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ECW House Show 2/7/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 2/7/1997
From: Downingtown, PA

Steve Williams is advertised on the flyer that he’ll be making his debut on the show. I didn’t see his name on the card for the event, so I doubt I’m in for any kind of surprise.

Opening Contest: Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs. Chris Chetti & Louie Spicolli: Of course, as soon as I write that statement I get this match. This was another match that wasn’t listed on the card I looked up. At the start, Axl is taunting the fans and getting a decent reaction. Spicolli tries to get the crowd behind him, but they are content with taunting Axl themselves. Louie controls Axl on the canvas with some mat wrestling. Louie drives Axl face first into the canvas followed by a standing dropkick. Balls tries his luck with Louie and is arm dragged upon entrance into the match. Chetti tags in and dropkicks Mahoney followed by another arm drag. Louie tags back in but Mahoney eye rakes him. Axl tags in but Louie battles back with a few strikes. Louie goes for a sunset flip managing a two count. Louie kicks Axl to the canvas. Louie slams Axl and tags in Chetti. Balls trips Chetti from the floor and Axl clotheslines Chetti over the top to the floor. Mahoney sends Chetti onto a table at ringside. Mahoney continues to work over Chetti on the floor while the referee was distracted. Chetti continues to get worked over in the ring by Mahoney and Axl. Balls takes Chetti over with a quick belly to belly suplex. Chetti kicks Mahoney a few times in the corner and hits a middle rope clothesline. Chetti heads to the top rope but Mahoney cuts him off with a right hand. Mahoney hits a superplex before tagging in Axl. Axl keeps control of Chetti and pretends to tag in Mahoney, who also keeps control of Chetti with a headlock. Balls comes off the top rope missing a leg drop. Spicolli gets the hot tag and cleans house on Mahoney with right hands. Louie clotheslines Mahoney couple of times and plants Axl with a spine buster. Spicolli hits the Death Valley Driver on Mahoney but Axl ends up hitting an elbow drop on Balls on accident. Louie and Axl trade strikes until Chetti enters to hit a double dropkick. Chetti comes off the ropes with a cross body for a near fall. Axl hits a Dominator slam and pins Chetti. (*1/2. There were a few sloppy moments, but the match wasn’t awful by any means. There just wasn’t a lot of exciting spots to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the show.)

Second Contest: Little Guido vs. Cody Michaels: Guido sends Michaels face first into the corner early on but misses a cross body off the top. Michaels comes back with a cross body of his own for a two count. Guido works over Michaels with stomps and an elbow strike. Guido maintains control with an elbow drop to the groin area. Guido works over Michaels in the corner with some basic strikes. The fans are not appreciating the effort of these two as Guido hit a side slam on Michaels. Michaels fights back with a head scissors and strikes on Guido. Guido wins the match with a rollup. (*. I don’t blame the fans for not being entertained by this. It was slow and they didn’t do anything that was overly enjoyable.)

Third Contest Contest: Spike Dudley vs. Cpl. Punishment: Punishment attacks before the bell and hit a sit out power bomb, which impressed the fans it sounded. Punishment runs over Dudley with a clothesline and taunts the fans. Punishment comes off the top to deliver an overhand blow and continues to beat on Spike. This has already gone longer than I was anticipating. Punishment goes to the top after a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop. Dudley dropkicks Punishment to the floor and hits a somersault dive off the apron, which gets the crowd riled up. Spike comes off the top to hit a cross body for a two count. Punishment stops Spike with a swinging neck breaker. Spike crotches Punishment on the top and snap mares him tot he canvas. Dudley hits a bulldog off the top and wins the match in under five minutes. (*. Spike’s offense was the only good thing about this match. It should have been half the time it was.)

Fourth Contest: The Gangstas vs. Bad Crew: The crowd pops loud for the Gangstas arriving. As you might have expected, these four guys are brawling in and out of the ring with the Gangstas destroying Bad Crew at the start with chair shots and whatnot. Jack wins the match following a chair assisted elbow drop off the top. This was a definition of a squash, but exactly what the crowd wanted to see from the Gangstas.

