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IWA-MS Breaking Balls 11/21/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

IWA-MS presents Breaking Balls
Date: 11/21/2003
From: Highland, IN

To open the show, Ian Rotten brings out BJ Whitmer and IWA-MS Heavyweight Champion Danny Daniels. They give the TPI award to Daniels and Whitmer says he’s only giving Daniels the award because of Homicide. Daniels puts himself over and his accomplishments. Whitmer thinks it would have been his year had he not been taken out by Homicide. They are teasing tension between Whitmer and Daniels a little bit.

Crash Holly was promoted for the show, but he recently passed away. Ian says they added some things and promises a strong show tonight and in December.

Opening Contest: Trik Davis vs. Steve Stone: Davis takes Stone to the floor with a monkey flip but Stone yanks Davis face first onto the apron. They trade several strikes on the floor. Davis takes Stone over with a hurricanrana, but Stone drops Davis with a clothesline to his back. Stone keeps control with a delayed vertical suplex. Davis boots Stone in the corner and follows up with forearms. Stone stops Davis with strikes of his own. Stone nearly wins following a snap powerslam. Davis counters a pump handle slam with a reverse DDT. Davis heel kicks Stone and delivers a dropkick to send Stone to the floor. Davis head scissors Stone on the floor. Stone plants Davis with a Flatliner, but pulls Davis up on the cover attempt. Stone wins the match following modified White Out for the win. (*1/2. Well, that felt like a squash match for Stone. There were a couple of bright spots and wasn’t an awful way to start the show.)

Second Contest: Matt Sydal vs. Delirious: This Sydal’s debut in IWA-MS. They start off with some mat wrestling with Delirious having the brief advantage. Sydal fights back with a clothesline and a forearm shot before backing Delirious into a corner. Delirious misses a few strikes in the corner but elbows a charging Sydal. Sydal takes Delirious over with a standing hurricanrana. Sydal sends Delirious to the floor following a dropsault. Sydal goes to the apron but Delirious shoves Sydal on a springboard attempt. Delirious drives Sydal down with a backbreaker and stomps on Sydal a few times. Delirious chokes Sydal with his own arms and leans back with a submission attempt. Sydal gets out of the hold and is met with a kick to the face. Sydal nearly wins with a bridging German suplex. Sydal plants Delirious with a double under hook face buster. Sydal hits a springboard twisting senton. Delirious clotheslines Sydal several times in the corner but spins around and drop toe holds Sydal into the corner face first. Delirious nails Sydal with a running knee strike in the corner. Delirious is shoved off the middle rope and Sydal tries for a shooting star press, but lands on his feet.

Sydal takes Delirious out with a twisting dive to the outside. Sydal nearly wins with a leg lariat chop. Delirious has Sydal over his shoulder and hits a cutter for a two count. Sydal drives Delirious down to the mat with an electric chair slam. They begin to trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. Sydal drops Delirious with a savant kick. Sydal tries for a springboard 450 splash, but Delirious got his knees up. Delirious drops Sydal on his head and wins the match. (***. Even in defeat, that was a really good way to debut for an area. Sydal’s stuff looked great in there and the fans are going to want to see more of him. That was a fun match to watch.)

Third Contest: Corporal Robinson vs. Jaimy Coxxx: I don’t know why they are obsessed with having death match wrestlers start matches with actual wrestling moves. They go to the floor and use a chair on each other. Coxxx hit a Fame-Asser in the ring for a two count. Coxxx drives Robinson down with a backbreaker. Coxxx hits a springboard leg drop for another near fall. Jim Fannin is on commentary and is promoting a match between Robinson and Necro Butcher. Robinson almost wins with a superkick as Fannin comes down to ringside. Robinson hits the cobra clutch side Russian leg sweep for the win. After the match, Fannin enters the ring and slaps Robinson and talks some smack. Fannin backs off into a corner. Necro Butcher runs into the ring and stabs Robinson with scissors. Butcher hits Robinson a few times to bust him wide open. Butcher digs the scissors into Robinson’s forehead. They will be wrestling on December 13th. (1/4*. The match wasn’t anything worth seeing, but the aftermath was done well to get some interest in the eventual death match between Butcher and Robinson.)

