AAW Scars & Stripes 2008 7/12/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW presents Scars & Stripes
Date: 7/12/2008
From: Berwyn, IL

A video highlighting what happened last month is shown. Jimmy Jacobs confronting Terry Funk and then later Funk costing Jacobs the AAW Heritage Championship is shown. Adrenaline Overdose winning the tag titles. Tyler Black winning his feud with Marek Brave. Chandler McClure and Eric Priest agreeing to a Last Man Standing match. Tyler Black will challenge Jerry Lynn for the AAW Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Arik Cannon considers Krotch beating him last month was complete bullshit.

Backstage, Phoenix Twins cut a promo about Dash having his eye blinded thanks to Joey Eastman. They would love to whip Eastman ten times tonight.

Backstage, Krotch knows that everyone thinks that his victory was a fluke. However, you can’t beat a good crotch. He’s going to prove tonight it was no fluke.

Opening Contest: Arik Cannon vs. Christian Able: Cannon tries to shoulder block Able, but doesn’t knock his opponent down. Cannon knee lifts Able and delivers strikes in the corner. Able forearms Cannon in the corner and an uppercut to the back. Able misses a middle rope elbow drop. Cannon delivers an elbow strike to get control of the match. Joey Eastman chokes Able over the middle rope. Able hammers away on Cannon but an eye rake stops him. Cannon hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Cannon knee lifts Able but runs into a powerslam for a two count. Cannon stops Able with a jawbreaker and a dropkick to the back for a near fall. Able hammers away on Cannon and drops Cannon a few times. Able dropkicks Cannon in the corner followed by a snap suplex. Cannon nails Able with a kick to the head, but Able hits a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Able drops Cannon over his knee and runs into a right hand. Cannon plants Able with a back suplex and a shining wizard to win the match. (*1/2. Sure didn’t seem like anyone was caring about this one. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning to start the shows with extended squashes.)

Last week, Dave Prazak and Keith Walker cut a promo about July 4th. Walker is in Japan and that’s because AAW isn’t worthy of seeing him in action. Walker is wrestling for NOAH. Walker will be returning in August.

Second Contest: Egotistico Fantastico vs. Ryan Boz: Boz works over Ego with chops in the corner. Ego delivers a chop of his own, but Boz doesn’t budge. They begin to trade chops and they are staggering. Boz shoulder blocks Ego. Ego dropkicks Boz to the floor and gets his cape. Ego hits a somersault dive to the floor and Boz hit his head on the railing. Ego kicks Boz across the back a few times. Ego dropkicks Boz for a two count. Boz clotheslines Ego over the top to the floor. Boz takes Ego out with a suicide dive. Boz sends Ego shoulder first into the ring steps. Boz drops Ego over the ring steps back first. Boz works over Ego with stomps and tosses Ego back first into the corner. Ego gets a sleeper hold on Boz, but Boz breaks free quickly. Boz puts a bearhug on Ego and hits a fallaway slam. Ego gets a sleeper on Boz to counter a suplex. Boz drops Ego down to the mat, but Ego locks in a sleeper. Boz tries to break free, but Ego holds on. Boz breaks free with a somersault splash in the corner. Boz heads to the backstage area. The referee goes backstage and returns saying that Boz can’t continue and Ego wins the match. (*1/2. That’s a bummer of a finish since Boz apparently got hurt. The action was decent throughout before the unfortunate finish.) After the match, Ego says that he came back AAW to be the Heavyweight Champion and he’s blaming Whacks for not having that happen. Whacks says Ego can’t do anything without him. He’s the one who made sure they called Ego. Ego proceeds to deck Whacks. Ego hits a Death Valley Driver, too.

Backstage, Northstar Express are interviewed about losing the tag titles last month. Darin Corbin aren’t happy about losing the titles because they didn’t see the challenge happening. They took out the Phoenix Twins eye for revenge. They are going to kick their ass and get their titles back. Silas Young comes over to the interviewer and asks what is going on with her. She can’t talk about it and walks off.

Prior to the next match, Trik Davis and Danny Daniels aren’t happy with Jim Jesus that they don’t have a match this month on the biggest show. Daniels sends Jesus to the backstage area. Daniels challenges the tag champs for a match tonight. Daniels mentions that they’ve beaten the champions every time they’ve wrestled and believes they are the uncrowned champions.

