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SMW TV 5/27/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, TN

1.) All matches were from Volunteer Slam IV

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show will be heavily highlighting the Volunteer Slam IV and it appears that the promotion is not really going in a different direction, which I think needs to happen to freshen up TV.

2.) Killer Kyle and Boo Bradley battled in a dog collar match, but they weren’t connected by the neck. Instead, it was a regular singles match with four boxes, one in each corner, with one box having the dog collar in it. Actually, it’s bags and not boxes, but it’s all the same. Bradley got the bag with the collar but was splayed by Kyle, who got possession of the collar. Kyle worked over Bradley with the dog collar and busted Boo wide open. Kyle gets a slapjack from D’Lo Brown but misses Boo and nails Brown off the apron. Boo whacks Kyle with the slapjack to win the match.

3.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy battled PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team Championships. This has a controversial finish to the match, which is mentioned before we see any footage of the action. Smothers knocked the USWA team to the floor with dropkicks at the start. It’s a heavily clipped match, as you’d expect. White Boy and Smothers control the match for several moments dominating PG-13. That doesn’t last the entire match as Smothers gets sent to the floor and tossed into the guard railing. PG-13 double teamed Smothers with a running bulldog. Smothers plants PG-13 with a double DDT to stop the onslaught. White Boy got the hot tag and cleans house on the champs. White Boy delivers power slams and big boots. White Boy hit the Bucksnort Blaster but Wolfie D hits him with a hubcap. Smothers whacks JC Ice with the hubcap and they win the tag titles! However, that ends up being reversed when USWA referee comes out and lies to the referee about what happened. Thus, the titles are given back to PG-13.

4.) We see previously un-seen footage of an interview with PG-13 and USWA referee Randy Hales. Hales is pleased with what he did and doesn’t believe he anything wrong. The Gangstas come over and they confront PG-13. They tell PG-13 that they aren’t gangsters with their hubcaps. Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy enter the scene and all three teams begin to brawl until they are broken up by officials.

5.) Footage of the Al Snow vs. Ricky Morton match is shown. They climb the scaffold after brawling around ringside. Snow, the guy afraid of heights, went up there first. Unabomb made his way out to the ring to help Snow and climbs his way up the scaffold. Snow attacks Morton from behind to control Ricky. Robert Gibson comes out to the ring and brawls with Unabomb. Morton manages to knock Snow off the scaffold and won the scaffold match. After the match, Unabomb gets worked over by Gibson and Morton. Snow has recovered and saves his partner. Unabomb has a rope and they have Morton on the canvas while Gibson is hung upside down in the corner. Snow has the rope around Morton’s neck and they are hanging Morton! This is ridiculous.

6.) Backstage, Al Snow and Unabomb cut a promo. Snow says that Morton through he had him, but he was wrong. Snow warns Morton that you’ll never know when he’s coming around. Snow says they are the predators and the Rock N’ Roll Express are the prey. Snow says he will do everything he can to destroy the name of the Rock N’ Roll Express.

7.) Backstage, Ricky Morton says that Al Snow has tried to break his neck and abused his family. Morton says he’s going back to what brought them to the dance in the first place. He doesn’t know what is driving Al Snow but he is going to find out. Morton says there isn’t a tag team out there that can beat the Rock N’ Roll Express. He wants to sign any kind of match to get his hands on Snow and Unabomb in a tag team match.

8.) Jim Cornette cut a promo at Volunteer Slam saying that it took six months to get revenge on the Gangstas with help from Terry Funk and Bob Armstrong. Cornette owes Bob Armstrong for his help. Cornette has a present for Armstrong for his help over the last six months. Cornette tosses a fireball into Armstrong’s face and has returned to his evil ways. Funk and Cornette beat on Armstrong and the referee. A mystery man is in the ring attacking Bobby Blaze. He’s dressed all in black leather clothing. They mystery man takes out Steve Armstrong with a full nelson swing.

9.) Jim Cornette, Terry Funk, Buddy Landell and the mystery guy are interviewed. Funk thinks it was a barbecue and Buddy is glad to be part of the family. Cornette is still furious about kissing Bob Armstrong’s feet back on Thanksgiving. That was the reason he plotted for so long. Cornette introduces the mystery guy as being The Punisher. He’s better known as Bull Buchanan. Cornette will let everyone know how this all came together next week so be sure to tune in.

Final Thoughts:
Well, I don’t know what to say. The feud between Cornette and Armstrong has been going on for just about the entire time SMW has been in existence. At some point you have to go in a different direction. It just feels like SMW doesn’t expand and resort to the same things over and over again. I thought the Gangstas may have been turning face after their interaction with PG-13, but I don’t think that’s happening. Plus, the hanging of Morton, just didn’t sit well with me. I get the usual over the top rope hanging, but literally having a pull system to hang someone is a little too over the top for me. Not sure how I feel about SMW’s future after this show.

Thanks for reading.

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