Fourth Contest: Daizee Haze vs. Mickie Knuckles: Knuckles has the early advantage with a headlock on the mat, but Haze counters on the mat. Knuckles gets out of a head scissors but lands right on Daizee’s face. They are keeping the match mostly basic and mat based. Knuckles takes Haze over with a snap suplex for a two count. They collide on clothesline attempts. Knuckles goes to the middle rope as Haze has arm control. Haze tries for a suplex, but Knuckles shoves Haze to the mat. Knuckles wins the match following a German suplex. (*. I shouldn’t be surprised that they are strongly behind Knuckles and she’s likely going to be the face of the women’s division.) After the match, Knuckles puts over Haze on the microphone. They will team the next time they are in town to face Rain and a partner of her choosing.

Fifth Contest: Nigel McGuiness vs. Arik Cannon: Early on, they focus on some basic holds standing up and countering each other several times. Nigel decks Cannon with a few uppercuts to drop Cannon to the mat. Cannon fights back with a clothesline and a few chops. Cannon nails McGuiness with a spinning back elbow strike. McGuiness battles back with a series of strikes but misses an elbow drop coming off the ropes. Nigel breaks free from Cannon with a boot. McGuiness nearly wins with a sunset flip pin attempt and a backslide. Cannon plants Nigel with a double leg slam and works over Nigel’s legs. Cannon connects with a shining wizard for a two count. Nigel hits a hammerlock overhand strike to drive Cannon to the mat and wins the match. (*1/2. That wasn’t anything all that enjoyable, really. The crowd seemed to be digging it, though. I suppose if you just like strikes and counters it would be your ideal match.)

Sixth Contest: Petey Williams vs. BJ Whitmer: Early on, Whitmer wants to do a test of strength but Williams delivers a boot to BJ’s midsection and gets wrist control. Williams arm drags Whitmer out of a death valley driver attempt. Williams takes BJ down with a few different arm drags. Whitmer works over Williams with strikes in the corner. Williams springboards off the middle rope and BJ delivers a gut buster. Whitmer drives Williams down with another gut buster. Whitmer uppercuts Williams in the corner a few times. Whitmer gets help from Fannin on abdominal stretch. The referee kicks Whitmer’s hand off the top rope and Williams almost wins with a few rollups. Whitmer knee lifts Williams to stop his momentum. Whitmer puts a seated abdominal stretch on Williams. BJ kicks Petey in the ribs a few times and drives Williams chest first down to the mat for a two count. Williams comes off the ropes and takes Whitmer down with a tilt a whirl side Russian leg sweep.

Williams drops BJ over the middle rope with a step up kick and plants Whitmer with a tornado DDT for a two count! Whitmer takes Williams over with a few suplexs and plants Williams with a powerbomb for a two count. Williams dropkicks Whitmer into the corner. Whitmer delivers a few weak looking forearms and is dropkicked by Petey on the knee. Williams fakes a crossbody and comes off the middle rope where they mess up a rollup attempt. Williams takes Whitmer down with a swinging neckbreaker. Danny Daniels comes down to ringside and tries to wake up Whitmer on the floor. Williams brings Whitmer to the apron and tries for a suplex, but Daniels trips Williams and holds his leg from the floor allowing Whitmer to get the win. (**3/4. The match was solid and enjoyable despite a few messed up spots. It was weird seeing Williams wrestle in attire that wasn’t Team Canada related, by the way. There wasn’t a tease for the Canadian Destroyer, which makes me wonder if Petey had developed the move at this point.)

