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ROH TV 5/5/2012

Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
May 5, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap. Its the go-home show for Border Wars this week, so if you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see video of what happened last week in the Proving Ground match when ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes faced Coleman & Alexander before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. We see that almost immediately, the Embassy Limited come down to ringside, which means we are going right into the opening match this week.

The undefeated “Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy Limited vs. Matt Taven

Taven gets into the ring before the match starts, but Ciampa comes in from behind and drills Taven with a dragon suplex to start things off. Ciampa does the Embassy pose as Taven does not know what hit him. Ciampa drops the kneepad and has a crazed look on his face. Ciampa charges, but Taven rolls out onto the apron. Ciampa goes after him, but Taven catches him with an enziguri. Ciampa charges, but Taven pulls down the top rope and that sends Ciampa sailing over the ropes and to the outside. Taven then gets a head of steam and hits a leaping plancha onto Ciampa on the outside. All of a sudden, we see Jay Lethal come down to ringside and give himself a ringside seat, a mirror image of what Ciampa has done in the past during Lethal’s matches. Taven goes to send Ciampa back into the ring, but Ciampa lifts him up and then sees Lethal at ringside. Ciampa has words for Lethal, then drills Taven with an Emerald Frosion on the outside.

Lethal & Ciampa stare each other down as Ciampa tells Lethal to “watch this” as he pulls back the ringside mats, exposing the concrete floor underneath. Ciampa brings Taven over to the exposed floor and motions again to Lethal, but Ciampa did one too many of that, because Taven counters Ciampa’s suplex attempt with a suplex of his own on the exposed floor. The crowd chants “Holy S**t” as the Embassy Limited is in complete shock as to what they just saw. Taven tries to pick himself up as Prince Nana has words with the referee. Ernesto Osiris shouts words of encouragement to Ciampa as he tries to get back to his feet. Both men crawl back into the ring, but are obviously hurt. Both men then begin to exchange right hands while they are on their knees. Then, as they get to their feet, Taven gains the advantage with a series of forearms.

Irish whip by Taven, but Ciampa sidesteps his back body drop attempt with a kick to the face. However, Taven then comes right back with another enziguri. Taven with a spin kick, followed by a leg lariat. Irish whip by Taven, reversed by Ciampa, however Taven puts on the brakes heading into the corner, then ducks under a Ciampa clothesline attempt and finally nails Ciampa with a spinning boot for a nearfall. Taven with a pair of kicks to Ciampa’s chest while he is on his knees, then goes off the ropes, but Ciampa catches Taven coming in with a dropkick while he was on his knees. Ciampa goes for Project Ciampa, but Taven counters out with a forearm. Taven then front facelocks Ciampa and sets him up on the ropes in a precarious position. Taven then hits a spinning neckbreaker for a close nearfall as Ciampa got his hand on the ropes. Taven goes to head up top, but Prince Nana hops up on the apron. However, the presence of Lethal at ringside stops Nana from interfering. But, that distraction allows Ciampa to head up top with Taven. Ciampa goes for a super Emerald Frosion, but Taven knocks Ciampa off the ropes. Taven then leaps off the top and hits a beautiful Frog Splash for another close nearfall. Taven fires himself up and waits for Ciampa to get up. Taven goes after Ciampa, but Ciampa shoves him off into the ropes and then drills Taven coming back in the KO knee. Ciampa goes for the cover, but Taven barely kicks out and Ciampa cannot believe it. Ciampa then drops down the kneepad once more as the KO Knee was used with the kneepad, not without. Ciampa goes for the KO knee again, but Taven ducks and then rolls up Ciampa for another nearfall. Ciampa then pops back up and then nails Taven with a spinning back elbow. Irish whip by Ciampa, who then follows Taven into the corner, but Taven gets his boot up. Taven leaps up top, but Ciampa crotches him.

Ciampa puts Taven in the Tree of Woe, then removes the wrap that was on his knee, completely exposing it. Ciampa then hooks Taven’s arm behind his back so that Taven has absolutely nowhere to go for what is about to come. Ciampa charges and connects with 2 running KO knees in the corner. Ciampa motions to Lethal at ringside and does a throat slash, signaling that what is about to happen to Taven will happen to Lethal at Border Wars.

