WCW Thunder 4/15/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

Match 1: El Vampiro v. Buff Bagwell

Buff poses and prances for a minute. Buff owns the first minute. Vamp gets in a few blows but is mounted and pounded but he is nailed in the neck and Vampiro gets two after a spinkick and he uses the ropes to choke him out. Vampiro gives a pretty accounting but after about ten minutes Buff finishes him off.


Match 2: Jerry Flynn v. Wrath

Flynn sweeps the legs and tosses him to the floor. Wrath is hammered but he makes a comeback. He goes up top and hits a lariat and then chokes him out. Flynn is tossed to the floor. Wrath is limping…..they exchange blows and he is run into the railing. Flynn is. They are counted out and Flynn is tossed into the steps. The fans boo and Wrath is gimpy. They keep fighting after the bell. Not smart. At least they are giving the fans an extended brawl.

** Poor Wrath. His streak was broken by Nash who wanted to look strong. He was getting over and supposedly Nash only wanted one big man. With Giant gone…..now he blows out his knee and will be gone for a year!

Match 3: Horace v. Meng

Meng is dismantling him. Meng destroys him on the floor. Back in the ring he gets two after a powerslam. He chokes him out. Meng covers him and get two. Meng finishes him off.

** Squash!

Flair is looking over papers that a woman brings in and he is signing them. Arn is worried that Flair is not reading the papers. Flair is telling him to relax and Charles will beat the girl and everything is under control.

Match 4: Mikey Whipwreck v. Disco Inferno

So far so good. This match has been about six minutes of back and forth. Disco knocks him down and does a little dance and then strikes with a swinging neckbreaker. Disco covers him and gets two after some dancing around. Disco snaps him over and puts him in a rear chinlock. Mikey is up but he is slammed and Disco goes up and misses the elbow. Mikey takes it to him with some dropkicks and then mounts and pounds him. Mikey is clotheslined and nearly pinned. Now Mikey hits a kind of Famouser and he gets a near fall. He follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. The fans are clearly behind Mikey but Disco hits the Last Dance as it is not the Chart Buster anymore.

*** Fun, wrong person went over.

Gene calls down the nWo Black and White. Ray assures everyone that they are not Keystone Kops. They are coming together and will police WCW. He calls Hogan a punk and he is out of it. Nash is running around making deals behind everyone’s back and he does not like it. He tells the fans to shut up. Steiner and Luger are hurt. I did not know Steiner was….oh well. Gene wants to know where Norton is. He is in Japan. Ray wants the title. He challenges DDP and wants a piece of him. Jesus, this is still going on. He is giving orders. He wants Vincent to watch his back. He is still fucking going…..he is going to slap DDP and so on.

Match 5: Disorderly Conduct v. Raven and Saturn

Okay. Raven and Co. win.


Match 6: Juventud Guerrera v. Rey Mysterio (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Juve controls the first moments as he knocks Rey around. Rey reverses a whip and they exchange holds and moves. Juve takes him down and works the crowd. Juve is scissored to the floor where he is taunted by the fans. Back in the ring he catches a running Rey with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Rey kicks a running Juve into the ropes and scissors him to the floor.


Rey is celebrating with fans and he gets nailed from behind. But Rey counters with a roll up and he gets two. Juve grabs his head and spikes him in a kind of inverted bulldog. Juve takes his time following up. Now Rey catches him and gives him a spinning backbreaker but Juve comes back with a lariat and works the crowd some more. Rey gets his throat bounced off the top and now a springboard legdrop to the break. He drops the Juve Elbow! He gets two. Now they vie for advantage and they keep reversing moves until Juve hits the Driver but he is unable to follow up. Both men are down. Juve goes up top but is crotched and Rey Frankensteins him for the win.

*** Nice fast paced match.

Flair is telling AA that they have him right where they want them. Arn is still stressed.

Match 7: Stevie Ray v. DDP (c) for WCW Title

Five minutes of intro and BS. Ray gets in one shot and now DDP takes out both he and Vincent. They are brawling up the ramp and each eat some steel. Ray takes control and beats on him for a couple of minutes. Basically punches and kicks. DDP makes a comeback and takes him out with a discus lariat. Vincent is nailed. DDP turns into a boot, another kick and now he goes for the Slapjack but he is backdropped. DDP Diamond Cuts him and it is over.

** The begininning was the best part.

Here comes Vincent and Brian Adams and they get dismantled. Vincent eats a Diamond Cutter.

*** A decent Thunder. By the numbers show.

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