IWC Un-Caged Fury 7/7/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

International Wrestling Cartel presents Un-Caged Fury
From: Elizabeth, PA

Opening Contest: Jimmy DeMarco vs. Jason Cage: At this point, DeMarco has gone on his own having broken away from the Gambino Brothers, but he is still the same green unexperienced and awkward moving Jimmy DeMarco. Cage drops DeMarco with a back breaker and a spinning kick in the early moments for a near fall. DeMarco gets some basic offense going but only manages a two count after a backdrop. DeMarco has a chair but Cage kicks Jimmy in the face followed by a kip up hurricanrana. Cage drops Jimmy face first across his knee and comes off the top missing a frog splash. Marshall Gambino takes the chair away from DeMarco, but DeMarco still hits an ace crusher for a two count. DeMarco proceeds to whack Cage over the head with a steel chair to get himself disqualified. After the match, The Gambino Brothers come out and confront their cousin to no avail. (*. Cage carried the match and the angle between DeMarco and the Gambino’s doesn’t come across all that interesting, really. DeMarco continues to be painful to see compete.)

Second Contest: Ricky Reyes vs. Larry Sweeney: Reyes takes Sweeney down to the canvas for some mat wrestling and takes Sweeney down with arm drags and dropkicks. Sweeney controls Reyes in the corner briefly but Reyes goes back to an arm drag to take Sweeney down to the canvas. Sweeney stops Reyes with a knee breaker and focuses his offense on the left knee of Reyes. Larry hits a butterfly suplex but Reyes gets out at two on the cover attempt. Sweeney runs over Reyes with a running clothesline and taunts the fans as he continues to have the advantage. Reyes comes running out of the corner to hit a bulldog and delivers a series of kicks followed by a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Ricky takes Sweeney over with a side suplex for a near fall. Sweeney trips Reyes in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (**. I was expecting this to go a little longer, but it was a mildly entertaining match. Reyes didn’t sell the knee work that Sweeney had done, but despite that I enjoyed this for what it was.)

Sebastian Dark comes out and calls out referee CJ Sensation, who has been suspended for thirty days. Sensation tackles Dark and is attacked by Dark and Hentai! Dean Radford comes in and hits a spine buster on Dark before going to work on Hentai. Jon Bolen comes running to the ring with a steel chair to chase the heels off.

Third Contest: Troy Lords vs. Vendetta: A slow start to the match with neither man getting a clear cut advantage and its kept on the canvas. Lords hits a running senton splash and keeps the pace at a faster level hitting a front suplex and a dropkick to a kneeling Vendetta for a two count. Lords hits another dropkick but misses a second attempt allowing Vendetta to hit a running lariat on Lords to get his first advantage of the match. Vendetta hits a nice overhead belly to belly suplex but Lords powers out at two. Vendetta drives Lords down to the mat with a spine buster after ramming Lords into the corner several times for a near fall. They trade forearm shots until Lords takes Vendetta down with a fireman’s carry and a few clotheslines. Lords drops Vendetta with a spinning leg lariat. Lords continues with a head scissors takedown. Vendetta stops Lords on the middle rope to hit a neck breaker but only manages a near fall. Vendetta hits a modified side slam but Lords again kicks out before three. Lords counters a suplex attempt with a neck breaker for a two count. Lords drops Vendetta on his head with a brain buster before going to the top missing a moonsault. Lords comes back to deliver a kick and they are horribly botching a Cop Killa/Un-Prettier. Lords wins the match with a slam. (*1/4. The action was okay but that was a horribly botched finish for these two. They didn’t do anything that kept me overly hooked or anything.) After the match, Lords is attacked by Sebastian Dark and Hentai. Hentai comes off the top rope to knee drop the leg of Lords. Dennis Gregory comes out with a rake and shovel to make the save.