Ciampa lifts Taven out of the Tree of Woe and then gets him into position, finally hitting Project Ciampa for the victory.

Winner: The undefeated “Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Project Ciampa)

Ciampa & Lethal have one final staredown as we go to commercial.


During the commercial break, we see a hype promo for the “Border Wars” Internet PPV on May 12th as Kevin Kelly interviews Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions #DemBoys The Briscoes.

Jay Briscoe says “Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, how many times do we gotta whoop y’all ass? Now, we goin’ up north, god willing when we get across the border, we gonna beat y’all ass in Canada”.

Mark Briscoe says “Y’all boys remind me of when I sit down and take a good dump, and its good, but then I just gotta wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe”.

Jay then says “Hell with wiping ya ass, I’ve been icing my b***s for the past month”. “When we get up to Canada, we gonna whoop y’all ass”. “I’m tired of icing my b***s”.

Back from commercial, we go to Veda Scott in the backstage area and she is with T.J. Perkins, who faces Mike Mondo next.

Perkins says “Mondo wants round 2 with Technical Lightning?” “Mike Mondo, you say you have no fear, well you better be, dude, because I’ve already beat you once on TV”. “Now Mike Mondo says he can stop the lightning, well I am saying technically, you can’t”. We then hear laughter in the background as the Young Bucks walk in.

Nick Jackson says “Look at this emo kid” while Matt mocks Perkins’ nickname.

Matt says “Look at your shirt and your clothes, you look emo, you look weird”. “Veda, you gonna interview this guy?” “What about the f’n rockstars, the Young Bucks?” “Why aren’t we on TV?”

Perkins says “You guys must be mistaken, your interview is next, they wanna talk to you about how cool your ponytails are”.

Matt says “Says the guy with the stupid bleach spot in his hair”. “We took the flight from SoCal in 1st class, while you were in coach with the rest of the peasants”. “Is that where you thought of the Technical Lightning name, huh dork?”

Perkins says “You know what, buddy, next time you interrupt me in the ring, or in front of the microphone, I’m gonna put your teeth through the back of your head”. “I don’t care if there’s 1 of you or 10 of you, that’s what gonna happen”.

Perkins then shoves Matt before walking away as we go to our next match.

“No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. “Technical Lightning” T.J. Perkins

Both men adhere to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds, but Mondo pulls Perkins in and says some pleasantries to him as the bell then sounds. Lock-up and Perkins breaks quickly. Another lock-up and Perkins with a hammerlock, then spins Mondo around into a wristlock. Mondo switches into a wristlock of his own, but Perkins spins out and maneuvers into a side headlock, followed by a takedown. Mondo spins back onto his feet, then tries for a back suplex, but Perkins lands on his feet. Mondo misses a clothesline as Perkins goes off the ropes, then slides under Mondo’s legs and then scores with a leaping neckbreaker. Mondo goes to the corner as Perkins nails him with a right hand. Irish whip by Perkins, reversed by Mondo, but Perkins does a headstand in the corner to taunt Mondo. Mondo charges, but Perkins catches him and connects with a headscissors takeover, sending Mondo through the ropes and to the outside. Perkins gets a head of steam, but Mondo moves away to avoid him. Perkins catches himself on the apron and sets to leap off of there, but Mondo moves away again and goes under the ring. Perkins looks around for Mondo, who then comes in from behind and sends Perkins headfirst off the middle turnbuckle.

