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WCW Thunder 9/20/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Here comes Russo and this is an emotional night for him. He will be the champ in five days in his hometown. He is giving Booker the night off. He will not have one as he has been getting ready and spent nearly two hours at the Power Plant and he shows off his guns. He will wrestle and that will give the fans a taste of what is going to happen on Monday. Russo taunts Stevie Ray who slowly heads to the ring. Russo is sick and tired of him and sick and tired of him putting his brother over. He tells him to beat or he will get fired. Ray is not happy but obliges. Steiner has skidded into the parking lot. Russo is still going off on Ray and makes him leave and refuses to let him to go up the ramp. Here comes Steiner. Steiner has his pipe and destroys Russo’s guards who just stand there. JJ helps and Steiner is screaming at Russo is scared. Booker T was not a part of the Nitro match. Booker going unconscious would not have helped Steiner as he was not a part of it. Russo would have laid down for Steiner. They have a new problem: Sting. In order to make up for it they will get Sting and if they do the job then they will get tons of title shots. Right before he leaves he tells Steiner and JJ that he made them and then he runs. Booker comes out and sarcastically tells Russo that he is really scared of their match on Monday and will be watching him….He backed Russo out. Sting and Booker fight with Steiner. Sting is knocked back but Booker punishes JJ and now Steiner gets it too.

Match 1: Thrillers v. Jung Dragons

Sanders and Kaz go at it. Kaz is tossed and Jindrak gets in the ring and he is punched a few times before he runs over Kaz. Sanders heads to the announce table. Doubleteam but the Dragons come back for a moment. But Kaz who is tagged back in is spiked and then hit with Seanton Bomb. Noble makes the save with a guillotine legdrop and then he slingshots into a legdrop. Kaz did. Now he tags in Noble who hammers away but turns into a kick. Nope, it is missed. Noble DDT’s both men and Sanders leaves the announce table. Jindrak spikes Noble. Sanders tags in and tries to get the win but cannot. He and Noble exchange moves with Noble coming out on top with a neckbreaker. Russian sweep after some tussling and Jamie goes off the whips but is tripped up. He comes back with a dropkick on Jindrak. He goes for a slingshot but is caught and thrust into the railing. Jindrak and O’Haire toss him over the top rope. Schiavone claims he has never seen that…..They did it at the PPV fuck wad. Sanders delays though and gets run over. Leia Meow is wearing a leather bikini. Hot! Sanders knocks Noble off the apron and Leia stomps her own man. The other two Dragons are down. Leia is going up top and she leaps into Sanders and wins…..WHAT?

**1/2 Good match until the end. What the fuck? She was not even legal. I should DUD this but it was a good match until that debacle. Why are women still pinning Sanders? STUPID.

Dragons get stomped.

Disco wants a rematch against Cat. Disco is trying to act like Konnan with his duck and touching it and shit. Rematch is on.

Russo puts a dude in a mask and tells him to sell for him. He slaps him and calls him a punk.

Disco is with the Animals and talking about a Cruiserweight match and they do not buy anything he has to say.

&0s Lava Lamp Lounge: He babbles and calls out all the WCW ladies: Paisley, Tigress, Gunns and Torrie. Gunns talks about heavy artillery. Jesus. It is a bikini contest on Nitro. Who cares. Gunns is hideous. The girls argue and some Nitro Girls come out and tell them that Awesome was never going to be a judge. He pretended to be one. They trash his set in anger.

Russo is walking in the back.

Steiner is with Gene. Gene thinks Russo is trying to screw him. Steiner agrees and he goes off about Russo and Booker.

Match 2: Vince Russo v. Random Dude

He is named the Masked Heel! Russo is knocking him around. He tears off his shirt and flexes as JB who took Ray’s spot at the announce table. It is clearly Stevie Ray as the Heel. He is no selling and Russo is trying to talk to him. He bounces off him after the spear. Russo slaps him and Ray takes off the mask and corners Russo. He slapjacks him. Ray has the mic and taunts him about Monday.

Russo is talking to Kronik.

Animals are displeased and Konnan is being blamed for allowing Disco into their crew. They talk some more about getting the tag titles back or something.

Here comes Torrie and Shane Douglas.

Match 3: Torrie Wilson v. Paisley

Paisley wins with ease. Kiwi attacked Douglas….He gets nailed and then they go after Paisley. Tigress runs down and she is about to get beat up but Konnan makes the save.

DUD. Horrible.

Russo hopes that Sanders is ready to kick some major ass tonight.

