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NWA-TNA Turning Point 2005 12/11/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Turning Point
From: Orlando, FL

Opening Contest: Abyss vs. Sabu in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match: Sabu goes after Abyss with a barbed wire bat but misses and the bat gets stuck in the barbed wire ropes. Abyss kicks out of a cover and tosses Sabu chest first into the barbed wire! Abyss catches Sabu and again drops Sabu chest first across the barbed wire. Sabu has the spike and stabs Abyss in the arm several times. Abyss avoids a jump off a chair and Sabu crotches himself on the barbed wire! Sabu drop toe holds Abyss face first into the barbed wire! Abyss choke slams Sabu onto a chair but can’t get a three count. Sabu counters a sit down splash by low blowing Abyss with the chair. Sabu delivers a barbed wire chair shot a couple of times.

Sabu leaps off a chair and dives over the barbed wire to take Abyss out with a dive on the floor! Sabu tosses a barbed wire board into the ring. On the floor, Abyss drops Sabu across the barbed wire gut first. Sabu blocks a power bomb and choke slam but is press slammed gut first onto the barbed wire board! Abyss gets a second barbed wire board. Abyss misses a splash in the corner and hits the barbed wire board in the corner! Sabu sandwiches Abyss between the two boards and sits down to win the match. (**1/2. A decent bloody match between these two guys. I’d consider it tamer than the other barbed wire stuff I’ve seen, but the crowd was excited to witness it and there was enough bloodshed for this kind of match.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the Three Live Kru. BG James says that 2006 is going to be their year. BG talks about Konnan and Kip violating two guys last week. Konnan suggests they team more often. Konnan is ready for some action.

Backstage, Abyss is getting treated for his wounds suffered just moments ago.

Second Contest: Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries & Matt Bentley: Shelley and Aries kick off the tag match. Aries hits a springboard back elbow in the early moments of the contest. Aries gets out of a head scissors to deliver a dropkick on Shelley. Alex bites Austin and delivers a kick before tagging in Strong. Aries regains control with arm drags on Roderick. Bentley tags into the bout and double teams Strong briefly. Shelley gets into the match and stomps away on Matt before Strong returns to the bout. Bentley takes Strong over with hurricanrana and a kick to the head for a near fall. Aries tags back in to hit a slingshot splash from the apron back into the ring for a two count.

Shelley kicks Aries on the apron and clotheslines Austin back into the ring where Strong delivers a back breaker. Shelley hits a springboard moonsault on Aries for a near fall. Aries suffers a back suplex/neck breaker combo for a near fall. Austin fights his way off the top rope but still is met with a missile dropkick/back breaker combo for a two count! Aries manages to tag in Bentley who cleans house.

Bentley hits a Flatliner on Shelley and heads to the top rope. Bentley hits a top rope elbow drop but Shelley kicks out before three. Shelley nails Bentley with a kick to the head. Bentley counters a DDT and places Alex on the top. Strong hits a gut buster and Shelley comes off the top with a senton for a near fall! Aries broke up the cover and Shelley knocks Strong off the apron on accident. Bentley nails Alex with a super kick for the win. (**1/2. A good fast pace contest with the team of Strong and Shelley really impressing me. They had some great double team moves. The finish was kind of lame, honestly.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas chats with Monty Brown regarding his upcoming match against Christian Cage. Brown has a Bob the Builder doll and is talking to it. He talks about a dress code up North. Douglas gets the interview on track. Brown says Cage will not be taking his spot tonight. Monty tells Cage he doesn’t look like the Alpha Male and doesn’t dress like him. Brown assures us that Cage will be dominated and he will feel the POUNCE! NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett comes over and tells Brown that he simply doesn’t get it. Christian is the flavor of the month and says that Monty would have gotten a title shot months ago if it was up to him. Brown is going to be the face of TNA in 2006. Jarrett leaves saying that he is going to talk to someone who does get it.

Larry Zbyszko tells Raven that this is going to continue to happen until Raven signs his release. Raven insults Larry and grabs the contract. Raven just laughs at Larry and is ready to compete.

Third Contest: Raven vs. Chris Kanyon: Kanyon trips Raven and starts off with a series of right hands. Kanyon follows up with a swinging neck breaker and yells at Raven. Kanyon rams Raven shoulder first into the ring post and delivers a leg drop on the apron. On the floor, Raven sends Kanyon into the guard railing with a side Russian leg sweep. Kanyon drops Raven throat first across the top rope from the apron. Kanyon gets a two count after a middle rope Fameasser. Kanyon misses a moonsault from the top and Raven has an ankle lock on his former friend! Kanyon gets out of the hold with a hair pull. Raven hits a clothesline after sending Kanyon chest first into the corner and knee lifts Kanyon to the floor.

