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ROH Wrestling’s Finest 1/25/2014

ROH 344 – Wrestling’s Finest – 25th January 2014

This is the first ROH live event of 2014, although I believe some of it is being taped for television – possibly in a similar format to that of the Pursuit weekend shows. And since some material is being taped for television there’s some pretty decent stuff on tap for us. The main event is a three team elimination match pitting the newly-formed alliance of Adam Cole and Matt Hardy against the Briscoes and a one-night-only pairing of Michael Elgin and Chris Hero…in a match that will have significant ramifications for the World Title picture moving into February. The TV Title is on the line as Tommaso Ciampa defends against his two top rivals in Jay Lethal and Matt Taven, Kevin Steen faces Kyle O’Reilly in a match a lot of people really raved about, and we also have the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament final (or ‘2104’ finals as a disgraceful DVD cover typo suggests). Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino have made the trip to Pittsburgh, PA.

Adrenaline RUSH vs BJ Whitmer/Jimmy Jacobs
The reunited team of Whitmer and Jacobs are fresh off a win over Mark Briscoe and Adam Page on television last week. They are former Tag Team Champions, and will be a dangerous force in the tag division if they begin teaming with any kind of regularity. As members of The Decade, they certainly won’t take kindly to a newcomer like ACH stealing popularity and crowd support from more deserving workers such as themselves. Roderick Strong is in their corner, but isn’t competing tonight due an injury he sustained wrestling AJ Styles at the TV tapings earlier this month.

Jimmy Jacobs doesn’t think ACH and TD have earned the right to shake hands with them. Thomas tries to earn it by cartwheeling out of a headscissors attempt, then delivering a snapmare rolled into a kick to the face. ACH gets the tag, but is really roughed up by a particularly stiff Whitmer. His response is to slingshot to the floor into a beautiful pescado. Whitmer TOSSES Jimmy into a spear, putting him on the deck again. Another assist from the Buzzsaw, this time into a neckbreaker, gets a nearfall for The Decade. ACH puts Jacobs into the turnbuckles with a flatliner, opening up the window for a hot tag to Tadarius. He unleashes strange kicks from all angles to take it to both opponents – eventually clearing the ring entirely. TOPE CON HILO! Whitmer cuts ACH off as he lines up Air Jordan though. NECK DROP HALF NELSON BY TD! Springboard swinging flatliner from ACH, as the action reaches a frenetic pace. JACOBS SPEARS THOMAS THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR! In the ring ACH looks for pins on BJ, but just can’t keep him down. Jimmy is back in, joining Whitmer for the All Seeing Eye. Decade get the win at 09:39

Rating – *** – A whirl of spots, flips and dives to get the show started in a hot manner. Whitmer and Jacobs were a lot of fun as a team back in the day, and seem to be enjoying the rejuvenation of it. They have clearly spent a little time thinking up double teams and tandem spots together, including their excellent new finishing move. It’s probably indicative of where Adrenaline RUSH are in the pecking order that they’ve been producing decent tag team matches for close to a year now – but are pretty much the first team thrown under The Decade’s bus when ROH want to get a new faction over. The interactions between ACH and Jimmy Jacobs were particularly interesting having seen the Kevin Steen Show interview with Jimmy. They spoke about ‘new guy heat’ in the ROH locker room, which brought up the topic of ACH’s current backstage problems. Watching Jimmy (in character, but presumably very much mirroring real life) demanding ACH earn his respect was fascinating.

Raymond Rowe vs Hanson – Top Prospect Tournament Final
The 2014 TPT has been a punchy, action-packed affair and it has left us with two large heavy-hitting individuals in the final. Rowe went past Kongo and Corey Hollis with two impressive individual displays. Hanson is a huge, bearded, beast of a man – who destroyed Cheeseburger then fought past Andrew Everett (that match is on TV next week) to make it here. This may not be pretty, but it will certainly he a physical encounter. As is tradition, the winner will receive a shot at the TV Title.