Here comes Team Canada. USA chants. Storm offered an opportunity to better himself. He saw the light and the rest can too as Canada is the better nation. Duggan assures us that he has no regrets. He goes off on the USA. Here comes MIA. They get pummeled. Rection runs in and cleans house. He grabs the US flag and holds it as they beat on him. Schiavone and Tenay scream over and over that he will not let go of the flag. No shit.

Sanders is walking in the back. I missed what happened.

JJ is with Gene and it is not over between Jarrett and Sting.

Match 4: Stevie Ray v. Kronik

Adams shoves him into the corner and unloads on him. Ray fires back and down goes Clark. I guess it is Clark. Kronik manhandles him for a minute and Ray tries to fight back and has the slapjack but they doubleteam him and Ray goes down after a Full Nelson slam. High Time! They thought about doing it on top of a steel chair but they did not.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Booker has a forklift in front of his locker room….That is what Sanders did.

Match 5: Rey Mysterio v. Juventud Guerrera

They are exchanging holds and moves. They double flip each other and do the same on the pin. They bridge up. Juve is tossed but he lands on his feet. Rey finally has him and puts him in a bow and arrow but Juve counters with a DDT. They push each other. Juve slaps him and then chops him. Juve is sent into the corner but gets his elbow up. Juve takes him down and gets two. They shove each other gain and then clothesline each other. Both are down. They are up and Rey reverses the whip but Juve holds the ropes and he springs back into a kick and that sends Rey sprawling to the floor. Juve goes to the apron but Rey walks away in order to recover. Juve goes to fly over the top but stops as Rey moved. But Juve connects with a springboard pescado. Back in the ring, Juve is sent into the corner and he tries for a float over but his legs are grabbed and he is powerbombed. Bronco Buster! Juve counters and then mounts and pounds him in the corner. Juve brainbusts him. Two count. Juve takes his time and then hits a fast elbow drop. He pulls him up and Rey ducks and then nails him with a spinning headscissor take over. Juve falls to the floor. Rey flips down from the ropes and scissors him over again. Juve counters out of a move and drives him into the mat getting two. Springboard splash! Two count. Rey is up and they tussle, Rey pulls him down and then hooks him for the pin but Juve kicks out. Rey leaps back but right into the Driver. Rey kicks out. Rey has him and gets two but they roll each other up and Juve comes out on top and wins!

**** Longest WCW TV match in months. This is what they need to do more often. It was for the number contendership for the Cruiserweight Title and that is what they were talking about.

Disco comes down to celebrate with them and gets beat up!

Gene is with Sting. Sting is happy that it is not over between him and the golden boy but he will not walk into a trap as he is facing JJ and Steiner.

Match 6: Three Count v. Harris Brothers

Harris’ have dominated most of the match. They are getting a table….Nope cannot find it. It is a chain wrapped bat and they finally find it and Kronik comes down and attacks. Here comes Jindrak and O’Haire and they get involved. FA and now the Dragons and MIA all come out for a preview for the Battle Royal on Nitro for the tag belts.

Tenay is with Kiebler. She is apologizing to David. Tenay is not buying it. He reminds her of all the slutty things she has done. Tenay even thought about taking a shot at her. He asks who the father is and hints that she has been with many men. She was only with one. Tenay is being a dick as he mocks her for not being in the WCW swimsuit competition. She whines that it is not her fault and Tenay will not relent as she will be the most popular person at her Lamaze class. She claims that she is a victim. Tenay responds that there are two: Flair and that child and how she will make a terrible mother and she runs off sobbing. I will comfort you….

The forklift has been moved from in front of Booker’s locker room.

Match 7: Scott Steiner and JJ v. Sting

Steiner does his thing on the mic and taunts Booker T.

Sting comes down and tosses Steiner and then hiptosses JJ. He is game for a another moment. Steiner attacks but is bulldogged and mounted and pounded in the corner. JJ is hammered but he whips Sting into Steiner who catches and then plants him with a belly to belly. Sting is now getting the snot beat out of him. Booker comes out dressed as Sting and destroys the heels. Sting has JJ and hits the Splash. Steiner is getting pummeled on the floor. Russo runs in but is dropped and it is Deathlock time. JJ has the guitar and breaks it over Sting’s head. Booker runs in and goes for the Book End but he is stopped by a pipe shot from Steiner. The faces are getting dismantled.

NR. Angle advancement….

** I have to bump it up due to the Juve/Rey match as that was pretty good. Almost like the good old days when they wrestled a lot more. A lot of angle advancement. None of it too bad. I will say that there was far too much Russo. It is too much like the McMahon angle and he is getting way too involved for my tastes. At least Booker looked stronger tonight….

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