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PWU 9/25/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey

From the Berwyn Tavern in Berwyn, PA (Right outside Philly)
Referees: Some old guy who I’ve never seen before and Mike Koehner
Ring Announcer: Steve D’Angelis
Security Guards: Pyscho, Lily, Alere Little Feather and Mana “The Polynesian Warrior”
Approx Attendance- 175

PRESHOW: The pre-show experience is something that PWU might soon be known for, as no one is doing what PWU is doing. First off, the show is in a bar, so for anyone who’s read any of my past stuff, you know I highly approve of that. Being from NY, you can appreciate the way discounted prices on drinks. Plus, the bartender Phil, pours a great Guiness and is not like alot of these bartenders who just pour it in one shot. It’s good to drink good Guiness poured right. While the bar atmosphere offers alot of fun, outside of the bar there is more going on. There was a red carpet, which the wrestlers made their entrance on. Around this area, you could be silly stringed by the Mother Canuckers or watch live interviews with the wrestlers done by Gary Michael Capetta, Big Mack Smack, and Dennis Shock. While all this stuff is going on, you could smoke, drink or go to the bathroom. Whatever is your preference. Inside the bar, there were several monitors set up, like any other bar, but only showing PWU action. There was a locker room cam, where you could see the wrestlers preparing their matches. For alot of girls and Bravado (ha!) this was a good monitor to watch. The other monitors featured the in-ring action, and the outside stuff. The wrestlers were also walking around the bar, so fans could take pictures and autographs. To say the least this pre-show experience was better than any other show I’ve attended. Of course having a fully stocked bar sways my opinion, but to be honest, it just reinforces it. For anyone into meeting/taking pics/getting autographs with wrestlers, than this show was for you. Also on the scene was Luscious Lily, who was taking tickets at the door. She had an eye patch on her left eye, due to getting a fireball at WXW. What continuity on the indy scene? Perish the thought! That showed alot of dedication by Misses Lily.

With that said, here is the live results/review.

Johnny Kashmere, the owner/wrestler/booker of PWU came out. He cuts a promo introducing the fans to PWU. He says that people tried shutting him down, but no one can shut down Johnny Kashmere. He introduces us to the Himilaya Playaz, the team that trained him and his partner Trent. Kashmere talks about what PWU is about. Kashmere then talks about the following match we’re going to see, between students. He says it’s going to be a student showcase match. Kashmere then introduces the PA commissioner, Frank Talent. Talent got a big pop, interesting. The crowd was into this promo and it was a good way to kick off the show.

Maura McDermott then sang the National Anthem, and it was time for our first match.

4 Corner Student Match
Gavin Quartermain (GQ in CZW, trained by the BSB’s) d. James Newblood (SAT’s student), Javier (SAT’s student) w/Seth and Ashe Samuels (Teddy Hart’s student, even though I’m pretty sure he started in WXW)

The careers of Newblood and Javier/Jav have really been elevated since hooking up with the SAT. From ticket sellers to working first JAPW, and now PWU, these two seem ready to take off. They are great high flyers, but I think they need to work on telling more of a story in their matches. I thought Ashe Samuels looked the best in this match. Kashmere was helping his protege, GQ, throughout the match. There was alot of big spots in this match. One of the biggest spots saw a 4 man powerbomb spot out of the corner. Newblood hit a huge Shooting Star Senton towards the end of this match. The finish saw Kashmere interfere for GQ, setting up GQ to get the pinfall over Newblood.
Ok match, that featured more spots than wrestling. Crowd was really into the spots, and the match got a good reaction.

Tom Carter (aka Reckless Youth) d. Julio Dinero w/Timothy
PREMATCH: Julio Dinero cut a promo hyping up his manager. He said he felt weird, but he said he only drank virgin drinks. He then found out that he was really drinking alcohol, and played it throughout the match.
This match combined comedy with wrestling. Timothy, was a manager with a cane. He was funny throughout the match to watch, and was very interactive during the match, which is something you hardly see anymore from indy managers/divas. Tom Carter hit a big superplex in this match. Towards the end of the match, Timothy accidentally hit Julio with his cane, which set up a Carter DDT, followed up by a frogsplash for the 1-2-3.
Humorous match, combined with solid wrestling.
POSTMATCH: GMC interviewed a fan, who said they wanted to see Tom Carter go back to being Reckless Youth at the next PWU Halloween-themed show. Tom Carter obliged and said we’d see the old Reckless Youth on 10/23.

In a Hardcore Match
Rockin Rebel/Greg Matthews d. Ian Knoxx/Nick Gage

PREMATCH: The ring announcer said that whoever get pinned in this match, would be banned from PWU for 60 days.
This match was a brawl. There was tables all over the place. The match did start off with some wrestling, but it didn’t take long for it to degenerate into a fight. Matthews hit a big neckbreaker on Knoxx early on. Knoxx would come back with a senton on Matthews through a table. Rebel would later on put Gage through a table. Matthews added a top rope elbow on Gage and that was enough to get the 1-2-3.
POSTMATCH: Dennis Shock let everyone know that Gage was banned from PWU for 60 days. Gage flipped out and slapped the glasses 5 miles off of Shock’s face. Gage continued his rampage of anger as he emptied out several garbage cans over the ring. Glass bottles flew out all over the place, as the ring was polluted with empty beer bottles. Gage hit Pyscho over the head, with a piece of a table, which busted open the top of her head, due to a berret being there. Gage then hit Lily right in the nose, which we later found out was broken. Gage then went to hit Mana, but Mana wouldn’t take that shit, and cleared Gage out of the ring.
Johnny Kashmere has since said, on the Masked Maniac hotline today, that Gage’s suspension will most likely last longer than 60 days. Kashmere said he’s friends with Gage, but he’s too much of a liability to Rockin Rebel’s promoters license. While I didn’t think anything was too over the top in a wrestling ring, I could see Kashmere’s concern, as literally 50 beer bottles flew all over the place and could’ve hit one of the fans. With some little local kids there, there was luckily no accidents.

