NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #42 4/23/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action Weekly PPV #42
From: Nashville, TN

1.)D’Lo Brown & AJ Styles defeated Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders by disqualification
2.)Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels defeated America’s Most Wanted
3.)The Sandman, Perry Saturn & New Jack defeated Mike Awesome, Slash, & Brian Lee in an Ultimate Sin Match
4.)Trinity defeated NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash
5.)Justin Credible fought Slash to a no contest
6.)NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champion Amazing Red defeated NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champion Jerry Lynn in a number one contenders match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Raven reminds us that his championship match with NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett is next week. Raven also has a surprise for Jarrett later on in the show.

2. Backstage, Glen Gilbertti and Mike Sanders are arguing over who has the “it factor” and who doesn’t. The rest of the SEX group come over and Gilbertti is mad at them for being late. He is so mad that he slaps Sonny Siaki in the face. Glen also noted that people had been calling Sanders “Below Average.” As the group left, D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles attacked Glen and Sanders leading them to the ring for a tag team match.

3. Styles and Gilbertti legally start the match with Styles working on Glen in the corner. All four men are in the ring as Gilbertti and Sanders are sent into each other and met with clotheslines. Brown scoop slams Gilbertti and then scoop slams Styles on top of him for a near fall. Styles drops Glen with a superkick and tags in Brown. Brown hits a top rope clothesline and slams Glen down to the canvas. Brown gets a near fall after a leg drop. Glen is double teamed in the corner. Glen runs into a standing spin kick by Styles. Glen dropkicks AJ’s knee and tags in Sanders who blocks a kick and flips AJ over to the canvas. Sanders and Gilbertti decide to focus on AJ’s knee. Glen hit a side Russian leg sweep and an elbow drop for a near fall. Sanders tries to get a submission on Styles with a leg lock but that doesn’t work. Gilbertti misses a middle rope forearm drop. Brown and Sanders get the hot tag with Brown cleaning house. Styles hits a German suplex on Gilbertti. Sanders plants Brown with a reverse neckbreaker for a near fall. Brown plants Sanders with a swinging side slam and heads to the top rope. Brown hits a frog splash off the top but Gilbertti makes the save on the cover. Brown counters the Last Dance with a sit out spine buster but Sanders makes the save. Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper come out and attack Styles and Brown to cause the disqualification. Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn run out to make the save and brawl with the former tag team champions. Red hits a top rope spinning heel kick on Daniels as he was on Lynn’s shoulders. Sonny Siaki and David Young run out to lay out Lynn and Red. SEX stands tall over the tag champs. (**1/2. There was decent action throughout the tag match as there wasn’t any rest spots or anything, which was nice to see. The bullshit ending was kind of a bummer, though. SEX gets a strong segment, which is important for the stable.)

4. Goldylocks had a chat with NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett who said he doesn’t understand Raven’s messages. Jarrett is going to be on the hunt and Raven is going to be hunted. Erik Watts entered the scene and asked whatever happened to Peace, Love and Understanding. Watts tells Jarrett he is going to put Raven in a straight jacket and talk to him.

5. Backstage, Goldylocks finds that Chris Harris has been laid out and was attacked by someone.

6. Triple X doesn’t think James Storm is crazy enough to fight them by himself. Storm runs out and proves he is crazy enough as he goes after both men. Storm backdrops Skipper over the top onto Daniels on the floor. Storm takes them out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Storm clotheslines Daniels out of the corner and follows up with a backdrop. Skipper tags in but Storm takes him over with a few arm drags. Daniels accidentally elbow drops Elix and Storm continues to get offense in against the former champs. Skipper hits a belly to belly suplex after Daniels kicks Storm from the apron. Storm is double teamed in the corner but tries to fight back and hits a cross body on Skipper for a near fall. Elix regained control with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Daniels gets a near fall after a heel kick on Storm. Skipper and Daniels hit a slam/top rope forearm drop. Chris Harris makes his way out to the ring holding his head. Storm and Daniels collide with clotheslines and Harris is knocked off the apron by Skipper. Storm is hit with a neckbreaker/double axe handle off the top. Storm nails Skipper with a superkick and is able to tag in Harris for the hot tag. The referee didn’t see it and Storm is beaten up some more. Storm hits a bulldog/fame-asser combo on Triple X. Harris finally gets a hot tag and cleans house. Harris nearly wins with a full nelson slam on Skipper. Daniels plants Harris with an STO. Skipper hits a twisting splash from the apron for a near fall. Storm plants Daniels with the Eight Second Ride out of the corner for a near win. Skipper dropkicks Storm off the top rope to the floor. Harris hammers away on Skipper after a splash. Daniels hits the BME on Harris but can’t put him away. Harris almost gets a three with an inside cradle on Daniels. Harris is getting close on a few near falls. Harris spears Skipper in midair on a springboard for a two count. Daniels low blows Harris from behind and Skipper gets the win with an inside cradle. (***1/4. A good tag team match between these two teams. Harris did an excellent job in the role of a babyface who tried to fight all the odds. It was a nice story told during the match.) After the match, James Storm looks at Harris and just walks away.