Fourth Contest: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jason Gory & Shima Xion: Claudio and Xion start the match with Claudio shoving Xion to the canvas and taunting the fans afterward. Xion runs the ropes to arm drag Claudio but Chris Mavrick gets involved to piss Xion off and Claudio shoulder blocks Xion for the upper hand. Xion takes Claudio down to the canvas and poses with Gory behind the referees back. Gory tags in and maintains control of Claudio before tagging in Xion who comes off the top with a double axe handle. Claudio continues to be double teamed as Gory does the same move. Hero is tagged in after Claudio punches Gory. Hero keeps Gory down on the canvas working over his arm. Gory takes Hero over with a head scissors and an arm drag. Hero stops Gory with a right hand but runs into a big boot. Gory arm drags Hero and hits a running clothesline in the corner. Hero rams Xion into the corner where Claudio gets several shots in with stomps. Claudio lifts Xion up and drops Shima gut first to the mat.

Hero tags back in to hit a double big boot on Xion for a near fall. Hero knocks Gory off the apron and tags in Claudio. Claudio spins Xion around by his hair and allows Hero to splash Xion over the knees of Claudio. Hero slams Xion’s face first into the canvas several times. Hero slams Xion to the canvas followed by a rolling senton splash. Hero and Claudio wrench on Xion’s legs. Claudio drops Xion across the top rope face first. Hero slams Xion out of the corner for a two count. Xion takes Hero over with a head scissors and avoids Claudio. Xion arm drags Hero and head scissors Claudio managing to tag in Gory. Gory arm drags Claudio but misses a head scissors on Hero. Gory plants Hero with a tornado DDT and the QAS on Hero nearly winning the match. Xion hits a missile dropkick on Hero but can’t get a three count. Xion is power bombed by Hero and that’s a three count. (**. Xion and Gory seemed to rely on the same moves over and over which kind of killed the match for me. I was hoping for some more high flying from Gory and Xion, which was rather tamed here in comparison to their other matches. The finish was good, though.)

Fifth Contest: IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious vs. Christopher Daniels: Daniels starts the match with right hands causing Delirious to bail to the floor after they had a comical exchange at the start of the match. They continue to go with the comedy as Delirious gets mad that Daniels will not go for the leapfrog and hip toss. Daniels nails Delirious with a leaping leg lariat but can’t keep the champ down on the cover attempt. Delirious goes to the floor and crawls under the ring while Daizee Haze distracted Daniels on the apron allowing Delirious to get the cheap advantage from behind. Delirious keeps a slow pace with basic strikes to weaken Daniels in the corner. Daniels stops Delirious with two tilt a while back breakers followed by an STO. Daniels continues his offense with several clotheslines and a backdrop. Daniels hits the Blue Thunder Bomb but Delirious gets out at two. Daniels runs into a big boot and Delirious locks in a cobra clutch stretch but Daniels reaches the bottom rope. Daniels nearly wins with an inside cradle. Daniels slams Delirious to hit the Best Moonsault Ever but Daizee Haze gets on the apron to distract Daniels again. Delirious accidentally knocks Haze off the apron and Daniels nearly wins with a rollup. Delirious gets an inside cradle on Daniels and retains the title. (*1/2. This is an example of two big names doing as little as they had to do to get their payday. When a crowd is easily satisfied, I suppose that can be expected. I didn’t enjoy the match, really.)

Sixth Contest: IWC Tag Team Champions J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe vs. The Gambino Brothers: Rocc and Mickey kick off the tag title match with Rocc getting a cheap shot on Mickey in the corner but doesn’t quickly followup on that. Marshall is tagged in to try his luck with Rocc. Rowe is tagged into the match, as well. They slap and chop each other with neither man budging. Rocc cheap shots Marshall from the apron to allow Rowe to scoop slam Marshall and tags in Rocc. Rocc runs into a side slam from Marshall which gets a two count. Mickey tags in and works over Marshall with strikes. Rocc is dropped across the middle rope as the challengers continue to double team Rocc getting a two count in the process. Rocc is dropped by a double shoulder block but kicks out at two. Rowe hits an overhead belly to belly suplex on Mickey for a near fall. Rocc drops Mickey with a back breaker and Rowe slams Mickey across the knee of Rocc. Rocc drives Mickey down with a slingshot suplex. Rowe plants Mickey with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Mickey tries to fight back but that is short lived.

