SMW TV 9/17/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Cumberland, KY

1.) Bruiser Bedlam defeated Steve Skyfire
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Mike Maraldo by disqualification
3.) Boo Bradley & Chris Candido defeated Brian Lee & SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Lance Storm

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show opens with footage from Freedom Hall where The Gangstas and the Rock N’ Roll Express brawled into the parking lot despite other wrestlers trying to separate them.

2.) After an introduction by the commentators we see unedited footage of the match between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the Gangstas from Johnson City, Tennessee. At one point in the match, Ricky Morton is hung over the top rope but Robert Gibson made the save. Mark Curtis, the referee, is sent out of the ring as the match loses any control at that point. Several wrestlers enter the ring to try and get some order restored but that simply doesn’t work. We see the whole footage of them brawling to the parking lot in just a wild brawl.

3.) The Gangstas are interviewed and New Jack says that he told them he would get them. They were going to do it south central LA style. Jack says they are going to get them again and he will choke the life out of Morton and Gibson. Jack declares their mission is to make sure Rock N’ Roll Express are dead like Elvis.

4.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed after his victory. Cornette says that Bedlam is going to destroy anyone who stands in his path including Dirty White Boy. Cornette insults White Boy calling him a redneck just like everyone else in the area. Cornette mentions the Rage in the Cage taking place which will be the Rock N’ Roll Express, Tracy Smothers and SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy taking on Bruiser Bedlam, Chris Candido, and the Gangstas. Cornette notes that the Gangstas won’t even talk to him. That match will be taking place at Apple Brawl on September 30th in Paintsville, KY.

5.) Les Thatcher is standing in the ring to interview SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Bob Armstrong. Armstrong says his right eye is still a little blurry from the alcohol tossed into his eyes. Next week, Armstrong will be wrestling Cornette and Killer Kyle in a handicap match, apparently. White Boy is going to get his hands on Bruiser Bedlam and will stare him down right across from the ring. White Boy is going to whip Cornette’s butt, too.

6.) Bruiser Bedlam attacks White Boy during his match and ends up using a strap on the champion. Cornette gets several whips in on White Boy to add insult to injury. White Boy gets the whip from Cornette and chases both Bedlam and Cornette from the ring.

7.) Lance Storm is interviewed regarding Chris Jericho getting hurt. Jericho won’t be at ringside with him until he is healthy enough to return. Storm has found a new partner and that man is going to be Brian Lee.

8.) Storm and Candido start the main event. Candido eye rakes Storm to get the upper hand. Candido and Storm seem to be a little off but Chris knocks Lance down with a kick to the head anyway. Storm comes off the ropes to hit a spinning heel kick and Brian Lee gets a tag causing Candido to bail to the corner. Bradley is tagged in as well but is met with a series of clotheslines and goes to the corner to regroup while Lee tags out to Storm. Boo is biting the arm of Storm before tagging in Candido who keeps control of Storm. Candido clotheslines Storm in the corner and Lee tries to get involved but is stopped by the referee. Storm drives Candido down with a back suplex. Bradley tags in and goes to work on Storm. Bradley nails Storm with a suer kick. Candido scoop slams Storm to maintain control as Storm came off the ropes. Bradley tags back in and decks Storm with a strike. Candido attempts a back suplex off the middle rope but Storm counters landing on top of Chris for a near fall. Bradley gets the tag and prevents Storm from tagging out to Lee. Storm super kicks Candido and tags in Lee. Lee hammers away on Candido and hits a press slam. Lee big boots Bradley as well. Lee tosses Candido to the floor while Storm dropkicks Bradley. Tammy Fytch whacks Lee on the knee with her purse and Lee is counted out as a result. Storm dropkicks both Candido and Bradley but they are still losers. (*1/2. It’s fine for what it was but there wasn’t much emotion in it and I would have liked to see Lee in there more to get his hands on Candido, which would have been the most interesting aspect of the match.)

Final Thoughts:
I liked the angle advancement for the Express/Gangstas as the start of the show was something different and welcomed to the program. Aside from that it’s a lackluster week of television.

Thanks for reading.

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