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This Is The End?


I was talking to a friend of mine late at night on July 27th, 2014 talking about attending the TNA Impact tapings that are being taped on August 5th, 6th, and 7th when I stumbled upon speculation that TNA was being cancelled by Spike TV.

Of course, at first I’m figured it’s just internet fans spreading a rumor that the company will “finally die” but within the hour TMZ, which may not be the best source for WRESTLING news, reported that Spike TV had in fact declined to continue the Impact Wrestling series. If it’s true…

It’s a sad day to be a professional wrestling fan.

Back in 2001 when ECW and WCW both ended up folding, I was too young (12) to really care or understand. My thinking at that point was that I had the WWF and that’s good enough. Though, it did take me nearly ten years to actually watch the final Nitro.

I’ll admit that I haven’t kept up with TNA, when it comes to sitting down and watching it on Thursday nights. Mainly due to the fact that I work overnights and hardly have the time to keep up with the current product, nor do I really have the desire in my free time, either.

That being said, TNA going out of business does more damage than any good. Sure, the company had been a mess for years, but it was a viable option to the WWE. Without TNA, there is nothing. ROH rising up but they are a far time away from being a number two company.

The whole Vince Russo killed TNA irks me a little bit. Yes, Russo hasn’t been a successful writer in wrestling for 15+ years, but the blame has to be put on Dixie Carter here. SHE is the person who continually hired the guy. SHE is the person who kept the re-hiring a secret. Why on earth someone would be so obsessed with Vince Russo as their head writer or a consultant is beyond me. He hasn’t helped ratings in 15 years. I could go on a long rant about Russo, maybe I will soon, but not right now.

I’m actually going to take a look at every person on the roster and see where they could possibly go. I’m sure some would disagree, but really it’s all a matter of opinion.

Abyss: There had been interest from the WWE in 2006 or 2007, I believe, but he never jumped ship. Abyss was the most impressive and dominate figure for TNA during really the 2005-2007 era and a jump to WWE would have been great for him. Now, not so much. I don’t see a WWE run for the guy. He could make a good living on various indies doing his known hardcore routine. IWA-MS, anyone?

Beauitful People (Love, Sky, Rayne): Shimmer?

Austin Aries: He had a bad falling out with ROH several years ago. I remember he stated he would rather retire than work indys if he couldn’t get a spot in WWE or TNA. So, he’ll either have to settle for indys or maybe we can get him back in ROH?

Bobby Roode: He has always been a guy I thought would be a perfect fit for WWE. Out of the TNA originals, he is probably the best all around talent.

Bram: I know he was in NXT prior, but I haven’t seen enough of his stuff. The same goes for this new Brittany chick.


Bully Ray: When WWE was doing that whole “Be Star” campaign it would have been PERFECT to have Bully Ray come in as his gimmick and be a foil to John Cena. I mean come on. Ray should get a singles run in the WWE. I think he would be great. Devon could be a trainer or something.

Davey Richards: Never burn your bridges. Same goes to Kenny King.

Eddie Edwards: Eddie would be welcomed back to ROH as he would already have an angle with the Decade lined up, most notably BJ Whitmer.

Eric Young: I can see EY as being another Colt Cabana on the indy scene. That’s about it.

Ethan Carter III: As Derrick Bateman in NXT, I thought he was incredibly boring and bland. However, I thought he plays the rich, snobby guy pretty well. I’m sure a lot of heat comes from Dixie Carter, though. He’d probably wind up back in AIW based in Ohio or something like that.

Gunner: He has an interesting look. I haven’t seen his in-ring work in a year or so. He once called me a goon.

James Storm: He should be a huge babyface. Maybe someone out there could see it.

Jeff Hardy: WWE probably doesn’t want him back to do past legal issues. He can’t leave the States, right? He’d make some good money with Matt Hardy. Could you imagine the heat that duo would get in ROH? I oddly have a desire to see Michael Elgin toss him around like a rag doll.

Jessie Godderz: He is still really young and new to the business. If the WWE were to ever want to groom the kid, he could have a Chris Masters type of gimmick, and do it better.

Kurt Angle: Retire.

Lashley: Fail at MMA.

Magnus: Another guy that could be a good acquisition for the WWE.

Mr. Anderson: Pretty sure WWE will never take him back. Maybe odd indy shows here or there?

MVP: Japan.

RHINO: I still like the guy. But, without TNA he’ll just go back to the independents.

Samoa Joe: Ring of Honor. The guy needs a change of scene badly and I think the ROH crowds would spark the Joe of old.

Samuel Shaw: Forgotten.

I know I skipped a few people, but that’s because they aren’t exactly relevant.

For all the hate that TNA gets, they do have to get some credit. They did create some matches that fans seem to always be interested in.


Ultimate X is probably the best idea of gimmick matches they ever came up with. I remember watching the first one live in 2003 and just being amazed by it. Of course, with popularity they proceeded to have way too many a year, but the matches were typically done incredibly well.

King of the Mountain: Another interesting concept of a reverse ladder match. They haven’t done this one in years. I guess people started to look forward to the match at Slammiversary and they didn’t want that.

Lethal Lockdown: Not the same as War Games with their being only one ring, but it was at least something of a throwback.

Quite honestly, the company going out of business may have been the likely outcome all along. Numerous failed announcements and numerous awful booking decisions has doomed a once promising company. The inability to keep homegrown talent like AJ Styles is like Sting leaving WCW for WWE during it’s time… or RVD walking out of ECW for a more promising salary.

Regardless of if the company was doomed, I would surely hope that wrestling fans would not actually hope it would go out of business. What good comes about this? WWE will now have ZERO competition and could have three hours of just mindless talking with no action.

Wrestling is always better with competition. Now, we’ll have nothing.

Some may be thinking about Global Force Wrestling that is being started by Jeff Jarrett. I have hopes for that, but be realistic. If TNA is truly done, is it likely that these TNA guys would just be employed by GFW? Quite possibly.

I think fans have become so frustrated with TNA that a new company would the same guys being booked properly would go over rather well. We can only hope for that.

If this is the end of Total Non-Stop Action, I bid a farewell. Thanks for the memories of Sports Entertainment Xtreme, the rise and fall of Monty Brown, Trytan, Chris Harris not being able to break the glass ceiling and become Braden Walker effectively ruining his career, the failed Immortal gimmick, Victory Road 2011 main event, and for the electric steel cage.

Thanks for the memories.


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