7. Goldylocks interviewed Alexis Laree, who said she would cut Jarrett’s balls off and shove them down Goldylock’s throat. Laree decides to go to the ticket booth and threaten the old lady who sells tickets. Jarrett comes over and makes the save by hitting Laree with a trash can. Jeff tosses Laree into the back of his truck.

8. Father James Mitchell explains to us the rules of the Ultimate Sin match. There will be barbed wire and a lot of weapons involved. It should be a bloodbath.

9. Barbed wire is wrapped around the ring ropes since it would probably take way too long to replace the ropes with barbed wire. It takes about ten seconds for there to be bloodshed as Slash is busted open by New Jack. Jack tried to staple a dollar to Slash’s face but Slash low blows Jack and stapled the dollar to Jack’s forehead! Brian Lee is barking like he is Rick Steiner. Saturn kicks Awesome back first into barbed wire and then drops Awesome gut first across the wire. Tenay says it is “non WCW barbed wire.” Awesome powerbombs Saturn onto a trash can. Sandman leaps off the top to whack Awesome over the head with a kendo stick. Saturn hits a side Russian leg sweep with a kendo stick on Lee. A couple of tables have been set up on the outside. Awesome powerbombs Sandman off the apron through a table on the floor! Saturn leaps off the top and elbow drops Lee through a table on the other side of the ring! Jack comes off the top with a chair to hit Slash with it for a two count. Jack sets up a ladder to get the baseball bat that is hanging from the ceiling. Slash tips the ladder over and Jack falls over the top through another table on the floor! Slash goes to get the bat but the lights go out. Justin Credible appears on the ladder to stop Slash. Saturn powerbombs Slash and Credible gets the baseball bat after a little bit of a struggle. Credible hits all the New Church guys with it and Saturn pins Slash to win the match. (**1/2. A few nasty spots in the match made it enjoyable. Credible’s appearance didn’t excite the crowd at all. The crowd was probably expecting another new arrival. Credible just doesn”t provide excitement to the company.)

10. Mike Tenay interviewed NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash. Kash says that Trinity doesn’t have a contract with the promotion and is only there because he saw something in her. Kash says she has a personal services contract with him which means she does whatever he wants her to do. Trinity comes out and defends herself but is slapped for doing so. Trinity doesn’t take that and actually slaps Kash back.

11. Trinity starts off with a head scissors and an arm drag. Kash is backdropped to the apron where he is kicked off by Trinity. Trinity hits a moonsault off the top to the floor! Kash sends Trinity into the guard railing and tosses a chair into her face. That was an incredibly violent unprotected chair shot that came out of nowhere. Kash heads to the top and clotheslines Trinity in the ring for a near fall. Kash plants her with a swinging neckbreaker and drops her across his knee for a two count. Kash is pulling her up, by the way. Trinity comes back with a somersault dive in the ring but is stopped by a clothesline but Trinity kicks out at two. Trinity connects with a hurricanrana and they botch a springboard hurricanrana attempt. The referee was knocked out and that brings out S.E.X. They go after Kash and hit the H-Bomb. Sanders puts Trinity over Kash and she gets the win. (**1/2. At least Kash didn’t have to job out to Trinity cleanly. The match was good and Trinity is incredibly over with the crowd. Kash is one of the best heels in TNA and needs to be given better stuff.

