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NWA Cyberspace Fatal Attraction 1/8/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Cyberspace presents Fatal Attraction
From: Wayne, NJ

Opening Contest: Cindy Rogers vs. Tara Charisma:
This was a dark match for the crowd that wasn’t originally set for the DVD release. Thus, I’m not going to give this a full review. I’ve never even heard of these two ladies. Cindy Rogers won the match with a rollup and a handful of tights for the cheap win. They went nearly seven minutes and nobody seemed to care.

Backstage, John Shane confronts the owner of NWA Cyberspace and demands a tag title match against America’s Most Wanted. The owner promises that Solution will get a title shot if they beat Josh Daniels and Mike Kruel tonight. They’ll get their shot at Superbrawl Saturday.

Second Contest: Dan Barry vs. Sinister X vs. Cabbie vs. Mo Sexton: This is another dark match with the only guy out of the three that I know is Dan Barry. Sinister X is just a muscle guy and Cabbie is a random guy I’ve never heard of previously. Mo Sexton is better known as Mario Bokara of PWS/Wrestle Pro and Impact Wrestling fame. Dan Barry gets tossed over the top onto the other wrestlers by Sinister X early into the match. All three men try to keep Sinister X down on the mat throughout the match. Sexton plants Barry with an ace crusher but missed a frog splash off the top. Barry hit an exploder suplex and got an upset victory. (*1/2. They kept a good pace, but again nobody cared about the guys in the match.) After the match, Sinister X plants Barry with a sit out choke slam. Sinister shoves down Barry’s female manager which got some groans from the fans.

Backstage, Tracy Brooks is with Trinity and is getting ready for her match. Trinity says that Brooks is getting ready for the match and is ready to go. Trinity answers the questions for Brooks. Trinity is confident that she’ll lead Brooks to victory.

Third Contest: Josh Daniels & Mike Kruel vs. The Solution (Havok & Papadon): Daniels and Papadon kick off the tag match, which is the official start to the show. Papadon misses a right hand in the corner and bails to the floor to stall for a few moments. Daniels gets a headlock on Papadon but that doesn’t last long. Daniels gets tripped to the mat but kicks out quickly on a cover attempt. Papadon kicks Daniels on the back and taunts Kruel on the apron. Daniels gets slapped and they trade chops with Daniels hitting harder. Daniels delivers a forearm strike and tags in Kruel. Kruel leg drops the left arm of Papadon and keeps control of the match before tagging in Daniels again. Daniels takes Papadon over with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Kruel enters and hammers away on Papadon. Havok knee lifts Kruel from the apron but gets punched for doing so. Havok legally tags in and headbutts Kruel on the back. Havok rams Kruel back first into the corner and delivers several shoulder rams. Papadon is chanting “lets go Chargers” before he works over Kruel. Papadon sends Kruel into the corner but runs into an elbow and misses a splash. Daniels gets the hot tag and chops away on Papadon. Daniels runs into an elbow in the corner but comes back with a forearm strike.

Daniels takes Papadon over with a German suplex for a two count. Daniels sends Havok over the top to the floor and tags in Kruel who hits an elbow drop on Papadon while over the knee of Daniels for a two count. Kruel accidentally knocks Daniels off the apron and is slammed down by Papadon. Daniels isn’t thrilled with being hit by Kruel. Havok tags in and drives Kruel down with a backbreaker but can’t get a submission. Kruel counters a suplex with a DDT. Kruel is struggling to get to his corner and Daniels decides to bail on his partner. Kruel can’t believe it and Daniels says he isn’t going to tag in when he got hit. Kruel knocks the Solution down and dropkicks Papadon to the floor. Kruel gets a near fall on Havok with a neck breaker. Daniels just remains on the floor waving at Kruel. Solution hit a blockbuster/power bomb combo and that finishes off Kruel. (**. It’s a decent match and I’m actually intrigued in seeing a Kruel/Daniels match at a later show. I think their styles would work well. Solution appears to be a tag team this company is big on and their finishing move is actually pretty cool.) After the match, Daniels tells Kruel to get up and yells at him some more. Kruel tries to understand what’s going on and says he didn’t do it on purpose. Daniels doesn’t believe him. Daniels leaves the ring pissed off.

Backstage, April Hunter cuts a promo saying that Tracy Brooks as a lot of balls to bring Trinity to their match. Hunter says people can’t believe someone like her that looks so good can hurt so bad.

