CSWF 1/8/2005

Written by: Sean McCaffrey

From Wayne, NJ
Referees: Mike Kehner and Jim Molineaux
Ring Announcer: Mark Chen
Commentators: Sean Credle and Gerry Strauss
CSWF Reported Attendance: 342, although I thought it was about 300. Regardless, the biggest crowd in CSWF history.

PRESHOW: CSWF conducted a 45 minute Question and Answer Session with Vince Russo. Russo looked refreshed and much younger, than he has in recent times.

Dark Matches

Cindy Rogers d. Tara Charisma
Tara Charisma’s work has seem to have detoriated in recent times. I think her size is catching up to her a bit, as she isn’t able to move quickly in the ring, making her matches seem more choreographed. Cindy hit a nice suplex in this match, and Tara fought back with a bulldog for 2. The finish of this match saw Cindy roll Tara up out of nowhere, for the 1-2-3.
Wasn’t Cindy the fan friendly ring announcer a few shows ago? Now she’s a vicious heel? Cindy is a good womens wrestler, so hopefully CSWF finds something meaningful for her. Tara might be lost in CSWF now that her feud with John Shane is over.

Dan Barry w/Miss Asia d. Sinister X, Cabbie and Mo Sexy in a Fatal Four Way Match
Most of this match saw Sinister x dominate. Barry had some good interaction with Sinister X, as he tried to use his speed against X’s power. Sinister eventually got the better of Barry, as he gorilla pressed Barry, and threw him over the top rope into Cabbie and Mo Sexy. Nice spot. Barry eventually pinned Mo Sexy to win this match.
This match had no story, and was just a way to get these four guys on the show. Barry was also sporting new tights, featuring DB in a Notre Dame type logo on an Irish flag.


The Solution (Papadon/Havok) w/John Shane d. Mike Kruel/Josh Daniels
Someone said to me that Papadon looks like a singles wrestler in recent times, as he’s sporting beads, sunglasses and his straps down, while Havok comes out like a generic 80s wrestler. I can see that. Solution are a great wrestling tag team, but they need a gimmick for both members of the squad. I didn’t like the premise of this match from the get-go, as you have The Solution wrestling two guys who never teamed before. That wound up being the story of the match, as Kruel and Daniels had miscommunication problems, leading to Josh Daniels walking out on Mike Kruel. With Kruel by himself, The Solution easily attacked their prey, and wiped Kruel out with a Problem Solver for the 1-2-3.
This was an ok match, but with no story. The Solution continue to roll in CSWF, as it looks like Kruel vs Daniels (which will be a good match) will take place next month.

For the CSWF Cruiser X Title
Jimmy Rave d. Sonjay Dutt via countout
Sonjay Dutt remains champion

PREMATCH: CSWF Promoter, Billy Firehawk, named Sonjay Dutt the Cruiser X champion. The reason for Sonjay being named the champion, was his scheduled opponent, Grim Reefer, was still injured, therefore forfeiting his participation in his match against Sonjay. Sonjay held up the belt, and acted very heelish in front of the loud crowd.
This was a pretty good match, that would probably be suited better in CZW. Both these guys went back and forth alot in this match. Towards the end of the match, Rave got the upperhand. Sonjay then decided to leave the ring and take the countout loss. Yep, that was it.
POSTMATCH: The Grim Reefer came out and beat the shit out of Sonjay. Reefer grabbed the belt and motioned that it would be his next show. CSWF later announced Reefer vs Sonjay in a ladder match for the next show.
This was alright in-ring match, but it was used more to further the Reefer-Sonjay feud than anything else. The finish of this match was very disappointing, but understandable.

Julio Dinero w/Miss Michelle d. Nick Berk
This was a very dry match. I have a hard time getting into Julio’s matches in CSWF. He’s there for comedy relief, rather than for his in-ring skills. Julio eventually won this match with a superkick for the pinfall victory.
Ok in-ring match, but I wish Julio would go back to being Julio from ECW, because his slow family entertainment style bores me at times.

In the Match of the Night
Abyss d. Mana “The Polynesian Warrior”

This match stole the show. With Ron Killings stuck in Puerto Rico, CSWF had to change some matches. Thank god they did, because no way would Abyss/Sinister X be as good as this match. This is definitely the best big man independent match I’ve seen in all the time I’ve been covering the indy scene. This match saw both these guys knock the shit out of each other. They brawled all over the crowd and fought all over the arena. This match also had a lot of time in it, something I don’t know I would give to two big guys, but it definitely paid off for CSWF. CSWF took a gamble by giving two big guys alot of time, and CSWF’s gamble paid off with one of the best matches in the CSWF promotion. Abyss slammed a steel chair over Mana’s head 3 times, each time more vicious than the other. Abyss then went for the pin, but Mana kicked out, to a huge pop from the crowd. The finish of this match saw Mana get hit with a huge black hole slam from Abyss, setting up the three count and victory for Abyss.
POSTMATCH: Abyss hit another Black Hole Slam on Mana after chants of “One More Time!”
This was a superb match that really made CSWF stand out. This was a career breakthrough match for Mana. With Abyss being a free agent on the wrestling scene, this was definitely a great match for his cause. Great job by both wrestlers and for CSWF, in changing the original match to this one.