Third Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Adrenaline Overdose (Hollister & Benjamin) vs. Trik Davis & Danny Daniels: Daniels and Davis attack before the bell and Daniels hits an STO as Davis hit a springboard elbow strike on Hollister. Hollister gets planted with a double release suplex for a two count. Benjamin trips Davis to the floor and Hollister hits a hurricanrana on Daniels. Benjamin nearly pins Daniels after a crossbody. Daniels is sent into Davis in the corner and is met with a double knee strike. Hollister backdrops Davis and a spinning heel kick for Daniels. Davis stops Hollister from hitting the Overdose. Hollister and Benjamin hit stereo head scissors to send the challengers to the floor. Overdose hit stereo dives to opposite sides of the ring! Benjamin atomic drops both challengers, but Daniels stops Benjamin with a bulldog. Davis keeps Benjamin on the mat with a knee drop to the arm. Daniels enters the match and works over Benjamin with strikes to the ribs. Benjamin is sent into the railing by Daniels. Davis slingshots to the floor to axe handle Benjamin. Daniels and Benjamin trade forearm strikes until Benjamin to driven back first into the corner. Davis comes off the middle rope but Benjamin delivers a strike. Daniels stops Benjamin to allow Davis to hit the Hart Attack for a two count.

Benjamin nearly pions Davis with a sunset flip. Benjamin double stomps Davis to counter a sunset flip. Hollister and Daniels tag in with Hollister cleaning house. Hollister kicks both men and botches a wheelbarrow stunner on Daniels. Hollister nearly pins Davis with a reverse DDT. Hollister kicks Davis to the floor and tries for a dive, but is caught by Daniels and is sent into the guard railing back first. Benjamin hits a swinging neckbreaker on Davis. Benjamin boots Daniels in the corner followed by a clothesline into the corner. Benjamin jabs Daniels but Daniels sends Benjamin into Davis, who drops Benjamin into the corner. Daniels stops Benjamin with a gut buster and a DDT for a two count. Tyler Black appeals in the crowd and hopes the railing. Black and Daniels brawl on the floor. Black enters the ring and plants Davis with small package driver. Daniels tries to piledriver Black, but Black counters with a piledriver of his own. Black leaves as Daniels is left laying. Hollister locks in the Texas Cloverleaf and Daniels is forced to submit. (**1/4. Well, I didn’t like the finish with Black getting involved. The action was going pretty well and I’m really enjoying Adrenaline Overdose, though Hollister appeared to be a little off his game. Daniels selling for the botched stunner seemed to change the crowds tune to the match.)

Backstage, Eric Priest cuts a promo about his match being the last one of his career tonight. Priest hit the F-69 on Jerry Lynn and believes he should be champion. However, Chandler McClure stuck his nose into his business. Now, Priest can’t go out as a champion. Priest wonders if kicking McClure’s ass will be enough for him. Priest knows that it will be good enough for him.

Fourth Contest: Silas Young vs. Josh Abercrombie: Young hits a springboard crossbody to start the match and hammers away on Abercrombie. Young continues with a dropkick. Abercrombie stops Young with a right hand but a forearm sends Abercrombie to the apron. Young hits a northern lights suplex as Abercrombie came off the apron. Young mule kicks Abercrombie and connects with a standing moonsault. Abercrombie crotches Young over the top rope followed by a springboard kick off the ropes. Abercrombie baseball slides Young into the railing. Abercrombie sends Young into the railing with a side Russian leg sweep. Abercrombie hits a slingshot leg drop into the ring for a two count. Abercrombie keeps control with strikes on the mat followed by a scoop slam and a running elbow to a seated Young. Young tries for a Death Valley Driver, but Abercrombie breaks free and drops Young to the mat by his hair. Abercrombie sends Young into the corner back first for a two count. Abercrombie takes Young over with a snap suplex. Abercrombie slaps Young and Young nearly wins with an inside cradle. Abercrombie plants Young with a back suplex. Abercrombie with a springboard side kick and a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Abercrombie continues to work over Young in the corner with strikes. Abercrombie delivers a neckbreaker and a seated clothesline for a near fall. Abercrombie elbows Young in the corner but misses a second attempt. Young elbows Abercrombie and connects with a kick to the head. Young clotheslines Abercrombie a few times. Young drop toe holds Abercrombie into the corner and hits a springboard spin kick. Young hits a rolling fireman’s carry, but Abercrombie bails to the floor. Abercrombie doesn’t seem interested in going back to the ring and goes backstage. The referee comes back to the ring and Young wants Abercrombie back in the ring. Young has won the match by forfeit. After the match, Abercrombie attacks Young on the aisle but is met with a clothesline after coming off the middle rope. Young locks in a modified Rings of Saturn. Abercrombie is tapping out but Young won’t let go. The match is over anyway. Valerie Malone comes out and wants young to stop. Valerie reveals that she’s pregnant. Young embraces Malone after letting go of the submission hold. (**1/4. I’d consider that another poor finish to end a match that I was enjoying. Silas in AAW has been fun to watch and he’s in great shape looking like a star to me. The story with Malone being pregnant will likely not end well as pregnancy’s in wrestling never end well.)

