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SMW TV 5/23/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Harrogate, TN

1.) Buddy Landell won the Mountain Mayhem match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Most of the episode consisted of the Mountain Mayhem match as it took nearly forty minutes long and was essentially a Royal Rumble match. Landell tossed some powder into Tim Horner’s face to effectively take him out of the match. Orndorff hit the banned piledriver on Danny David, but the match was no disqualification. Landell goes flying over the top but the referee didn’t see it. Dirty White Boy helped eliminate Brian Lee despite having been eliminated moments earlier. Orndorff gets tossed by Tim. Landell tosses Horner over the top to win the match and wins $5,000.

2.) Tim Horner goes over Bob Armstrong and says he was screwed over Buddy Landell. Horner claims to be able to kick Landell’s butt any day of the week. Horner wants to know what Armstrong is going to do about this. Armstrong issues a rematch between Horner and Landell for next week for the $5,000. Horner just repeats the same stuff he had just said.

Final Thoughts:
Well, at least we seemingly set up a little feud between Horner and Landell. Buddy seems to be positioned as one of the top heels for the company and excels at that role. The battle royal was effective and served a purpose to continue the DWB/Lee feud and Orndorff hitting the piledriver. It was an enjoyable show, actually.

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