Hanson isn’t in a mood to make friends, and tears into Rowe straight out of the Code Of Honor. Ray is fine with that, and responds with a Cactus clothesline taking them both to the floor. Even a big hitter like Rowe struggles with the sheer size of Hanson though. He gets mauled in the corner, absorbing countless knee strikes and getting his lower jaw almost ripped away from his face. Michael Elgin is watching at ringside, and will no doubt be impressed as Hanson continues to pick Rowe apart. Ray hits shotgun knees, and grabs the big man for a MASSIVE German suplex! It’s all for nothing though, as Hanson scoops him up for a powerslam. ONE ARM SPINEBUSTER by Rowe! Hanson lays into him with reverse elbow smashes…but misses a running knee and gets a BACK DROP DRIVER! NO SOLD! BACK DROP DRIVER BY HANSON! NO SOLD! Death Rowe blocked…into a LARIATOOOOOO! Hanson thinks he has it won…Spin Kick Of Doom COUNTERED into a powerbomb! Death Rowe…COUNTERED TO THE SPIN KICK OF DOOM! Hanson wins at 05:45

Rating – *** – I’d have preferred these guys to get a little more time (at less than six minutes, this is still the longest match in the 2014 TPT), but what an absolute war. I’ve said multiple times over the last few years that ROH doesn’t always have that many talented heavyweight wrestlers on it’s roster. That’s simply the nature of independent wrestling. Generally anyone with talent and size finds their way into the WWE (or TNA) very quickly, so there just aren’t many decent ones out there. Clearly ROH are pretty pleased to have uncovered a couple of encouraging possibilities in these guys. Personally I really rate Raymond Rowe. He has a great look, and an extremely rugged ring-style which has clearly been shaped by watching plenty of great puro heavyweight guys. Hanson, at this stage, seems a little more raw – but he really is so big and looks SO different to anything else ROH has it’s easy to see why they picked him to win the thing. Both guys ended up getting contracts as a result of their performances in this tournament, and I look forward to seeing more of them this year.

Romantic Touch vs Michael Bennett
We saw Touch debut on television as part of the Top Prospect Tournament, although he fell to Andrew Everett in the first round. He is very clearly Rhett Titus in a mask, and wound up losing that match thanks to an angry Veda Scott who ranted about that very fact at the commentary table. Tonight he faces Michael Bennett, making what is (chronologically speaking) his first appearance since losing the Stretcher Match at Final Battle – although he’ll be on next week’s episode of the SBG show which was taped in Nashville earlier in January.

Veda is at ringside, still ranting about Rhett Titus. Bennett starts with a Thesz Press, laying in as many closed fist strikes as possible. Touch retaliates with the gyrating monkey flip for 2. RT makes his way to the floor in an attempt to seduce Maria – a foolish ploy as it leads to Bennett destroying him against the rails. He works a lengthy chinlock, possibly for the production team to insert a commercial break, before Titus escapes to crotch him on the middle turnbuckle. He somersaults into an Austin Aries-style reverse elbow strike for 2. Maria saves her fiancé from a somersault plancha…before Michael pops out from behind her to hit a superkick. TKO gets 2! It’s at this point that Bennett would think about a Piledriver, but he’s now banned from using that move. Box Office Smash countered with Rhett’s signature dropkick…but RT is distracted as Maria starts DANCING on the apron! Touch offers her a candy, which she accepts as Bennett sneaks up on him for the ANACONDA VICE! RT taps at 08:18

Rating – * – Seriously, you book Mike Bennett and Rhett freaking Titus into a longer match than the Top Prospect Tournament final? I really like Bennett, but Titus is not the guy he should be put into the ring with. This just went on way too long, and they never really decided what sort of match they wanted to have. Was it comedy? Was it serious? Was it supposed to be Bennett or RT taking the spotlight? In the end it fell awkwardly in the middle of all those possibilities and accomplished little of any of them. Unlike many, I also like the idea of Bennett using CM Punk’s finishers. Of course it’s a little weird, but the CM Punk/Maria heat isn’t going away, so why not use it to enhance his own act?

Veda Scott runs Romantic Touch down again after the match, but then runs away when he tries to scoop her in his arms for a kiss

Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties gatecrash Matt Taven’s entrance – despite the former TV Champion wanting to come to the ring alone. Truth calls them ‘floozies’ and ejects them from the building, proving that the party is definitely over. Martini declares Hoopla ‘dead’…and his declaration is followed by Taven firing him and quitting the House Of Truth.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal – ROH TV Title Match
When Tommaso won the belt, one of the first things he wanted to do was challenge Jay Lethal – since Lethal was the man he couldn’t beat for the belt in 2012, and the guy against whom he sustained his career-threatening knee injury. But as we saw last week on television, there is very much a third party in the Television Title picture right now: that being former champion Matt Taven. He was at the Nashville tapings without Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties. He offered Ciampa a congratulatory handshake, and appeared more focused than ever on using his in-ring abilities to get the belt back. Will Taven or Lethal leave as a 2-time TV Champion tonight?

