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WWE RAW 8/20/2012

WWE Monday Night Raw
Fresno, California
August 20, 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it’s time for Monday Night RAW!

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman has a mic and puts over HHH’s ability to continue on in the fight. Despite all of this, Lesnar defeated HHH and forced him to tap out. Lesnar forced HHH to quit on his family, friends, fans and all of the WWE Universe. Lesnar emasculated HHH and made him a beat and battered shell of a former man. Heyman doesn’t feel sorry for HHH and neither should any of the fans. This was a fight that HHH picked, including the No DQ finish. At this time on behalf of Lesnar, Heyman would like to call referee Scott Armstrong out to the ring to be addressed by Brock.

Armstrong very slowly makes his way down to the ring. Heyman confirms that HHH told the ref to let the fight go to the finish. Last night Heyman had two words for HHH – tap out. Tonight Lesnar has two words for the referee – good job. Heyman declares Lesnar as the new King of Kings. Each and every fan is now the servant of the conqueror Brock Lesnar.


R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara v. Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and Cody Rhodes

Kingston and Young start the match. They exchange blows back and forth before Kofi floors him with a spinning elbow. Cover, but Young kicks out. Truth gets the tag and helps with a double-team on Young and then an entering Titus. Cody runs into the ring, but Cara pulls him off the apron. He hightails it up the ramp for some breathing room.


Back from the break, Young is in the ring with Truth. Cody makes a slick tag and floors Truth. Titus gets the tag and kicks Truth in the gut. He delivers an elbow and a kick. Young gets the tag and is dropped onto Truth by Titus. Cover, but Truth kicks out. Young locks on a rear naked choke variant. Titus gets the tag. Truth starts to fight back and gets the tag to Cara. Cody gets the tag as well and runs into the ring. A couple of twists from Cara results in a crossbody. Everyone hits the ring, so Truth and Kingston throw the opposing counsel out of the ring and then flip out after them. Cara hits a roll up and this match is over.

Winners: R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara

# Matt Striker is in the back with AJ Lee. David Otunga wlks into the shot and puts over his movie filing with Hall Berry. While he was away. AJ became the new GM of RAW. Otunga says that AJ may be in the need for some Harvard educated legal counsel. AJ says if he wants to over his services, then he should do it in the ring tonight against an opponent of her choosing.

Striker asks about Punk saying that he should be allowed to choose the next #1 Contender. AJ says that Punk will be allowed, pending her approval.


Ryback v. Mike and Andy

The crowd is not all that into this match. Ryback goes for his double finisher, but Jinder Mahal runs into the ring and attacks Ryback.

Winner via DQ: Ryback

Jinder locks on a Camel Clutch, but Ryback is able to his feet and drop Jinder on his back. Mahal exits the ring, so Ryback hits his double finisher.

# Ziggler walks up to Chris Jericho and says that Jericho may have beaten him at the PPV, but he should give him a rematch. AJ walks into the shot and says that since they both seem to want a rematch; she is going to raise the stakes. If Ziggler loses Jericho receives his Money in the Bank case, if Jericho loses his WWE contract will expire.


Alberto Del Rio is in the ring and says that he won’t just stand out here and do nothing. Sheamus cheated in his match last night, so he demands a rematch. AJ’s music hits and says that she has no authority over the Smackdown World Title, but she can put him in a match right now that will give Booker T plenty to consider in regards to the Title. His opponent tonight will be… Randy Orton.


Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez v. Randy Orton

Del Rio is tossed out of the ring at the start. Back inside, Orton uses the ropes to assist in a vertical suplex. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Orton starts to stomp on the arms and legs of Del Rio. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Rio gets behind Orton and locks on a rear headlock. Orton dodges a splash and tries for a roll up. Orton kicks out but is hit with a dropkick. Del Rio returns to the rear and scrapes the face of Orton. Del Rio tries to climb the turnbuckle but Orton follows right after. He hits a Superplex and goes for a cover, Rio kicks out. Orton hits a snap scoop slam and rolls Del Rio onto the apron. He sets up for the DDT, but Del Rio switches places and kicks him square in the back of the head. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Orton hits a backbreaker. Rio wants an arm breaker, but Orton counters into a pin. Rio goes back to the corner, so Orton turns it into a suspended DDT! Orton drops to the mat and starts to pound. Ricardo causes a distraction, so Sheamus appears behind him to scare him away. Orton yells at him for assisting. Rio hits a Backstabber from behind. Orton gets his leg on the bottom rope, so Sheamus lets the referee know! Orton hits an RKO and this match is over.

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton


Brodus Clay v. Damien Sandow

Clay tosses him towards the corner and unloads with some big rights and lefts. Clay charges at him with a clothesline. Clay gives him another punch and shoves Sandow’s head into the turnbuckle. Sandow tries to fight back but Clay throws him into the corner. Sandow hits a rollup and this match is over.