Seventh Contest: Colt Cabana vs. Chris Hero: Cabana takes a bit of time and stalls deciding to have a dance off with a kid in the front row. Hero almost pins Cabana while the kid is dancing in the ring. The kid is getting a pop from the crowd and is more over than Cabana! Hero keeps the early advantage causing Cabana to roll to the floor to regroup. Hero keeps a neck vice on Cabana for a few moments until Colt counters with a headlock. Hero arm drags Cabana but backs away. Hero controls Cabana on the mat working over Colt’s left arm for a few moments. Cabana attacks Hero in the corner with several strikes but misses a clothesline. Hero arm drags Cabana to the mat again. Colt tosses Hero over the top to the floor and continues to beat on Hero outside the ring. Cabana beats on Hero with several strikes and chops. Cabana misses a chop and strikes the ring post. Cabana eye rakes Hero on the floor and keeps Hero on the floor. Cabana shoves Hero into several empty chairs in the crowd. Cabana fakes throwing Hero into the fans and tosses Hero into the ring. Cabana comes off the middle rope with a fist strike.

Cabana misses a splash and lands groin first over the middle rope. Hero gets a rollup for a two count. Cabana takes Hero over with a snap suplex for a two count. Cabana sends Hero chest first into the turnbuckle and tries for a German, but Hero counters. Colt pummels Hero with right hands in the corner but Hero fights back with several of his own. Cabana puts the iron claw on Hero, but Hero breaks free and is met with a strike in midair after coming off the middle rope. Cabana has a submission on the mat, but Hero isn’t giving in. They trade several rollups with neither man getting a three count. Cabana nails Hero with a running knee strike. Hero kicks Cabana on his bad arm to get momentum in his favor. Hero clotheslines Cabana followed by a chop and jawbreaker. Hero leg sweeps Cabana for a two count. Hero gets a unique submission hold with Colt’s legs tied together and Hero having his leg around Colt’s neck, but Cabana doesn’t give up. Cabana nails a charging Hero with a big boot for a near fall. Colt believes it is over and goes for a Colt 45, but Hero counters it. Colt counters Hero’s Welcome and almost wins with a rollup. Hero kicks Colt in the corner and hits a Hero’s Welcome off the middle rope, but Cabana gets his hand on the bottom rope.

Hero takes his elbow pad off to get ready for some strikes on Cabana. Cabana nails Hero with two knee strikes for a two count. Cabana nearly wins after a lariat and puts an Indian death lock on Hero. Cabana tries for the Colt 45, but Hero avoids it. Cabana delivers a double knee strike in the corner. Hero takes Cabana down to the mat and locks in the Hangman’s Clutch for the win. (**. It was okay but it didn’t need to get so much time. The pace was fine and the action was decent. For me, the match just felt like it was dragging a little too much and my interest in the match was diminishing. The best part of the segment was probably Colt’s interactions with the kid prior to the match starting.)

Eighth Contest: wXw Heavyweight Champion Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs in a best of seven series, match one: Early on, they exchange momentum with some basic wrestling holds before getting a standoff. Jacobs goes for a camel clutch, but Shelley quickly reaches the ropes to break the hold. Shelley tries for the Border City Stretch, however Jacobs gets to the ropes. Shelley keeps Jacobs on the mat with wrist control. Jacobs counters by getting a rollup for a two count. Shelley rolls to the floor to regroup. Jacobs keeps himself up with a bridge and they standup. They both go for a dropkick and have a standoff. They proceed to trade a few rollup attempts and have another standoff. Jacobs takes Shelley over with a hurricanrana. Shelley superkicks Jacobs for another near fall. They counter each other several times on the mat. Shelley tried for the Border City Stretch, but Jacobs got to the ropes. Shelley plants Jacobs with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Shelley ties Jacobs up on the mat for a submission attempt, but Jacobs refuses to give in. Shelley rolls through a rollup and gets the Border City Stretch on Jacobs, but Jimmy gets to the ropes again to break the hold. Shelley takes Jacobs over with a snap suplex.

