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YouShoot Missy Hyatt

Written by: Brian Bayless

This was released in 2008

The interview is hosted by Sean Oliver

It runs at two hours and seven minutes long


Missy is asked if she knew of any wrestlers that were “in the closet.” She joked that if they were in the closet then how would she know?

Someone asks her about Kevin Sullivan and if he really worshipped the devil. They also ask her if he ever hit Woman (Nancy Benoit). Missy said that Sullivan did not worship the devil but thinks her worshipped the dollar. On whether or not he hit Woman, Missy tells a story by prefacing that she feels bad about telling it but after Woman’s divorce, Missy saw her at the Brian Pillman Memorial show. Missy said she went over to her and said she looked great as Woman replied that it was due to her getting away from Sullivan. Missy then joked with her that when he dies, she will be dancing on his grave as Woman quipped that there would be a long line for that. Missy said that she never actually witnessed Sullivan hit Woman though.

Someone asks her if she still reads the “Dirtsheets” and if she has any “dirt” on them. Missy said her old boyfriend thought that Dave Meltzer was “god.” This is not a wrestler but a cop. She then tells a story back from the 1980’s while working for Bill Watts as they all would pass around pages of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” while waiting for their turn to film interview segments. She said that they didn’t read it for the match ratings but rather to find out stuff such as Sting sleeping with Dark Journey and getting his ass kicked by Dick Slater as a result. She compared it to the “National Enquirer of Wrestling” and said it was so good.

Next question is about Vince McMahon and how he acts like a pimp, asking Missy if he sleeps with the women he employs and hides everything to prevent his wife from divorcing him and taking his money. Missy laughs and half-jokingly says that she thinks Linda probably lets Vince do what he wants while she is off with “Julio the pool boy” before saying that Stephanie McMahon really runs the company.

She laughs as the next question, which asks her if Ric Flair slept with Dark Journey, like he alluded to in his interviews. Missy says that “no hair, no Flair, as she was hairy and Flair loved the hairy bushes. She also adds that Journey would fuck anything.


Missy gets asked about penis size and in the background we see a white board with names on one side and four penises on the other, varying in size, as we get the “What a Dick” segment. She ranks them from Biggest to smallest:

Tommy Rich – Missy said Rich was the first guy she ever blew and it took place when she was 17. Missy said he was the hottest thing in wrestling at the time on Georgia Championship Wrestling. She doesn’t remember the size.

Virgil – Missy said that he always wanted to show it to her but she was scared.

Lanny Poffo – Never saw it but said it must be huge if he can suck it himself. Missy states she would give him $50 to watch him perform.

Robert Fuller – Missy said that she heard his cock was so big guys were afraid to shower with him in fear that if he turned around fast it would hit them.

John Tatum – Said he was a “nice Jewish boy” with a good-sized dick.

Eddie Gilbert – Didn’t really say anything about his size other than it was similar to Tatum’s.

Tom Prichard – She grabs the name and puts him in the upper-half.

Brutus Beefcake – Missy gives the “thumbs up” and says that he can “cut her hair, anytime.” She said all the girls she knew liked Beefcake.

Ric Flair – Missy said its not huge per se, its decent, but rather thick and that it “hooks to the left.” Missy said she has seen him drop his pants about a thousand times as he will show it to anyone.

Jason Hervey – Thought he was a nice guy until she found out years later he was the reason she got fired from WCW. Missy then claims that Hervey likes to “suck dick” and that he is “butt buddies” with Eric Bischoff. Regarding his penis, Missy said its big but that may be due to him being so short that it looks bigger than it actually is, claiming its the opposite of Scott Putski.

Bill Fralick – Missy said it was fairly big but that he wanted her to fuck him with a strap-on dildo. She says that she is not into that.

Raven – Missy says she will throw him a “Jewish one” for this. For those unaware, Missy is Jewish herself.

Hawk – Missy said he was decent size but had “small balls” and lasted about 12 seconds but it was great.

Jake Roberts – Missy said he was the first person she ever did drugs with and he was a decent size from what she recalls.

Val Venis – Jokes that he lasted about .0012 seconds and that he was small, saying it goes to show how wrestling really is all just a work.

Scott Putski – Missy points to the smallest dick on the board and says it is smaller than that.