Mickey is held in the corner as Rocc hits a running splash and a knee drop for a two count. Rowe decks Mickey with a clothesline and lifts Mickey up to allow Rocc to hit a spear for a near fall. Rocc heads to the top rope but the ropes are shaking by Marshall allowing Mickey to get to the top and we get a Tower of Doom spot, which was very dangerous looking. Rowe hits a t-bone suplex on Marshall but Mickey breaks up the cover attempt. Marshall drops Rowe on his head with a release German suplex! Marshall has Rocc over his knee as Mickey hits a top rope elbow drop but Rowe yanks the referee out to make the save. Jimmy DeMarco enters and misses a chair shot hitting Rowe, but he no sells it. Rowe hits a roaring elbow on Marshall but can’t get a three count. Rowe plants Marshall with an overhead suplex and that finishes Rowe off. (**. I like the tag team of Rocc and Rowe as they have promise as a top heel tag team. Rowe was impressive with his suplexs and the no selling of the chair shot was unexpected, honestly. It went a little long, but it could have been worse.)

Seventh Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Low Ki vs. John McChesney: Early on, they keep focus on a mat wrestling based attack but neither man can keep control for an extended period of time. Ki has a cross arm breaker on McChesney over the top rope in the corner but has to let go because it’s not a legal move. Ki kicks McChesney on the chest but just backs away to seemingly let John think about it. Ki gets out of a wrist lock with more kicks to the chest. McChesney drops Ki to the mat and keeps control with a headlock. They trade arm drags and rollups and they have a standoff. Ki backs McChesney into a corner and gets a few chops and shoulder rams to control McChesney. John nearly rolls Ki up in the corner and gets another two count after avoiding a big boot. Ki quickly stops McChesney with a chop. McChesney dropkicks Ki off the apron to the floor. McChesney goes for a suicide dive but Ki stops McChesney with a kick to the head and the fans are behind Ki. Ki comes off the ropes to hit an elbow drop.

Ki kicks the back of McChesney but still can’t get a three count on the cover. Ki continues to deliver stiff kicks in the corner on McChesney. They go to the floor where they exchange blows. Ki continues to kick McChesney on the chest several times knocking the wind out of McChesney. McChesney begins to fight back with chops and kicks of his own but Ki dropkicks John sending him face first onto a steel chair in the crowd. Back in the ring, Ki has a body scissors on McChesney on the canvas but John reaches the ropes to break the hold. McChesney takes Ki over with a northern lights suplex after a few knee lifts for a two count. McChesney dropkicks Ki but only gets a near fall. Ki stops McChesney with more kicks nearly getting a three count on a cover. Ki destroys McChesney with kicks all over his body but John continues to show heart by kicking out. John head scissors Ki into the corner and follows up with clotheslines and a dropkick. Ki fights out of a TKO attempt but not a side slam. McChesney plants Ki with a tornado DDT sending Ki rolling to the floor.

McChesney manages to hit a suicide dive on the second try in the match. Ki counters the TKO nearly rolling McChesney up long enough. Ki hits a rolling kick to send McChesney into the corner. Ki misses a splash and McChesney has Ki on his shoulders but Ki counters and has the dragon sleeper locked in but shoves John into the corner. McChesney dropkicks Ki into the corner. McChesney has Ki on the top rope looking for a superplex but Ki blocks the move putting John in the tree of woe. John avoids the double stomp but kicking the legs of Ki to crotch Ki! McChesney hits a hurricanrana but Ki rolls through to hit a double stomp anyway but the bell rings on the count of two. It is announced that the time limit has expired and it’s a draw. (***1/4. Okay, it’s a good match and the time limit draw is a bullshit finish but they did it the right way by not continually announcing how much time is left in the match so nobody knew how close they were to the time limit expiring. Ki can sometimes not deliver good matches with offense I don’t normally find exciting, but I thought this was a solid encounter and McChesney looked very good here hanging with Ki with a hard hitting bout.) After the match, Low Ki says he didn’t come here for a time limit draw. Ki assures McChesney they will do this again in the future.

Shane Douglas is in the ring to cut a promo prior to the main event. Douglas puts over living in Pittsburgh saying it is better than living in Florida. Douglas shoots about Vince McMahon trying to revive ECW. Douglas tells McMahon “ECW is dead and gone, TNA is where extreme lives today.” Apparently, the PWTorch declared that IWC is the number four wrestling company in America. Douglas announces that the truck with the steel cage broke down and there will not be a cage match tonight. Instead, we will get an extreme rules match. Shirley Doe appears and calls Douglas a piece of shit from the balcony. Doe is getting ready for the match on the balcony when Dennis Gregory attacks Doe from behind!