Fifth Contest: ECW World Champion Raven vs. Rob Van Dam: RVD avoids Raven’s offense at the start and pokes him in the eyes. RVD clotheslines Raven followed by a spinning heel kick. RVD heads to the top but is stopped by Raven who knocks him to the floor. Raven dumps RVD to the floor an sends him back first into the guard railing. Raven lays RVD onto a table at ringside and hits an elbow drop through the table! Raven covers RVD but can’t get a three count. RVD stops Raven with a low blow. RVD drags Raven to the floor and sends him into the guard railing side first. RVD springboards off the guard railing to take Raven out with a moonsault on the floor. RVD sends Raven face first into the ring post and back first into the guard railing again. Raven has been busted open on his forehead. RVD tosses a chair at Raven to knock him down on the outside. Raven stops RVD by sending him into the ring post a couple of times. RVD tosses Raven over the railing into the crowd. RVD kicks Raven several times before also going into the crowd to continue the match. RVD beats on Raven with chairs as they are deep into the crowd at this point. RVD sends Raven into the wall and pummels him with right hands. RVD dropkicks Raven, which seemingly hurt him more on the concrete floor. RVD sends Raven into the wall and that causes the wall to break a little bit. Raven sends RVD through the wall! RVD hits Raven with a trash can and the fans want them to take it outside.

They battle their way back towards ringside where RVD kicks Raven across the ringside area. A few fans really do not like RVD at all. RVD continues to kick Raven but is met with a kick to the midsection to slow him down. They go back into the crowd and Raven sends RVD into the wall. Raven tosses RVD through a table on the floor and both men are down. RVD sends Raven into the apron gut first before returning to the ring. RVD hits a leg drop off the top for a two count. Raven avoids a spin kick and nearly wins with a belly to belly suplex. RVD hit a springboard leg drop but Raven kicks out. RVD monkey flips Raven out of the corner and leaps off the top to kick Raven to the canvas. Raven continues with a lifting pedigree, but the fans aren’t really happy with RVD’s offense. RVD hits a rolling thunder splash for a near fall. RVD hits another lifting pedigree but Raven gets his shoulder up at two. RVD rams Raven into the corner and went for the split legged moonsault but Raven got his knees up. Raven attempts the DDT but RVD rams Raven back first into the corner and dumps Raven to the floor. RVD takes Raven out with a somersault dive to the floor. RVD brings a chair into the match and kicks it into Raven, which knocks the referee down to. RVD has the cover but the referee isn’t up to make the count. Raven takes advantage with a chair shot over the back followed by a DDT.

Wait, here comes Stevie Richards and the BWO, with music. A female fan wearing a BWO shirt mauls Richards, clearly a plant. She doesn’t realize when to leave and Raven jabs Richards. Richards accidentally super kicks RVD and Raven gets the win. Police escorted the fan out of the arena. (***. The finish was counterproductive to the match, which I thought was a fun brawl. It amazes me that the fans weren’t so receptive to RVD a year into his run with the company. It’s a far cry from his 1999/2000 run when he could seemingly do no wrong. Anyway, I liked the action here.)

