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WCW Saturday Night 10/10/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 10/10/1992
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton defeated Dave Diamond & Pez Whatley
2.) Shane Douglas & Robbie Walker defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Pat Rose
3.) Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Paul Lee
4.) Tom Zenk defeated Scotty Flamingo
5.) Diamond Dallas Page & Vinnie Vegas defeated Gary Jackson & Joey Maggs
6.) The Barbarian & Tony Atlas defeated Jeff Daniels & TA McCoy
7.) Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Brad Armstrong & WCW/NWA Tag Team Champion Dustin Rhodes by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This program was joined in progress, and apparently missed a Sting enhancement match.

2.) Bill Watts explains what a lights out match is all about. Watts credits Graham in Florida as being the guy who thought of the concept. Watts explains how many matches had been developed throughout the territories in wrestling. The match will not be wrestling in the dark. The lights go out for a moment to conclude the sanctioned matches and then return on for the non-sanctioned match. Jake Roberts and Sting will be signing waivers for their match at Halloween Havoc.

3.) Jim Ross is with Bill Watts who will be overseeing the contract signing between Jake Roberts and Sting for Halloween Havoc. Jake Roberts is already out there for the signing and Sting makes his way over, as well. Watts repeats that they need to sign the contract to free WCW from any obligations. Sting has no problem signing the contract, nor does he have an issue with any of the matches. Roberts says that Sting has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Roberts wonders if there’s any doubt in Sting’s mind with the “spinners choice” option. Sting suggests that Roberts not allow his mouth to override his butt. Roberts signs the contract first and Sting follows with a signature, too. Roberts tells Sting he’s made a mistake. Roberts will be fine with ending Sting’s career at Halloween Havoc. Huh, I was expecting some kind of attack.

4.) This is Robbie Walker’s debut in WCW. I honestly have no idea who Walker is. Douglas is apparently teaming with random people. I could’ve sworn that Bagwell’s gimmick. As expected, Douglas won the match with a belly to belly suplex on Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker.

5.) Cactus Jack training video with The Barbarian is shown. Jack claims that Barbarian’s back will absorb Simmons powerslam. We see footage of Barbarian being slammed by several WCW students. Barbarian loving it and kicking out of cover attempts. All four men cover Barbarian and Barbarian still kicks out. Jack wants Simmons to shine the belt for Barbarian to take it at Halloween Havoc.

6.) We see footage from Main Event where Brian Pillman and Steve Austin confronted Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes, the new WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions. Pillman issued a challenge for this weeks episode of Saturday Night, which was accepted by Rhodes.

7.) Jim Ross conducted an interview with Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. The tag match tonight is actually a non-title match. Pillman thinks it is an opportunity for them to show they are destined for greatness.

8.) Flamingo taunts Zenk early on after a hip toss. Zenk nails Flamingo with a standing dropkick. Flamingo runs into a back elbow in the corner and falls outside the ring. Zenk quickly brings the action back to the ring. Zenk nearly wins with a rollup. Flamingo gets control with a head scissors on the mat. They counter each other on the mat for a few moments. Flamingo cuts Zenk off with a knee lift to the midsection. Zenk works over Flamingo briefly in the corner until Flamingo hits a back suplex followed by a few stomps. Zenk hammers away on Flamingo to break free from Scotty’s grip. Zenk misses a splash in the corner and is nearly pinned. Flamingo takes Zenk over with a snap suplex for a two count. Zenk fights back with strikes and shoulder blocks. Flamingo and Zenk collide heads as Flamingo ran the ropes. Zenk delivers a few strikes and a backdrop to send Flamingo to the mat. Zenk drives Flamingo down to the mat and stomps on Scotty. Zenk stops Flamingo with a superkick and nearly wins the match. Zenk goes to the top rope managing to hit a missile dropkick for the win. (*1/2. Basic match. I didn’t really care for it. Flamingo had some good selling, but aside from that there wasn’t much going on here.)

