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CWA TV 4/19/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 4/19/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they rundown what’s on the show. Jeff Jarrett will be in action against Tony Falk. Russell mentions that Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell had both lost their titles in their respective cage matches.

Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell come out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Russell says he looked forward to this interview and Dundee looks to hit him, but Russell reminds Dundee that he’d be out of here for five years. Dundee says that he was fast counted by the referee and he’s pissed. Dundee says that Eddie Marlin as them as prelim guys now. Dundee he forgers the Memphis Vice team because he’s so frustrated. He knows they’ll beat them all. Landell says you can’t take main event wrestlers and have them wrestle on prelims. Buddy says it’s not going to work to take their top spot away. Dundee claims that Calhoun (the referee) and Lawler are best friends. Landell asks who won the elimination tag match and Russell admits they won. They storm off saying they can beat them again.

Opening Contest: Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell vs. Jim Jamison & David Johnson: Landell and Dundee enter the ring and waste no time to beat on Jamison and Johnson. I feel bad for Jamison. He sells it like he’s really get his ass handed to him. That stuff I can really appreciate and puts over the heels really well. Johnson gets stomped on by both men and the referee isn’t really doing anything to stop this. Dundee clotheslines Johnson followed by an elbow drop for the win. (*. This was pretty much exactly what it should have been.) After the match, Landell and Dundee go to the commentary table and Buddy says they should call the National Inquirer because this is real.

Lance Russell promotes local cards. Buddy Landell and Bill Dundee will be in action against Joe LeDuc and Jeff Jarrett. Russell notes that we will see what happened to cause that later on. Dundee cuts a promo saying that Jeff has jumped in over his head. He credits him for being a wrestler but doesn’t care because not one man can beat himself and Landell. Landell says that LeDuc got involved in a personal manner. He says that LeDuc is embarrassing all of Canada. They are going to take them out.

Second Contest: AWA International Champion Billy Travis vs. Keith Eric: Travis starts off with an arm drag and keeps control of the left arm, as per usual. Travis awkwardly does a leap frog followed by a bad looking clothesline. Travis messes up a monkey flip out of the corner. Travis atomic drops Eric followed by a right hand. Here comes Dundee and Landell and they attack both Travis and Eric to cause the match to be thrown out. Dundee nails Travis with a middle rope double axe handle. Landell performs the figure four until Dutch Mantell comes in with his whip to make the save.

Tony Falk and Abdul Gaddafi come out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Russell notes that a lot of people thought that Falk would have his first win by this point. Falk says that promoters have been robbing Gaddafi and has been asked to look at Gaddafi’s personal business. Falk accepted it if the price was right. Falk has a handful of cash and is going to be taking care of Gaddafi’s contracts. Falk says that Dutch Mantell is afraid to give Buddy Landell a rematch. He is confident that Dutch will not run through Gaddafi. Falk promises to not get involved in any of Gaddafi’s matches in the future.

Third Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Dutch Mantell vs. The Masked Patriot: Mantell doesn’t waste any time working over Patriot with strikes. Dutch delivers a clothesline but Patriot bails to the floor to avoid having his mask taken off. Dutch continues with an atomic drop and goes back to the mask to try and rip it off, but Patriot goes to the floor again. Dutch keeps Patriot on the mat working over his left arm. However, Dundee and Landell enter the ring and attack Dutch. Dundee comes off the middle rope with a double axe handle and they stomp away on Dutch. Billy Travis slides into the ring with a steel chair to make the save.

Lance Russell promotes local cards. Dutch Mantell defends the Mid-American Championship against Sheik Abdul Gaddafi. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell take on Jeff Jarrett and Joe LeDuc.

Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell are with Lance Russell at the studio. Dundee wants to know where Lawler is at. They aren’t all that worried about Joe LeDuc. Landell says they’ve beaten everyone up and they are opening the shows. Joe LeDuc comes out and is welcomed by Landell and Dundee. They say they were putting over how strong LeDuc is. Dundee gets in the ring and attacks someone that LeDuc was supposed to wrestle. LeDuc shoves Buddy after he tells him to do what he’s told. LeDuc tosses Dundee out of the ring and he pins Phil Rose.

Fourth Contest: Joe LeDuc vs. Phil Rose: As mentioned, this took five-seconds for LeDuc to win following a clothesline. After the match, LeDuc stares at Dundee and Buddy before leaving.