Kanyon tries to leave but is instead hip tossed on the entrance way. Raven slides a chair into the ring. Raven punches the chair as Kanyon blocked the punch with it. Raven power bombs Kanyon onto a chair and signals for the DDT. Raven plants Kanyon with the DDT and wins the match. (*. A rather flat match. The feud with Zbyszko isn’t overly interesting at this point.) After the match, Larry wants Raven to leave and be a man. Raven says no and slaps Larry. Zbyszko attacks Raven until they are broken up.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team Canada. Scott D’Amore says to not worry about Bobby Roode. Eric Young notes that they are down 4-3. Petey Williams goes to hit Young, but EY blocks it and says he is tired of it. D’Amore instead slaps Young and tells Young to get in line. NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett comes over with Bobby Roode. Jarrett doesn’t know what’s going on and Team Canada doesn’t know either. D’Amore says they will get to the bottom of it by the end of the night. Roode says that they have Jarrett’s back tonight.

Fourth Contest: Four Live Kru vs. Team Canada: Kip and Young start the eight man tag match. Roode comes in instead to start with Kip. Kip gets a near fall after a vertical suplex and press slams Petey. Konnan tags in and take his shoe off to throw at Williams. Killings comes off the top to hit a leg drop and Young tags in. Ron hammers away on Young as the fans are chanting for EY. Killings hits a spinning kick and BG tags in. BG misses a forearm shot but not a big boot on Young. BG follows up with a knee drop for a near fall. BG is sent to the floor where Team Canada stomps away on him.

BG has been controlled by Team Canada for several moments at this point. BG is able to clothesline Petey and Roode and tags in Kip. Kip enters and cleans house. Kip hits a jackhammer on Young but can’t get a three count. Kip hits the Fameasser on Roode and Konnan whacks Kip over the head with a steel chair! Roode covers Kip and gets the win! Konnan turned on his Kru! (*1/4. Well, considering these groups had been feuding for seemingly two years, the turn by Konnan added a new element to the situation. The match wasn’t all that good, but at least there weren’t any slow points.) After the match, Konnan whacks BG with the chair as well and hugs Killings, who is confused.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the Diamonds in the Rough. Douglas says that everyone is watching them. Elix Skipper says that this is wrestling, this is their house. David Young thinks hitting .256 is a disgusting and could do that with a broken arm. Diamond says that AJ Pierzynski lucked into winning a championship. They are confident about winning tonight.

Fifth Contest: Diamonds in the Rough vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Dale Torborg: Skipper and Sabin kick off the six man tag match. They have a mat based start to the contest and Sabin drops Skipper dangerously on his head. Elix dropkicks Sabin to the floor. Sabin dropkick Elix on the apron and dropkicks Skipper to the floor. Young attempts a springboard cross body and is met with a dropkick in midair by Sabin. Dutt nearly wins with a cross body from the top. Dutt hits a springboard leg drop as well. Torborg gets the tag and cleans house with right hands. Dale tosses Dutt over the top onto the three opponents on the floor.

Young drives Dutt down with a swinging face buster and Diamond gets a near fall. Dutt gets worked over by the heel for a few moments. Dutt goes for a head scissors but Skipper drops him down to the canvas. Young plants Dutt with a spine buster but only gets a near fall. Dutt hits a slingshot somersault hurricanrana and Torborg enters to clean house. Dale choke slams Diamond for a near fall. Dutt hits Skipper with a Slice Bread! Sabin dropkicks Young while in the tree of woe. Sabin and Dutt dive to the floor to take out Skipper and Young.

Diamond low blows Dale and hits him with a shin protector but AJ pulls the referee out. Bobby Heenan leaves the commentary table. Johnny Damon gives AJ home plate and whacks Diamond over the head with it. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock and Dutt hits a twisting 450 Splash to win the match. (*1/2. It’s kind of humorous that they booked the former Demon strongly. An obvious outcome here with some decent action taking place.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Christian Cage for an interview. Cage says he can hear all his peeps chanting his name, although no one was chanting his name before he said that. Cage knows that everyone is anticipating him becoming the number one contender. The talk is over. Cage tells Brown that he is about to get served.