We have a three-way slugfest to start with. The wrestlers don’t even wait for the ring crew to clear the streamers from the ring…and punch each other off their feet and into a stalemate. Ciampa evades a springboard dropkick from Lethal, only to eat a springboard enzi from Taven instead! Rolling tope suicidas from Jay! I mean like…a LOT of them. Ciampa exposes the concrete floor, but when Lethal stops him suplexing Taven onto it he picks him up…RUNNING POWERSLAM INTO THE RAILS! And Taven still gets a concrete snap suplex anyway! Lethal Injection countered with a sliding dropkick from the champion, and Jay is further punished with a flurry of bare knee strikes. Matt tries a Lionsault on Tommaso, and when that doesn’t work he COUNTERS Project Ciampa into the Angel’s Wings for 2. Spinning bicycle kick stops Ciampa dropping Jay with the Air Raid Crash – leaving all three men on the ground. Ciampa is up to flip Lethal inside out with a clothesline, and gets another 2-count on  Taven with a sit-out rack bomb. Lethal Combo…into the Koji Clutch! LETHAL INJECTION! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH BY TAVEN! Truth Martini (on commentary) tries to give Taven the Book Of Truth…but unlike the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament he declines Martini’s help! Matt is taken out of the match with a superkick…and the ensuing fracas with Martini mean that Todd Sinclair doesn’t see Jay pin Tommaso Ciampa! Eventually Ciampa gets back to his feet and KO’s Lethal with a knee strike. Project Ciampa blocked…and Lethal falls out of the ring. Martini trips up Taven! INTO PROJECT CIAMPA! Tommaso retains in a chaotic 10:36

Rating – *** – There have actually been a number of decent triple threats for the TV Title over the past couple of years, and this was another to add into that category. It was apparent that the three of them had put some forethought into the contest, and put together enough strong material to carry ten minutes of ring-time. The Martini stuff was the necessary conclusion to Matt Taven’s association with the House Of Truth, so it actually became my favourite part. We had Taven decline the very same help that saw him join the HOT last year, and we then had him fall to defeat thanks to Martini’s intervention – in the same that he’s enjoyed so many victories whilst holding the TV Title. I read somewhere that ROH officials are pretty high on Taven, and I look forward to watching him compete in more ‘clean’ wrestling matches now his HOT days are behind him.

Lethal is evidently very disappointed, having effectively won the match. He gets in Ciampa’s face and lets him know that he’s coming for the belt.

Andrew Everett vs Cedric Alexander
This match was originally scheduled to involve neither of these two men. It was supposed to be Roderick Strong against Paul London, but was then changed to London vs Cedric after Roddy sustained a neck injury wrestling AJ Styles in Nashville. Fortune dealt another cruel blow to the card as travel problems stopped London from making it to the building – leading us to this one. Everett made quite the impression with his high-flying ROH debut as part of the Top Prospect Tournament. His reward is another booking here, and getting to face the man many consider to be a future main eventer. Alexander grew immeasurably as a performer in 2013 – to the extent that Caprice Coleman voluntarily disbanded the C&C WrestleFactory to let him pursue singles success.

Roddy is on commentary it seems, although his microphone isn’t working so you can’t actually hear him. Everett back flips into a hurricanrana…and the pace quickens as he misses a standing moonsault, lands on his feet then instantly ducks a corkscrew enzi from Cedric. Alexander evades an attempted dive spot to knock Andrew off the apron. SUPER HIGH back drop, which almost drops Everett on his neck gets 2! They trade kicks before Ced finally manages to blast his opponent with an enziguri strike. Everett knocks him out of the ring with a dropsault – and the crowd sense something’s about to happen. SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR TO THE FLOOR! He returns to the ring to nail a wild springboard missile dropkick, and follows it with a HEAD DROP rana for 2! He attempts it a second time, but this time Alexander catches and counters him into a faceplant! Springboard lariat is somehow COUNTERED into a one-arm pinning combination from Everett! Rope-run forearm smash by Alexander – only to be dropped on his face! 630 SENTON BY EVERETT…INTO CED’S KNEES! BACK DROP BACKBREAKER! Alexander wins at 10:55. That finish is called the Lumbar Check.