Fifth Contest: Chandler McClure vs. Eric Priest in a Last Man Standing match: They slap each other and McClure spits on Priest. McClure gets pulled out by McIntyre and Priest takes both men out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. McClure boots Priest but runs into a big boot. Priest hits the F-69 on McIntyre and clotheslines McClure. Priest drives McClure down with a vertical suplex. McClure drops Priest on his head with a German suplex. McClure dropkicks a kneeling Priest and continues with a neckbreaker. Priest places McClure on the apron and delivers a dropkick to send McClure into the railing. Priest eye gouges McClure on the floor and a low blow. Priest grabs a steel chair and drops McClure face first onto the chair with a flapjack. McClure stops Priest with a jawbreaker. Priest tries for a powerbomb onto the chair, but McClure counters with a backdrop onto the chair. Priest is holding his injured knee. Priest eye rakes McClure and continues to deliver chops in the corner. McClure chop blocks Priest on the right knee. Priest kicks McClure away and misses a shoulder ram hitting the post. McClure continues to work over Priest’s knee on the floor. McClure dangerously drops Priest over the railing knee first. Priest wraps McClure’s leg around the post. Priest rams McClure face first into the post.

Priest drops McClure over the railing chest first. Priest sends McClure back first into the guard railing. Priest puts McClure in the tree of woe. Priest has chair that’s wrapped in barbed wire. Priest puts the chair in front of McClure’s face and delivers a baseball slide. McClure gets to his feet and low blows Priest. McClure continues to beat on Priest’s knee. McClure smashes Priest’s knee against the steps with the chair. McClure whacks Priest over the knee with the chair again. Priest picks McClure up but can’t hit the F-69 and instead McClure hits a DDT onto the barbed wire chair. Priest is busted wide open but he whacks McClure over the head with the chair. Priest hits the F-69 on McClure. McClure messes up with a reverse DDT. McClure gets a ladder, but Priest baseball slides the ladder into McClure. Priest hits a belly to belly suplex. Priest sets a ladder up in the corner. Priest hits an elbow drop off the top of the ladder.

They both manage to get to their feet with Priest hitting McClure over the back with a chair. Priest sets up a table in the ring. Priest lays McClure onto the table and climbs the ladder. McClure stops Priest on the top of the ladder. Priest puts McClure and himself through the table with a side Russian leg sweep off the top of the ladder. McIntyre hits Priest on the knee behind the referee’s back and McClure is able to win the match. (***1/2. There were enough big spots to make this a memorable match or AAW. The finish was kind of lame, which is a continued theme for AAW lately. Priest losing is the right call as it allows McClure the chance to possibly move up the card.) After the match, Priest kisses his wife and is met with a standing ovation from the crowd. Priest is proud to call AAW home and loves the fans.

Backstage, Tyler Black cuts a promo about being in the business for four years. Black mentions that Lynn made his debut when he was 2-years old. Lynn has been in the business for two decades. Black knows that Lynn has seen and done a lot more. Black promises Lynn that he isn’t done with JJ Inc. Black is coming for Lynn and says that Lynn has the chance to prove to the fans and himself that he’s the man he use to be. Black believes that time has passed Lynn by. Tonight, Black takes back what is his and seeks revenge.