Sonjay Dutt is out in the ring and cuts a promo about being in a crappy area like New Jersey. Dutt wants to know how many times it will take for him to prove that he’s the best Cruiserweight going today. Dutt wants his championship tonight. Billy Firehawk, the owner of Cyberspace, has made his third appearance on this DVD already. Firehawk enters the ring and announces that Dutt has won the championship due to forfeit. Dutt says he’s going home as champion. Dutt is going back to India, but Firehawk has other news. Dutt has to defend the championship tonight and he’ll be facing Jimmy Rave, who was personally selected by Firehawk.

Fourth Contest: CSWF Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave: Dutt backs Rave into a corner but backs away cleanly. Rave backs Dutt into a corner but Dutt counters and has control and slaps his chest before walking away. Dutt backs Rave into a corner but Rave hammers away on Dutt knocking him to the floor. On the floor, Dutt complains of a hair pull before returning to the ring. Rave gets a wrist lock on Dutt and keeps him on the canvas for a few moments. Dutt counters and has a hammerlock on Rave. Rave arm drags Dutt a few times and they have an awkward looking standoff. Dutt kicks Rave in the midsection and works over Rave in the corner with a choke. Rave arm drags Dutt out of the corner and keeps control of the champ. Rave hip tosses Dutt and follows with an arm drag. Rave works over the left arm of Dutt with an elbow but Dutt sends Rave through the middle rope to the floor. Dutt sends Rave into the guard railing back first and into the apron. Dutt hits a slingshot senton back into the ring for a two count. Dutt comes off the ropes to deliver a quick leg drop for a near fall. Dutt takes Rave over with a vertical suplex. Dutt knee lifts Rave in the midsection and delivers a running high knee in the corner. Dutt continues with a baseball slide dropkick to the groin of Rave for a two count. Dutt keeps Rave on the mat with a chin lock. Dutt cuts Rave off with a forearm shot to the face as Rave came off the ropes. Dutt attempts a hip toss but Rave counters with a rollup. Dutt got a rollup too but nails Rave with a big boot to the face for a near fall.

Rave hits a leaping forearm shot and a clothesline. Rave spears Dutt in the corner and hit a northern lights suplex. Rave connects with a swinging neck breaker but Dutt gets to the ropes to break the count at two. Rave heads to the top rope but Dutt cuts him off with a right hand. Dutt stops Rave with a bulldog off the top rope and a springboard moonsault gets a two count. Dutt goes to the apron and signals for a 450. Rave catches Dutt but Dutt rolls through only to be met with a shining wizard. Dutt rolls to the floor to seemingly save his championship. Dutt climbs over the guard railing and grabs his championship to take a count-out loss. The ring announcer announces Rave as the new champion, though he isn’t. After the match, Dutt is attacked by someone in a hat and has a lot of tattoos. The man hits a frog splash off the top and counts his own pin. It’s Grim Reefer. (**1/4. A decent match but the finish was pretty lame. I understand Rave not doing a job since he works for ROH but this as a lame finish. It was a solid enough match, though.)

Backstage, Julio Dinero is with his woman and is dancing. Dinero thinks he is the most entertaining couple in professional wrestling. He goes back to dancing with his woman.

Backstage, Shark Boy is putting his mask on when someone comes up and talks about the fish net death match with Ken Scampi. Shark Boy doesn’t answer him several times but gets in his face when he puts his hand on his shoulder. Shark Boy walks away.

Prior to the next match, Nick Berk confronts Julio Dinero in the ring and tells Dinero that he’s going to make sure Dinero earns his paycheck tonight. Dinero is going to reach Berk how to do the tango.

Fifth Contest: Nick Berk vs. Julio Dinero:
Dinero attacks Berk when Berk hits on his female manager. Berk misses a clothesline and Dinero connects with a few clotheslines and a super kick to send Berk to the floor. Dinero takes Berk out with a slingshot dive to the floor. Dinero goes to the top and missile dropkicks Berk in the ring for a near fall. Dinero pummels Berk with right hands a few times. Berk holds onto the ropes and tells Dinero he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Dinero misses a running cross body and flies over the top hitting the railing. Berk rams Dinero face first into the apron and dropkicks Dinero with a baseball slide. Berk tries for a cover but Dinero kicks out at two. Berk chokes Dinero in the middle of the ring to keep the advantage. Berk back elbows Dinero twice for another two count. Berk keeps a chin lock on Dinero but isn’t able to get a submission. Berk yanks Dinero down by his hair. Berk scoop slams Dinero and delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Berk lifts Dinero into the air and hits a sit out face buster but Dinero kicks out at two. Dinero’s valet gets on the apron and then gets in the ring which allows Dinero to drive Berk down to the mat. Berk sends Dinero into the ropes but misses a clothesline and Dinero hit a leaping forearm shot. Dinero clotheslines Berk a few times. Dinero hits a spinning neck breaker for a two count. Dinero elbows Berk and hit a corkscrew elbow drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Berk eye rakes Dinero but Dinero goes for a pump handle but Berk counters with a jaw breaker. Berk low blows Dinero with the referee out of position. Berk goes to the floor as Dinero’s valet got on the apron. Berk has a chair but misses a chair shot. Dinero dropkicks the chair into Berk’s face for the win. (*. God, this felt like it took forever. This wasn’t very good, at all.)