Rating – **** – I’ll admit to this being an extremely generous rating, but I felt it necessary to praise what was an extremely positive performance from both individuals. The first few minutes were a little bland, and Roddy’s microphone not working on commentary (as they barely talked about the match) was a little distracting. But once they started clicking through the gears it became absorbing viewing – and almost worthy of the clunky Roderick Strong vs Jack Evans references coming from the announce table. It felt like this was supposed to be a match to get Cedric over. People know he’s talented, and ROH have made a clear statement of intent by breaking him away from Caprice for a singles run. However, Everett’s courageous and exciting showing (coupled with Alexander’s willingness to bump like a lunatic for him) meant that the newcomer left with his reputation massively enhanced too. Purists won’t like this, but as a high-flying exhibition match this was a blast, and had the live crowd jumping out of their seats. Isn’t that what wrestling is supposed to be about?

Roderick tosses his water bottle at Cedric, then walks out. He doesn’t take kindly to Cedric stealing his backbreaker deal it seems

Kyle O’Reilly vs Kevin Steen
Bobby Fish has retreated to Japan after his first ever ROH singles defeat to Jay Briscoe back at the Nashville TV tapings. That leaves Kyle O’Reilly in singles competition – tonight facing the ever-popular Kevin Steen. These two have met before, mostly during the Steen/Richards feud of 2012. However, with a World Title reign for Mr Wrestling and multiple Tag Title runs for Kyle since then, we’ll now see how much each man has improved. Will Steen be distracted by his increasingly heated issue with Cliff Compton?

Steen immediately starts playing mind games with O’Reilly, luring him into a ‘wrestling’ match whilst getting the crowd increasingly riled up and boisterous about minor things like rope breaks. He showcases more of the agility that has come with his recent weight loss by nipping up from the canvas. Such is his early success that he starts screaming at Steve Corino to compliment him on his wrestling ability. Kyle looks to strike his way back into the contest…but again Steen is up to the task he SLAPS HIM OUT OF THE RING! Steen is genuinely so popular he can brawl around ringside and pull-out multiple pro-Steen signs from the front row to pose with. In the end that may actually have distracted him, allowing O’Reilly enough time to recover and cling to the ropes to block the Apron Bomb. F-5 blocked as well, then Kyle has to lunge into the ropes to block the Sharpshooter. The Tag Champion is really struggling to get any kind of foothold in the match…before finally managing to legsweep Steen down onto his own arm – seemingly injuring the shoulder. Instantly the left arm hangs limp by his side, prompting Steen to desperately fend Kyle off with very obvious closed-fist strikes. O’Reilly rams the shoulder into the turnbuckles, lulling himself into a false sense of security which Kevin punishes by delivering a massive lariat for 2. His response is to hammerlock Steen’s arm and drive it into the ringpost. Apron missile dropkick…COUNTERED TO THE APRON BOMB! Arm-selling Steen-ton Bomb gets 2! Kyle blocks the Sharpshooter by kicking the arm…but sees his attempt at a guillotine choke countered into the Cannonball! He sets up the Package Piledriver, but simply can’t get Kyle off his feet from that position. F-5 COUNTERED TO THE ARM-AGEDDON ARMBREAKER! Steen makes the ropes despite not seeming to have much left in the tank. He bites at O’Reilly, somehow lifting him into an AVALANCHE FISHERMAN BUSTER! There is a delay in covering though, as his arm is still causing him so much pain. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER…COUNTERED BACK TO ARM-AGEDDON! WITH ADDED WRIST CRANKING! And still Steen makes the ropes! O’Reilly becomes enraged when he realises Steen has stolen his mouth guard (and is now wearing it), and starts pummelling the arm with kicks. Steen hoists him into a powerbomb – then the PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! The bad arm meant he couldn’t drag O’Reilly into the middle of the ring though, and Kyle gets a foot on the ropes. Cliff Compton invades the arena and tries to hop the rails, prompting Steen to confront him. APRON MISSILE DROPKICK BY O’REILLY! ARM-AGEDDON! COUNTERED TO THE SHARPSHOOTER! KYLE TAPS! Steen wins at 17:32