Sixth Contest: Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown in a number one contenders match: Brown works over Cage with a series of right hands. Cage is sent into the ropes but bails to the floor to avoid the Pounce! Cage rolls back in and taunts Brown by wiping his head on the top rope. On the floor, Cage sends Brown into the guard railing and jumps off the top only to be caught by Monty who goes for a press slam, but Cage gets out and sends Brown to the floor. Cage leaps off the top and dives onto Monty on the floor! Monty drops Cage throat first across the top and press slams Christian over the top to the floor!

Brown lifts Cage into the air and drops him gut first to the canvas for a near fall. Monty goes for a t-bone suplex but settles for an overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count. The top turnbuckle is torn off by Cage on accident, and I’m sure that will play a factor into this match. Monty pulls Cage up against the ring post to inflict pain on his lower back. Back into the ring, Cage hammers away on Brown and hits a leaping forearm shot. Cage hits a spinning forearm shot as well.

Cage almost wins after a tornado DDT out of the corner. Cage knocks Brown off the top rope to hit a frog splash but can’t cover quickly enough and thus gets a two count. Monty drives Cage down with a power bomb but Cage manages to kick out before three. Cage sends Brown into the turnbuckle that was exposed earlier and gets the win after the Un-Prettier. (**1/2. Again, a pretty obvious outcome with Cage just having arrived to the company and TNA needing a suitable babyface to challenge Jarrett down the road. An average match by these two, nothing offensive or boring, really.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team 3D, who have a table that has “AMW” spray painted on it. Bubba says that AMW didn’t run them out of town, but instead they were wrestling over in Japan for All-Japan. They are gunning for the NWA World Tag Team Championships because it’s the one set of titles they never have won. They promise to put AMW through a table.

Seventh Contest: NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3D in a non-title tables match: Bubba and Devon attack AMW during their entrance and the match starts off on the floor, as kind of expected. Storm sends Bubba into the guard railing while Devon works over Harris in the ring. Harris hits a delayed vertical suplex and taunts the fans before getting a near fall. Devon hits a clothesline on the champs and Bubba grabs Harris to send him to the floor. Storm is slammed by Bubba and Team 3D hits the What’s Up! Harris moves the table to save Storm and clotheslines Devon.

Bubba tackles Devon to save him from being sent through a table as well. Bubba stops Harris on top with a chop and goes for a superplex but Storm moves the table out of the way. Bubba backdrops Harris over the top and he lands on both Storm and Devon on the floor! Storm stops Bubba on the top and goes for a hurricanana, which he hits but Devon moved the table. Devon walks into a super kick from Storm and the champs have the advantage.

Team 3D manages to put Storm through a table with the Death Sentence. Harris enters with a chair and whacks both Devon and Bubba. Harris brings Devon to the table at the top of the ramp. Bubba runs over and helps Devon. They proceed to hit the 3D on Harris to win the match. (**. A typical brawl between these two. Considering the build for this match on TNA TV it lacked the violence or any kind of blood that I was looking to see. This felt like a match you’d see at a house show or something.)

Eighth Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: Styles wastes no time going after Joe with a series of right hands in the corner. Styles works over Joe in the corner with shoulder rams as well. Styles quickly hits a snap suplex and plays to the fans. AJ snap mares Joe to deliver a kick to the back and tells Joe he has no respect for him. Joe comes off the ropes but Styles drops Joe with a nice dropkick and the fans are 100% behind Styles, though some fans briefly chant for Joe, as well. Styles avoids a running knee strike and stares at Joe. Styles and Joe begin to trade strikes with Joe viciously beating Styles up with kicks to the chest.

Joe kicks AJ to the floor and stares at the champion on the floor before chopping AJ on the floor. Styles drops Joe throat first across the top. Styles gets kicked on the apron and falls flat on his face. Joe spins AJ around by his legs and sends him head first into the railing! Joe charges towards the champ and delivers a running yakuza kick! Joe drops a knee across Styles throat back in the ring. Styles tries to fight back with a kick but is stopped by a kick from Joe. Joe drops AJ face first and hits a standing senton splash.

Styles is sent into the corner and Joe delivers a running big boot. AJ blocks a face wash in the corner and battles back with strikes but is stopped with a slap. Joe kicks a seated Styles in the corner and the fans are behind Joe now! AJ is on the apron where Joe continues to deliver kicks but Styles hits a Pele kick but on a springboard attempt Joe catches AJ to hit a power bomb and locks in a Boston Crab! Styles backdrops Joe over the top to the floor. Styles runs and dives over the top to hit a twisting shooting star press on the floor!