INTERMISSION- Time to hit up the bar, and come back just in time for…

Sonjay Dutt Promo- Sonjay discussed his dislocated elbow. He said he’d be back in a month and would wrestle the winner of the next match, to prove to everyone who was the best junior heavyweight. Quick, straight to the point promo.
Give props to PWU who could’ve cancelled Sonjay Dutt and save a payday. Instead, they let Sonjay cut a promo injured, and compensated Sonjay for it. For a fed that promotes itself as wrestler friendly, as well as fan friendly, they proved it here.

In the Match of the Night
Jack Evans d. Deranged

This was a great match pitting the best high flyer in the indies against one of the best cruiserweights today. After some submissions, both wrestlers hit the ropes, and after a sequence, Deranged hit his flipping powerbomb. Evans came back with some lightening quick kicks. With Deranged on the outside, Evans did a handspring dive and connected. Back in the ring, Deranged was able to hit a reverse ‘rana. Evans was eventually able to win the match with a 630 top rope splash.
Really exciting match, that got the crowd rowdy.

At this point, the music system, which was all fucked up from the start, was shut down, by PA Police Officers. Apparently residents in the area complained about the noise. This resulted in Steve D’Angelis having to shout out the entrances and winners.

B-Boy d. Chri$ Ca$h
Ca$h reminds me of J-Busta in style and look. B-Boy went right to work with victim kicks early. After tossing Ca$h to the outside, B-Boy suplexed Ca$h on the wood floor. Ca$h in the ring, tried outwrestling B-Boy but wasn’t successful. B-Boy hit his running dropkick in the corner, where Ca$h’s face was waiting. After a double stomp and DVD, B-Boy could only get a 2 count on Ca$h. Ca$h came back with more offense, but was cutoff with a shining wizard from B-Boy. B-Boy then got the pinfall with a dropkick slide to the face of Ca$h.
Really good match, that showed the strengths of B-Boy.

Main Event
The SAT (Jose/Joel Maximo) d. Trent Acid/Amazing Red

Red’s face looked pretty red in this match. It was weird seeing Red against the SAT, as ever since he’s been back from his injury, Red has been teaming up with the SAT almost exclusively. SAT and Red fought each other hard, which was suprising as well. I was waiting for the turn. The SAT’s hit some double team moves early. Later on in the match, both teams brawled outside. Trent Acid was even thrown into a telephone pole, which was right outside the ring. (The show was outside.) Red was beaten up alot in this match, and eventually made the hot tag to Trent Acid. Trent hit a big asai moonsault on Jose Maximo, while Jose was on a table. The table didn’t break though, and both guys collided with the ground. The SAT were then able to hit the Spanish Fly on Trent Acid, and picked up the pinfall.
POSTMATCH: We had a broo-ha-ha. Kashmere tried breaking up the SAT’s attack on Trent Acid. Kashmere wound up getting pounded for his efforts, and was even thrown head first into a wall. With the locker room seemingly split into heels vs faces, Ian freakin Knoxx jumps from the top of the roof into the ring, and knocks a shitload of people down. Everyone would wind up settling down, with the faces (Trent/Kashmere/Red/Knoxx) in the ring. The SAT stood on the outside. Kashmere got on the mic and told the SAT to leave. He said don’t go through the locker room. He told the SAT they are thrown out and told them to leave through the front door now. Great mic work here by Kashmere.
This concluded the show.

Final McWord
The show was definitely a good night out. It was partying with wrestling, two elements anyone can enjoy. The show was a great local draw as well. I’d say there was anywhere from 40-50 smart mark fans, and the rest all locals. I know I wouldn’t mind a show like this at the bar I go to around my house.

There were some no shows, which I covered in my initial report. Teddy Hart was unable to make the show due to a broken hand. The condition on his hand worsened after his JAPW match this weekend. Dan Maff also was unable to wrestle due to fluid building up in his shoulders. The difference between Sonjay and Maff is that Sonjay never asked off the show, and PWU let him come to the show to do a promo. Not wanting to show up and not wrestle, Maff cancelled off the show on Friday morning. There is no word on what upcoming shows Maff may miss.

As far as the in-ring show itself, I really liked the Evans/Deranged and B-Boy/Ca$h matches. Ian Knoxx also showed alot of guts at the end of the show, and I thought his tag team match with Gage against Rebel/Matthews was very entertaining. The main event was well done. I guess the first match was the weakest on the show, but it was expected to be. There wasn’t anything that flat out sucked on the show, which was appreciated.

The show focused more on ring action then storylines, which I thought was a good idea for a first show. PWU didn’t say anything about any championships or tournaments, so as of right now, everyone is seemingly on the same level. The first major angle to take place in PWU was The Backseats vs SAT’s. Sonjay will also take on Jack Evans at a future show, so that should be a great match as well.


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