Sixth Contest: Sabu vs. Bubba Ray Dudley: Bubba works over Sabu with several strikes at the start of the match. Bubba taunts the fans while keeping Sabu on the canvas. Bubba sends Sabu into the ropes looking for a press slam but Sabu counters with a rollup for a two count. Bubba runs over Sabu with a clothesline to keep control of the match. Bubba continues to hammer away on Sabu but misses a clothesline. Sabu runs into a spine buster and Bubba gets a two count. Bubba misses a splash in the corner and Sabu tries for a rollup but Bubba holds onto the ropes but is taken down for a two count. Sabu springboards off the middle rope to dropkick Bubba followed by a slingshot leg drop for a near fall. Sabu arm drags Bubba and focuses his attack on the left arm. Sabu dropkicks the left leg of Bubba and they have an awkward moment where Bubba struggles to drop to the floor. Sabu takes him out with a somersault dive on the floor. Sabu sends Bubba into the guard railing but Bubba grabs a steel chair. Bubba misses a chair shot and Sabu whacks Bubba over the head with the chair. Sabu lays Bubba down on a table at ringside. Sabu puts Bubba through the table with a leg drop. Sabu controls Bubba with a chin lock. Sabu hits a springboard heel kick after failing to rollover Bubba’s back. Sabu hits a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Bubba drives Sabu with a side slam. Sabu stops Bubba on the top turnbuckle to hit a hurricanrana. Sabu whacks Bubba with a steel chair. Bubba cuts off Sabu to avoid a springboard splash in the corner with a clothesline. Bubba springboards off a chair to splash Sabu in the corner. Bubba plants Sabu with a power bomb. Sabu takes Bubba over with a hurricanrana. Sabu wins with a triple jump moonsault. (*1/2. It was billed as a first time encounter, which makes me think they really tried to sell the match as a big deal. They were sloppy and mistimed several spots. However, it’s Sabu and the fans love him so they seemingly ignored that.) After the match, D-Von Dudley runs into the ring and attacks Sabu and Bubba delivers a chair shot to Sabu. Rob Van Dam runs into the ring and makes the save with several kicks to knock the Dudley’s down. Sabu dives over the top to take them out with a somersault dive. Taz runs into the ring and takes RVD down with an overhead suplex. Taz has the Taz Mission on RVD. The Dudley’s hold Sabu to force him to watch RVD suffer. Taz cuts a promo but I can’t possibly here it. Taz spits on Sabu and leaves the ring.

Seventh Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Von Dudley in a falls count anywhere match: They shove each other and then lockup with D-Von attempting a cheap shot but missing. Dreamer drop toe holds D-Von and delivers a few kicks to the midsection. Dreamer grabs a steel chair and the ring bell. Dreamer rings the bell on D-Von’s groin. D-Von sends Dreamer into the chair in the corner. D-Von drives Dreamer down with a side slam and a knee drop follows. D-Von comes off the ropes with a leg drop and taunts the fans. D-Von scoop slams Dreamer and gets a chair from Sign Guy. D-Von lays Dreamer onto the chair and heads to the middle rope to miss a flying head butt and hits the chair face first. Dreamer tosses D-Von over the top to the floor. Dreamer brawls with D-Von on the floor for a few moments. They brawl into the crowd where Dreamer sends D-Von into the wall. Dreamer hits D-Von with a trash can before sending D-Von into the wall again. Dreamer and D-Von are going outside to continue the battle. D-Von sends Dreamer into a vehicle face first. D-Von sends Dreamer into the wall as they return to the arena followed by a trash can shot. D-Von whacks Dreamer over the back with a steel chair. They return to the ringside area where Dreamer crotches D-Von on the guard railing. Dreamer brings a chair into the ring but Sign Guy holds Dreamer and D-Von clubs Dreamer. That doesn’t last long as Dreamer finishes D-Von off with a DDT onto the chair. (**. I’m glad it was rather quick and they kept it as a brawl. I usually dread the Dudley Boys on the house shows, but this was inoffensive.) After the match, Joel Gertner comes out and confronts Beulah. Dreamer has a DDT setup for Gertner and Sign Guy but Bubba Dudley runs out to hit the 3D on Dreamer. Sandman comes out with a kendo stick and cleans house on the Dudley Boys. Sandman ends up getting a 3D as well. They turn their attention to Beulah but the Gangstas run into the ring and make the save. Well, the Gangstas get laid out as well with chair shots. Well, that was kind of weird for the heels to stand tall after so many save attempts. Sandman is laying on the apron and is really freaking out about not being able to move his neck. They don’t have a stretcher so they literally carry Sandman on a chair and he’s screaming in agony since his neck is jacked up. Only in ECW… I don’t recall Sandman missing any time, so it may have been a stinger or he was selling it very well.

