IWC No Excuses II 8/5/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

International Wrestling Cartel presents No Excuses 2
From: Elizabeth, PA

Opening Contest: Jimmy DeMarco vs. Jason Cage: Cage tackles DeMarco at the start and works over Jimmy with chops in the corner. Cage clotheslines DeMarco in the corner and delivers a kick to the head for a near fall. Cage continues with a neck breaker and a kick to the back of Jimmy’s head for another near fall. DeMarco plants Cage with a tilt a whirl side slam. DeMarco continues with back suplex and goes to the floor. DeMarco has grabbed a steel chair but here is Marshall Gambino to prevent DeMarco from using the chair. Marshall sends DeMarco back into the ring after avoiding a chair shot. Cage takes DeMarco out with a dive over the top to the floor. Cage kicks DeMarco across the middle rope and hit a double arm DDT from off the middle rope for a two count. Cage nails DeMarco with another spin kick and a standing dropkick. Cage hits a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. DeMarco comes back with a full nelson slam and goes to the floor again. DeMarco wants the chair from Marshall. Mickey comes out and whacks DeMarco over the head with another steel chair. Cage goes to the top and hit an elbow drop for the win. (**3/4. I enjoyed the action and I guess the involvement of the Gambino’s continues the issues between the family and Jimmy wanting to cheat. Cage was enjoyable and worked pretty well.)

Second Contest: Vendetta vs. Glenn Spectre: Early on, Spectre comes off the ropes to deliver a leaping forearm and dropkicks Vendetta to the corner. Spectre dropkicks Vendetta’s leg and goes for a submission but Vendetta reaches the ropes. They go to the floor where Vendetta sends Spectre into the ring post. Spectre has a few fans hold Vendetta to deliver a chop and they return to the ring. Spectre elbows Vendetta to get out of a hold but Vendetta hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Vendetta has an arm bar on Spectre but isn’t able to get a submission. Vendetta scoop slams Spectre for a near fall. Vendetta plants Spectre with a back breaker and gets a two count. Vendetta avoids a tornado DDT but Spectre hit an ace crusher. Spectre atomic drops Vendetta and nearly wins with a kick to the head. Vendetta hit a stunner on Spectre but only gets a near fall. Spectre leg whips Vendetta’s leg. Spectre has Final Justice locked in but here Hentai and the Unholy Alliance to attack Spectre. Vendetta gets the win over Spectre. (*1/2. That wasn’t long and the story of the Unholy Alliance preventing Spectre from getting a title shot explains the attack.) After the match, Spectre gets a chair shot to his surgically repaired shoulder.

Third Contest: Larry Sweeney vs. Ricky Reyes: Reyes has the early advantage with a dropkick but misses a knee strike in the corner allowing Sweeney to get control working over the leg. Sweeney gets sent to the floor but Reyes to dragged to the floor anyway. Sweeney wraps Reyes leg around the ring post. Sweeney comes off the ropes to nail Reyes with a forearm shot. Reyes nails Sweeney with a leaping knee strike. Reyes hits a swinging neck breaker but Sweeney kicks out at two. Sweeney delivers a knee breaker and nearly wins with a fisherman suplex. Sweeney puts a half Boston Crab on Reyes but is unable to get a submission. Sweeney spikes Reyes with a spine buster but Reyes gets his foot on the bottom rope. Reyes drops down to the canvas with a dragon sleeper and Sweeney submits. (**. A decent match but too quick to really get going.)

Sterling James Keenan comes out to cut a promo. He says the last time he was in this building he reached the lowest point of his career. He got a reception that he hadn’t gotten before. He blew out his knee in the building. Keenan is a babyface it seems and still rips on the fans. He tore his MCL and was supposed to take six weeks off, but that’s not going to happen. He mentions he has lost friends, family and girlfriends due to this business. He came to a decision he didn’t think he’d make at 22 years old. Keenan swerves the fans saying he’s just going to kick the Unholy Alliance’s ass tonight. He teased retirement.