They roll around the ring countering more rollups and then deck each other with a clothesline. Jacobs plants Shelley with a leg sweep neckbreaker but misses a boot attempt. Jacobs spikes Shelley with a modified Un-Prettier for a near fall. Shelley nearly wins following a Cradle Shock. Shelley tries for a tornado DDT, but Jacobs counters. Jacobs counters the Border City Stretch for a camel clutch. Shelley counters the clutch and locks in the Border City Stretch for the submission victory. (**. I didn’t find that to be all that great, honestly. A lot of the match was just reversals of rollups and wasn’t all that exciting or compelling. I’d consider this to be a major disappointment for me.) After the match, Shelley fakes out Jacobs deciding not to embrace his enemy.

Ninth Contest: IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. JC Bailey vs. Nate Webb in a tables, ladders and chairs match: All three men hit arm drags and all three try for dropkicks before doing a standoff. Dutt leaves and gets faked out by Webb and Bailey as they play possum. Dutt returns thinking he could win and gets double teamed. That was kind of stupid. Dutt is met with a double elbow strike and a dangerous double hip toss to send Dutt to the floor. Bailey plants Webb with a neckbreaker. Dutt hits Bailey with the ladder twice from the outside. Dutt sits Bailey in the crowd before delivering a few strikes. Webb takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor. Bailey sets a chair up in the corner and Webb sends Dutt face first into the chair. There’s a double tarantula spot in the ropes with Webb the only guy not suffering any pain. Dutt takes both men out with a top rope missile dropkick. Bailey and Dutt go to the floor where Dutt gets a table after sending Bailey into the ring post. Dutt puts Bailey on the table and goes to the top but Webb cuts him off. Webb takes Dutt off the top with a hurricanrana and Dutt splashes onto Bailey to break the table. Webb gets a near fall on Dutt in the ring.

Webb has a modified crossface on Dutt trying to get a submission, but Dutt refuses to give in. Bailey double stomps Dutt but only gets a near fall. Bailey tries for a northern lights suplex on Dutt, but Webb comes over to take Bailey over with a German suplex. Bailey still performed a northern light ssuplex. Webb runs over both men with a ladder. Webb lays the ladder onto both opponents and gets another ladder to hit a ladder moonsault! Webb goes under the ring to grab a table. Bailey rams Webb face first onto the table in the ring. Bailey and Webb climb the ladder but Dutt comes up from the other side and hits a double blockbuster to put them both through the table. Dutt hits the Phoenix Splash on Webb, but Bailey breaks up the pin attempt. Dutt is sent into a ladder in the corner and Bailey hits a Snow Plow for a two count as Webb broke up the cover. Webb drops Bailey with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Dutt clotheslines Webb followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Dutt locks in the octopus on Webb, but Bailey drives Dutt down with a reverse DDT. Bailey is put in the tree of woe by Webb and has a chair in front of his face. Webb hits a moonsault Van Terminator, but Dutt breaks up the cover!

All three men begin punching each other and they all fall to the mat at the same time. Dutt misses a standing shooting star press and is almost pinned by Webb. Webb has Dutt over his shoulder before planting Dutt with a chair onto a chair for a near fall. Bailey sets a table up and puts Webb on the table. Webb stops Bailey on the top rope but Bailey hits a sunset flip powerbomb to put Webb through the table and wins the title! (***1/4. It’s an entertaining match with some dangerous spots and is the best thing on the show to this point. I’ve said it before, it is hard to not have a TLC match be entertaining. They delivered a quality match and was much needed for the show. I didn’t like the numerous three way spots, though.) After the match, it is announced that Bailey will defend tomorrow night against Dutt. The crowd seems to be more interested in Nate Webb, though.

