WCW Saturday Night 4/25/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Scotty Flamingo defeated Firebreaker Chip
2.) WCW World Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson defeated Larry Santo
3.) WCW Television Champion Steve Austin fought Barry Windham to a draw in a best two out of three falls match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bill Fralic of the Atlanta Falcons is the special co-host with Jim Ross this week. Fralic talks about the Falcons and various issues including his own options. He is considering a role in WCW if something doesn’t workout with the Falcons. An interesting way to go about a contract dispute.

2.) Nikita Koloff is the superstar to take the hot seat this week and be interviewed by Jim Ross and his co-host Bill Fralic. Fralic wants to know why Koloff is back in the WWF. Koloff is here to respond to that question, and does not answer it. We see footage of last year when Koloff decked Lex Luger with the WCW United States Championship. Nikita knew that he was right about how Luger only cared about himself and not the fans. Koloff attacked Sting at Superbrawl I and his mindset to get after Luger. Koloff has a lot of respect for Sting for standing up for himself. Nikita disappeared from WCW because of his homeland which was fighting for freedom so he left to help. The second reason was because what happened in Knoxville, TN. Koloff ran Sting over with a clothesline in front of a young fan and he scared a child that Sting had been holding just moments earlier. Nikita has talked to the young kid and they have become best friends. Jim Ross asks why Koloff was at Superbrawl two months ago. Koloff was there because he wanted to talk to Sting but couldn’t because of the Dangerous Alliance. Nikita looks at the camera and says that he is sorry for what Vader has done to Sting. Koloff says he is only a phone call away and will be there for Sting whenever he needs him. Nikita brings out a young fan to the stage and he is trying to get into a full fledged baby face role. It’s a little over the top attempt to make Koloff into a good guy. Nikita agrees with the young fan that Sting is his favorite wrestler too. Nikita will sign the dotted line to wrestle Big Van Vader at any time.

3.) Windham takes Austin over several times with a headlock to continually have the upper hand in the opening moments of the match. Austin cuts Barry off with a big boot and attempts a suplex but backs away when that’s just not going to happen. Windham decks Austin with a right hand and the champ heads to the floor. Austin works over Barry in the corner claiming that the challenger isn’t all that tough. Windham takes Austin over with a snap suplex and gets a three count.

Barry continues to work over Austin in the corner with only needing one more fall to win the title. Austin comes off the ropes and is met with a dropkick. Windham heads to the top rope and gets distracted by Paul E. Dangerously. Austin slams Barry off the top to the canvas. Austin works over Windham in the corner. Austin decks Windham with a clothesline and Windham is sent over the top to the floor. Windham is rammed head first into the top turnbuckle several times. Austin knee lifts Barry off the apron and lands across the guard railing. Austin scoop slams Windham and gets a near fall. Austin connects with another vertical suplex but misses an elbow drop off the middle rope. They collide in the middle of the ring. There is only forty five seconds left in the TV time. Windham hits a clothesline but Austin gets his foot on the bottom rope. Windham hits a vertical suplex but the time runs out. Since neither man won two falls, the belt remains with Austin. (**. Alright, that’s a bogus finish to the match but give these guys a solid fifteen minutes and have it not be broken up, they’d be able to put together a good match. There was some good action but the lackluster of a finish really put a tamper on it.)

Final Thoughts:
They are really trying to make Nikita Koloff into a good guy and it seemed a little too over the top. Koloff is sucking up to Sting a lot and makes me think that down the road a betrayal could be a strong possibility. A better episode than recent weeks, but still not where the programming needs to be.

Thanks for reading.

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