And a few names whose penis she did not see:

Paul Varelans – Missy first talks about how Heyman wanted her to convince Varelans to put over Taz so she promised Varelans she would have sex with him afterwards but she never did and he did the job.

Sandman – Says that he was always drunk and never hard so she has no idea.

Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bills) – Never saw it but did see the wet spot in his pants after they kissed due to him prematurely ejaculating. Missy and Sean crack jokes about him not being able to perform in the clutch.

Someone asks her if it saddens her that most people view her as a “glorified ring rat.” Missy says she doesn’t mind. Next question is when she will do “hardcore porn” as she plugs her 24/7 website and how her boyfriend got up by humping her leg the other night. After that we get a video submission from some dipshit performing wrestling moves in his basement as Missy is cracking up. There was no actual question asked but Missy said she was getting her stripper pole installed in her basement today.

She is now asked if she ever had relations with any women in the business and why her site, Wrestling ViXXXens lacked girl-on-girl content. Missy says she likes guys and never has been with a woman. Regarding the site, Missy said that a few others on the site, like Krissy Myst, tried to grab her once getting out of the hot tub but it freaked her out as she said Myst was a “coke whore.” Missy then says she has not sex with many guys in the business and if you did the math between the years she spent and the guys she was with it would average out to one guy every 18 months.

Next question regards a prior shoot Missy did when she talked about sleeping with Sandman while he was married. Missy said they never had sex but slept in the same bed as he was always drunk and passed out. She also said Sandman would take her to strange after hours clubs and that she was never with a married man. Missy did say that his wife was a bitch and thought they were fucking and got herself onto TV in storyline as a result.

Next question is from a girl claiming she cannot get her boyfriend to pay attention to her when they are watching wrestling. She claims to give him blowjobs to draw his attention away but he still pays attention to the TV before asking for advice on how to give head. Missy suggests that she give up her ass to him instead to get his attention.

Missy is asked about the Honky Tonk Man’s YouShoot in which he claimed that Missy was by far the “most fuckable” woman in wrestling back in the day as Missy jokes there were only like two fuckable women. Missy said she likes Honky then calls him up but its straight to voicemail so she leaves a message. She then jokes about Sean being gay before saying that Jerry Jarrett is gay then gets quiet.

Next question is about the drug use in ECW and if she saw it take place. Missy says that the only use she saw then was her own and it was bad but not she is almost four years sober. From this we go to the “What’s in the Bag” segment. Missy jokes that drugs can be fun but that they make you forget a few years of your life.

Marijuana – “everybody” then says she cannot think of a wrestler that didn’t smoke pot.

Cocaine – Jokes that it reminds her of the 1980’s when she was in World Class with Jake Roberts

Crack – Says it reminds him of New Jack as she tells a story of him taking out her Porsche driving down Nebraska Avenue in Tampa looking to get some crack. Missy said she was sober at the time and taking her psychiatric medications as well.

Painkillers – Says herself then talks about wrestlers today are clean and more into working out.

Steroids – Says Lex Luger and talks about how can you get 32 counts of drugs in your house and throw a girl down the stairs yet get off on charges as she comments how the cops in Atlanta must be the dumbest of all.


Someone asks her a list of the guys she has slept with as she names off Jake Roberts, Hawk, Eddie Gilbert, Bruce Prichard, Val Venis, and Scott Putski. She then lists off guys she blew including Tommy Rich and Raven.

Next question is about Jason Hervey as Missy talks about today he is a “fat midget” and rags on the stuff he produced with Bischoff including a Scott Baio reality show and another one about wanting to become a Hilton. Missy denied that he wore lifts in his shoes but said that he wouldn’t let her wear high heels, even when he was not around.


Missy is asked about the best and worst boob jobs in wrestling. Missy says that Madusa has the worst and that she has the best. As far as the best natural breasts, she says Stacy Keibler and comments how she has a nice, lean figure and once commented how she would never get implants.

We now play the “Real of Fake” game as Missy tells us whose boobs are real and who has implants:

Chyna – Said when she first got her surgery she was soft and pretty but saw that she was freaky when a castmember on the “Surreal Life.” She did put over her skills that were on display for her porno film.

Woman – Believes that she was 100% natural and her boobs were nice.

Elektra – Says her boobs are fake and that they have similar bodies.