Winner via Rollup: Damien Sandow

After the match, Clay hits his running splash for revenge. Some kids get into the ring and they dance with the Funkadactyls.


Shawn Michaels appears live via Satellite. Cole asks him how he feels. Michaels says that you can prepare yourself for the end being ear, but there is really nothing that prepares you for that day when wham it hits you right in the face. You can’t prepare yourself to face your own professional mortality. HBK knows what HHH is feeling. Last night could very well be the end of an amazing career. HHH has always been a warrior and a man of honor. It isn’t easy to look your friend in the eye and tell him that you think he can’t win a match and you think it is all over for him. HBK wants Hunter to know that he has nothing to be ashamed of.


David Otunga v. Big Show

Otunga is tossed into the ropes and then thrown to the ground. Show steps on him and then knees him repeatedly in the gut. Show drops a standing elbow. Show winds up and connects with the Knockout Punch.

Winner via Knockout Punch: The Big Show


Kane and Zack Ryder v. Daniel Bryan and The Miz

Kane pushes Miz into the corner. Ryder quickly gets the tag and gets tossed to the mat. Miz tags in Bryan who immediately hits a European Uppercut. Bryan mounts Ryder and pulls back on his arm. Bryan stomps on Ryder while taunting Kane. Miz gets behind Ryder and starts to choke him. Miz hits a neckbreaker and goes for a cover. Ryder kicks out. Bryan gets the tag and kicks Ryder repeatedly in the corner. Bryan flies towards the corner but misses Ryder and takes out his own partner. Ryder kicks Bryan away and Kane gets the tag. Miz jumps off the apron so that Bryan can’t tag him. Kane ignores a slap from Bryan, so Bryan runs out of the ring. Bryan hightails it up and into the arena. Miz has also left the match.

Winners via Count Out?: Kane & Zack Ryder

Kane decides to turn on his partner and hits a chokeslam on Ryder! Kane then goes to ringside and starts throwing things everywhere. He grabs a ringside worker and throws him over the guard rail. Kane gets back into the ring and hits a Tombstone on Ryder!


# Matt Striker is in the back with CM Punk. He puts over the fact that he is still the Champion. Punk wants to thank AJ for letting him choose his opponent.


Diva Battle Royal

Rosa and Aksana are eliminated first. Alicia Fox, Natalya & Tamina are eliminated. Kaitlyn & Eve are left in the ring. Eve is clotheslined over the top rope. Kaitlyn becomes the #1 Contender.

Winner: Kaitlyn

# We see a Tout from Lesnar in which he says that he is quitting WWE and never coming back.


# Vickie is backstage with Dolph and is screaming that they have to win their match against Jericho tonight. Well, Dolph does.


If Ziggler wins, Jericho’s contract is terminated
If Jericho wins, he gets Ziggler’s “Money in the Bank” briefcase
Dolph Ziggler v. Chris Jericho

Ziggler leaps over Jericho. He throws him towards the corner but Jericho counters. Ziggler whips him into the ropes. Jericho kicks Ziggler off of the apron. He gloats as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Ziggler is behind Jericho with a rear choke. Jericho escapes and pushes Ziggler up the turnbuckle. HE goes for the walls, but Ziggler counters. Roll up, but Ziggler kicks out. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Ziggler gets his knees up. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag and this match is over.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Chris Jericho attacks Ziggler with the briefcase. Jericho hits the Code Breaker for good measure.


CM Punk’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. He then goes over to the commentator’s booth and says that he wanted to talk about his Championship.

John Cena’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Punk runs down what happened last night at the PPV. Punk says that he has to beat Cena again. In all the times that he has defeated Cena it obviously still hasn’t mattered. Punk tells Cena that this is what he has to do – admit that Punk is the best in the world.

Cena says that you can still look out into the audience and see hats, shirts and signs. It’s because throughout everything, he and the fans still connect. It is because of the respect that they have for each other. Cena says that he is proud of the WWE Universe and what they represent. Cena says that he may have lost to The Rock at Wrestlemania, but he knows he can beat him next time. Punk may have held the belt for a long time, but Cena once held it longer. During that time Cena never demanded a thing. Cena says that if Punk faces The Rock, it will be the moment that defines his existence. Punk now has the choice of who his next opponent will be. If he doesn’t choose Cena, then he lost his respect for him.

Cena exits and Punk calls Lawler back into the ring. He says it is time to finish what they started. If Cena doesn’t want to say that Punk is the best in the world, then Punk wants to hear Lawler say it. Lawler starts to put over his history. Punk cuts him off and tells him to say that he is the best in the world. Lawler says that he can’t say that. Jerry tries to leave the ring. Punk kicks him the back of the head!


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