Backstage, Bill Apter is with Mike Kruel and can’t believe what happened earlier. Kruel thought he was friends with Josh Daniels and doesn’t know what happened. Josh Daniels comes over and is offended that Kruel claimed to have carried him in the match. Daniels doesn’t believe it was an accident when Kruel hit him. Daniels tells Kruel that he’ll see him around.

Backstage, Abyss is with his manager and says that they are one step closer to achieving their goal. There is a random guy hiding behind a door, which is Grim Reefer. Reefer enters the room and wants to know the guy isn’t thinking about him. Reefer is mad that Abyss has seemingly stolen his manager.

Sixth Contest: Abyss vs. Mana: Mana attacks Abyss from behind as he was playing to the crowd and beats on Abyss with right hands. Mana avoids a backdrop with a kick and blocks a choke slam but not a clothesline. Abyss misses a splash in the corner and Mana continues to hammer away on Abyss in the corner. Abyss hammers away on Mana and delivers a few chops to get control of the match. Abyss drops Mana with a big boot and Mana rolls to the floor. Abyss quickly follows and they brawl around ringside. Abyss sends Mana into the guard railing shoulder first. Mana attacks Abyss from behind as Abyss was distracted by Mana’a valet. Abyss tosses Mana over the railing into the crowd. They brawl into the bleachers where Abyss rams Mana face first into the steps before sending Mana into empty chairs. Mana rams Abyss face first onto a chair and delivers several chair shots. Mana chokes Abyss followed by right hands. Mana jabs Abyss in the groin with a chair. Mana kicks Abyss in the groin while having him over the apron. Mana tosses a few chairs into the ring and chokes Abyss in the corner. Mana delivers a running knee strike in the corner a few times. Mana runs but slips and headbutts Abyss. Abyss punches a chair into Mana’s face. Abyss breaks a chair over Mana’s head. so he gets another one and smashes that over Mana’s head. I mean, just completely destroyed Mana with chair shots. Abyss goes for the cover but Mana kicks out at two, of course. Mana low blows Abyss after Abyss set up two chairs in the ring. Mana goes for a choke slam but Abyss counters and choke slams Mana through the two chairs for another near fall. Abyss puts a chair over Mana’s body and goes for a splash but Mana uses the chair to low blow Abyss. Abyss catches Mana with a Black Hole Slam and wins the match. (**. For a spectacle of a hardcore match, it was okay. This was easily the best match on the show in terms of what the crowd responded to up to this point, at least. I think I’d see these guys wrestle again.) After the match, Abyss plants Mana with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss isn’t done and plants Mana with a third Black Hole Slam. Dan Barry destroys a guy named Levi with a chair and says that people in the Foreign Exchange are sick of him. Mana gets up and lays out another guy. I don’t know the point of this, honestly. Oh, great here comes Firehawk for another appearance.

Backstage, Matt Striker is interviewed about his mystery opponent. Striker says that the only mystery is what happened to the interviewers face. Striker says that Lex Luger has sent him a great mystery partner to open a lot of doors for him. Striker recalls that he beat CSWF Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown, and believes he’ll be the guy to defeat Slyck for the heavyweight championship.

Seventh Contest: Shark Boy vs. Ken Scampi in a fish net death match: They both have fish nets and Shark Boy whacks Scampi several times over the back with his for the early advantage. Scampi pulls Boy off the top rope and beats on Boy with the fish net for a few moments. Scampi chokes Boy in the corner to keep control of the match. Boy has a crutch on the floor and nails Scampi with that a few times. Boy sends Scampi into the ring but gets stopped by Ken’s valet and is punched to the floor. Scampi comes off the apron with an axe handle. They brawl on the floor for a few moments before getting back into the ring. Scampi is bleeding from his nose. Boy has Hulk Hands and punches Scampi several times. Boy delivers a face buster into his knee. Boy works over Scampi in the corner with right hands. Boy drop toe holds Scampi’s valet into Ken’s groin. Boy bites the butt of the valet and she runs to the floor. Boy plants Scampi with a neck breaker for a two count. Boy goes for the Deep Sea Drop but Scampi counters with a reverse DDT and grabs a metal bucket. Scampi runs into a big boot and Boy goes for a DDT. Scampi counters with a suplex with a bridge for a two count. Boy drop toe holds Scampi face first onto the bucket. Boy hits Scampi with a Hulk Hand and hits the Deep Sea Drop for the win. (*1/4. I mean, this felt like a comedy death match. I couldn’t take it very seriously. Nor, do I think it was designed to be a serious death match.)

