ECW Hardcore TV 8/9/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-08-09 (Matches taped 1994-07-15 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa & 1994-07-22 at Farmer’s Market in Montgomeryville, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Mikey Whipwreck
Tag: Public Enemy

TV Champion Mikey Whipwreck and Jason feud video starts us off. Mikey is backstage and he says he has never won a fight in his life and that he probably couldn’t beat any man, woman, child or pet on earth but he is sure he can take out Jason.

Opening video.

Bad Breed vs. The Spiders ref Jim Molineaux
Joey tells us that Bad Breed gets a title match this Saturday at Hardcore Heaven. Ian Rotten with a plancha out of the ring. Ian with a corner whip and drop kick in the corner. Spider 1 tags in and hits a drop kick on Axl from the top rope. Axl though comes back and hits a belly to back suplex and tags Ian back in. Ian with another corner whip and he charges but gets back body dropped to the floor. Spider 2 comes over and hits a suplex on the floor and then Spider 1 hits a plancha and comes off the top with a double axe handle back in the ring. The Spiders double team Ian for a bit. Ian comes back though and hits a double arm DDT and tags Axl. All hell breaks loose. Spider hits a superrana on Ian. Axl on the floor avoids a cross body off the apron and slides in the ring to break up the pin. In reality he was late getting in the ring and the ref stopped counting just like in the TV Title match last week. Doomsday device ends it in 6.33. Another fun Bad Breed match.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy talk about how there will be no strike in ECW like in baseball. This Saturday it’s going to be a Baseball Brawl!

Sandman vs. Ray Odyssey ref John Finnegan (1994-07-22)
Woman again is barred from ringside. Seems like that only happens when they head to the Farmer’s Market. Ray with the advantage early on. Sandman though cuts him off with a back elbow and high hanging vertical suplex. Sandman takes it to the floor and goes to work on Ray with a chair. Back in the ring Sandman spikes Ray down with a piledriver. Back to the floor Sandman goes for a suplex but Ray blocks it and hits one of his own. Ray with a plancha and he hammers away on Sandman. Back in the ring Ray comes off with a missile drop and pounds on Sandman in the corner. The ref gets to close and catches an elbow as Ray pulls his fist back to nail Sandman. Ray hits his finisher the whip out which is a second rope vaderbomb. Ray goes to wake up the ref and Sandman gets the cane nails Ray with it and gets the pin in 7.28. I hate that finish. Why the fuck did the ref just walk into an elbow like that. Sandman continues the beating after the match.

We go back to three weeks when the trouble between Sandman and Tommy Dreamer started. Sandman is with Woman backstage and Sandman says it’s time for Dreamer to taste the singapore cane.

Funk/Cactus hype video. Not sure why this match is happening as there has been no backstory to this.

Chad Austin (w/ Jason) vs. Damien Stone ref Jim Molineaux
Stone turns Austin inside out with a clothesline. Austin comes back though and hits a clothesline of his own. Austin with a corner whip and h charges but Stone moves and Austin goes through the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring Austin misses a 450 splash and Stone stomps away. Joey suggests that this could be a match of the year candidate. He must not have watched a lot of wrestling so far this year. Austin ducks a line and hits a float over DDT for the win in 3.41.

Paul E Dangerously is backstage with 911. Paul E hypes the card for Saturday and talks about how he found 911 at a biker bar in NYC. Paul E talks about all the people in ECW that have gone up and down at the hands of 911. Mr. Hughes, Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas and Angel are backstage and Hughes says he is taking 911 up and down with the sidewalk slam. Back to Paul and 911 and 911 picks up the camera man in a choke slam to show Hughes what’s going to happen to him this Saturday night.

My thoughts on the show
Three enjoyable matches this week with some good hype for Hardcore Heaven. This is worth checking out.

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