Sable – Missy calls her a “bitch” and said that her body is plastic and her attitude is fake as well. Missy tells a story of how she asked her to go shopping in Melrose while in Los Angeles and she blew her off, acting snobby in the process. Missy also talks about Sable was wearing a gown backstage and she went up to compliment her and Sable just gave her a dirty look.

Elizabeth – Believes that she might have had a boob job later in her career and how when you lose weight, you don’t gain it in your breasts.

Dark Journey – Says she is a real douchebag and the “c-word” before asking to keep the magnet of her name in order to scrape the dog shit off of her boots.

Ivory – Says her body is great and thinks that she is natural but then says most girls with great bodies don’t have boobs like that so puts her in the “middle” stages.

Francine – Fake and when Sean says she was different in the beginning of ECW, Missy comments how her “ass wasn’t hanging down to the floor” then.

Dawn Marie – Thinks she is smoking hot and had implants.

Sherri Martel – Said Sherri looked great the last time she saw her but that she had worked done.

Tammy Sytch – Commented how her breasts were not always that perky as she had implants. She also confirmed that Tammy attempted to sell one of her implants on eBay.

Precious – Says there is no way you can have three kids and still look like that as she puts her in the “fake” category.

Baby Doll – Missy calls her a “perfect ten” and that she is natural.

Kimona – Says she worked for a plastic surgeon who performed her boob job and was there so can confirm that.

Kimberly Page – Talks about seeing her tit on the “40 Year Old Virgin” and that she is fake.

Mickie James – Didn’t know who she was but when learned that she was in the WWE, immediately said that she had implants.

Madusa – Also calls her a “douchebag” and takes her name down so her dog can “wipe his ass” later.

Lita – Says you can notice how they are a lot bigger now than when she started.

Becky Bayless – Missy says that Becky is her favorite and that she probably had a boob job then guarantees that she will become a star.

Trish Stratus – Says she had a boob job and compliments her for working hard.

Beulah – Missy laughs a lot then says “who cares” as she talks about Beulah complaining and whining about the ECW calendar back in the day but now looks back and chalks it up to Beulah probably having her period. Also says that she has had implants.

Molly Holly – Says she is too petite to not have had work done then talks about how she loves her and really enjoyed the Mighty Molly character.

Daffney – Missy has no idea who she is at first then remembers her as the screamer in WCW and says that her body is great and she has not had work done.

Stephanie McMahon – Believes that she has had her breasts enlarged twice.

Back to the questions as Missy is asked which female in the locker rooms looked the best naked. She says Tammy Sytch then that after seeing Kimberly in the “40 Year Old Virgin” puts her there as well. On girls shaving their pubes, Missy doesn’t get why they do that, stating that she has a “landing strip” herself.


We get a question from a guy referencing this story from New Jack’s 2004 Shoot Interview with RF Video:

“On Missy Hyatt, Jack said they “hung out” for a few weeks until one day Missy went to the police day and said her roommate “Missy Hyatt” was missing. When the detective asked for her name, she said it was “Melissa Hiatt,” which was her name. The detective then asked Missy if she was on any medications as she said that she was on a “whole lot of shit” then dumped her pills out of her purse onto the counter then turned in either her doctor that prescribed them or someone forging scripts as I couldnt tell what Jack was saying and he had written over 2,000 scripts and was facing charges and as a result killed himself as Jack blames Missy for the guy’s death as he wishes to run her over with a lawnmower for being pathetic and that she is 40 years old and does not realize that her day has passed. “

Missy laughs after the question is read then is asked about her thoughts on New Jack after several more questions about New Jack stories are read. Missy says that he has no idea what he is talking about then talks about at least getting help for her issues and how she let him stay at her house and was smoking crack while she was trying to maintain sobriety.

She is asked about a quote from Eric Bischoff on his website regarding Missy in which he talks about an error in his book that identified Sherri Martel as “Missy Hyatt” then apologizing stating he cannot think of a bigger insult than to be compared with Missy. She then calls Bischoff an “asshole” before talking about how when she was dating Hervey, Bischoff stayed at her house in California with them because he was trying to pitch an idea for a kids game show as Hervey had production companies lined up to hear the pitches. Missy said he gave him her 1963 Corvette to drive and how she was co-hosting the WCW “C” show with him and how he sucked at his job because while everyone took one take, he took forever because he kept screwing up. Missy said despite that, he was still an okay guy but when Bischoff became the boss after she broke up with Hervey, had no idea that Hervey was in Bischoff’s ear telling him to fire Missy. She also said after getting fired, she sued because the year prior after getting $38,000 for merchandising, she got a check for $33. He said Bischoff became pissed as she started a lawsuit and even hired a private investigator who found out that there were allegations of Bischoff molesting a child while teaching karate in Minneapolis. Missy said that she ended up settling with WCW. The next question was asking Missy to say one thing into the camera about Bischoff but she declined, stating it is not worth doing.

