ECW Hardcore TV 5/28/1996

Written by: Heels Inc

TV 1996-05-28 (Matches taped at multiple dates and locations)

World: Raven
TV: Shane Douglas
Tag Team: The Eliminators

We open up with a video package of Brian Pillman and his antics so far in ECW. Pillman returns for the first time since his car accident this coming Saturday night.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and hypes Pillman’s return this Saturday. Hardcore Heaven is coming up on June 22nd and just signed is Rob Van Dam versus Sabu part 3. We go to footage from the aftermath of the Sabu Van Dam match from A Matter of Respect. Sabu collapsed in the ring and need to be stretchered back to the locker room.

Paul Heyman is sitting in his car he tells us that Sabu is not ashamed of losing to Rob Van Dam. He says that Van Dam is not a man cause he used inside information from Taz and Bill Alfonso. Sabu is coming after Van Dam.

Back from break Styles tells us that this Saturday night we have a rematch for the ECW TV Title between champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and 2 Cold Scorpio. We go to about four minutes of highlights of the May 17th match between Scorpio and Chris Jericho. Scorpio pins Jericho with the tumbleweed.

Styles comes back and tells us that Sandman has injured his knee and recently underwent surgery to repair it. We see some clips from the May 18th triple threat match between Shane Douglas, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer that took place at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown, PA. Douglas locked in the texas cloverleaf and 2 Cold Scorpio came down and threw in the towel for the Sandman. Joey says that Sandman promises to compete at the ECW arena this Saturday night and has an open contract. Stevie Richards joins Joey and plans on breaking Sandman’s leg.

Back from commercial and we go to an in ring interview that was filmed May 18th. Joey is in the ring with World Champion Raven, Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie and “Primetime” Brian Lee. Raven explains that the reason he brought Kimona Wanalaya to ECW was because he knew about the affair and thought by being with Kimona he could still be with Beulah in spirit. Beulah left because she felt Raven was abusive. Raven tells Richards to find him the skankiest tramp he can find.

Stevie Richards joins back up with Joey and he mocks Sandman by smashing a Styrofoam cup of water on his forehead, then sells it like it hurt. Joey sends us to the match between The Dudley Boys vs. Damien Kane & Devon Storm that took place at A Matter of Respect. We see about four minutes of footage from that match including the ending where it looked like the Dudley Boys may be splitting up.

Back to Stevie and Joey and Joey sends it to footage of Buh Buh Ray Dudley trying to call Big Dick. D-Von comes and chases Buh Buh off. Joey says Big Dick needs to come back to restore order to the Dudley family. Richards can’t wait for Big Dick to come back because “Stevie Richards loves Big Dick”.

Back from commercial this Saturday at the ECW Arena The Gangstas take on the Eliminators for the ECW Tag Team Championship. We go to the six man tag match from three weeks ago at A Matter of Respect. The match saw “Primetime” Brian Lee & Tag Team Champions The Eliminators take on Tommy Dreamer & The Gangstas with New Jack pinning Kronus to get the victory for his team.

Hype Central with Lance Wright this Friday at the Lu Lu Temple it’s Taz vs. Sandman and a battle royal. This Saturday June 1st Fight the Power at the ECW Arena.

Joey Styles hypes Fight the Power one more time reminding us that Brian Pillman will be there. TV Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas takes on 2 Cold Scorpio, Sandman versus Stevie Richards and Tag Team Champions the Eliminators battle the Gangstas.

My thoughts on the show
The six man main event on the show was real good, you can check out my review of A Matter of Respect for a detailed report of the match. They hyped the Richards vs Sandman match the most on this episode, which I thought was odd as I expect Sandman to dominate the match. Thumbs in the middle for this show as the match is good, but the hype, not so much.

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