WCW Worldwide 3/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Pretty Wonderful defeated Ken Kendall & Vern Henderson
2.) The Boss defeated Fidel Sierra
3.) Arn Anderson defeated Jim Rogers
4.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Garfield Quinn
5.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Bryant Anderson
6.) Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman defeated WCW US Champion Steve Austin & WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Brian Pillman and Dustin Rhodes are interviewed by Mean Gene. Pillman notes that the stakes are high in their upcoming tag match. If they win they are looking at title shots but if they lose it will be the most embarrassing moment for their careers. Dustin Rhodes chimes in and says that Austin and Regal better not think they are going to beat them tonight. They are going to prove they are worthy of a title shot. If either one gets a pin, then they will get a title shot against the champion who is pinned. That might cause friction amongst the partners.

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with the Boss. Boss talks about Vader and says that Harley Race and Vader make him sick for their complaining. Boss says he called the match between Vader and Flair right down the line at Superbrawl. Boss is going to kick Vader’s butt for the people. Boss says he isn’t hard to find. Vader appears on the big screen and says that Boss is nothing but a boy and that’s how he is going to kick his butt. Vader wants his hands on Boss and says that Boss isn’t big enough or bad enough to battle him. That was clearly a pre-taped comment since there wasn’t a rebuttal.

3.) Johnny B. Badd is interviewed by Mean Gene saying that he came to WCW to prove himself and win titles. Badd says that the heels like Rick Rude have coming to them what they deserve.

4.) WCW International Champion Rick Rude is brought out to be interviewed by Mean Gene. Rude says that Sting needs to go to Hollywood to get a lesson on acting. Rude thinks that Sting is acting like he really wants to get in the ring with him. Rude says he is the only undefeated world champion. Rude suggests that Sting work through every top competitor before getting to him.

5.) Regal and Pillman kick off the main event with Pillman getting control of the left arm of Regal in the early moments of the match. Pillman trips Regal after running the ropes and has a headlock on the champ. Rhodes tags in Regal controls their interaction with a shoulder block but runs into a dropkick and several jabs from Dustin. Austin knee lifts Rhodes from the apron and the fans aren’t happy with his actions. Austin takes Rhodes down getting a two count. Rhodes is worked over in the corner by Regal and taken down to the canvas. Austin scoop slams Rhodes and goes to the middle rope but is met with a shot to the gut and Rhodes barely hits a bulldog. Dustin fights back with strikes and tries to tag out but is stopped. Regal tags in Austin and Rhodes continues to be worked over. Austin misses a splash into the ropes and bounces off into the ring. Dustin staggers and tags in Pillman who goes after Regal with right hands and a backdrop. Austin is met with a dropkick and Regal is as well. Pillman sends the champs into each other as all four men are brawling now. Austin dumps Pillman to the floor and goes after Rhodes. Pillman goes to the top and hits a cross body on Regal which gets a three count. Thus, Pillman gets a WCW TV Championship match next week. (*1/2. They didn’t do much here as they kept it basic and didn’t work all that hard. Pillman getting a title shot is always a good thing, though.)

6.) WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal is mad at Sir William for having to defend against Brian Pillman next week. Regal is going to show the world that Pillman is a raspy voiced toad and will discipline him the way parents should discipline their children. Bobby Heenan chimes in and defends Regal who deserves respect.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode despite a lackluster main event this week, which I thought was going to be solid. I like the continuation between Regal and Pillman for next week giving us a reason to tune in. The Vader/Boss segment was effectively done to promote their upcoming showdown, too.

Thanks for reading.

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