kind of offense in as they double team Devon in the corner behind the referee’s back. Ray gets the hot tag after AMW worked over Devon with basic offense. Ray clotheslines and side slams the champs to get the upperhand. Devon heads to the top rope and comes off the top to headbutt Harris as Ray holds his legs. AMW clothesline Team 3-D after they set up a table in the ring. Ray pulls the table out of the way as Devon was suplexed over. Storm is sent to the floor and Harris suffers the 3-D! Storm is powerbombed through a table by Ray to give Team 3-D the win! (**. A boring match between these two teams. It was just a comedy match and they kept it incredibly basic. Nothing to see here, folks.)

Final Thoughts:
It should be noted that TNA had a pay per view the next night, so that may explain why most of the guys kept it safe and simple on the show. As a result, this show was boring and uninteresting to me. The fans were excited for everything, but I expected more and the action just failed to entertain me. Thus, this gets a thumbs down from me.

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