Tony Falk says that he is a victim of conspiracy. They’d be one fall twenty minute time limit. Falk is annoyed because the time limit was ten minutes and that wasn’t in the contract. Dundee and Landell come over and they are onboard with Falk saying this is a conspiracy. Dundee wonders if it is worth five years to deck Russell. They think that they ring the bell whenever Jarrett is in trouble. Eddie Marlin, Dutch Mantell and Billy Travis come out to confront the heels. Buddy and Dundee are ran off to allow the singles match.

Fifth Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Falk: Falk goes after Jarrett before the bell and comes off the ropes to deliver a forearm drop. Falk continues to hammer away on Jarrett and stomps him on the mat. Jarrett fights back with a backdrop but Falk quickly recovers with more right hands. Falk comes off the middle rope to deliver a boot to Jarrett’s chest. Falk dumps Jarrett to the floor and struts in the ring. Jarrett gets to the apron and pins Falk with a sunset flip! After the match, Landell and Dundee get in the ring and attack Jarrett again. Gaddafi, Pat Rose and Falk are blocking the door to prevent anyone from helping out. Buddy puts a Boston Crab on Jarrett. Joe LeDuc enters the ring and surprises everyone by decking Buddy and Dundee to the floor. LeDuc also nails Falk off the apron. Travis and Mantell make the save. LeDuc carries Jarrett to the backstage area. (*. An effective segment and it comes across like a fluke win on Falk. Jarrett is getting a lot of sympathy no doubt about that.)

Joe LeDuc comes back out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. LeDuc says he doesn’t mind beating on people or hurting people. He has never hurt a boy. Dundee and Landell are trying to move a lot of people around but they aren’t going to fight his battles. LeDuc can take care of himself. LeDuc likes to fight and drink beer. LeDuc is going to ask the promoter to give them a chance to beat on boys. LeDuc has a message for Jeff Jarrett… “in the ring is where you learn.”

Lance Russell promotes the local cards. Jeff Jarrett enters the scene to be interviewed about the tag match. Jarrett says the only way he’s going to learn how to wrestle is by getting in the ring and fighting. He’ll never give up and he appreciates that LeDuc would be his partner. LeDuc doesn’t want to be seen as being a good guy for being Jarrett’s partner. LeDuc says it is a dog eat dog world. LeDuc isn’t asking Jeff to go out and win but to rather go out there and not get beat as he’ll take care of the rest.

Rig Rogers is at the commentary table saying he’s the star and that he’s been in all the biggest arenas. He also lists the championships he has held. He says he’s the man who put Seymour, Indiana on the map.

Sixth Contest: Rip Rogers vs. David Haskins: Rogers works over Haskins with strikes in the corner and an elbow drop. Rogers dumps Haskins over the top to the floor. Rogers drives Haskins to the mat with a vertical suplex. Rogers chokes Haskins over the top rope before yanking him to the canvas. Rogers is able to win the match with the Boston Crab. (*. Rogers didn’t do much of anything that was overly exciting or anything. He does seem to be someone that would be easy to hate, though.)

Main Event: Sheik Abdul Gaddafi & Pat Rose vs. Pat Tanaka & Jeff Young: Rose and Young start the match. Young shoulder blocks Rose but Rose cuts him off with a strike and tags in Gaddafi. Gaddafi comes off the middle rope missing an elbow drop. Young gets a few punches in but Gaddafi keeps control of the match. Tanaka gets tagged in and works over the left arm of Rose with chops. Tanaka chops away on Rose again before tagging in Young. Tony Falk trips Young from the floor and Rose connects with a vertical suplex for a two count. Gaddafi clotheslines Young and chokes him for a bit. Gaddafi comes off the ropes with an elbow drop and slams Young. Rose tags back in and slams Young but misses an elbow drop. Tanaka gets tagged in and he cleans house with chops. All four men are in the ring as Young dropkicks Gaddafi to the floor. Tanaka forearms Rose, but the time has expired. There’s no way that went ten minutes or anything. (*. It was okay for what it was worth. The ending was weird because they weren’t close to reaching the time limit. The crowd was responding well to Tanaka.)

Final Thoughts:
There was a lot of focus on Dundee and Landell this week since they have lost their titles. The segments were rather effective, I’d say. Joe LeDuc is helping someone who isn’t ready and insisting he’s not a good guy because of that is an interesting direction to go in. Overall, this was an enjoyable program.

Thanks for reading.

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