WCW Worldwide 4/30/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) The Patriot defeated Fidel Sierra
2.) WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair by split decision in round one of the Marquee Of Queensbury Rules
3.) WCW Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defeated Kenny Kendall & Garfield Quinn
4.) Vader defeated Cactus Jack in a Texas Death Match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dusty Rhodes has a fish bowl and Cactus Jack where it will either be a Texas Death Match or a strap match later tonight. Dusty picks an envelope and it ends up being a Texas Death Match, which Vader doesn’t like.

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse Buck. Parker has a briefcase with him. Parker says that he is going to buy Ric Flair’s WCW World Championship. Parker says that since Dustin Rhodes wants a bull rope match then he isn’t going to get one. Bunkhouse Buck chimes in and says he wants the bull rope with Dustin if he wants it. Parker denies the request because he doesn’t want to give Dustin what he wants.

3.) There are three judges for the following match between Lord Steven Regal and Ric Flair. Jimmy Jet, Grizzly Smith and Sgt. Craig Pittman serve as the referees.

4.) Regal takes Flair down to the mat at the start but doesn’t manage long lasting offense. Flair controls Regal with a head scissors on the canvas. This match has a five minute time limit. Flair keeps Regal on the mat with a headlock but Flair gets out of a head scissors to get back to the headlock. Flair has a hammerlock on Regal and switches to an inside cradle for a near fall. Flair takes Regal down with another headlock and plays to the crowd after Regal reached the ropes. Flair rolls Regal up again but only gets a two count as there are sixty-seconds left in the match. Regal decks Flair with a forearm shot and delivers a few uppercuts. Regal takes Flair over with a vertical suplex. Regal locks in an abdominal stretch but the bell sounds bringing the match to a close. The judges get with the referee and they give the match to Regal. (**. The five minutes really prevents them from making this anything incredible, but I like the concept. Regal getting any kind of victory over Flair is huge for him and I can dig that, too. There is four more of these matches, so that will be interesting to see how this plays out.)

5.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed with a black eye. Rhodes says that everyone tries to enter WCW and shoot right to the top. He will never forget what happened at Spring Stampede. Rhodes is going to prove that he can take care of business man to man.

6.) Vader works over Cactus in the corner with several strikes but Cactus is met with a body splash. Vader continues to hammer away on Cactus with forearm strikes. Cactus clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. Cactus hits several forearm strikes and drops Vader with a right hand. Cactus sends Vader into the ring post and Cactus decks Harley Race. Cactus has a plastic chair that he whacks Vader over the head with and gets a three count on Vader on the floor. Vader has a ten count to get to his feet, which he does. Cactus knocks Vader to the floor again and pummels Vader with a flurry of right hands. Cactus sends Vader into the ring post again and manages to backdrop Harley Race. Jack takes Vader out with a rolling senton off the apron. Cactus whacks Vader over the head with a plastic chair again and delivers a quick leg drop. Jack puts a sleeper hold on Vader but Vader rams Cactus back first into the corner. Cactus stops Vader with a big boot in the corner and goes for another sleeper hold. Vader falls backwards and crashes onto Cactus Jack. Vader comes off the middle rope to hit a splash on Cactus two times. Vader comes off the middle rope and hits another big splash but Cactus powers out at two. Vader attempts another splash but Cactus rolls out of the way. Race knocks Cactus to the floor and whacks Cactus with the plastic chair right to the face. Vader rolls to the floor and power bombs Cactus on the floor! Vader covers and gets three count. Cactus has until the count of ten but isn’t able to get up. (***. An enjoyable little match, but what is shocking is there was zero reference to that power bomb spot that had a worse effect on Cactus in ’93. No wonder Cactus knew that he wasn’t going anywhere in WCW, according to his book. A fun brawl between to of the best brawlers in the business.)

7.) Dusty Rhodes closes the show to hype up more dream matches to take place. WCW US Champion Steve Austin is selected to compete for next week. He will be wrestling Johnny B. Badd on Worldwide next week.

Final Thoughts:
A strong episode for Worldwide with two strong feature matches. It’s shame that Cactus Jack doesn’t get the respect he should on commentary, but still puts on solid matches.

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