Rick Rude, wearing a mask, appears before the main event and threatens Shane Douglas.

Main Event: ECW Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn & John Kronus vs. ECW Television Champion Shane Douglas & Brian Lee vs. The Pitbulls in an elimination match: Douglas, Lee and the Pitbulls brawl to kickstart the match as the Eliminators haven’t been introduced yet. Pitbulls clothesline and super kick Douglas and Lee. Douglas is press slammed in the ring by #2 while #1 and Lee brawl on the floor. Douglas nails #2 with a chair shot right to the face a few times. Here comes the Eliminators to finally get involved in the action. Lee saves Douglas from a choke slam by kicking #1. Kronus and Saturn waste no time beating on the teams involved. Kronus hits a handspring back elbow on #2 in the corner. Lee and #1 are brawling on the floor. Lee rams #2 face first onto the table in the crowd while Saturn is pummeling Douglas until a low blow stops that. Douglas hits Saturn over the back with a trash can. Douglas clotheslines Saturn and gouges his eyes. Douglas sends Saturn face first into the wall. Lee comes over and pummels Saturn while Douglas is now choking #1 with a wire. #1 sends Douglas shoulder first into a case. They have brawled back towards the ring as #1 is dragging Douglas back to ringside. Lee catches Saturn with a power slam in the ring. Douglas shoulder rams #1 on the apron before hitting a suplex into the ring. Saturn gets crotched on the top by #2 while #1 shoves Douglas off the middle rope. #1 plants Douglas with a power bomb for a near fall. Saturn hits #2 with a heel kick while Lee punches Kronus on the apron.

Saturn almost pins Douglas with a rollup and kicks Lee away. #1 is kicked by the champions a couple of times followed by a double spinning heel kick for a two count. Douglas takes Saturn over with an overhead suplex but Kronus drives Douglas down with a slam for a two count. #2 nearly pins Saturn after a standing side kick. Kronus hits a handspring big splash on Douglas managing a near fall. Douglas is sent to the floor. Kronus and Saturn kick #2 a couple of times and signals for Total Elimination but #1 comes in and clotheslines the champs. #1 hammers away on Douglas and Lee managing to press slam Douglas into Lee. Chris Candido comes down to the ring and throws a drink into #1 eyes followed by a kick. #1 no sells it and press slams Candido over the top onto Lee. Douglas seems to have hit #1 with the ECW TV Championship, but the camera missed it. Saturn hammers away on Lee and #2 works on Lee as well. The Eliminators focus on #1 as Saturn delivers a knee drop to #1’s left knee. #2 punches Saturn over the top to the floor and they trade kicks. Lee big boots Kronus while Saturn gets worked over by #2 on the floor. Douglas is tossed to the floor. Saturn clotheslines Lee while Kronus hit Douglas over the leg with a steel chair. #2 misses a splash in the corner and Saturn slams him. Saturn hits an elbow drop on #2 for a near fall. Lee hits Kronus and #1 with chairs on the floor. #2 power bombs Saturn for a near fall. Rick Rude comes out with a steel chair and Douglas gets backdropped by #2. Douglas goes for the neck breaker on #2 but #2 gets out of it. Douglas hits the move on a second attempt but Rude puts #2’s leg on the bottom rope. Douglas tries to pull off the mask but is attacked from behind. #2 hits a neck breaker on Douglas and gets a three count. Douglas tried to get his foot on the bottom rope but it was knocked off. Eliminators hit the Total Elimination on #2 to win the match! (**. Well, there was virtually zero structure to the match as it was just six guys brawling and beating each other up. I thought it was a decent main event, but it was overly crowded and hard to keep track of what was going on.)

Final Thoughts:
This felt like a middle of the road house show with Raven/RVD being the best match on the show. There was a few decent matches, but nothing spectacular. ECW has plenty of depth as several top names weren’t even used in a wrestling manner. I can’t give a full recommendation. There is better ways to spend two hours.

Thanks for reading.

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