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Lucha Underground 12/3/2014

Written by: Matt Peddycord

Lucha Underground
December 3, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

In Dario Cueto’s office, he and Big Ryck celebrate the signing of his exclusive contract with Lucha Underground. Violence is Cueto’s favorite form of entertainment. And with Big Ryck, things are about to get a whole lot more entertaining.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) vs. Pimpinela Escarlata
Enough with the women and the little people, Son of Havoc issues an open challenge to anybody in the back who has the balls (emphasis on balls) to face him. You know, because Son of Havoc is on SUCH a win streak. Well, Pimpinela Escarlata isn’t exactly the manliest man, but he is by every biological definition a man. Escarlata beats up Havoc and walks the ropes before leaping down onto an interfering Ivelisse. Escarlata wants to kiss him in the corner, but never seems to get one. Lucha armdrag takes Havoc to the floor for a Cactus Jack Cannonball splash off the apron. Back inside, Havoc catches a charge and hiptosses Escarlata into the corner. Back to the floor, Havoc shows off his athleticism by planking himself using the ringpost and drops an elbow onto Pimpinela. In the ring, Havoc hits a handspring elbow in the corner, but misses a springboard crossbody. However, Ivelisse slaps Escarlata back into a sunset flip for two. Escarlata dishes out hiptosses though to fight back – one for Havoc and one for Ivelisse. Out comes Mascarita Sagrada to scare away Ivelisse as Pimpinela kisses Havoc (camera goes wide for some reason) and rolls him up for the win. (5:00) Afterwards, Escarlata and Sagrada dance around in the ring. Let’s hope we don’t see this again. ¾*

Johnny Mundo finds Dario Cueto in the bathroom and threatens him to stop sending Big Ryck to beat him up. To smooth things over, Cueto offers him the $100,000 in cash that Mundo was supposed to get when he beat Prince Puma on the first show. If Mundo hurts him, then Cueto will give him nothing. To make sure he’s paid, Mundo steals the key that was hanging around Cueto’s neck.

Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Famous B
Striker continues to use the same verbiage he used to describe the Undertaker about there being a “chill in the air” or “the building drops a few degrees” when Mil Muertes comes out. Not really a criticism, just something I noticed. Famous B is a local guy about to get owned. Spear is followed by the FLATLINER as Muertes picks up another victory at 1:09. Famous B gets the lick of death from Catrina. Totally worth the beating he got, I suppose.

We get a special look at Drago.

Drago vs. King Cuerno
Here is the rematch between these two. As soon as the lights come up, Cuerno charges Drago with a dropkick. Drago avoids a corner charge though and comes back with a springboard headscissors. Cuerno fires back with running double knees to the chest. The same Asian lady we saw watching the Havoc/Sagrada match last week comes out and watches this match as well. Meanwhile, Drago avoids the THRILL OF THE HUNT and dropkicks Cuerno to the floor. Somersault plancha to Cuerno! Apparently the Asian chick didn’t care for that and leaves. Back inside, Drago hits a floatover neckbreaker for two. Cuerno bails out and gets hit with a corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring, Drago does that same lucha-style rollup he beat Cuerno with in his debut, but this time Cuerno kicks out at two. Cuerno then enziguri kicks Drago to the floor and levels him with a tope suicida. In the ring, Cuerno gets the THRILL OF THE HUNT for the pinfall and evens the score with Drago. (4:25) Not as good as the first match as they didn’t seem to build on what they had done before, but I did like that they added in the finish to show that Cuerno learned from his mistakes. After the bell, Cuerno tells Drago that the hunt has just begun. Expect a rubber match very soon! **

Before we reach the main event, Johnny Mundo is in the ring wearing the key around his neck. Mundo is giving Dario Cueto until the count of ten to bring him his $100,000. By the count of five, Big Ryck interrupts and threatens Mundo to get the hell out of his ring. To shut him up, Mundo planchas onto Big Ryck and beats the crap out of him some more. Back to counting. When Mundo reaches nine, Konnan appears at the top of the stairs and tells him that he owes that money to Prince Puma. Because of Mundo, Puma has been the target of attacks. Because of the chairshot Mundo accidentally gave Puma last week, Puma no longer has Mundo’s back. Big Ryck jumps Mundo from behind, but here comes Puma to springboard dropkick Big Ryck away. Together, he and Mundo DOUBLE DROPKICK Big Ryck out of the ring. Now Puma turns to Mundo and they start beating each other up until refs and security separate them. Dario Cueto finally shows up and delivers a Haliburton full of $100,000 for Johnny Mundo. That was supposed to be Big Ryck’s signing bonus, but the contract said he had to earn this bonus. Next week, the money will be hanging from the rafters of the Temple for a $100,000 ladder match. Johnny Mundo versus Prince Puma versus Big Ryck. AWESOME.

Fenix & Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Pentagon Jr.
Fenix and Sexy Star take out Chavo and Pentagon to start with dropkicks. Pentagon throws out Sexy Star by her hair to give us the Pentagon and Fenix face off. Fenix does the somersault into the hurracanrana to Pentagon. After some heel regrouping, Fenix escapes a chinlock by Chavo and drills him with a dropkick. Tag to Sexy Star, she gets the man she wants. Unfortunately, Chavo is quick to shut her down with a shoulderblock. He and Pentagon keep her on the wrong side of town for a short while. She eventually slaps Chavo away and tags out to Fenix before this starts to offend people. Fenix is all over Chavo with kicks, but Chavo shuts him down with a clothesline. Tag to Pentagon, he powerbombs Fenix on his knee for two. They cut the ring in half on Fenix for another heat segment. Fenix fires back with the handspring into the cutter on Pentagon. They have to stop doing that every time Fenix wrestles. Chavo is wiped out with an enziguri kick and Sexy Star gets the hot tag. She jumps up and down on Chavo in the corner and then runs at Pentagon for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Chavo tries a Boston crab on Sexy Star, but Fenix breaks it up with a flying double stomp to the shoulders. As Fenix rolls through to get on his feet, he walks right into Pentagon for a belly to belly throw into the turnbuckles. Sexy Star hits Pentagon with a big tornado DDT and then takes out Pentagon on the floor with a Tornillo. Once Chavo is dumped out, Fenix dives on all three with a double-jump corkscrew moonsault plancha. In the ring, Sexy Star gets caught and slammed down trying a flying bodypress on Chavo. He wants the FROG SPLASH, but Fenix enziguri kicks him down. In comes Pentagon, Sexy Star gets caught in what could be a modified version of his Package Piledriver, but Fenix superkicks him back into a sunset flip powerbomb. Sexy Star puts Pentagon in position for the FLYING DOUBLE KNEE DROP by Fenix. She covers for the win. (9:18) Chavo looks pissed, but doesn’t look defeated. I’m expecting this to continue. This was all kinds of actions for sure. Some parts were a little hokier than others, but you have to expect that with lucha libre sometimes. ***

Until next time, so long for now.

NEXT WEEK: $100,000 ladder match! Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma.


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