9.) WCW Up Close is next with Tony Schiavone sitting down with Erik Watts. Watts recently volunteered with students. Watts has followed in the same shoes as Bill Watts. Watts doesn’t feel pressure because he doesn’t try to meet anyone else’s expectations. Erik follows his own goals. Watts says his first match was incredible and he’ll never forget it. Watts says he was anxious to get his first victory. Watts knows how Windham and Rhodes are as Watts talks about the apparent tension between Windham and Rhodes. Watts notes the schedule for wrestlers is much different than anything else he’s done.

10.) Cactus Jack conducted an interview with Jake Roberts, who has his snake with him. Jim Ross refused to do the interview because Roberts had the snake. Jack trusts Roberts and wants to talk about Halloween Havoc. Jack is interested in spinners choice. Roberts says that would mean Roberts could come up with anything he wanted. Roberts lists the matches that are on the wheel. Roberts says that Sting will see his snake if it were to be spinners choice. Cactus spins the wheel while Roberts plays with his snake.

11.) Jim Ross conducted an interview Diamond Dallas Page and Vinnie Vegas. Diamond Dallas Page will be wrestling Marcus Alexander Bagwell on WCW Main Event tomorrow night. Page doesn’t understand how Bagwell won Rookie of the Year. Vegas considers Bagwell a punk kid. Page believes he should be the real Rookie of the Year. Vegas agrees with Page.

12.) Jim Ross conducted an interview with Cactus Jack. Jack says that Rick Rude is his best friend because Rude is wrestling WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. He’s happy that Simmons will be weaker as a result. Jack says that Barbarian has undergone the most brutal training in order to defeat Ron Simmons for the WCW World Championship at Halloween Havoc.

13.) Barry Windham has not arrived to the building as the main event tag match is getting quite close. Brad Armstrong ends up teaming with Dustin Rhodes instead.

14.) Austin and Rhodes start the main event tag match. Austin shoulder blocks Rhodes but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Rhodes keeps Austin on the mat with a hammerlock and delivers a few knee drops. Austin gets control with a front face lock on Rhodes. Rhodes backdrops Austin to the mat and keeps control with a sleeper hold. Armstrong enters the match, but Pillman quickly tags in and they have a standoff. Pillman fakes a crossbody off the middle rope and hip tosses Armstrong to the mat. Armstrong dropkicks Pillman to the floor. Pillman wants to shake hands with Armstrong, but the crowd knows that’s not true. Pillman knee lifts Armstrong to gain the advantage. Rhodes enters and Pillman delivers a cheap shot in the corner. Rhodes decks Pillman with a right hand. Rhodes fist drops Pillman and keeps arm control. Austin enters and is arm dragged by Rhodes. Armstrong tries his luck with Austin and is met with right hands. Armstrong dropkicks Austin to the floor. Armstrong kicks Austin into the guard railing chest first. Rhodes strikes Austin a few times but misses a dropkick.

Austin stomps on Rhodes to keep the advantage followed by a gut wrench suplex. Pillman nails Rhodes with a standing dropkick. Pillman comes off the apron to clothesline Rhodes on the floor. Austin catches a boot and avoids a kick from Rhodes. Austin misses a middle rope knee drop. Armstrong cleans house with dropkicks on both Austin and Pillman. Armstrong nails Austin with a knee lift. Barry Windham comes down to ringside and he’s arguing with Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes and Windham slap each other! Rhodes gets in the ring and is double teamed. Windham gets in the ring and makes the save, but that’s a disqualification to give Austin and Pillman the match. (*1/2. The main focus here was the tension between Rhodes and Windham. I think it’s a little early to have the champs already feuding. Those kinds of angles have always been played out in pro wrestling.)

Final Thoughts:
They are promoting Halloween Havoc fairly well, it’s just too bad that the show doesn’t feature many interesting matches.

Thanks for reading.

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