After the whole Abyss beatdown on Mana, Dave Levy/Jackie Dreamer, the CSWF booker came out to check on Mana. Firehawk and Mason Raige, head of Red Shirt Security came out and escorted Abyss to the back. With Levy in the ring, Dan Barry, Mana’s weird choice of a stablemate came out. Barry chairshots Levy over the head, and beats the crap out of Levy. Barry says he’s sick of Red Shirt Security and Levy for interfering in all of their matches and affairs. Mason goes to make the save, but he winds up getting pummeled by the now awakened Mana. The segment ends with Levy’s wife coming to the ring to check up on her husband, and we go right to an intermission.
This was a decent promo, but it came after a very hot match, so the fans were coming down during this. Where this leads I don’t know. At least Levy’s head didn’t get “Havok’ed”. I’m guessing this sets up Mana vs Raige at a future show.

Talked to a few people and got their reactions on the very hot match between Mana and Abyss. All the reactions were positive.

Sharkboy d. Ken Scampi w/Tara Charisma
Scampi took a rough shot in the nose in this one, and it looked like it was broken in several places. His nose was very swollen after the show. He was bleeding alot in this match. A funny spot in this match saw Sharkboy bite Tara’s ass, like he was one of the Bushwhackers. Sharkboy ended this “chicken of the sea” feud with a diamond dust.
This match wasn’t anythting special. Then again, the whole feud was based on Scampi being a fisherman, and Sharkboy, being a shark. How deep can you really get if that’s the only reason why you’re feuding? Scampi’s nose looked fucking nasty after the show. Hopefully he’s able to recuperate quickly.

CSWF Director of Operations, Derek Gordon came out. He introduced us to Vince Russo. We then witnessed Vince Russo’s retirement speech.

Vince Russo’s Retirement Speech- Pretty much this shit was too long. Russo didn’t really shoot on anything and just talked about breaking into the business 14 years ago. Russo brings out one of his best friends, and out walks Skull Von Krush aka Big Vito. Vito cuts a long promo. For the record, Vito looked to be in good shape. Vito talks about how he helped Russo with his problems during Russo’s time in the business. Vito then retires as well. That was unexpected.
Russo gets the mic again and out walks the entire CSWF locker room. The wrestlers/talent surround the ring as Russo speaks. he tells everyone to believe their heart. Russo said that 90% of the people around the ring would never make it anywhere. Wow, that’s cold, and somewhat truthful. Russo kept talking about what he did. I was really hoping he’d talk about how he got exposed in the “Death of WCW” book as someone who didn’t know what the hell he was doing. During this looooooooong promo, Johnny D’s son asked if he could fast forward through this. Russo closed this promo by saying “Don’t sell your heart out.” I guess it’s better just to sell out wrestling and give B-actors World Heavyweight Titles.
This promo was way too long, but a good piece to sell on DVD.

For the CSWF Womens Title
April Hunter d. Traci Brooks w/Trinity

This was a pretty solid womens match. I thought this match better than the first match these two had in 2004. Both tried out several submission holds early in the match, eventually setting up April’s win. The finish saw April Hunter make Traci Brooks tap out to a version of the sharpshooter. I believe she calls it “The Bytch” or something.
POSTMATCH: Trinity attacks Traci, setting up Traci vs Trinity. April has dominated another womans division, now leading for CSWF to either make her wrestle men or bring in new talent for her to wrestle…
This was a decent match here, and had a good story going into it, and created a new story coming out of it. Good booking by the CSWF in this one. Now that’s a sentence I haven’t used before.

For the CSWF Tag Team Championship
(c) America’s Most Wanted (James Storm/Chris Harris) d. Matt Striker and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett

PREMATCH: Jeremy Borash came out and did guest ring announcing. JJ got a huge FUCK JEFF JARRETT chant, like I predicted. There were not too many Double J fans out there. JJ cut a promo saying he wanted a real NWA refere to ref his match, and he brought out Fred Rubenstein. I bet NWS won’t be happy knowing that. Therefore, Rubenstein was the ref of this match.
With the card reshuffled, I still don’t get why Jeff Jarrett was placed in a tag team match. I think JJ should’ve been in a singles match and give CSWF a rub by defending is NWA Heavyweight Title. This was a pretty good tag team match. JJ did work at a 100% level and didn’t work half ass like some thought he would. This was one of AMW’s better CSWF matches, and probably their best CSWF match since the Solution match. After about 20 minutes or so, James Storm powerbombed Matt Striker to pick up the pinfall.
Surprisingly, there were no guitar shots in this match. Gotta give CSWF credit for not being predictable. If he uses a guitar next show, then take that credit away. Good match all around here.
As Jeff Jarrett left the ring, he was thanked for his work with FUCK JEFF JARRETT chants.