Main Event: Extreme Rules Eight Man Tag, War Games style match
Team IWC (Dennis Gregory, Jon Bolen, M-Dogg 20, & A Mystery Partner)
The Unholy Alliance (Abyss, Hentai, Sebastian Dark & Shirley Doe)

Gregory has a rope and ties it to the balcony. Gregory tries to send Doe over the balcony to essentially murder him, but a referee comes out to prevent that from happening. Gregory hits Doe with a championship and a trash can. Gregory and Doe go backstage and begin to make their way to floor. Gregory sends Doe into the ring. Gregory backdrops Doe and mounts Shirley with a series of strikes. The next entrant for the match is…

Sebastian Dark enters but can’t hit Gregory with the championship and is instead met with a spear. Gregory whacks Dark with the championship to keep control though he plays to the crowd. Gregory sends Dark to the floor and knee lifts Doe off the apron. Dark has been busted open already. Gregory takes Dark out with a suicide dive on the floor into the crowd and chairs! Back in the ring, Gregory is stopped by Doe who ends up hitting a piledriver on the apron, which the cameras missed. The next entrant into the match is…

M-Dogg 20 comes out and dives over the top rope to take everyone out on the floor! Dogg has Dark dropping him across his knee neck first. Dogg kicks Doe from the ring into the crowd. Gregory is back in the ring unfazed by the piledriver, apparently. Dogg hits the flagpole press on the floor to keep Doe down. The next entrant for the match is…

Hentai charges the ring to attack Dogg from behind delivering uppercuts in the corner. Dark tosses Gregory into the chairs in the crowd. Hentai hits a springboard hurricanrana off the top to drop Dogg in the ring. Gregory continues to work over Dark in the crowd while Hentia hits a side suplex on Dogg. The next entrant in the match is…

Jon Bolen storms the ring to clean house with clotheslines and strikes. Bolen press slams Hentai and spears Dark! Bolen hits a double German suplex on Bolen and Hentai! The next entrant in the match is…

Abyss makes his way down to the ring taking his time getting to the ring. Dogg chops Abyss a few times but Abyss drives Dogg gut first down to the canvas with a press slam. Gregory enters and jabs Abyss a few times but is stopped b y allow blow and Abyss sends Gregory head first into a steel chair in the corner. Bolen enters the ring and confronts Abyss. They begin to trade strikes with Bolen running into the Black Hole Slam! The final entrant for the match is… Well, the heels say that there isn’t anyone left to make the save. Norm Conners says hit the music…

Sterling James Keenan is the final entrant for the match. Keenan enters the ring and cleans house on the heels but drops the canvas holding his knee after Dark fell onto his leg. In an odd moment the heels just stare at Keenan on the mat, which just ruins the moment. Keenan has to roll to the floor and is clutching his knee which has delated the crowd. Gregory suplexs Doe and side slams Hentai. Doe hits a backpack driver to keep Gregory on the mat. Some music plays and here comes Dean Radford with a chair and chain. Norm Conners tries to tell Radford to not do it, but Dean doesn’t care.

Radford has his steel chair and holds off the heels before whacks Gregory with at the steel chair, which was a predictable heel turn considering how they set that up. Gregory is laid out in the ring. Doe has the noose from earlier in the match and ties Gregory in the ropes. Norm Conners tosses the towel into the ring since everyone was tied up but Bolen and Gregory still get chair shots. The locker room empties chasing the Unholy Alliance out of the ring. (***. I enjoyed the format and the action provided, but it was awful that Keenan returns to the company gets a big pop and ten seconds later gets his knee blown out because Sebastian Dark improperly took a bump. That deflated the crowd, but I thought the finish was effective to give the heels the win and maintain a reason for the War Games match at the next show.)

Final Thoughts:
The first several matches weren’t all that productive or entertaining, but the final two matches delivered and left me on a happy note for the show. However, as a whole show it lacks anything truly memorable or exciting. It’s a skippable show as the bigger show is the following month, anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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