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WCW Saturday Night 4/11/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Gainesville, GA

1.) Big Van Vader defeated John Collins & Jim Boss
2.) The Steiner Brothers defeated John Peterson & Randy Starr
3.) Nikita Koloff defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
4.) Barry Windham defeated Tracy Smothers
5.) WCW United States Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Terrance Taylor defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin in a best two out of three falls match to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Ross introduces K. Allen Frey as his co-host for the program. Frey is the new Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling. Frey clearly has no idea what he is talking about and it’s just awkward already for the guy. Frey says they have developed new rules so that nobody gets hurt and we will find those out later on in the program.

2.) We see footage from WCW Worldwide where Rick Rude and the Dangerous Alliance viciously attacked Ricky Steamboat. Rude slammed Steamboat’s face into the concrete floor and broke Ricky’s nose as a result. They censor the blood because it was too gruesome. Frey has a meeting with both men and their associates. Frey is trying to get them in a singles match to settle their issues.

3.) Eric Bischoff interviewed Nikita Koloff. Bischoff asks why Koloff is back in the company and they haven’t gotten an answer. Koloff says he is aware of all the letters coming into the company asking about why he is back in WCW. Koloff wants to talk to a man, and he knows who he is, and wants to talk stuff out. They need to talk things out. Koloff says after that happens then we will find out why Koloff is back in the company.

4.) Frey reveals that he has signed off on either a double bull rope or bunkhouse match putting the team of Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes against the Dangerous Alliance. The guy has been talking about wrestler safety! He is not taking responsibility for the matches either. It’s hilarious how much of a goof the guy is being made out to look.

5.) Ricky Steamboat comes out to be interviewed and he is all taped up on his face due to the injuries suffered by the attack that was highlighted earlier in the program. Steamboat is really bruised and says he will learn to deal with his injuries. Steamboat is going to deal with this situation in the ring. Frey puts some blame on Steamboat for hanging Rude with a belt over the ropes and basically says it’s okay that Ricky has a busted face. Ricky is pissed about what happened at Superbrawl when Dangerously hit Steamboat with a telephone two times. Frey brings up stuff going on at home and that Ricky is bringing that into his home. Ricky tells Frey that what has been going on in the ring has been going home with him. Steamboat is really fired up and is doing an excellent job making this a heated segment. He assures us that the issues will be settled in the ring.

6.) Hayes and Garvin attack the champs before the belly sending them to the floor in the opening moments of the main event. Garvin and Taylor legally start the match with Taylor backing Garvin into the corner but is decked with a right hand from Garvin. Valentine tags in but Garvin backs away from the corner. Valentine gets kicked away by Jimmy and they have a standoff. Garvin backdrops Valentine and Hayes comes off the top rope to come across Greg’s arm. Hayes works over Valentine with some strikes but gets dropped across the top rope by Taylor while the referee was distracted. Valentine covers and gets the pin for the first fall.

Valentine works over Hayes in the corner with several chops and shoulder rams. Taylor tags in to work over Hayes. Taylor hits a rolling neck snap but only gets a two count on a cover. Taylor misses a knee drop but Greg returns to maintain control of the bout. Valentine misses a shoulder ram and hits the corner hard. Garvin enters and tries to pin Greg but can’t get a three count. Garvin gets stopped by Greg who focuses his attack on the lower body area of Garvin. Hayes enters with the referee distracted to hit a DDT and Garvin covers to get a three count.

Garvin and Valentine are going at it with Garvin delivering an atomic drop and clothesline for a two count. Garvin continues to club Valentine but they both tag out. Hayes blocks a sunset flip attempt by Taylor with a right hand and elbows Taylor to the canvas. Hayes runs into an elbow from Taylor in the corner. Taylor attempts a scoop slam but Hayes falls on top for a two count. Valentine comes back in and drives Hayes down with a back breaker for a one count. Valentine drives his knee into Hayes midsection. Hayes gets knocked down by a double strike from the champs. Hayes takes Taylor over with a backslide and nearly wins the match. Valentine comes off the top to strike Hayes and gets a near fall. Valentine focuses his attack on Garvin’s leg and decks Hayes on the apron. The champs keep working over Hayes and prevent a tag to Garvin multiple times. Taylor hits a gut wrench sit down power bomb on Hayes for a near fall. Taylor put a sleeper hold on Hayes to keep control of the contest. Garvin gets tagged in and hammers away on Taylor and Valentine. Garvin backdrops the champs and cleans house with strikes. Valentine gets tagged back in and clubs Garvin and hits a back suplex. All four men are in the ring and Hayes decks Taylor with a left hand. Taylor knocks Garvin into Hayes on the apron and rolls Garvin up for the win. (*. These best two out of three falls matches have been quite boring for the first two weeks. There didn’t seem to be a high energy spot that there usually are. Valentine and Taylor seemed to have carried the match with the Freebirds being a step or two behind in there.)

7.) Larry Zbyszko says that the demise of Koloff will be taking place. Koloff is going to be ready to wrestle Zbyszko in a best two out of three falls match.

Final Thoughts:
A rather uneventful episode this week which I kind of expected. The Steamboat segment was very well done and proved to me that Steamboat could deliver a passionate promo when he needed to. That promo just made the Rude/Dragon feud that much more heated and I’m interested to see where they go with it. However, the show as a whole just wasn’t any good.

Thanks for reading.

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