At this point, there is a retirement ceremony for Vince Russo. Russo is actually greeted positively by fans. Russo claims he’d rather be here than anywhere else. Russo gets emotional bring out Big Vito, who was a guy that started right by his side. This is just a weird moment because they are all getting rather emotional and considering Russo didn’t actually retire for more than a year and as of December 2017 he has a podcast about professional wrestling, this just isn’t relevant.

Eighth Contest: CSWF Women’s Champion April Hunter vs. Tracy Brooks: They were given about eight minutes or so and Hunter wins the match with the Sharpshooter. Trinity isn’t happy with Brooks for tapping out. Brooks wanted help from Trinity, but Trinity wasn’t interested in helping her for whatever reason. After the match, Trinity attacks Brooks to end their relationship, Trinity declares the women’s championship is hers. Of course, Billy Firehawk had to come out.

Backstage, Ken Scampi and the female interviewer talk about their injuries with the female interviewer basically saying he’s been hurt after sleeping with every wrestler in the company.

Ninth Contest: CSWF Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Matt Striker: Striker and Storm kick off the title match. Striker controls Storm with a side headlock and prevents Storm from breaking free. Storm punches Striker to break free but is met with a shoulder block. Striker drops down and puts the headlock back on. Storm shoulder blocks Striker and they proceed to do leapfrog on the mat until Striker goes flying to the floor. Jarrett goes to the floor and yells at Striker for doing that. Jarrett tells Striker he doesn’t want to be embarrassed out here. Storm takes Striker over with an arm drag and dropkick. Striker goes to the corner and Jarrett backs away when Striker gets near his groin. Jarrett is annoyed and demands to be tagged into the match. Harris wants to be tagged in and gets his wish. Jarrett arm drags Harris and proceeds to do his trademark strut. Jarrett gets a headlock on Harris and says that it is too easy. Jarrett takes Harris over with a hip toss and does another strut before laying over the top rope and is overly confident. Harris gets a backslide for a two count after countering a hip toss. Harris avoids Jarrett in the corner for another two count. Jarrett gets a sleeper on Harris, but Harris quickly counters with a delayed vertical suplex and does a strut to taunt Jarrett. Storm gets tagged in and continues to work over Jarrett. Storm comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Jarrett decides to tag out and Striker enters. Storm arm drags Striker and tags in Harris. Harris bulldogs Striker out of the corner for a two count.

Storm gets tagged in after Harris delivers a scoop slam and Storm nearly pins Striker after a dropkick to a seated Striker. Jarrett knee lifts Storm from the apron and Striker delivers a big boot. Jarrett gets knocked off the apron and pulls up the padding on the floor. Jarrett hip tosses Storm on the floor. Harris comes over and checks on his partner. Jarrett jabs Storm in the midsection with a crutch while the referee was distracted by Striker. Striker stomps away on Storm as he was able to roll back into the ring. Striker chokes Storm over the middle rope and Jarrett continues to choke him while the referee was distracted. Jarrett nails Storm with the crutch a second time. Striker continues to hammer away on Storm with right hands. Storm ducks a right hand and takes Striker over with a head scissors. Striker punches Harris on the apron and keeps Storm on the mat. Jarrett enters and stomps away on Storm with Striker. Jarrett splashes onto Storm while he’s over the middle rope. Storm has an inside cradle on Jarrett but the referee is out of position. Striker gets tagged in rams Storm face first into the corner. Striker keeps Storm on the mat with a chin lock. Harris cheap shots Striker and Jarrett comes in to stomp Storm some more. Storm comes off the ropes and collides with Jarrett.