Mondo sends Perkins headfirst off another middle turnbuckle, then presses his head against it. Mondo throws Perkins down, then fish hooks him around the ring before driving him back down to the mat for a nearfall. Perkins goes to the outside to collect himself, but Mondo follows out after him. Mondo pulls at Perkins’ mouth, then tries to drive him open-mouthed into the apron in almost a curb stomp manner, but Perkins fights out and then drives Mondo backfirst into the barricades. Perkins charges at Mondo, but Mondo moves out of the way and Perkins’ leg catches nothing but barricade. Mondo then drives Perkins backfirst into the barricade, with Perkins landing almost on the top of his head due to the velocity of Mondo’s throw. Mondo sends Perkins back into the ring and gains a nearfall. Mondo then grinds his elbow into the face of Perkins, followed by rubbing Perkins’ face into the mat. Mondo with a knee to the face, but Perkins fights back with a gut shot, followed by a European uppercut. Perkins with a pair of kicks to the chest, but Mondo fires back with another knee to the face, followed by sending Perkins again headfirst off the middle turnbuckle. Mondo then goes up on the middle ropes and uses all his weight to press the head of Perkins into the turnbuckle. Mondo then stands on the face of Perkins, while using the ropes for extra leverage. Mondo locks in a chinlock, while using his knee to press against the side of Perkins’ head. Mondo with an elbow to the top of Perkins’ head, then motions at doing something. Mondo pulls open the eyelids of Perkins and it looks like he is going to bite at Perkins’ exposed eyeball, but Perkins fortunately blocks it. Mondo charges, but Perkins catches him with a roundhouse kick to the head.

Perkins blocks a pair of right hand attempts by Mondo and hits a series of right hands of his own, followed by a chop. Perkins with another right hand and another chop, followed by a European uppercut. Perkins with a kick to the chest, followed by an Irish whip, but Mondo reverses it, however Perkins springs off the ropes and hits a turnaround crossbody on Mondo, followed by a series of right hands. Mondo charges again, but Perkins catches him coming in with a drop toe hold that sends Mondo into the ropes. Perkins then springs off the ropes again and connects with a dropkick to the side of Mondo’s head. Perkins, now on the apron, springboards and connects with a missile dropkick to the back of Mondo’s head for a nearfall. All of a sudden, the Young Bucks come down to ringside. Perkins sets up Mondo on the far side of the ring and motions that he is going for the 450 Splash. Perkins heads up top, but does not see the Young Bucks tip toe their way over to where he is. Mondo rolls away to avoid Perkins, who hops down from off the ropes. While the referee is with Mondo, Matt Jackson swipes at Perkins’ foot and this causes Perkins to go out after them. Perkins shoves Matt, but then Nick comes in from behind and throws Perkins back into the ring. Then, while Perkins is distracted, Mondo comes in from behind and nails Perkins. Irish whip by Mondo, but he misses a clothesline and Perkins then does his rope taunt to Mondo. Mondo charges, but Perkins moves out of the way and Mondo goes sailing through the ropes and to the outside right where the Young Bucks are. All of a sudden, Perkins gets a head of steam and connects with a somersault plancha onto all 3 of them. The crowd is fired up as Perkins sends Mondo back in the ring. However, while the referee is once again with Mondo, Nick grabs at Perkins’ foot as he is getting back into the ring.

Perkins kicks him off, but that allows Mondo to come in and connect with a hanging version of his Double Arm DDT for the victory.

Winner: “No Fear” Mike Mondo by pinfall (Hanging Double Arm DDT)

After the match, the Young Bucks come in and they and Mondo begin to put the boots to Perkins. All of a sudden, the All Night Express run in and make the save for Perkins. It turns to a big melee as ANX & Perkins brawl with the Young Bucks & Mondo. Nick & Mondo go to the outside as Matt begins to get worked over by ANX & Perkins. Perkins has ANX double Irish whip Matt for something, but Nick & Mondo pull Matt out of the ring as he was coming off the ropes. The 2 trios stare each other down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “Inside Ring of Honor”.

The 1st topic is the Fight Without Honor match for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles this Saturday at Border Wars between champions The Briscoes & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. We go to video of comments from both teams.

Charlie Haas says “Briscoes, you sit here and complain, complain about what we’ve done to you”. “Let me remind you that it was you two who jumped us last year in New York and you two the beat the s**t* out of us with those chairs”. “Let’s fast forward, because we’ve gone back and forth”. “You 2 made a bold statement that in Fort Lauderdale, someone was gonna get carried out”. “Well, it was you two and Jay, you lost your b***s in that match”.

