NWA-TNA Impact 4/13/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action present Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Opening Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe: The match is already in progress with Daniels on the floor bleeding a ton. Daniels had hit a moonsault to the floor, but Joe sent the champ face first into the ring post to cause the bleeding. In the ring, Joe bites Daniels forehead and taunts the fans. Joe drops a knee to continue his control of the bout. Joe nails Daniels with a leaping high knee strike and the bloody Daniels can’t get anything going in this match. Joe delivers a series of strikes in the corner and is just pummeling the champion. Joe delivers a forearm shot and a leaping spin kick in the corner. Daniels is just being dominated thus far. Joe follows up with a running boot scrap in the corner. Daniels counters a second with a dragon screw leg whip and a knee strike. Joe stops the champ with a STO slam as we go to commercial.

Joe power bombs Daniels and locks in a Boston crab before switching to a STF! Joe changes into a cross face and then into a rings of Saturn but Daniels gets to the bottom rope. Daniels drives Joe face first to the canvas and is starting to get some momentum. Daniels with a few clotheslines and hits a Code Breaker! Daniels to the top rope to hit a shoulder block but Joe kicks out before three. Daniels hits a top rope hurricanrana but again only gets a near fall. Joe nails Daniels with a yakuza kick but Daniels blocks a senton splash with his knees. Joe almost wins with a snap power slam!

Blue Thunder Driver by Daniels but Joe pops his shoulder up yet again. They are trading open hand strikes until Daniels leg trips Joe and hits the BME but can’t get a victory! Joe low blows Daniels on the top and hits a middle rope Island Driver to win the match! (***1/2. Well, that was a really great way to open the match. Daniels showed incredible heart and the fans were on fire for this one. What a great way to start off their run on Thursday nights.) After the match, Sabu’s music hits and a video package appears on the big screen. Joe meets Sabu at Lockdown.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sting. Sting mentions he issued a challenge to Jeff Jarrett for tonight. He has heard that Jeff has been in the bathroom all night. Sting says we will find out who is on his team for Lockdown later on.

A video promoting the feud between NWA-TNA World Champion Christian Cage and Abyss airs. Cage says he felt helpless when his wife was being stalked by Abyss and James Mitchell. Their actions have made the Lockdown match very personal.

Second Contest: NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3-D in a street fight: This is a non-title match. Both teams are brawling in the ring to start off. Devon and Ray splash the champs in the corner and take the fight to the floor. Gail Kim is beating up Jackie in the ring. Kim was about to get a 3D until AMW came back into the ring to make the save. Harris is choking Devon with some of his wrist tape. Storm comes back in and Devon hits a double clothesline. Not sure why they are doing tags in a street fight. Ray gets tagged in and cleans house sending the champs to the floor. The fight goes back to the floor. Storm is sent head first into a chair by Ray. Harris is sent into wall in the crowd.

Devon sends Harris over the railing and Devon whacks Harris with a tag title. Ray sends Storm into the wall, which gives way. Harris is sent into the railing while Storm works on Ray in the ring. Ray slams Storm and they go for the What’s up, but Harris shoves Devon off the top to the canvas. Storm super kicks Devon. Ray backdrops Storm to the floor and Harris nearly pins Ray with a clothesline. Ray misses a middle rope senton splash. Harris has a trash can and whacks Ray over the head with it for a two count. AMW goes for the Death Sentence on Devon, but Ray makes the save. A reverse neck breaker by Team 3D on Storm, but Petey Williams pulls the referee out. The rest of Team Canada comes out to attack Ray and Devon. The match has been thrown out. Spike Dudley comes running out and makes the save hitting the Acid Drop on Roode. Team 3D hits the 3D on A1 through the table. (*1/2. A decent brawl between these two teams along with a debut of Brother Runt. Not a bad segment.)

Sting came back because the cancer in TNA needs to be cut away. He believes the cancer is Jeff Jarrett and that needs to get eliminated.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarret, his army and Team Canada. Jarrett says he has never backed down from a challenge. He is going to teach Sting to have never challenged him. He agrees that it is show time because he is putting Eric Young in the main event with Sting tonight. Young didn’t want the match, but with the guys chanting his name, he warmed up to it.

Main Event: Sting vs. Eric Young: Young bails to the floor to stall as he is afraid of Sting. Alex Shelley is at ringside with his camera. Eric tries to chop Sting, but that doesn’t work at all. Sting sends Young over the top to the floor. Sting takes both Young and Shelley out with a slingshot cross body on the floor. Shelley begs on the floor but is sent into the railing. Sting misses a splash on Young and hits the guard railing.

Back from commercial, Young is working over Sting by choking him over the middle rope. Sting battles back with a series of strikes but is poked in the eye. Young misses a splash and is on the top rope. Sting hits the Stinger Splash and knocks Scott D’Amore off the apron. Sting gets the win after the Scorpion Death Drop. (*. Nothing special of a match. The whole point was Sting’s return to TV. The finish was never in doubt.) After the match, Sting has the Scorpion Death Lock on Shelley. Jeff Jarrett tries to attack Sting with his guitar, but fails. Sting has his bat and blocks the guitar shot! Jarrett begs off as AMW runs down. Sting uses his bat to fight them off. Scott Steiner enters to beat down Sting. Here comes AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Rhino, who all had baseball bats.

Sting has a microphone. He reveals that the men in the ring are indeed his teammates! That’s a wrap.

Final Thoughts:
A really good episode this week as Joe/Daniels delivered a very good match. A decent brawl between AMW/3D with a debut of Brother Runt. Plus, the return of Sting on national TV. A strong show for their debut on Thursday nights.

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