Harris gets the hot tag and cleans house with left hands. Harris clotheslines Jarrett and plants Striker with a running power slam for a two count. Jarrett stomps Harris but gets kicked by Storm. Storm kicks Striker and hits the Eight-Second Ride. Storm clotheslines himself and Striker to the floor. Harris kicks Jarrett but gets dropped throat first across the top rope. Jarrett goes into the crowd and grabs a steel chair. The referee stops Jarret from using the chair. Jarrett plants the referee with the Stroke. Harris plants Jarrett with a spine buster but only gets a two count as another referee enters the ring. Jarrett tries for the Stroke on Harris but Storm comes out of nowhere to super kick Jarrett! Striker gets nailed with a power bomb/neck breaker combo and is pinned by Storm! (**1/2. That was a solid tag match and the finish was nicely done. They worked well together and I enjoyed the action. Striker eating the pin was not surprising.) After the match, Jarrett and Striker can’t believe they loss and aren’t happy with fans chanting at them. Jarrett yells at Billy Firehawk, who has to have a record for appearances by an owner for an independent promotion.

Billy Firehawk announces the death of the CSWF and proclaims this the birth of NWA Cyberspace. Firehawk says that they “did it” and is happy. So, there’s that.

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Champion Slyck Wagner Brown is interviewed. Brown says that everyone has been after him since he won the title. Tonight, he battles Michael Shane, the same man that super kicked his woman, April Hunter. Tonight, Slyck is going to show why he is the underground king and the champion.

Main Event: NWA Cyberspace Champion Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Michael Shane: Brown quickly gets in the ring and hammers away on Shane. Brown flips off the middle rope and arm drags Shane a few times causing Shane to bail to the floor to regroup. Brown follows to the floor and slaps Shane. Brown rolls Shane back into the ring and Shane begs for a timeout, which isn’t granted. Shane kicks Brown in the gut and hammers away on Slyck. Shane works over Brown in the corner with kicks to the midsection and taunts the champ. Brown fights back with chops and they trade a few of them. Shane eye rakes Brown and gets sent into the corner where Brown backdrops Shane to the mat. Brown takes Shane over with a snap suplex for a two count. Brown heads to the top rope but Shane shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Brown. Shane knocks Brown to the floor. Shane rams Brown face first into the apron followed by another chop. Brown is seated on a security guy and Shane goes for a super kick but Brown misses and Shane nails the security guy! They trade right hands on the floor. Shane rolls Brown back into the ring and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Shane drops Brown with a forearm shot. Shane chokes Brown for a few moments. Shane sends Brown into the corner but misses a splash. Brown nearly wins with a rollup. Shane cuts Brown off with a clothesline to keep control of the match.

Shane hammers away on Brown but Brown comes back with chops of his own. Shane stops Brown with a knee lift to the midsection. Shane controls Brown with a chin lock. Brown gets to his feet and fights out of the chin lock. Brown comes of the ropes with an inside cradle for a two count. Shane drops Brown with another clothesline. Shane scoop slams Brown and comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop for a two count. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Shane knee lifts Brown but Brown comes back with a few clotheslines. Brown rolls through a sunset flip and dropkicks Shane for a two count. Shane misses a clothesline and Brown almost wins with a rollup. Shane nails Brown with a knee to the head. Brown connects with a standing leg lariat for a two count. Shane boots Brown in the corner and attempts a middle rope cross body but is caught and Brown hit a swinging side slam for a near fall. Shane stops Brown with a DDT for a two count. Shane waits in the corner to deliver a super kick. Brown slowly gets to his feet but blocks the super kick. Brown takes Shane over with a dragon screw leg whip and puts a stretch muffler on Shane. Shane is refusing to give in and manages to reach the bottom rope. Brown hits a sit out scoop slam and signals for the top rope. Brown misses a top rope moonsault. Shane hits the super kick but Matt Striker comes out and puts Brown’s boot on the bottom rope! Striker says he’s better looking than Shane and is distracting him. Shane is on the middle rope yelling at Striker. Brown comes over from behind to hit the Appreciation Bomb and wins the match. (**. A decent match, but nobody cared what was going on. The finish likely sets up a Brown/Striker match at some point, I’d imagine. This was a forgettable main event.)

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett will be returning to NWA Cyberspace on February 5th where he’ll be wrestling Ron Killings.

The Solution confronted America’s Most Wanted backstage saying that they will be meeting them on February 5th. AMW has previously lost to the Solution and they will square off for the titles again. James Storm makes a pollution joke because the Solution stinks up the joint. Solution believes they aren’t the NWA champs because they aren’t down in Orlando. Harris has no problem putting the titles on the line. Solution thinks lightning will strike twice.

Final Thoughts:
There were a couple of entertaining matches, but this isn’t a strong show or worth viewing.

Thanks for reading.


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