12. Backstage, Jim Mitchell is yelling at Slash for losing the Ultimate Sin match. You could see someone who looked like Vince Russo behind Mitchell.

13. Slash comes out and drops Shark Boy with a reverse DDT. Slash is holding Jeremy Borash hostage with a machete and calls out Justin Credible. Credible comes from behind with a kendo stick to hit Slash. This is a match now. Slash knocks Credible off the apron onto the guard railing. Slash takes Credible out with a somersault dive on the floor! Slash clotheslines Credible on the floor. Credible powerslams Slash on the floor to fight back. Credible dropkicks Slash back first into the guard railing. Slash blocks a second attempt and catapults Credible face first into the ring post. Slash uses a chair on Credible as well. Credible low blows Slash and goes for the That’s Incredible but Slash counters and hits a spinning slam. Credible superkicks Slash in midair as he jumped off the top rope. Credible whacks Slash with a kendo stick. Slash throws powder into Credible’s face and uses the kendo stick on Credible. They fight to the backstage area and they go outside. Slash fights off Team Extreme. Holy shit, Sandman just hit Slash with a flaming kendo stick! There is a massive brawl as Sandman runs around with the flaming kendo stick. (*1/2. The fans don’t care about a babyface Justin Credible, which isn’t all that shocking. It wasn’t all that great of a brawl. This is a definition of what filler would be.)

14. Erik Watts came down to the ring and called out Raven but instead got Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree. Watts hit a chokeslam on Dinero but was stopped by Laree who hit a low blow on Watts. Jeff Jarrett, who had been feuding with Watts for several months, came out and saved Watts by hitting the stroke on Dinero and putting him on a table. Jarrett proceeded to powerbomb Laree onto Dinero through the table.

15. Konnan is on commentary for the main event. Neither man get an advantage as they miss some spots in the early moments. Lynn scoop slams Red and is arm dragged by Red. They have a standoff. Lynn is holding his lower back throughout the match making me think he has some kind of injury. Lynn hits a backbreaker on Red for a two count. Lynn continues with a back suplex but can’t get a three count on the cover. Lynn has a half Boston Crab on Red, but Red reaches the bottom rope. Red dropkicks Lynn across the middle rope but misses the 718. Tenay notes that Red took the move from Rey Mysterio. Red dropkicks Lynn to the floor and comes off the apron to hit a hurricanrana sending Lynn into the railing. Red hits another hurricanrana on the floor and gets a near fall in the ring. Red kicks Lynn in the corner and hits a spinning kick for a two count. Red clotheslines Lynn for a near fall. Lynn misses a leg drop across the middle rope and crashes to the floor. Lynn slams Red chest first across the guard railing. Red nearly wins with the Code Red! Lynn counters a hurricanrana attempt with a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Red almost surprises Lynn with an inside cradle. Lynn slams Red down to the mat but can’t get a win. Red drops Lynn with a spinning kick and heads to the top rope but Lynn stops him. Red leaps off and knocks the referee out. Lynn knocks Red off the apron to the floor. Ron Killings comes out and hits a front slam on Lynn. Killings tells Konnan they need to talk and they leave the area. Red hits the Infrared and wins the match. (***. Seriously, there is some stuff that bugs me here. It was a fine match, but it was as if they didn’t do what they could fully do. The referee bumps need to stop in TNA. There seems to be multiple of them every show. The return of Killings taking Lynn out is odd. I can see some kind of racial group with Killings and Konnan developing. Red gets a title shot against Kid Kash now. Hopefully that lives up to the expectations.)

16. Backstage, Erik Watts finds the hiding place that Raven was at. Raven jumps Watts and plants him with a DDT on a steel chair.

17. Backstage, Jarrett appeared and attacked Raven which would eventually lead them to the ring. Jarrett whacked Raven with a chair and put him in a straight jacket. The lights would go out and Team Extreme appeared in the ring. The group attacked Jarrett and put Jarrett in a straight jacket. They wrapped barbed wire around Jarrett and Raven hit a powerbomb to close the show. Raven vs. Jarrett is next week!

Final Thoughts:
There was some decent wrestling on the show with there being some good hype for the big show next week. I was expecting this to be some kind of throwaway show but it was a fine show. The show did a good job of hyping up the most anticipated main event in TNA between Raven and Jarrett next week.

Thanks for reading.

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