Firehawk came out. He cut a promo about CSWF and how CSWF was aligning with NWA NJ. Firehawk announced that CSWF would now be called NWA-Cyberspace.
I think it’s a good idea for CSWF to have NWA affiliation, but I think they are doing it all the wrong way. Why CSWF would settle for being NWA NJ’s affiliate, rather than being a direct affiliate of the NWA is beyond me. To me, CSWF is 10x the promotion than NWA NJ is right now. They are clicking on all cylinders. The NWA affiliation is a good idea, but I’d do it by doing it the right way, and being a direct affiliate rather than being Rubenstein’s affiliate. With lawsuits coming Rubenstein’s way, I don’t think CSWF should get involved with them, and let all their heat blow over. CSWF is also doing bigger things and better things than NWA NJ, so I think NWA NJ needs CSWF more, than the other way around. Good idea by CSWF for getting NWA affiliated, but I truly think they should become a direct affiliate where they can control what they do and not be responsible in other promoters wars.

For the CSWF Heavyweight Championship
(c) Slyck Wagner Brown d. Michael Shane

This was a solid main event, going 15 minutes or so. The promo right before this match gave time for the crowd to get ready for this match. Both wrestlers hit alot of their trademark moves, causing some false finishes towards the end of this match. Slyck Wagner Brown eventually was able to lay out Shane, with a Haterbreaker, after inadvertant assistance from Striker, for the 1-2-3. I bet Shane wishes he never forfeited his CSWF Cruiser X Championship now.
All in all a decent match, with a good storyline behind it.

Final McWord
When leaving the show, I was undecided if this was the best CSWF show I’ve ever seen. After reading my past review of the other show that I thought gave this one competition, I really thought this was the best show CSWF has ever put out. This was hopefully the big turn around point for CSWF. Everything was positive for CSWF. For once, the booking had logic behind it. They did a great job of giving the show a nice flow. The crowd was the biggest crowd CSWF ever had. Factor in that the Jets had a playoff game, and that CSWF doubled CZW’s crowd, you can tell that CSWF is finally getting a nice positive buzz behind it.

Some matches were changed around due to Ron Killings being detained in Puerto Rico. Ron Killings always seems to have some sort of transportation issue when it comes to CSWF. Fortunately for CSWF, not having Killings there might’ve made the show even better, as the Mana/Abyss match would’ve never happened. Also, Jarrett was being wasted in a 6-man tag, so at least we got to see Jarrett wrestle in a tag match, even though I would’ve liked to see him in a singles match.

As far as what matches I liked, I thought Mana/Abyss stole the show. The tag title match, and the heavyweight title match were my runner-ups for match of the night.

I still question the CSWF aligning themselves with NWA-NJ, in order to use the NWA name. I have no problem with CSWF aligning with anyone, but in order to protect themselves, I think they should deal with Ernie Todd and the NWA directly. Plus, isn’t there enough stuff going on already with this whole NWA NJ mess? With CSWF joining up now, it just makes everything more confusing to write about, ha!

2005 is a new year, and it looks like it will be a new year for the CSWF. They definitely started things out on a positive note, by having one of their best shows in front of their biggest crowd to date. Seeing CSWF finally have a niced size crowd shows that finally their spending is paying off and that fans are getting into the product.

A great job and effort by CSWF. I just hope it continues, and that CSWF is able to capitalize on their momentum.

CSWF has announced that Chris Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Elix Skipper and Chris Candido will all be appearing at the next CSWF show. CSWF has also said that matches will be announced later in the week, but so far it seems that the following matches are happening:
Sonjay vs Reefer in a Ladder Match for the Cruiser X Title
The Solution vs AMW for the Tag Team Titles
Mike Kruel vs Josh Daniels

CSWF also taped lots of promos for their DVDs. Among the interviewers on the DVD are Bobcat, Devin Sturgis and Bill Apter. I don’t understand why some matches happen, based on what happened on what was taped for the DVD’s, considering that the DVD’s are released, after the show they are supposed to hype up happens. Also, with someone like Bobcat around, I don’t know why CSWF doesn’t put her in front of the male fans, that dominate the crowd. Seems a bit wasteful, but then again, CSWF is the promotion that booked Lex Luger and didn’t announce him.

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