Missy is now asked about Tammy Sytch accusing Missy of smoking crack as she talks about only smoking crack once and did cocaine a few times but did not like it as she became jittery afterwards. After that, she is asked about working with Tammy on the Wrestling ViXXXens website and said it was fun but how they got ripped off at the end. Missy said she is a funny person. Then after that, the next question is how just a few weeks ago, Tammy referred to Missy as a “dirty slut” as Missy said she never said anything about that to her and has seen her at WSU shows recently where they have been friendly. Missy believes she was upset about the ViXXXens stuff, and rightly so, then thinks she might be behind why she got screwed over and how later on the guy who did screw them over was trying to stir things up between the two.


She is asked if the wrestlers tried to get into her pants or just treated like “one of the boys.” Missy said she was treated like one of the boys and she got ribbed a lot when she first started out.

On her thoughts about Sunshine, Missy said she was Jimmy Garvin’s cousin and thought she was the first lady of wrestling and helped her a lot into the business and learned from her that you should be helping the younger generation of wrestlers.

Missy thought the Von Erichs were nice people outside of the ring and talks about Friday Nights after the Sportatorium show they snuck Sunshine into the bedroom of their homes as they always had to maintain kayfabe.

Regarding her brief WWF Run in 1987 and if her “Missy Manor” segments should have aired, Missy said she was still really “green” but the segments were awful. She interviewed the Can-Am Connection, Honky Tonk Man, Harley Race, Randy Savage and Elizabeth, Bobby Heenan, and Adrian Adonis. Missy said she did a few of them over the next night and only their for three TV tapings. She said Vince told her to do another idea of being a Federette then becoming the manager of the Honky Tonk Man after seeing how badly the segments went. Missy called up Eddie Gilbert, who told her to not do that as she could get something better as Missy said everything was really bad that she did. Missy said it was so cheesy what she had to say too.

On her memories about interviewing Stan Hansen in the locker room, Missy said they were great and it was a takeoff of when female reporter Lisa Olson accused the New England Patriots of sexually harassing her in the locker room.

Missy is asked about Tito Santana’s American Wrestling Federation (AWF) promotion and how she loved being a commentator next to Ken Resnick, who let her be an actual announcer.


When asked about the women’s division today, Missy thinks that women should not be wrestling because they cannot draw and that they should be with the guys a managers and valets, saying its cooler than in the ring doing hurricaranas. She also says that is just her opinion and that she does not want to start anything about that.

On what she would do if in charge of today’s WWE Divas, Missy said she would make sure that each girl had a different character and become more individualized, trying to make then manage either tag teams or single wrestlers then talks about she doesnt even know if there are heels or babyfaces anymore to make that work.


On what Eddie Gilbert would be doing today if he was still alive, Missy hopes he would be booking for TNA.

Missy’s favorite bookers are Gilbert, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, and Ken Mantell.

Regarding wrestlers she has lost touch with and would like to get back in contact with, Missy wants to thank Jim Ross and Ken Resnick for being really nice to her.

Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a fairly entertaining shoot. Being one of the earlier YouShoot releases, this was nowhere near as polished compared to the more current releases. A lot of the fan questions were very similar and it seems like they clear that up now, probably because they get more questions submitted nowadays. This shoot seemed like it was really done on the fly.

Missy was a good sport here. She didnt get a whole lot of chances to show off her wrestling knowledge but it comes through at points. I actually think she would make a great guest for Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” series.

A lot of this shoot covers questions regarding sex. If that is not your thing, then I cannot recommend this shoot to you. I thought the shoot was a breeze and while not the most informative (YouShoots are a lot looser) it was still entertaining most of the time.

You can purchase the DVD of this shoot for $20 or a digital copy On Demand that you own forever for $15.99 by clicking on the link below.

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