ECW on SCI-FI 7/25/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment & Extreme Champion Wrestling present ECW on Sci-Fi
From: Detroit, MI

Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly are in the ring to start the show. Knox shows a video for everyone to enjoy. The video is Kelly taking her clothes off in recent weeks. Knox again tells her she can’t take her clothes off in public again. We get a reminder of what happened to her last week. He believes that Sandman hit Kelly on purpose. Knox says he left ringside to get the EMT’s for her as fast as he could. He wants everyone to see how he treats the Sandman tonight.

Opening Contest: Mike Knox vs. the Sandman: Knox works over Sandman early on with several strikes. Sandman hits a side Russian leg sweep and Kelly enters the ring. Sandman grabs his cane. Sandman goes to hit Knox but Kelly was on top of Knox. Test runs in and big boots the ECW Original. Test plants Sandman with a TKO. Well, it looks like we have a new alliance in ECW.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer attacks Test and Mike Knox but is held back by officials.

Backstage, Paul Heyman declines to give Sabu an ECW World Championship match and suggests he take the night off. Heyman has the Riot Squad attack Little Guido and send him to the ring for a match.

A vignette promoting the debut of CM Punk. Punk will make his debut next week.

Second Contest: Kevin Thorn vs. Little Guido: Guido is literally dragged to the ring. Thorn works over Guido early on, obviously and messes around with Ariel on the apron briefly. Thorn blocks a kick to hit a spine buster. Thorn hits an elevated Stunner, which should have just been the finish. Thorn wins the match with the Razors Edge. (*. Well, Thorn displayed some good moves, but the elevated Stunner should have been the finish. I like the character, too. Let’s see how this goes for Thorn moving forward.)

A vignette promoting the debut of “the Reject” Shannon Moore. Moore literally just stares into the camera saying nothing. Probably better that way.

Third Contest: Balls Mahoney vs. Justin Credible: Early on, Mahoney works over Credible with a power slam and strikes. The fans are chanting “Balls” along with each strike. Mahoney sends Justin to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Credible fights back in the ring with a spinning DDT for a two count. Mahoney drives Credible down with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Credible misses a baseball slide and hits the ring post groin first. Credible dropkicks Mahoney into the referee and hits a reverse DDT. Credible grabs a chair but Mahoney gets the chair and whacks Credible over the head. Credible completely blocked it, thankfully. Mahoney is disqualified. After the match, Mahoney is not happy and whacks the referee with the chair, too. (DUD. Well, Mahoney appears to be popular with the crowd, which is typical. Not a good match, at all.)

Backstage, Big Show wants to know why Paul Heyman won’t let him wrestle Sabu. Show is wrestling the best of RAW and Smackdown. Show accepts Heyman assuring him of his judgment and heads to the ring..

Main Event: ECW World Champion the Big Show vs. Kane in an extreme rules match: Show dumps Kane to the floor early on after absorbing two clothesline attempts. Kane sends Show shoulder first into the ring post. Kane goes under the ring to get two tables and two chairs. Kane leaps off the middle rope to clothesline Show. Kane wedges a chair in the corner and continues to hammer away on the champ. Show is able to send Kane head first into the steel chair. Show whacks Kane over the back with a trash can, as well. Kane low blows Show on the middle rope and drives Show down to the mat with a back suplex off the middle rope. Show kicks out of the cover at one. Kane continues his offense with a clothesline in the corner, twice. They go for choke slams and Show hits it but only gets a near fall. Show sets both tables from earlier up on the floor. Kane drops Show across the top rope while Show was on the apron. Kane delivers a chair shot three times and Show crashes through the tables! The champ is busted wide open as Paul Heyman is out at ringside now. Kane goes to the top and goes for a clothesline in the ring but Show catches Kane only to have the choke slam countered with a DDT, but Heyman pulls the referee out. Kane grabs Heyman and Show hits Kane over the back with the chair. Show with a chair shot to the head and choke slams Kane onto the chair for the win. (**. A few nice spots in this one, but there was a few dull moments. Still, one of the better ECW main events recently.) After the match, Sabu appears and leaps off the top to kick a chair into Show’s face to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
Another not so good episode as we only get a decent main event and a good in-ring introduction of Kevin Thorn. Another thumbs down from me.

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