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ECW on SCI-FI 8/29/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Reading, PA

Backstage, Paul Heyman tells us that he is the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling and says that ECW is his life. He has never wrestled in an ECW ring but that changes tonight. Heyman will be wrestling tonight to destroy his own monster. He will destroy his own monster, his own child. He is going to pin Sabu in the middle of the ring.

Opening Contest: Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly: They start slugging it out as soon as the bell sounds with RVD getting the better of the exchange sending Holly to the floor with a clothesline. On the floor, Van Dam places Holly across the railing and RVD hits his spinning leg drop off the apron. Holly goes for an Alabama Slam but settles for tossing RVD over the top to the floor. Van Dam battles back with a spinning heel kick in the corner. RVD nearly wins after a standing moonsault after a couple of clotheslines. RVD connects with a step over heel kick and the rolling thunder!

Holly avoids the Five Star Frog Splash and bails to the floor. Holly has a chair but misses a shot and RVD delivers a kick. RVD whacks Holly over the back with the chair to cause the disqualification. After the match, RVD hits Holly over the head with the chair sending Holly into the crowd. (*1/4. The match as actually going fine, but the finish leaves me to believe a lot more is to be happening between these two. Given a lot of time these two could probably produce a good match.)

Rene Dupree brags about his body and conditioning while riding a stationary bike.

ECW World Champion Big Show comes out and talks about taking out DX recently. At Unforgiven he will be teaming with Vince and Shane McMahon against DX in a Hell in a Cell match. Show challenges both Triple H and Shawn Michaels to come onto ECW in a handicap match. Show believes that nobody can beat him.

Backstage, Shannon Moore says “fight the power.”

Second Contest: Stevie Richards vs. CM Punk: Richards works over Punk early on but side steps Richards, causing Stevie to crash to the floor where Punk hits a suicide dive! Richards drops Punk across the top turnbuckle to regain control of the bout. Richards with a series of knee lifts and a snap suplex for a near fall. Punk is lifted into the air but comes down to hit Richards with a dropkick. Punk gets a near fall with a double under hook back breaker.

Richards works over Punk in the corner after avoiding a back fist attempt. Punk slams Richards and locks in the Anaconda Vice! Richards is stuck in the middle of the ring and is forced to tap out. (**. Not a bad match here as Punk actually had a competitive match. Of course, Richards is pretty underrated. Fans weren’t into it all that much considering Punk is new and Richards hasn’t been a serious force, ever.)

Matt Striker comes down to the ring for his Classroom segment. Striker asks the fans why they don’t realize that he is here to help them. Striker rips on the Sandman for drinking too much beer but the fans cheer for him. His weapon of choice is his brain. This makes the Sandman come out through the crowd. Striker hits Sandman with the chalkboard and punches Sandman with a stapler! Striker leaves the ring and has an evil smile on his face. Sandman is busted open and none too happy about what happened.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is with Balls Mahoney looking for Mike Knox. Kelly proceeds to show herself to Mahoney and Balls was really happy about seeing that.

Joey and Tazz talk about Kurt Angle being given his unconditional release from ECW. They talk about how huge of a loss it is.

Backstage, Sabu says he is going to massacre Paul Heyman.

Main Event: Sabu vs. Paul Heyman in an extreme rules match: Heyman has his security guys attack Sabu while he stands in the corner. Sabu fights his way out of it and uses a chair on both men. Heyman starts to beg while Sabu has a chair. Sabu hits a triple jump tornado DDT on the floor on Big Show, who came down to ringside! Sabu is held by the security guys as Big Show whacks Sabu over the head with a steel chair. Sabu has been busted wide open while Heyman yells at Sabu that he made him.

Show viciously chops Sabu while Heyma gets a few punches in and is happy about having Sabu’s blood on his hand. Show cuts Sabu off with a quick clothesline. RVD comes out and fights off the security guys. RVD kicks a chair into Show’s head and a dropkick into the corner with the chair! Sabu gets his hands on Heyman and delivers a few punches. Sabu hits the Arabian face buster on Heyman! RVD puts Heyman on a table but gets speared by Show in midair!

Hardcore Holly comes out to attack Van Dam. Holly puts RVD through the table with the Alabama Slam! Show hits a back breaker and the Show Stopper on Sabu. Show places Heyman over Sabu and that’s good enough for the three. (*1/2. Well, it’s not a great match but it certainly advances the Holly/RVD issues and the dominance of Heyman and his crew. I oddly like a heel stable of Show, Test, Holly and Knox as the main guys for Heyman. They just need to find strong babyfaces other than RVD and to a lesser extent Sabu.) After the match, Show choke slams Sabu through a table.

Final Thoguhts:
I’m only interested in seeing Holly/RVD feud continuing and the rise of Punk. There’s nothing much interesting going on here.

Thanks for reading.

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