Fourth Contest: Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) vs. The Gambino Brothers (Marshall & Mickey):
Idol and Mickey kick off the tag match. Idol takes Mickey to the canvas but Idol reaches the bottom rope. Idol arm drags Mickey several times and controls the arm briefly. Mickey gets a two count with a backslide and Idol almost wins with a rollup. Xtasy tags in and Marshall tags in as well. Marshall hits Xtasy with a chop and Xtasy cries in pain. Xtasy returns with a slap and wags his finger at Marshall. Marshall slaps Xtasy on the butt but Xtasy returns the slap to the butt. Xtasy drops Marshall across his knee and Idol hit a missile dropkick for a near fall. Xtasy splashes Marshall in the corner and Idol tags in leading to Marshal being double teamed. Idol comes off the top and takes the Gambino Brothers out with a somersault dive to the floor. Marshall decks Idol with a clothesline turning Idol inside out. Mickey gets tagged in and double team Idol with an elbow drop. Marshall hit a vertical suplex but Idol kicks out at two. Idol is dumped to the apron and dropped across the top rope. Gambino’s hit a double baseball slide since Idol was trapped between both rings. Idol gets tossed down to the canvas and Marshall gets another two count. Marshall side slams Idol for a two count. Idol kicks Marshall a few times to cause both men dropping down to the canvas.

Xtasy tags in and Mickey does as well but is met with a choke slam. Xtasy jabs Marshall a few times knocking him down in the process. Xtasy full nelson slams Mickey across Idol’s knees. Marshall splashes Xtasy in the corner and another clothesline off the ropes. Jimmy DeMarco comes out as Xtasy is met with a double spine buster. The Gambino Brothers see DeMarco and Jimmy wants them to use a chair. Mickey splashes Xtasy in the corner but Sexual Harassment hit a Hart Attack for a near fall. Idol takes Marshall out with a cross body and Mickey takes Xtasy over with a German suplex. DeMarco wants Mickey to use the chair and gets tossed to the floor by Mickey. Sexual Harassment hit the Rose Creeper for the win on Mickey. (*1/2. It wasn’t awful, but it was difficult to get interested in it. The involvement of DeMarco was predictable and expected considering what happened earlier in the program.)

Fifth Contest: IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious vs. John McChesney: Early on, McChesney takes Delirious down to the canvas and controls the champ. Delirious gets free and bails to the floor to regroup. They continue with the mat wrestling focus with McChesney getting the advantage. McChesney arm drags Delirious a few times sending Delirious to the floor. McChesney goes to the top and goes for a dive but Daizee Haze stood in the way causing John to step off and is clotheslined by Delirious from behind. Delirious chokes McChesney in the ring behind the back of the referee. Delirious plants McChesney with a back suplex and a kick to the back. Delirious slams McChesney gut first to the canvas and delivered a running kick sending McChesney to the floor. McChesney counters a suplex with a rollup for a two count. McChesney kicks Delirious out of the corner and head scissors Delirious into the corner. McChesney chops Delirious a few times and pummels the champ in the corner. McChesney nearly wins with a northern lights suplex. McChesney drops Delirious across the top rope and McChesney hit a German suplex for a two count. Delirious dropkicks McChesney chest first into the corner. Delirious follows up with a running knee strike and taunts the fans. Delirious goes to the top but misses a big splash. McChesney hit a springboard missile dropkick and puts Delirious in an electric chair slam but Delirious gets to the top rope to break free. Delirious misses a dropkick crashing to the canvas. Delirious almost wins with a packaged brain buster. McChesney backdrops Delirious to the apron and hit a neck breaker over the middle rope. McChesney takes Delirious out with a somersault dive to the floor. McChesney gets a near fall back in the ring. McChesney nails Daizee Haze with a baseball slide and Delirious rolls McChesney up from behind for the win. (**3/4. A solid match with a lackluster finish to seemingly make a rematch from these two. The final few minutes were enjoyable and made up for a rather slow start.)

