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Big Time Wrestling 9/19/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Big Time Wrestling
Date: 9/19/2015
From: Bethpage, NY

Opening Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: They start off with some basic wrist control and Brown knocks Thomas to the mat with a shoulder block. Thomas goes to the floor and avoids a suicide dive, but not a kick from the apron. Brown nearly wins with an inside cradle and a backslide. Brown ducks a strike and chops Thomas several times. Thomas runs into a back elbow, but shoves Brown off the middle rope to the floor. Brown avoids being counted out and is met with several stomps and strikes by Thomas. Thomas catapults Brown throat first across the middle rope and almost gets a three count. Brown is met with a superkick and Thomas almost wins again. Thomas locks in a figure four right in the middle of the ring. Brown counters the move by rolling over and Thomas reaches the ropes quickly. Thomas gets slammed off the top rope. Brown clotheslines Thomas followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Brown drops Thomas with a flapjack and gets a two count. Thomas sends Brown through the ropes to the floor. Brown tries for a sunset flip, but Thomas holds onto the ropes until the referee breaks him free leading to a two count. Thomas argues with the referee and Brown hits a middle rope leg lariat for the win. (*1/2. That was kind of a disappointing match as they kept it to really basic wrestling and didn’t push the action. There wasn’t anything bad by any means, but it lacked excitement that I prefer for an opening match.)

Second Contest: The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry): Silver and Barry start the match off. Silver gets control keeping Barry on the mat with a headlock. Barry knocks Silver into the corner following a dropkick. Reynolds enters the match and worked over by Carr with an overhand chop. Barry holds Reynolds in the corner and Carr plays to the crowd before delivering another chop. Barry nearly wins following a slingshot senton. Silver is decked by Barry off the apron. Barry suplexs Reynolds and takes Silver out with a suicide dive to the floor. Reynolds stops Barry with a boot off the apron to the floor and Silver gets several stomps in. Silver rolls Barry into the ring and Reynolds gets a near fall. Silver gets tagged in and comes off the ropes to deliver a running axe handle. Silver tosses Barry across the ring. Reynolds decks Carr off the apron. Barry has the rollup but the referee isn’t paying attention. Silver powerbombs Barry over Reynolds knees. Reynolds goes to the top turnbuckle but Barry fights free and climbs to the top as well. Barry takes Reynolds off the top with a hurricanrana!

Silver and Carr get tagged in with Carr cleaning house with clotheslines. Carr backdrops Reynolds out of the corner. Silver boots Carr and comes off the middle rope but is met with a swinging side slam for a two count. Barry goes to the top as Silver is on Carr’s shoulders. Reynolds shoves Barry off the top rope and Carr is worked over with strikes. Reynolds hit a Codebreaker and Silver almost wins with a German suplex on Carr. Carr messes up a double vertical suplex on the Beaver Boys. Carr superkicks Reynolds and has him on his shoulders. Barry hits a moonsault reverse DDT for the win. (***. A solid tag team match with Team Tremendous looking really good in there. Beaver Boys did well, as well. However, the main focus was on Barry and Carr, which is normal for the time period. The finishing move is a great sight to see.)

Third Contest: Bobby Ocean vs. Todo Loco: Ocean attacks before the bell and yanks Loco to the mat. Loco boots Ocean in the corner and delivers several kicks followed by a dropkick to send Ocean to the floor. Loco fakes out a dive to the outside. Loco takes Ocean out with a slingshot crossbody. Loco hits a slingshot elbow drop from the apron and a snap suplex. Loco heads to the top and is crotched by Ocean. Ocean is able to knock Loco to the floor. Ocean comes off the top to axe handle Loco throat first over the railing, Ocean drives Loco back first into the apron and railing. Ocean keeps Loco on the mat with a sleeper hold. Loco almost wins with a springboard crossbody. Loco misses a springboard moonsault and Ocean nails Loco with a sliding clothesline. Ocean misses a splash in the corner. Loco fights back with a clothesline and a head scissors. Loco spin kicks Ocean for another near fall. Loco runs to the corner but Ocean connects with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Loco drops Ocean with a forearm shot. Loco heads to the top rope and hits a splash for the win. (*1/2. It wasn’t a bad match or anything, but it was a rather boring bout as they didn’t do much of anything action wise that stood out. It almost felt like a cool down for the rest of the show, which features some bigger known names.)

Fourth Contest: Earl Cooter & Ben Cromwell vs. The Patriot & Honky Tonk Man: Cooter and Patriot started off the match with Cooter getting the advantage by attacking Patriot from behind. Patriot gets a few strikes in followed by a hip toss and scoop slam for a two count. Cromwell elbow drops Cooter on accident a few times whole trying to break the pin and goes to the floor after Patriot decks him. Honky and Cromwell get tagged in and I must say it’s rather weird seeing Honky playing a face role. Honky works over Cooter with basic strikes until Patriot tags back in and Cromwell returns as well. Patriot decks Cromwell with three clotheslines to knock him down to the mat. Cooter thinks he is yanking on Patriot’s arm but it’s actually Cromwell but Cooter had his back turned and didn’t realize it. Cromwell and Cooter are able to double team Patriot for a few moments. Cooter comes off the middle rope to clothesline Patriot for a near fall. Honky gets tagged in and he cleans house on the heels. Honky finishes Cromwell off with the Shake Rattle and Roll, but Honky doesn’t take the bump and just spins Cromwell down to the mat. (1/2*. That was just not very good at all. It was just a way for the legends to get some shine and it’s probably not a good sign if Honky can’t even bump for his finishing move anymore.)