Shelton Benjamin says “So, there’s only one thing left, there’s only one thing that Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team is interested in when it comes to the Briscoes, and that’s those Tag Team Titles”. “So, come Toronto, Fight Without Honor, that’s just fine”. “We don’t need honor, but what we do need are our belts”.

Haas closes by saying “What he said”.

We go to the Briscoes as Jay Briscoe says “Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, all bullcrap aside, we’ve been through a war over the past year”. “Yeah, we started it in New York City, beating y’all over the head with chairs” as Mark says “We beat the p**s outta y’all boys”. Jay says “And I’ll be goddamned if y’all didn’t bring it right back, but that’s what we like”. “But, when we got down to Florida, y’all crossed the line, y’all boys tried to take my manhood”. “So, now in Canada, we gonna cross the border, then we gonna cross the line”. “And in Canada its gonna be a Fight Without Honor and we fresh outta honor”. “So, bring y’all ass because we gonna whoop y’all ass in Toronto”.

The next topic is the House of Truth, who have 3 separate matches on the Border Wars Internet PPV this Saturday. Michael Elgin faces Adam Cole, Television Champion Roderick Strong defends the title against the debuting Fit Finlay and finally, the newest member of the House of Truth, Rhino, faces Eddie Edwards. We go to a video of comments from all 3 members of the House of Truth, along with their manager, Truth Martini.

Truth Martini says “Border Wars, Toronto, The House of Truth”. “Roderick Strong, your new World Television Champion goes up against Fit Finlay”. “Unbreakable Michael Elgin, he gets to show Adam Cole why he is the breakout star of 2012”. “Then, the Man Beast Rhino, my mercenary, is gonna Gore Eddie Edwards right out of that World Title contention”.

Roderick Strong says “You know Fit Finlay, I hear you like to fight”. “Well, on May 12th, you’re gonna be in for the biggest and hardest fight of your life”.

Michael Elgin says “Adam Cole, you walk into Toronto in this dreamland of yours”. “Well, May 12th, you get a dose of reality and realize that the only breakout star of 2012 is Michael Elgin”.

Rhino says “Eddie Edwards, you’re a former heavyweight champion, so am I”. “I get paid to take people out, and that’s what I have been paid to do, is take you out”. “And in Toronto, I will leave you lying in a puddle of your own p***, blood & s**t, because I will rip you in half with a Gore, GORE, GORE!!!!”

We then go to Eddie Edwards, who says “Rhino, you’ve said what you gotta say, I’ve done my talking”. “Now, its about what happens in the ring”. “Now, its about you can get hit the hardest, who can take the most and keep getting up”. “But, we already know that’s me”. “Rhino, come to Gore me, come to kill me, do whatever you wanna do because it will not stop me”. “I am coming after that World Title, and Rhino, you are not gonna stand in my way”.

We see a history piece on Fit Finlay before we move on to our final topic, which is the “Showdown in the Sun Rematch” this Saturday at Border Wars as the “Canadian Icon” Lance Storm takes on “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. We go to video of comments from Bennett.

Mike Bennett, who is with Maria, says “You know, baby, it makes me really sad, really sad that Lance didn’t get the picture in Fort Lauderdale”. “You know, he went to Ring of Honor and he begged, he practically begged”. “He got on his knees and said, Ring of Honor, I want Mike Bennett again”. “Well, that’s fine Lance, but what I don’t like is that you want it in your home country of Canada”. “I mean, the fact that I have to beat you there just gives me chills and want to come out of my clothes, its disgusting”. “But Lance, like I always say, if I can be serious for a minute, your Ring of Honor career came this close to ending in Fort Lauderdale”. “But now, in Toronto, its gonna come to a definite end and its gonna be the most embarrassing moment of your life when your family, your friends, and all your fans realize that the Prodigy is just better than the best”.


Back from commercial, we go to the backstage area where Veda Scott interviews Kyle O’Reilly.

