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ECW Hardcore TV 2/22/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-02-22 (Matches taped 1994-02-04 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: Terry Funk
TV: Sabu
Tag: Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac

We get a Terry Funk/Shane Douglas feud video package to hype the main event on March 5th.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and we get back to last weeks tag team brawl at the show followed by the Public Enemy promo that aired to end the show. Joey tells us that on March 5th Public Enemy takes on the Bruise Brothers in a falls count anywhere match with the win getting a title match later in the night.

Joey hypes the Night the Line Was Crossed video tape.

“Awesome” Mike Awesome vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Keith Shearer ref Jim Molineaux
Mikey nearly gets killed with a german suplex. Awesome ends things in 1.55 by splashing both men from the top rope. Mikey gets a power bomb after the match for fun. This was wonderfully brutal.

We get some hype for March 5th. Signed so far are Sabu vs. Awesome for the TV Title. Funk and Douglas in a taped fist match. Mr. Hughes takes on Hawk and the tag team matches we learned about earlier. More matches to be announced later tonight!

Johnny Hotbody is with Joey and Hotbody trash talks Tony Stetson.

Tony “Hitman” Stetson vs. Don E Allen ref John Finnegan
Stetson attacks from behind before the bell. Stetson bring it to the floor and hits a suplex and then finishes Allen off with a flying forearm in 1.30.

“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (w/ Hunter Q Robbins III) vs. Kyle Shearer ref John Finnegan
Tommy Dreamer and Snuka is announced for the 5th. Back breaker and superfly splash finish things off in 5.36. This match was like 3 minutes of a side head lock. During the splash Dreamer came out and locked in the sleeper on Robbins and put him to sleep.

Jason says Hawk has made the biggest mistake of his life by agreeing to wrestling Mr. Hughes.

Joey talks about last week when Sandman nailed Peaches and then we get a video package of her. Jay Sulli is with Sandman and Sandman is smoking a cigarette. Sulli asks him for comments about last week and he trash talks Rockin’ Rebel. Sulli says he wants to know about Peaches not Rebel. Sandman says “life’s a bitch and then you marry one”. Well that was a fast transformation from suffer to wife beating asshole.

TV Champion Sabu (w/ Paul E Dangerously & 911) vs. Pat Tanaka ref Jim Molineaux
Sabu with a spin kick early on. Sabu flips out of a back body drop and hits a clothesline. Tanaka goes to the floor and Sabu dives onto him. Sabu nails Tanaka with a chair and then sets up a table. Sabu flips over the top rope out of the ring but Tanaka moves off the table and Sabu crashes through. Back in the ring Tanaka in control and he goes after the back of Sabu. Tanaka goes up top and Sabu meets him and goes for a super rana but Tanaka hangs on and Sabu crashes down. Tanaka off the second buckle with a flying forearm that gets 2. Sabu reverses an irish whip and goes for a rana but Tanaka drops down with a power bomb and nearly gets 3. Sabu drop kicks Tanaka then sends him chest first into the buckle. Arabian press immediately follows and Sabu retains in 6.42.

May 5th hype and we end.

My thoughts on the show
I am so not looking forward to a Johnny Hotbody and Tony Stetson feud. Mike Awesome kicks so much ass it’s not even funny and a pretty decent main event tonight. The last few weeks have been pretty pitiful this one might be worth checking out.

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