Fifth Contest: Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Danny Miles: Early on, Miles gets the early advantage working over Hotty with strikes in the middle of the ring. Hotty comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and plays to the crowd. Hotty tries for a hip toss, but Miles blocks the move. Scotty stops Miles so that he can do some dancing. Hotty hip tosses Miles and delivers a few chops. Miles stops Hotty by sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Miles wraps Hotty’s shoulder around the ring post a few times. Miles sends Hotty hard back first into the corner. Miles mocks Scotty by doing the Worm dance. Hotty decks Miles with a right hand after a dance move and follows up with a clothesline. Scotty nails Miles with ten punches in the corner. Hotty connects with a running boot to Miles in the corner. Hotty decides to take a sock out and tries to use Mr. Socko, but Miles stops him with a boot. Miles misses a splash in the corner and Hotty hits a bulldog and proceeds to hit the Worm for the win. (1/2*. Similar to the last match. I rolled my eyes when Scotty felt the need to bring a Mr. Socko out to get some cheap face reaction.)

Sixth Contest: Mr. TA vs. Benny Jauxx in a street fight: Well, Jauxx attacks TA on the floor with a cooking sheet several times before the bell rings. Jauxx tosses a chair onto TA’a back, but TA whacks Benny with the chair to gain control of the fight. They are brawling throughout the crowd and mostly by the merchandise table. The fans have the nerve to chant “This is awesome” when they’ve done nothing but basic brawling throughout the crowd. They get into the ring where Jauxx kicks TA onto a chair and delivers several kicks before clotheslining TA out of the chair. Jauxx has a trash can from under the ring and brings it into the ring. Jauxx drop toe holds TA onto the trash can. Jauxx leaps off the middle rope and misses TA hitting an elbow drop on the trash can. Jauxx kicks a chair into TA’s face. Jauxx places TA onto a table and goes to the top rope. Jauxx leaps off and hits a senton splash, but the table doesn’t break. Jauxx covers the bloodied TA and wins the match. (1/4*. I’m not sure how the fans could possibly think that was awesome or even remotely good. It’s usually a rarity for me to not enjoy a street fight, but they accomplished that feat here.) After the match, Jauxx comes off the top again and delivers an elbow drop, but the table still doesn’t break. Jauxx does it a third time, and the table still doesn’t break. Jauxx does it a fourth time and the table refuses to break. TA rolls off and Jauxx is left standing on the top like an idiot. That was an awkward aftermath.

Main Event: BTW Heavyweight Champion Flex Armstrong & Kevin Nash vs. Bam Shaw & Ben Ortiz: Armstrong takes Shaw down to the mat with a few takedowns in the first few moments of the match. Armstrong comes off the middle rope to hit a twisting crossbody followed by a leaping shoulder block. Armstrong knee lifts Shaw in the corner and comes off the ropes to hit a bulldog for a near fall. Ortiz tags into the match but Armstrong takes him down with a drop toe hold. Armstrong works over Ben’s left arm and tags in Nash. Nash works over Ortiz with strikes in the corner and knee lifts. Ortiz gets a few strikes in to drop Nash to the mat for a near fall. Shaw tags in and beats on Nash for a few moments. Shaw forearms Nash to keep him on the mat. Nash plants Shaw with a side slam. Armstrong gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes and clotheslines. Armstrong scoop slams Shaw and tries to slam Ortiz, but Shaw pushes Ortiz on top. Ortiz decks Armstrong with a clothesline for a two count. Armstrong continues to be worked over by Shaw. Shaw taunts Nash and forearms Armstrong in the corner. Shaw charges towards the corner to hit a splash on a seated Armstrong.

Armstrong boots Shaw in the corner a few times and leaps off the middle rope, but Shaw nails the champ with a clothesline in midair for a two count. Ortiz returned to the match and kicked Armstrong in the ribs to keep control of the match. Armstrong scoop slams Ortiz but Ortiz stops Armstrong with a spine buster for a two count. Shaw returns to the match and locks in a sleeper hold. Armstrong comes off the ropes to drop Shaw with a neckbreaker. Armstrong heads to the top rope but Shaw cuts him off. Shaw has Armstrong on his shoulders and drives Flex back first into the corner for a two count. Armstrong wiggles free and hits a spear on Shaw. Nash gets the hot tag and cleans house with forearm strikes. Nash big boots Shaw and Ortiz is met with a chokeslam. Armstrong tags in and leaps off the top hitting a splash on Ortiz for the win. (**. There were a few bright moments for the match. The match was mostly just a standard tag match and Nash didn’t do much of anything. Ben Shaw seems to be a guy I’d like to see more of as I enjoyed his style and overall presentation.)

Final Thoughts:
The show ran for less than two hours and wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The tag match was solid and everything was kept rather short. I can’t recommend going out of your to watch this, though. If you really enjoy BTW, I guess you should, but there’s many, many better shows out there to watch. Which, makes me wonder why I watched this. For the record, I suckered in because I knew several Northeast wrestling names on the show and was hopeful for a hidden gem of a show. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Thanks for reading.


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