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ECW Hardcore TV 1/24/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1.) Chris Benoit defeated 2 Cold Scorpio
2.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Ron Simmons to retain the title

Angle Developments:
1.) ECW World Tag Team Champions, Public Enemy, are outside by a train track to cut a promo. Grunge tells Rocco that they aren’t at the airport but rather the train station. Grunge tells Rocco that he is loaded with cash and Rock is surprised. They walk off and I have no idea what they had actually said. They go from video clips of the team back to them cutting a promo but it has nothing to do with other people in the company. So, it is basically a waste of time.

2.) Scorpio starts off by dropkicking Benoit to the floor after neither man could get a solid advantage during a feeling out process. Scorpio hip tosses Benoit and again sends the Crippler to the floor with a standing spin kick. Benoit sends Scorpio into the top turnbuckle from the apron and hit a cross body from the top to get momentum in his favor. Benoit hits a neck breaker and is turning his attention to Scorpio’s neck. Benoit scoop slams Scorpio and locks in a Boston Crab right in the middle of the ring. Scorpio is able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Benoit maintains his dominate momentum with a back suplex for a near fall. Scorpio kicks Benoit to the corner to break a sleeper hold. Scorpio plants Benoit with a power bomb but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, Scorpio heads to the top rope and leaps off hitting a splash but Benoit kicks out at two. Scorpio gets another two count after a standing somersault leg drop. Benoit almost gets the win after a German suplex.

Benoit takes Scorpio over with a snap suplex and gets a two count. Benoit plants Scorpio with another power bomb, but Scorpio still has fight to kick out again. Scorpio drops Benoit with a mule kick to the groin area. Benoit gets dropped groin first across the top rope and falls into the ring. Scorpio nails Benoit with a standing side kick. Scorpio misses a splash in the corner but still kicks Benoit. Benoit counters a tombstone and spikes Scorpio down to the mat for a near victory. Crippler heads to the top and hits the diving head butt but Scorpio kicks out again. Benoit hits a middle rope leg drop for another two count. On the top, Scorpio counters a back suplex and lands on top of Benoit for a near fall. Scorpio heads a moonsault off the top but Benoit kicks out again! Scorpio delivers another leaping kick but Benoit sits down on a rollup attempt and pins Scorpio! (**1/2. Some good action, but they weren’t able to get the crowd emotionally invested into the match. Towards the end the fans started to care, but it was more like they were hitting big moves just to hit them. Regardless, a good TV match.)

3.) Backstage, Paul E. Dangerously cuts a promo. Dangerously talks about people being afraid to go to grocery stores or going to the car because America is afraid to be robbed. Next week, Dangerously says that Sabu and Taz challenge for the tag titles when they take on the ECW World Tag Team Champions Public Enemy. He is going to make sure the reign of terror by the Public Enemy comes to an end and he will make sure of it.

4.) Raven is swinging on a swing set. Raven is looking at the empty swing and talks about broken promises and broken homes. He talks about raindrops tasting like tears. Tommy Dreamer will feel the pain of a certain youth.

5.) Douglas cheap shots Simmons before the bell to get the upper hand. Simmons catches Douglas on a leapfrog to hit a power slam. Simmons runs over Douglas with a few clotheslines but Shane pokes Ron in the eyes. Ron press slams Douglas for a two count. Ron drives Shane down to the canvas with a power bomb and delivers a running shoulder tackle followed by a clothesline to send the champion over the top to the floor. Douglas avoids a clothesline on the floor and Simmons hits the ring post. Douglas whacks Simmons over the back with a steel chair. Douglas connects with an arm breaker on the floor! Ron drives Douglas face first into the canvas but his right shoulder is bothering him big time. Franchise sends Simmons shoulder first into the corner. Simmons tries a press slam but his shoulder is too weak to successfully deliver it. Simmons avoids an elbow drop from the middle rope with a boot to the chest. Simmons runs into a big boot in the corner and the champ goes to the top but Ron stops him and attempts a press slam but Douglas grabs the injured arm and drops Simmons across the top while falling to the floor! 2 Cold Scorpio comes out trying to prevent Ron from continuing the match. The referee stops the match. (**. I liked the story involving the shoulder injury that Simmons suffered and they didn’t go with a clean finish or anything. The referee stoppage can lead to a rematch between the two if needed.) After the match, Shane Douglas calls out anyone who is tough enough to wrestle him in Florida. Fans are tossing trash into the ring until some music hits. Tully Blanchard enters the ring and hammers away on Douglas! Blanchard drops several elbows on the champ and hits the slingshot suplex! Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit come out and hammer away on Blanchard! Douglas locks in the figure four as Benoit and Malenko hold Tully’s arms to end the program!

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode by ECW again this week as the matches were solid and both served their purpose. The ending with Douglas and Tully was a good way to entice viewers to tune in the following week to see what was going to happen. It’s kind of interesting to see Tully compete in the mid 90s for a rising promotion. A match with Douglas will just give him more creditability as they build the brand and championship.

Thanks for reading.

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