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ROH TV 2/23/2013

The American Wolves team up with Michael Elgin to take on the team of Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly!

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and hypes up the six-man main event. We see a recap of ROH World Champion Kevin Steen stopping S.C.U.M. from attacking Jay Lethal.

Steen comes to the ring with something to say. He says ROH has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. He says he wasn’t proud to be ROH champion when he won the belt, but he thought it would help him kill the company. He wanted to put the company out of its misery due to what Jim Cornette did to it. Steen says ROH has returned to what it should be since Cornette is gone. He says since Cornette is gone that he cares about ROH and is proud to be champion. Steen explains the reason he’s giving Lethal the title shot is because he is the one to get rid of Cornette. Steen says he will do everything he can to keep the title and that Lethal can’t beat him.

Tadarius Thomas and Matt Taven talk about what being in Ring of Honor means to them and what they’re going to do to win the Top Prospects Tournament.

Top Prospects Tournament Finals
Matt Taven vs. Tadarius Thomas

Thomas uses his fancy kicks to get a quick two count on Taven. He rolls through a crossbody for another early near fall. Truth Martini makes his way to ringside as Thomas hits a dropkick on Taven. Taven connects with a spinning kick to the stomach to give him control of the match. Taven hits a springboard somersault senton right on Thomas’ face! That had to hurt. Thomas whips Taven into the ropes and Martini grabs his foot, which gives Thomas the opportunity to regain control of the match. Thomas hits the Dragon Suplex, but Taven kicks out at the last second. Thomas ducks a spinning kick attempts from Taven, which connects on Todd Sinclair. Martini throws Thomas his boot to use, but Thomas refused. Taven tries using it, but Thomas ducks it. Taven sends Thomas into the ropes where Martini clocks him with the “Book of Truth.” Taven pins him and gets the three count to win the Top Prospects Tournament. Taven and Martini shake hands after the match.

Winner by Pinfall: Matt Taven’s Thoughts: This was a decent match, but it was nothing special. The focus of the match was on Martini and what he would do to influence the match. The right wrestler won as Thomas still leaves something to be desired. I’m really looking forward to seeing Taven vs Cole at the “11th Anniversary Show.”

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Charlie Haas says BJ Whitmer won’t make it to the “11th Anniversary Show.” Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander say they’re ready for a fight. The American Wolves say they’re brothers and are the best tag team in the country. Team Am-Fishin’ (or is it redDRagon?) say the Briscoes reign will be short-lived. Truth Martini just laughs creepily into the camera. Michael Elgin says Roderick Strong has signed his own death certificate. Jay Lethal says all the distractions are gone and he’s coming for everything Steen has.

Jay Lethal comes to the ring with a microphone. He says it’s great Steen wants to be an honorable champion, but he think Steen is full of it. He says Steen is a master of mind games. Lethal says he won’t fall victim to those mind games. He says he can win because Steen thinks he can’t.

Veda Scott is backstage with Roderick Strong and Team Am-Fishin’. Strong says tonight will further prove Strong is unbeatable (he’s no Jay Lethal). Team Am-Fishin’ say they’ll beat the American Wolves once again.

Roderick Strong , Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Michael Elgin, Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards

The Briscoes join Kelly and Caleb Seltzer at commentary. This should be every entertaining. The match, as expected, starts off as a massive brawl around ringside. Referees try to restore order as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and Elgin and the Wolves are in full control. Elgin hits a series of splashes in the corner to each member of the opposing team. Elgin holds Fish up in a delayed vertical suplex for close to a minute before dropping him to the mat. O’Reilly distracts Richards, giving Fish the opportunity to give his team control of the match. Strong connects with a nice dropkick for a near fall. Strong tries hitting a delayed vertical suplex of his own, but Richards reversed it into a pin attempt. Strong answered right back with another dropkick. Richards is still in trouble as the show goes to another break.

Back from commercial  and Richards is fighting back. He throws O’Reilly into Fish and makes the tag to Edwards. Edwards connects with a double missile dropkick off the top rope into both members of Team Am-Fishin’.  Strong and Richards have a chopping battle, but the Wolves hit Strong with the alarm clock. The Wolves send Team Am-Fishin’ to the outside and hit stereo suicide dives. Elgin and Strong are the legal men and Elgin is beating him down. O’Reilly has a sleeper hold locked in on Elgin, and Elgin hits a deadlift German Suplex on Fish with O’Reilly on his back. Strong hits the gutbuster and Team Am-Fishin’ follow it up with the Total Elimination on Elgin, but the Wolves break up the pinfall! Strong hits the double knee suplex on Elgin to pick up the pinfall.

Winners by Pinfall: Roderick Strong and Team Am-Fishin’’s Thoughts: This was a very fun match to end the show. With the talent level of the six wrestlers involved in this match, it was impossible to get anything other than a good match. We got good action bell to bell and we got to see some good interaction from all the wrestlers. This match got a lot of time and was able to build into a climax at the end. This was a good match that’s worth checking out.

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