Sixth Contest: IWC Tag Team Champions The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) vs. Team Catfish (Jason Gory & Shima Xion): Rocc and Gory kick off the tag match. Gory avoids Rocc in the corner and they trade chops along with slaps. Gory takes Rocc down to the canvas before tagging in Xion who hit a dropkick for a two count. Xion puts a standing head scissors but Rocc refuses to give in. Rocc gets double teamed by the challengers getting hit with a dropkick. Gory atomic drops Rocc into Rowe who tags in and sends Gory into a knee from Rocc followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Rocc drops Gory with a chop and sends Gory into a boot in the corner. Rocc scoop slams Gory across the knee of Rowe. Rowe power bombs Gory across the knee of Rocc. Gory kicks Rowe but runs into an STO out of the corner. Rocc takes Gory over with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Rowe hits a back breaker and gut buster on Gory. Rowe slams Gory but only manages a two count. Rowe clotheslines Gory and pops Gory up into a spine buster from Rocc! Xion got the tag but the referee didn’t see it and Gory is driven down with a double vertical suplex.

Rowe catches Gory and tosses him over the top rope into the second ring. Gory nails Rowe with a missile dropkick in the other ring. Rocc and Xion get the tags with Xion head scissors Rocc and dropkicks Rowe. Xion stomps Rowe from the apron into the ring. Xion takes Rocc out with a cross body to the floor. Rowe tosses Gory over the top onto Xion and Rocc with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gory stops Rowe with a boot in the corner and punches Rocc on the apron. Rowe hit an overhead t-bone suplex but Gory kicks out. Rocc and Rowe are sent into each other and Rowe gets kicked to the floor. Rocc is met with a dropkick from Xion and Gory hit a big splash for a two count. Gory spin kicks Rowe and Xion jumps off Rocc’s back to double stomp Rowe for a two count. Xion face busters Rocc and Rowe nearly wins QAS! Rowe is nearly pinned by Xion with a crucifix pin. Rocc spikes Xion with a piledriver and Maverick shoves Gory off the top rope. Rocc power bombs Gory and Rowe gets the win with a dragon suplex. (***!/4. Their styles worked very well and the near falls were nicely done, too. I enjoyed the action and wouldn’t mind seeing these guys compete again.)

Seventh Contest: Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles: They are standing in different rings as the fans are chanting for both men. They did a break dance and then rock, paper and scissors competition to figure out which ring they will compete in. Styles takes Cage to the canvas and controls his arm. Cage shoulder blocks Styles and they have a standoff. Styles shoulder blocks Cage for a quick near fall and they have another standoff. They go for a test of strength which Cage gets the advantage but AJ counters and snap mares Cage followed by a kick to the back. Styles dropkicks Cage and Cage rolls to the second ring. Styles springboards into the other ring hitting a forearm and takes Cage out with a cross body to the floor! Styles rams Cage head first into the apron and they enter the original ring. Styles slams Cage and drops a knee for a two count. Cage stops Styles with a swinging neck breaker over the middle rope, which was done in an earlier match.

Cage drives Styles down with a neck breaker. Cage nails Styles with a forearm shot and kicks Styles after a snap mare. Cage delivers a reverse DDT turned into a back breaker for a two count. Styles chops his way out of the corner and they collide in the middle of the ring after shoulder blocks are attempted at the same time.Styles runs over Cage with clotheslines and decks Cage with a discus clothesline for a near fall. AJ delivers a gut buster but Cage kicks out at two. Styles knees out of a reverse DDT and nails Cage with a Pele Kick for a two count. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Cage counters and catapults AJ into the corner. Styles connects with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Styles goes to the top but Cage gets up and nearly wins following a spear! Cage heads to the top rope and goes for a frog splash but AJ got his knees up. Styles runs into a back elbow and the referee gets knocked down. Styles hits the Styles Clash but the referee is hurt. Styles has the cover and Cage kicks out at two. Styles goes to the top again and misses the Spiral Tap! Cage is up and goes for the Un-Prettier but Styles breaks free hitting a kick. Cage ducks a clothesline and plants Styles with the Un-Prettier for the win. (***. A solid match by these two on the independents. Obviously Cage was going to go over in this situation but they provided some solid action and did more than I was expecting.) After the match, the fans chant for Cage to comeback to the promotion, and I don’t believe he ever did.

