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WCW Saturday Night 5/21/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Brian Pillman defeated Ron Vegas
2.) Ricky Steamboat defeated The Shadow
3.) Harlem Heat defeated Bobby Walker & Quinn Nash
4.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Dave Hart
5.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Kenny Kendall
6.) Arn Anderson defeated The Gambler
7.) Terra Ryzing defeated Al Phillips
8.) Pretty Wonderful defeated Brian & Brad Armstrong
9.) Dustin Rhodes & Johnny B. Badd defeated WCW United States Champion Steve Austin & Bunkhouse Buck by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sensational Sherri is interviewed by Mean Gene regarding her special man she is on the hunt for. Sherri says she is narrowing down her list of men she has been scouting. She says once her man is found Mean Gene will be the first person to know.

2.) Dusty Rhodes is with Mean Gene for an interview. Dusty says he has tried to keep his composure regarding the Bunkhouse Buck and Col. Robert Parker duo. Dusty says that his son Dustin is not trying to be him but rather his own man. Dusty has thunder in his gut and that will erase the memory of the blood his son shed at Spring Stampede.

3.) WCW World Champion Ric Flair is interviewed. Flair says he goes one step at a time when it comes to Hulk Hogan. Flair puts himself over for being able to win last week and still be the WCW World Champion. Flair knows that Hogan was in Chicago and says he doesn’t blame Hogan for not coming to ringside. Flair invites Hogan to come to Philadelphia to checkout the champion in action. “Diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair.”

4.) Pretty Wonderful go to the camera and let us know that they are coming after the WCW World Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys.

5.) Rhodes and Austin start the main event with Rhodes taking Austin down to the canvas with an arm drag. Dustin continues with a drop toe hold and works on the left arm. Badd is tagged in who slips into the ring but keeps the advantage on Austin. Badd shoulder blocks Austin and takes the champ over with a snapmare. Buck enters but Badd blocks a right hand and knocks the heels down with punches. Badd scoop slams Buck and continues to have control with a headlock. Badd knocks Buck off his feet with a clothesline and Rhodes is tagged in. Dustin works over Buck with right hands in the corner and drops an elbow. Austin tags back into the match and is met with an elbow to the head. Badd comes back in and is worked over in the corner by Austin briefly. Badd misses a running charge as he hits the corner chest first and Austin delivers a clothesline followed by a knee drop. Buck enters again and kicks Badd in the midsection. Austin comes back in to lock in a headlock again.

Badd battles back with strikes but Austin shoulder blocks Badd only for Badd to drop Austin throat first across the top rope! Badd decks Austin with a left hook and both Rhodes and Buck get tags. Rhodes cleans house with strikes and scoop slams Austin. The heels are rammed into each other face first. Rhodes drops Buck with a clothesline and knocks Parker off the apron. Rhodes hits the running bulldog on Buck but Parker enters to cause the disqualification. Badd knocks Parker down with a strike. After the match, WCW World Champion Ric Flair runs in but is attacked by a masked man. Flair is beaten down by the mysterious wrestler who has a chair and goes to hit Flair but officials rundown to prevent anything from happening. Buck is choking Rhodes with the bull rope! (*1/2. The match wasn’t all that entertaining as it was rather basic, but the aftermath was fun.)

6.) Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse Buck come over for an interview. Parker says we will see the reveal of the mystery man tomorrow night at Slamboree. Steve Austin has come over as well. Buck is going to get his hands on Dustin Rhodes one more time. Austin credit Johnny B. Badd for being tougher than he expected. Austin says Johnny has made this personal.

Final Thoughts:
This felt like a filler week worth of television as they didn’t really do much of note aside from the mystery man attacking Flair for a last minute hype on a feud that hasn’t gotten much of it. The show wouldn’t make me more inclined to buy the pay per view, but WCW has previously done a good job promoting most of the feuds.

Thanks for reading.

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