O’Reilly says “Kevin Steen, you talk a lot of trash about Team Ambition’s training regime”. “You throw stones at something you simply cannot understand, being an athlete”. “I’m trying to grasp the concept, why does some people like you?” “You’re fat, you’re stinky, you’re a disgusting slob”. “Kevin Steen, read my lips, I’m going to expose you for the fraud that you are and everybody is gonna wake up from Wrestling’s Worst Daydream”.

Main Event: “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen w/ “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Steen wants to actually adhere to the Code of Honor before the match starts, but O’Reilly will have nothing of it. As the bell sounds, Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness are joined at the announce table by “The King of Old School” Steve Corino. O’Reilly charges in with a running knee, then both men exchange forearms and right hands until Steen rakes O’Reilly’s eyes. Steen goes for a suplex, but O’Reilly counters out with a knee to the head. O’Reilly with a forearm, a knee to the head, a kick to the chest and finally a leg sweep to Steen, who rolls out to the outside to catch a breather. Corino mentions on commentary that he doesn’t know why he is always doing commentary when Steen is wrestling because he doesn’t know Steen or Jacobs anymore. Steen pulls O’Reilly out to the outside, but then O’Reilly fires away with a forearm, followed by a kick to the chest. O’Reilly with another kick to the chest, then taunts the crowd, but that allows Steen to catches O’Reilly’s foot on another kick attempt and then Steen drives O’Reilly’s foot into the ringpost. Steen then setups O’Reilly and drills him with a powerbomb across the apron. O’Reilly is in pain, clutching his ankle on the outside while the crowd chants “Kill Steen Kill” as we go to commercial.


During the commercial break, we see a hype promo for this Saturday’s “Border Wars” Internet PPV as Kevin Kelly interviews The House of Truth.

Truth Martini says “Eddie Edwards, next Saturday is gonna be your last day in Ring of Honor”. “Heck, let’s be honest, its gonna be your last day on this planet courtesy of the Man Beast Rhino”.

Rhino says “They call you Die Hard Eddie Edwards”. “In Toronto, Eddie, you will DIE a slow, painful, hard death and before you take your last breath, you’ll look into my eyes and you’ll wish you were never born because I will rip you in half with a Gore, GORE, GORE!!!”

Back from commercial, as Steen has O’Reilly in the corner and talks trash to him. Steen attempts an Irish whip, but O’Reilly’s ankle is so badly injured that he cannot make his way across the ring as he proceeds to go down in a heap, clutching onto his ankle. Steen & Jacobs, who is at ringside, mock O’Reilly’s injury, then Steen sets to charge. Steen charges, but O’Reilly moves out of the way and Steen goes shoulder first into the ringpost and then onto the outside. Steen takes a seat at ringside as O’Reilly heads out onto the apron. In an act of desperation, O’Reilly charges and leaps off the apron, hitting his running dropkick onto Steen on the outside. O’Reilly instantly clutches his leg as the crowd bangs on the barricades to show their appreciation. O’Reilly sends Steen back into the ring, then heads up top. O’Reilly connects with a front missile dropkick on Steen, who goes to the corner to collect himself. O’Reilly charges, but Steen sends him over the ropes, but O’Reilly lands on the apron, while wincing due to the pain of his ankle. Steen goes to take advantage, but O’Reilly scores with armbreaker that sends Steen’s arm across the ropes. O’Reilly goes to head back up top, but Steen prevents him from doing so and in having O’Reilly land on the apron, it proceeds to do more damage on O’Reilly’s ankle. Steen then drills O’Reilly with a DDT, spiking O’Reilly on his head. O’Reilly crawls over to the corner as Steen sets to charge again. Steen charges and this time hits the Cannonball for a close nearfall. Steen motions that its over and lifts up O’Reilly for the F-Cinq, but O’Reilly blocks it with elbows to the head. O’Reilly then hooks Steen in a cross armbreaker and then brings Steen down. However, Steen is able to maneuver his body so he can get his feet on the ropes to force a break.