Main Event: War Games
Team IWC (Chris Hamrick, IWC Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory, Sterling James Keenan & Troy Lords)
The Unholy Alliance (Abyss, Dean Radford, Hentai, Sebastian Dark & Shirley Doe)

As noted previously, there is two rings and the match will be contested 5 on 4 because IWC wanted Radford in the match that badly. Hentai and Lords kick off the main event. They trade chops to start the match and trade kicks. Lords takes Hentai over with a few snap suplexs. Lords uses the cage to drive Hentai down with a sit out front suplex. Hentai power slams Lords and continues to work over Lords with strikes. Hentai with another slam and a fist drop. Hentai tried a springboard moonsault but Lords dropkicked Hentai in midair! Lords drops Hentai across his knee as the next entrant comes out…

Sebastian Dark comes out and helps Hentai double team Lords hitting a double clothesline. Dark scoop slams Lords and Hentai hit a top rope elbow drop. Hentai comes off the top to plant Lords with a tornado DDT after being on Dark’s shoulders.

Dennis Gregory is the next entrant and decks Hentai. The championship Gregory holds is on the line in this match. Hentai and Dark are sent into each other and then into the cage. Gregory clotheslines Dark into the other ring while focusing on Hentai. Gregory walks the ropes to splash Dark, who has been busted wide open. Gregory chokes Dark as the next entrant comes out…

Dean Radford has a baseball bat and handcuffs. Radfrod slams Lords and hit a middle rope leg drop. Radford rams Lords into the cage before hitting a power bomb.

Sterling James Keenan makes his way out to help Team IWC. Keenan uses his cane on the Alliance. Dark avoids a cane shot as Keenan’s knee buckled. Keenan recovers to send Dark and Hentai into the cage. Apparently Keenan was faking it and is totally fine. Keenan drops Hentai on his head with a reverse piledriver.

Shirley Doe is the next entrant and plants Keenan with a backdrop driver. Gregory is busted open as he pummels Dark. Doe plants Lords with a swinging side slam. Gregory sends Doe into the cage face first and drops Dark face first into the cage. Doe backdrops Dennis into the cage to keep control.

Chris Hamrick is the surprise entrant for Team IWC and tosses Dark across the ring into the other ring. Hamrick avoids a kick from Hentai delivering a super kick. Radford gets dropkicked into the cage by Hamrick, as well. Gregory and Dark are at the top of the cage. They botch a spot and they both fall to the canvas. Hamrick climbs to the to the top of the cage and hit a leg drop on Dark!

Abyss is the final entrant of the match for the Unholy Alliance. Abyss sends Hamrick into the cage head first. Abyss plants Keenan with a choke slam. Lords kicks Abyss to the canvas but Abyss sends Lords over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Hamrick kicks Abyss but Abyss drives Hamrick down with the Shock Treatment! Radford plants Keenan with a Death Valley Driver. The Unholy Alliance have handcuffs and are handcuffing Team IWC to the cage. Dark has a baseball bat but CJ Sensation, a referee, knocks Dark off the top rope. CJ takes the Unholy Alliance out with a cross body off the top of the cage! Sensation has a key for the handcuffs and breaks free the guys handcuffed. Sensation plants Doe with a Slice Bread and the fans are going nuts for CJ. Abyss stops Sensation with the Black Hole Slam and sends CJ into the cage knocking Lords off the cage to the floor. Abyss hammers away on Gregory but Doe accidentally throws powder into Abyss eyes. Abyss accidentally plants Doe with the Black Hole Slam! Gregory puts the sharpshooter on Doe and Keenan handcuffs Abyss to the cage. Dark is handcuffed, too. Keenan gives Gregory a sword and they dig the sword into Doe’s head. Doe is forced to quit with a sword to his eye. (***1/2. I really enjoyed the action here as it was full of blood and some cool high spots. Hamrick is nuts for doing some of the spots considering his age. Plus, the finish is brutal enough that it doesn’t hurt Doe for submitting. This was nicely done.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a solid show for IWC with the last few matches delivering. There was a great crowd on hand and they delivered a strong show. I’d check it out.

Thanks for reading.

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