Main Event: IWA-MS Heavyweight Champion Danny Daniels, Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz vs. Bad Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten) & Balls Mahoney: Of course, the match starts off the teams following the rules. Mahoney and Daniels started the main event with Daniels bailing to the floor to stall for a few moments. Ian gets the crowd to call Daniels a “stinky asshole” instead of a pussy. Mahoney is tired of the comedy and wants the action to start with Daniels. Mahoney catches Daniels with a fallaway slam and several jabs follow. All six men are in the ring with the goof guys cleaning house with strikes. Axl decks Boz with a left hand to continue the match before tagging in Ian. Ian hammers away on Boz before delivering a low blow and an elbow strike. Bradley tags in and is sent chest first into the corner. Ian hits a spinning heel kick and an elbow drop. Mahoney returns to the match and jabs Bradley several times. Ian dropkicks Bradley for a two count. Daniels tries to get some offense on Ian, but runs into an arm drag. Ian beats on Daniels with strikes in the corner for a few moments. Ian backdrops Daniels followed by a clothesline. Daniels gets splashed by all three men and Mahoney puts a Boston Crab on Daniels. Ian returns to the match and hammers away on Daniels.

Daniels continues to get triple teamed as Mahoney legally enters the match. Mahoney tosses Daniels through the ropes to the floor. Mahoney is attacked by the heels and all six men are brawling on the floor. Ian whacks Boz over the back with a chair and the same goes for Bradley. Daniels is met with a chair shot, too. Bradley hammers away on a bloodied Mahoney. Mahoney plants Bradley with a spine buster. Mahoney goes to the top, but Boz crotches Mahoney. Boz hooks Mahoney looking for a superpkex, but Bradley helps Boz hitting a superplex on Mahoney. Mahoney gets worked over by the heels with Boz delivering a boot to the face for a two count. Balls fights his way out of the corner, but Daniels drops Mahoney with a missile dropkick. Mahoney continues to be worked over by all three opponents in the corner. Bradley clotheslines Balls twice to keep Mahoney on the mat. Boz tags in and Mahoney delivers several strikes. Mahoney pulls Daniels into the ring, but gets Danny’s legs stuck in the ropes. Daniels runs into an elbow and Mahoney leaps off the middle rope to hit a clothesline. Ian and Axl enter the match cleaning house on the heels with strikes.

All six men are on the floor brawling with Ian nailing Bradley with several headbutts. Mahoney brings Daniels into the ring but Daniels low blows Mahoney. Mahoney backdrops Daniels to avoid a piledriver and superkicks Daniels. Mahoney has a steel chair, but BJ Whitmer comes out and decks Mahoney from behind. Whitmer and Daniels hit a sloppy spike piledriver on the floor. Daniels has the cover and manages to pin Mahoney to win the match. After the match, Bad Breed and Mahoney are attacked some more by the heels. They are taped to the ropes. Mahoney is planted with a spike piledriver onto a chair in the ring. (*1/2. Action wise, this wasn’t what I wanted to see. For the most part, they didn’t do anything all that hardcore and kept it fairly basic and standard. I was quite surprised to see the heels go over, but I’m fine with it, really.)

They try to make it dramatic with Mahoney not moving in the ring after the piledriver. It would probably work better if there was an EMT out there or something. Axl wants the ropes removed so they can get Mahoney out of the ring. The crowd is silent. Mahoney is saying he can’t feel his legs. Mahoney drinks water while laying on his back. They carry Mahoney out using a table as a stretcher. The fans appear to be buying into this injury angle. Axl tells the fans the show is over with and that they need some privacy. They lay Mahoney on the floor backstage and walk away. Axl remains by Mahoney’s side to end the event.

Final Thoughts:
There were a couple of good matches, but there were too many disappointing matches to make this a worthwhile show. The TLC match is good, but nothing overly memorable. Sydal seems like he could get really popular in IWA-MS and do so really quickly. The aftermath of the main event makes sense only if Balls Mahoney gets some level of revenge against Daniels and/or Whitmer. They did a good job of trying to make it come across as being real. I’d be interested in a show that features a match with Mahoney taking on either one of the heels.

Thanks for reading.

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