O’Reilly grabs at his ankle again as he then hits a kick to the chest, followed by going for an Irish whip, but Steen has his arm around the ropes to block it. Steen then spits in O’Reilly’s face, but O’Reilly comes back with a spinning back kick to the injured arm. O’Reilly with a series of forearms, then talks trash to Steen. O’Reilly with a slap, then goes off the ropes, but Steen catches him coming in with the Alley-Oop Bomb. Somehow, the mouthpiece of O’Reilly came about as Steen then picks it up and puts it in his own mouth to taunt O’Reilly. Steen then locks in the Ankle Lock to mock Davey Richards. However, O’Reilly get to his feet and breaks the hold with an enziguri, knocking the mouthpiece out of Steen’s mouth. O’Reilly grabs the mouthpiece, then throws it at Jimmy Jacobs at ringside. Jacobs, incensed, hops up on the apron, but O’Reilly knocks him back off.

However, this distraction allows Steen to come in and lift up O’Reilly, this time hitting the F-Cinq for the victory.

Winner: “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen by pinfall (F-Cinq)

After the match, Steen nails O’Reilly in the injured ankle with his tennis racket, then locks back in the Ankle Lock as Jacobs taunts him. Davey Richards then comes in from the back and makes the save for his trainee, hitting both Steen and Jacobs with right hands. Richards & Steen exchange right hands, with Richards gaining the advantage and knocking Steen down. Richards then locks Steen in the Ankle Lock until Jacobs comes in from behind and nails Richards with a low blow. Multiple referees and security rush the ring as Steen unloads on Richards with a series of whacks across the back with the tennis racket. Jacobs keeps the referees and security at bay while Steen continues the assault. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but the referees and security finally get into the ring to stop Steen from hitting the move. Steen & Jacobs fight off security until they are finally led away from the ring while O’Reilly, who is back up, tries to go after them. Corino mentions on commentary that where is Jim Cornette while all of this is going on. Steen taunts O’Reilly as the crowd chants “Let them fight”. Richards get back to his feet and tries to go after Steen, but he is held back by the multiple referees and security while Steen taunts him. Then, while the referees & security are holding O’Reilly back, Steen hops up on the apron and drills O’Reilly in the head with the tennis racket. O’Reilly is down & out while Steen & Jacobs finally leave as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as multiple referees and Davey Richards are checking on Kyle O’Reilly. We see a replay of what transpired during and then after the Steen-O’Reilly match. Back to the ring where Richards has grabbed a microphone.

Richards says “Steen, one thing you will never do is take my Ring of Honor World Title away from me”. “Not only am I gonna kick your ass in Toronto, not only am I gonna bury in Toronto, I’m gonna let you know what it feels like to be helpless, fat boy”. “Your days of pretending to be an athlete, your days of pretending to be a professional wrestler are quickly coming to an end”. “Mark my words, Steen, this American Strong Style thing, is dead”. “You want the Wolf?” “You got the Wolf”. “The Wolf’s back, fat boy, and this hunt is coming straight for you”.

Kevin Kelly hypes up next week’s show as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Really good go-home show heading into Border Wars this Saturday.

The opener I thought was very good, however I thought that Taven got a little too bit too much offense on Ciampa as Ciampa has a match Saturday, but Taven does not. The match itself though was very entertaining and Taven continues to impress.

Mondo & Perkins was another good match and if a heel’s entire control segment is centered around someone’s face, then they to me, are nothing but a good worker and that is Mike Mondo.

Perkins was good on the sell, but he should NEVER talk. That pre-match promo and the interaction with the Bucks was atrocious.

The setup for the newly announced 6-man tag was solid and it should make for a good opener to Border Wars.

Inside ROH did another good job of putting forth good promo work and making viewers care about the undercard to mid-card matches on the show Saturday. Job well done in my book.

Finally, the main event was solid, but it was more to get over what happened after the match.

The post-match was a damn good go-home angle to put the final sizzle on the main event.

And I will say this, Richards’ promo to close the show may have been one of the best promos he has ever cut. It made me care about the match and I am very interested to see what transpires.

I have my thoughts, but I will save those for the Independent Roundtable on Thursday.

My Grade: B

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