Joe staggers in the ring only to be met with a springboard forearm shot to the back of the head by AJ! Styles continues with a springboard reverse DDT but Joe kicks out at two. Joe stops Styles with a snap power slam for a near fall. AJ tries to avoid a series of blows but gets trapped in the corner. AJ gets free to hit a spinning kick. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but instead plants Joe with a power bomb but Joe kicks out before three! AJ is busted open from the mouth. Joe turns Styles inside out with a huge clothesline but only gets a one count. AJ is driven down with a power bomb and kicks out at two. Styles screams and is getting a second wind it looks like!

Styles drops Joe with a second Pele kick after being chopped across the back! Styles puts Joe on top and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Joe avoids it. Styles avoids a top rope Muscle Buster and power bombs Joe. Styles hits the Styles Clash but Joe kicks out just before three! Joe shoves the referee into the ropes to cause AJ to lose balance. Joe rolls through a roll up and has the choke locked in! Styles is close to the ropes but he passes out and Joe wins the championship! (*****. Folks, this is a fabulous match with a great story being told. Styles gets knocked for sometimes just being a guy to do high spots but he did an amazing job with this match and playing the underdog role. Joe is incredible as well. These two are at the peak of their time at this point and we got treated to a gem of a match.) After the match, Joe picks Styles up and knocks AJ out with the championship. Joe attacks security guys that enter the ring. Joe tosses a chair into the ring. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Christopher Daniels runs down to the ring and attacks Joe to make the save! Joe knocks Daniels down and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Shane Douglas stands with Rhino. Rhino is fired up for the upcoming title match. Rhino says the championship was stolen from him and he is still the champion in the fans eyes and his daughter’s eyes. He is going to cut Jarrett in half with the GORE!

Main Event: NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino: Jarrett knee lifts Rhino and kicks his way out of a test of strength. Rhino drops Jarrett with a shoulder block and gets a near fall on a cover. Jarrett keeps a mat wrestling attack but Rhino uses his power to lift Jarrett up and drops him across the top rope. Rhino press slams Jarrett to follow up his offense. Jarrett goes to the floor where Rhino hits a slingshot cross body onto the floor. Rhino tosses Jarrett into the crowd. Rhino goes for a suplex off a barrier but Jarrett counters and Rhino falls to the concrete floor.

Rhino sends Jarrett into the wall and plays to the crowd. Rhino continues to send Jarrett into the walls. Jarrett has been busted open by Rhino, who continues to pummel the champ on the ramp way. Rhino uses a chair on Jarrett and gets another chair from a fan to ram it into Jeff’s midsection. Rhino gets a table that was placed over by the bleachers and puts the champ on it. Jarrett stops Rhino and they continue to brawl as Jeff goes to the top of a scaffold. Jarrett hits Rhino with a chair and Rhino falls off the scaffold through the table!

They are on the entrance way where Rhino is able to hit a belly to belly suplex. Rhino puts the table by the oval and GORES Jarrett through the tunnel! Team Canada attacks Rhino from behind and toss him down the ramp. Jeff is helped to the ring by Williams and Young. Rhino manages to run in before the ten count and clotheslines Jarrett. Rhino is on fire and spears Jarrett in the corner! Rhino sends Team Canada over the top to the floor as well. Rhino plants Jarrett with a spine buster but Jarrett kicks out at two.

Rhino gets stopped on the top by Petey Williams. The referee is distracted throwing him to the backstage area as Jarrett hits a superplex for a near win. Rhino fights back with a TKO but can’t win the title as Jarrett kicks out again. Rhino accidentally GORES the referee in the corner. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Rhino counters and hits a belly to belly suplex. Bobby Roode comes out and so does A1 but Rhino takes them out easily. That is until Roode clotheslines Rhino from behind and Jarrett nearly wins the match. Jarrett goes to the floor and grabs a guitar. Jarrett smashes the guitar over Rhino’s head but Rhino kicks out.

Jackie Gayda slaps Jarrett and Rhino hits the GORE but Jarrett kicks out again at two! Rhino goes for a piledriver onto two chairs but Scott D’Amore hits Rhino with a hockey stick. Jarrett hits the Stroke onto the chairs from the middle rope and wins the match. (**1/2.

The lights go out. The fans are chanting for Sting. On the screen we see a Scorpion and in the ring we see a chair with a black jacket and baseball bat with spotlights on it. Jarrett turns around and sees it and is quite worried about it.

Final Thoughts:
Outside of the great Joe/Styles match, the show is mostly average. The show is a fine way to kill two and a half hours if you’re bored, but it’s by no means a must-see event. I would seek out to see Joe/Styles, though. From what I can remember, this may be their best match against each other.

Thanks for reading.

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