Rating – **** – It’s easy to see why fans were raving about this one, as it was a cracking match. Steen is ROH’s franchise player right now (whether he’s in the main events or not), and O’Reilly is almost criminally under-rated as a worker. Together they produced a gripping main event (for SBG TV), that will wind up completely stealing the show here in Pittsburgh. Steen dominated the early exchanges by using his size and intelligence to get the better of his hot-headed but technically superior opponent. In response, O’Reilly savaged his arm and produced some sensational counters into his cross armbreaker finishing submission. It really was like watching Steen in the ring with Davey Richards again – which I view as a good thing, although I know others may not. If I was booking ROH I’d have Kyle O’Reilly in the World Title picture by the end of 2014.

Cliff Compton is still causing trouble in the crowd. At Steen’s behest he hops the guardrails and starts decking security guards. Steen lays out referee Paul Turner with an F-5…and the two men go at it! It’s a crazy scene, as ringside crew guys are sent flying…before Kevin lifts Compton into an F-5 TO THE FLOOR! He steals Bobby Cruise’s ringside table, then drags Compton to the apron. Another security guy tries to get involved, distracting Steen for long enough to allow Cliff to repeatedly punch Steen in the balls. SUPERFLY SPLASH FROM THE TOP, THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Steen is out cold, and Cliff leaves having made a serious impact.

Adam Cole/Matt Hardy vs Michael Elgin/Chris Hero vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe
This is an elimination match, meaning the winning team will have to survive both opponents before declaring themselves the victors. At the last live event we saw Cole, Elgin and Jay collide in a wild, 30-minute triple threat war for the World Championship. Cole finally left Final Battle as World Champion, but only after a large amount of help from his new ‘mentor’ Matt Hardy, and a handful of Elgin’s singlet. His opponents have gone out and got their own tag partners and will now look for a measure of revenge on the World Champ and ‘The Icon’. Chris Hero made his return at Final Battle, making maximum impact by laying out both Cole and Matt before the show ended. He has no alliance with Elgin, but in truth both teams pale massively in experience compared to the third team – the reunited Briscoe Brothers. Jay is a veritable loose cannon by this point. He still proclaims himself to be the Real World Champion (to the annoyance of both Cole and Elgin), he doesn’t like any of his opponents, and will remember that Matt Hardy was part of the SCUM faction that effectively ended his World Title reign by inflicting the shoulder injury which forced ROH officials to strip him of the belt. If there wasn’t enough at stake, Bobby Cruise hastily announces that if anyone pins Cole they will receive a future World Title shot.

Elgin and Jay start proceedings, with Cole predictably showing no interest in getting into the ring. There is plenty of familiarity between those two, and they wrestle to an early stalemate. Mark tags in with Hero, seemingly getting the better of him until Hero puts a vicious boot through his chest as he tries a leapfrog. It’s the Hero/Elgin duo who start to take the advantage over the 8-time Tag Champions, until Mark gets the knees up to block a Hero senton attempt. With all their years of experience as a team, the Briscoes realise that was their window, and they launch into a violent beatdown on Hero. That continues until Cole and Hardy shoot their mouth off from the apron one time too many. Both opposition teams head to the floor – finally dragging Hardy into the ring legally for the first time. KOW double boot spot by Hero and Elgin gets 2! Adam starts kicking Unbreakable in the stomach, but it still doesn’t stop him hitting the stalling vertical suplex. The other teams take it in turns to work Matt over – and he becomes so beaten up that it leaves Cole no choice but to tag in.