Egotistico Fantastico makes his way out and cuts a promo. He says everything he’s accomplished has been for the fans. He calls out Ryan Boz to prove to be a winner. Boz says he doesn’t do what anyone tells him to do. Boz flips off Boz and goes backstage. Ego runs backstage and brings Boz back to the ring. Ego hits a missile dropkick. Boz decks Ego with a lariat. Boz says he’s going to kill Ego. Ego hits the Death Valley Driver and pins Boz. I guess that finishes their match from earlier.

Prior to the next match, Truth Martini appears in the ring and talks about the House of Truth. Martini decks Trent Scott and sends Scott to the floor. Martini is turning his attention to Zach Gowen. Martini says he sets goals. Martini says he’s a winner at life unlike Zach Gowen. Martini thinks that Gowen gets his heart in the way of the business. Martini notes that Gowen hasn’t won a match in a while and loses first round matches in tournaments. Martini remembers when Gowen was on top with Martini by his side. Martini would like Gowen to be part of his group one more time. Dan Lawrence makes his way out to get involved. Martini dismisses Lawrence saying this has nothing to do with him. Martini shoves Lawrence, but Lawrence decks Gowen.

Sixth Contest: Dan Lawrence vs. Zach Gowen: Lawrence hammers away on Gowen in the corner to start the match. Lawrence drops Gowen with a back suplex for a two count. Lawrence scoop slams Gowen and heads to the top rope , but Martini shoves Lawrence off. Martini talks to Gowen and they embrace. Gowen hammers away on Lawrence on the mat. Lawrence gets a rollup on Gowen from behind and wins the match. After the match, Martini drops Lawrence with a right hand. Martini hands Gowen a chair and Gowen smashes Lawrence over the head with it. Martini cuts Lawrence’s hair. Krotch runs out with a chair to save Lawrence. (1/2*. This was much needed for Gowen to get some new attitude and I think Martini will help anyone that he’s involved with.)

Seventh Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Krotch vs. Jimmy Jacobs: Krotch shoves Jacobs and is tackled. Jacobs pummels Krotch with forearm and elbow strikes on the mat. Jacobs goes after Nikki on the floor. Jacobs has busted Krotch open with several strikes. Jacobs puts Krotch in the tree of woe. Jacobs continues to elbow strike Krotch. Jacobs continues to hammer away on Krotch. Krotch boots Jacobs charging the corner. Krotch chops Jacobs, but several strikes stops Krotch in the corner. Jacobs dumps Krotch to the floor. Jacobs traps Krotch in the apron and continues to beat on Krotch. Jacobs rams Krotch face first into the canvas leading to a two count. Jacobs backdrops Krotch. Jacobs stops Krotch by digging into his cut and plants Krotch with a spinebuster for a two count. Jacobs hits a top rope senton but Krotch kicks out at one. Jacobs can’t believe that. Krotch counters a spear with a choke hold and plants Jacobs with a DDT. Krotch hammers away on Jacobs with right hands. Krotch yanks Jacobs down by his neck from behind for a two count. Krotch slams Jacobs and heads to the top rope. Krotch hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Krotch takes Jacobs out with a crossbody to the floor.

Krotch traps Jacobs in the apron and delivers several strikes. Krotch tries to use a chair, but Jacobs gets in the ring. Jacobs ducks a springboard clothesline attempt. Jacobs wedges a chair in the corner and kicks Krotch. Krotch avoids Jacobs in the corner causing Jacobs to hit the chair face first and Krotch gets the win with a rollup. (*1/2. Krotch is being presented as a guy who gets lucky despite getting his ass kicked for the majority of the match. I’d like to see Jacobs against better competition in AAW.)

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn gives Tyler Black credit for starting at the bottom and getting to the top to get a shot at the title. Lynn notes he’s the longest reigning champion in AAW history. Lynn doesn’t think there will be a changing of the guard. Lynn is going to show what he’s capable of to keep the championship.

Eighth Contest: Northstar Express (Corbin & Cruz) vs. The Phoenix Twins (Dash & Tweek) in a loser gets ten lashes match: All four men brawl on the floor to start. Dash hammers away on Cruz in the corner. Corbin works over Tweek before the Express run into boots and get knocked down. Cruz is decked by Tweek with a clothesline. Cruz stops Tweek with an elbow strike and Corbin enters the match. Dash hits a slingshot splash on Corbin for a two count. Dash continues with a snap suplex. Dash kicks Corbin several times and decks Cruz off the apron. Corbin strikes Dash on the injured eye. Eastman digs his thumb into the injured eye behind the referee’s back. Express hit a double hip toss and a double leg sweep for a two count on Dash. Corbin takes off the bandage over Dash’s eye. Corbin digs into the injured eye. Cruz works over Dash in the corner with shoulder rams. Dash avoids a splash and hits a release German suplex. Tweek gets the tag and leaps off Cruz to forearm Corbin. Tweek headbutts Cruz and drops Corbin onto Cruz.

Corbin sends Tweek into the corner and runs into an elbow. Dash hits a missile dropkick onto the Express. Corbin is clotheslined to the floor. Cruz gets a double superkick, but Eastman is on the apron distracting the referee. Eastman is tossed off the apron, but Beck catches Eastman. Mason Beck pulls Tweek to the floor. Cruz low blows Dash and Cruz is able to get the win with a rollup. (**. I was not expecting the Express to actually win this match. The match was okay, but nothing memorable.) After the match, Eastman says he’s going to whip Dash with the belt ten times. Eastman wants Tweek to whip Dash. He whips his brother five times and that leads to a brawl amongst everyone. Eastman uses the buckle again on Dash’s face. The heels stand tall to end the segment.

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn vs. Tyler Black: Lynn takes Black down with a headlock, but Black gets up quickly to put a hammerlock on the champ for a moment. Black gets tripped by Jim Jesus on the floor. Black pulls Jesus to the apron and misses a punch. Lynn runs into a boot and Black baseball slides Jesus on the floor. Lynn decks Black on the floor to save his manager. Lynn leg drops Black over the middle rope and tries for a slingshot splash, but Black got his knees up. Black forearms Lynn in the corner and hits a neckbreaker off the middle rope for a one count. Black stomps on Lynn to maintain control of the contest. Lynn head scissors Black to the floor and hits a somersault dive off the apron to the floor. Lynn tries for a sunset flip, but Black dropkicks Lynn to the floor and hits a suicide dive! Black sends Lynn into the railing. Lynn dumps Black into the crowd. Lynn jumps over the railing to take Black out with a crossbody. Lynn slams Black face first onto the bar. Black tosses Lynn back to the ringside area. Black rams Lynn face first onto the ring steps.

Black stands on the apron and goes to the top rope where Lynn crotches Black. Lynn hits a hurricanrana, but Black rolls through and they trade pin attempts. They collide on crossbody attempt. Black stops Lynn with a Pele kick and a standing shooting star press for a two count. Lynn counters a buckle bomb by sending Black into a chair with a hurricanrana. Lynn nearly wins with a bridging German suplex. Black plants Lynn with a lifting reverse DDT for a near fall. Lynn almost wins with an inside cradle. Lynn catches Black in the corner to hit a TKO for a near fall. Black counters a cradle piledriver, but Lynn gets a backslide for a two count. Black hits the small package driver for a two count. Black drops Lynn with a version of the F-5 followed by a superkick, but Lynn got his boot on the bottom rope. Black leaps off the top but misses a frog splash. Lynn spikes Black with the cradle piledriver for a near fall. Lynn hits Emerald Fusion for a near fall.

Lynn sits Black on the top rope and tries for a dangerous piledriver, but Black held onto the ropes. Lynn takes Black off the top with a superplex. Black gets out of a TKO to deliver a big boot and plants Lynn with the Unabomb to win the match and title. (***. It’s a solid main event, but not some kind of career defining match for Tyler Black. It felt rather obvious that Black was going to win since they had really hyped up how long Lynn had been champion.) After the match, Benjamin and Hollister hoist Black onto their shoulders.

Final Thoughts:
The Last Man Standing match and the main event were highlights, but everything else was hindered by poor finishes. I’d consider it an average overall show but a bit of a disappointment as it was billed as their biggest show of the year and didn’t deliver to that level.

Thanks for reading.

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