With the World Champion now vulnerable, Elgin and Jay are soon vying for tags and each take their turn dishing out some real punishment to the World Champion. Finally Hardy takes a cheap shot at Jay from the outside, giving their team the opportunity to isolate him in the ring. It lasts several minutes, but inevitably Jay does manage to superman-dive across the ring and make the hot tag to his brother. CACTUS ELBOW TO THE FLOOR from Mark to Hardy! Hero and Jay are legal, with Briscoe absorbing a flurry of elbows to the neck before dropping Hero with a spinebuster. DEATH BLOW/BACK FIST COMBO on Jay! Mark saves his brother, and eats a boot to the face as punishment. Stalling suplex/running elbow combo (an old Kings double team) gets another nearfall as Hero and Elgin seize control. Mark gives Elgin the Uncle Mule Kick into the urinage…as on the floor Jay has decided he wants to get into a fight with Matt Hardy. Hero grabs Mark’s leg to block the Froggy Bow…and after he gets booted off the apron Elgin picks up BOTH Briscoes for his incredible fallaway slam/Samoan drop combo!

Cole blind-tags himself in looking to reap the rewards, as Hardy drags Elgin out to dump him into the rails. Splash Mountain neckbreaker by the Briscoes! Hero breaks the fall to save Cole and a potential title shot! Mark nails Hardy with the Froggy Bow…and this time it’s Cole diving in to save the match. SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF MARK’S HEAD! TWIST OF FATE! Hardy pins Mark, so the Briscoes are gone at 23:29. Jay gets in a few more punches at Adam Cole before he is escorted to the back by security. Hero nails Hardy with the Cravat-oclasm for 2! Death Blow blocked…and the rolling elbow is COUNTERED into the Side Effect! Cole tags, getting 2 on Chris with the cradlebreaker. Hero pops up with a Roaring Elbow on Cole…and Elgin blind tags himself in. ST-Joe on Cole, only for the champ to block the dead-lift suplex. Elgin hits a discus lariat instead! Buckle Bomb countered with a jumping enzi, but in turn Elgin evades the Florida Key. Panama Sunrise…rolled through. Buckle Bomb blocked, Superkick blocked! Hero tags in! ROLLING BICYCLE KICK GETS 2! He punches Cole right in the face as he tries the Panama Sunrise again, then delivers an ELECTRIC CHAIR DEATH BLOW! HERO WINS! It’s over at 29:24

Rating – **** – A strong main event, with plenty of time given to allow it to develop. They pulled lots of different threads together well, with Cole trying to avoid being pinned to give away a title shot, Hardy trying to protect Cole, Jay, Elgin and Hero all vying with each other to be the man who beats Cole, plus Jay wanting revenge on both Cole and Hardy for various post-match assaults in 2013 too. I liked the Briscoe elimination in particular. Jay is crazy enough to make his own World Title belt, so it doesn’t make sense that he’d lose and happily walk to the back. He furthered his crazy persona by brawling with Cole on the way out. It was only a little touch, but really helped continue the build to the inevitable Cole/Briscoe grudge title showdown. In the meantime Hero is the perfect guy to put in front of Cole. He isn’t signed to an ROH contract, so won’t be winning the title anytime soon (sadly), however, he’s a big name and an extremely talented worker – so a real marquee title defence to bolster Cole’s resume before he heads into those matches with the likes of Briscoe, Elgin and Steen. I’ll also praise Matt Hardy here. I’m on record as loathing his presence in ROH, and I stand by that. However, he was very good in this match – playing the role of Cole’s mentor extremely well.

Hardy immediately jumps Hero…but is hauled off into the dead-lift German by Elgin. Unbreakable grabs Cole as well – feeding him to the GOLDEN ELBOW from Hero! He leaves, with a frustrated-looking Michael Elgin alone in the ring pondering another missed championship opportunity.

Tape Rating – *** – This was a really strong first live event of 2014. The undercard was hurried, but only really featured the one bad match amongst plenty of decent displays – whilst the top three bouts on the show were all excellent. Alexander/Everett was a brilliant junior heavyweight spot-match, which ended up doing as much to elevate Everett as it did for Cedric. Steen and O’Reilly are world class performers, and it should come as no surprise that their bout was a real showstealer combining sound fundamentals with some entertaining high impact stuff and some really awesome counter-wrestling down the stretch. And the main event was a really good watch, as six big names on the ROH landscape got to match wits for half an hour in a cerebral, back and forth battle – ultimately giving us a Cole/Hero World Title Match to look forward to.

Top 3 Matches
3) Cedric Alexander vs Andrew Everett (****)
2) Michael Elgin/Chris Hero vs Adam Cole/Matt Hardy vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe (****)
1) Kevin Steen vs Kyle O’Reilly (****)

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